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Many will tell you that Len Kagamine is a pimp; that's not even true on some accounts; it's not like I walk around with a posse of prostitutes. Not that I know of, anyway.

Even at school , girls can't get away from me. It's always something: as small as a, "Hi Le~n!" or as bold as a straight up, sloppy, wet lip-locking session (which rarely happens…in public, for the most part).

"Len, you're so funny!" Neru laughs, her nimble hands threading themselves through my hair. It's a free period right now, more that halfway through the oh-so-quick school day.

Still giggling, she begins absentmindedly braiding my hair.

"Your hair's so soft!" she squeals. That's Garnier Fructis for you, Neru.

"Not as soft as you skin," I whisper to her. I take a glance at her tomato red features.

Hell, I said one sentence and she's already fawning over me like a horny school…you know what, scratch that thought.

Neru barely contains herself from squealing at my comment.

"Ohmygodnoyoudidn'tjusttellmethatohmygodohmyGOD!" she blurts, the words stumbling over each other and shooting out like bullets from a machine gun. I chuckle to myself.

Another virtue of women; they can get way too excited way too easily. Couldn't blame them, though: I'm a pretty hot topic. In both ways.

"Hey Neru," I say, making sure to drop my voice to it's signature drawl, "you wouldn't mind if I asked you out on a date, would you?" Neru turns red, and looks like she darn near stopped breathing. She shakes her head in a violent "no", her long blond hair bouncing, her eyes as wide as saucers. I can't help but chuckle at her childishness: seventeen, and she can't even act straight around a boy.

Loud laughter reaches my ears, and I spare a glance across the hall.

And suddenly, my blood boils.

It's my sister, Rin; she's laughing so hard she's crying, trying in vain to stop the flow of tears. Kaito is surprisingly-and in my opinion- way too close to her, laughing nearly just as hard, his hand holding hers.

The sight makes me sick.

"K-Kaito…" Rin manages to slip between her laughter, "you really…need to stop! My stomach hurts!" Rin finally gets control of herself, brushing her golden blonde hair from her face and locking her blue eyes on Kaito's.

A voice calls out, "Len…" but it's distant and muddied; all I hear is the rushing blood and my pounding heart in my ears.

"So…Rin…" I hear Kaito hesitate.

Walk away Rin… I think.

"Len...!" The voice calls out again, this time much more urgently. It doesn't register.

"You wouldn't mind if we went out somewhere…? Together…you know…"

Walk the hell away, Rin! I scream in my head. Whoever said twins tend to have telepathy was full of it.

Rin giggles.

"Of course I don't mind, silly!" Rin says giddily, her ocean blue eyes sparkling with glee.

"LEN!" the voice shrieks. I'm forcibly sucked back into reality through a straw, and I'm painfully aware of my surroundings; but the main thing I hear is Neru screaming in my ear.

"Len! My hand! My hand!" she whimpers, and my eyes shoot down to our intertwining hands. My hand is now painfully crushing her, slowly rubbing bone against bone and shifting it into positions it shouldn't be in. I drop her hand immediately.

"I'm so sorry…" I purr, quickly regaining my cool and kneading the pain from her joints. "I didn't do it on purpose…I beg for you to forgive me." I gaze into her tear-streaked face.

She nods, slowly dabbing the stray tears.

"It's…okay, really," she says, a wobbly smile appearing on her features, "you can make it up to me on our date." A coy smile begins to form on my face, but it freezes as I steal a glance at Kaito and Rin, their faces millimeters apart.

I can't help but feel a sharp pain of jealousy that takes my breath away as I imagine tightening my hands around Kaito's neck until I take away his.