This happened because I was bored out of my mind…and than Len in Spice! is very, VERY good :D. Yes, I am a girl. Don't get it twisted XDD

During my entire life, I learned quickly that women like to talk; it didn't matter if the subject was about insignificant things like, "My friend told me this!" and "A friend of my friend's friend told me that he said that she said that!" All they do is talk.

That's why now, at 4 a.m. in the morning, my cellphone goes off, interrupting my sleep thoroughly. Groggily, I sit up and glance at the caller ID.


Flipping the phone open, I say quietly,

"What is it, baby?" Meiko scoffed on the other line.

"Baby?" I could practically see her sneering through the phone. "Where were you yesterday while your 'baby' sat at home by herself, huh? And don't give me bullshit like, "'I was visiting my mom,'" or "'I stayed after school until late.'"

I smirk and chuckle slowly. Meiko fumes on the other line.

"Come on, sweetheart." I say, dropping my voice to it's near constant sultry drawl. "You know I would never hurt you." Meiko falters, if only just a bit.

"T-That's bullshit! And you know it!"

Oh, if only she could see the look on my face.

"Is tomorrow not your birthday?" I counter. Meiko stutters on the other line.

"Well…yeah…well, you know it is!" she tries to regain her anger, but I can tell it's fading. And fast.

"Mm hm. So how would you react if I showed up at your house without a present?" All is silent on the other line; she even seems to have stopped breathing.

"Meiko would be angry, no?" I say, drizzling my voice with fake sweetness. "Meiko would kick my ass on the spot, no?" Meiko snorts.

"Ya damn right I would! I would wipe your entire existence from the space time continuum!" she half laughs. Her voice then suddenly drops low. "Were you really buying a present? Truthfully? Really?"

"Of course," I say without hesitation. It takes all my self control not to chuckle. How foolish is she?

It's all a game to me. But of course she doesn't know that: that's where all the fun is, where the thrill really comes from.

"You know you're my one and only, right?" I say. This time, I know the smirk on my face is downright devilish.

Even as the brunette-haired vixen purrs a, "Of course I do, my Len," I thread and swirl the long teal hair of the naked girl next to me.

A laugh behind her back, and an invisible stab straight to the heart.