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Chapter 3: Not A Clue


Naruto sighed heavily as he rested his hand on his cheek, continuing to stare down at his unfinished worksheet, his other hand tapping his pencil against his desk in quick sharp motions. Maths was never his strong point. Even now, with finals speeding around the corner, he still couldn't make heads or tails of the numerical problems!

He found himself feeling so utterly bored that everything seemed to start shutting down…in other words he felt his eyes start to close as the clutches of sleep threatened to overtake.

Naruto was just about to unconsciously slump forward onto his desk when he suddenly bolted upright – causing his chair leg's to screech from his sudden jolt - as he felt something purposely smack into the back of his head. Turning his head slightly he saw a scrunched up piece of paper topple to the floor. Swivelling around in his chair he turned, frowning, to look at the perpetrator – already he had an inkling to who that might be. Right enough, there was Sasuke giving him a withering look from a few desks down. Naruto replied to his friend silently by sticking his middle finger up at the pompous bastard. Naruto grinned at the outraged expression he received back; no doubt he and Sasuke would have words about that later.

Naruto chuckled as he sat forward again, oh how he loved to wind Sasuke up! Considering that he would probably get an earful later for slacking anyway (not to mention the little-near-punch-up he and Sasuke had earlier...) Naruto concluded he might as well enjoy his small kicks!

After all, Sasuke would make a point in telling Naruto that he should know by now that he should be alert at all times, on and off duty. The blonde teen knew this perfectly well and although his comrades may not realise it, he did take his 'baby sitting duties' very seriously…it was just so hard to stay attentive during this silly old maths class!

Now and then he would scan the area, always reverting back to carefully glance at the pink haired Haruno girl. Everything seemed fine. The classroom was fairly quiet as everyone scribbled away at the mathematical problems. Naruto could groan and grab his head during these moments of awkwardly annoying silence when everyone was writing away the answers when he himself had no clue what they were! He was almost brought to tears of frustration for goodness sake!

Leaning on his hand again he thought back to the beginning of the math's class…Sakura had arrived on time but Naruto had received information from Shikamaru that there had been an incident during her Science lesson, that being she never arrived and had nearly had a pretty awful experience with three school bullies, which had obviously turned more violent due to her…well, 'abilities'. Naruto found it almost cruel to think about it, considering she has no idea.

The fact of the matter was that although Shikamaru said nothing seriously bad had happened…they were all going to have to hear about it later on back with the top heads. Naruto had to stop himself from moaning when he contemplated this. The only good thing about it was that he wasn't on duty when it happened…although that didn't mean he wasn't going to get a telling-off too.

Naruto was thinking how he wouldn't be surprised if they were all told to be even more watchful over this Sakura Haruno girl (if that was even possible due to the fact that they were already watching her pretty closely) when the loud, thunderous, sound of the end of the day bell chorused throughout every classroom.

With speed that any teenager can be capable of when excited, everyone had packed away their books, chatting away eagerly at the prospect of another finished school day and all marched towards the exit as the teacher called out last minute instructions for the homework that was set.

Naruto yawned as he stretched then rubbed his eyes before leaping up energetically and slinging his backpack full of books over his shoulder. Standing by his desk Naruto turned and called over to Sasuke, whom was walking casually up the row of desks whilst bluntly ignoring the cooing, sweet hellos and 'oh Sasuke! I was wondering if you could help me with my homework!' from several admiring teenage girls as he walked,

"C'mon teme! Get a bloody move on!"

Naruto received a 'Hn' as they both strode out the classroom door, both looking like the pair of typical high school hotties. Turning, they made their way towards the lockers, their eyes discreetly searching the crowds of faces; many were only strangers, others were acquaintances that would nod and recognise both of them due to the fact both Sasuke and Naruto were part of the school's basketball team. To most people, if not everyone, Naruto would smile or grin and say hi, even sometimes waving.

Sasuke on the other hand…a person would be lucky to get a nod and as you can guess those were on very rare occasions and were taken with such surprise people would often think they imagined it! Or it would be the centre of conversation and discussed by many of his admirers throughout the school for quite some time.

Naruto looked totally at ease strolling down the hall, happy and go lucky as usual. Sasuke looked apart of the crowd too, instantly cool, he did stand out slightly simply from his broody and strong silent presence. People just couldn't help but admire his countenance just as much as they couldn't help but admire Naruto's love of life. How could they know the secrets the two high school boys knew or were having the burden of keeping? Just a pair of normal, popular, teenagers…right?

They were apart of the crowd, fitting in perfectly, both completely different to anyone else and yet still being as much the same. Yet, one could debate that this was more of an act because they were not exactly 'normal'. Neither were as relaxed as everyone may seem to think. In actual fact, both were as alert and observant as the keenest military orientated person.

Naruto was blabbering away to Sasuke, the noise echoing through the brooding brunette's brain in an irritating fashion. Although, this was a very good pretence, while Naruto talked away no one would ever notice his intense blue eyes were searching and searching for one person in particular. Nor would they realise that Sasuke was doing the very same thing, his eyes glancing from face to face.

Naruto found himself blink as a slight gust of air whipped past him, making his eyes water slightly from the stinging sensation, as a person came rushing past him. He glimpsed a shock of pink as they did which immediately told him who this person was. There was only one person in the entire school who had pink hair. That hair was a like a signal or flag that gave that person away; he found himself chuckling at the thought.

Pulling the strap of his school bag higher up onto his shoulder with a shrug he continued in the direction of his locker, still with the pink haired teen in his sights. She was now at her locker, pulling her coat out, talking to her friends…two guys, one of which was Kiba who Naruto knew because he was on the basketball team. The other was Shino. Naruto couldn't say he liked or got on with the guy, in fact Shino was one of those guys that really got on Naruto's nerves. The other was the pretty, rich, shy girl that he knew to be Sakura's best friend Hinata.

Surveying the little scene of Sakura Haruno's normal daily routine of collecting her stuff to take home whilst harmlessly talking to her friends, all seemed to be going how it normally did every school day. As he noted this Naruto saw Shikamaru leaning against his locker while Choji chomped away on a packet of crisps whilst talking to Ino and Tenten. Currently Ino appeared to be berating Choji for talking with his mouth full…They were animatedly talking away around Shikamaru who seemed as laid back as ever. While those three were in deep and hyper conversation with each other, Shikamaru's gaze found Naruto easily. He nodded discreetly towards the blonde teen, to which Naruto answered by grinning and giving an enthusiastic nod. Shikamaru raised his eyes to the ceiling giving a 'couldn't you be more subtle?' expression. Naruto chuckled to himself as he walked on past and straight to his locker.

He would have to go around the corner to his locker, meaning he would not be able to see the target for a few minutes but he was comfortable in thinking the others would keep an eye on her until he could get back to his post.

A loud clang from a locker door, that was being unceremoniously opened, echoed throughout the large bustling hallway matching numerous locker noises from other students. Naruto looked to his right to see Sasuke pulling his coat out of the locker with a scowling, brooding face as usual…Naruto squinted his eyes and grimaced slightly, staring at his grumpy friend. Sasuke turned his head to face the blonde, his expression cool and somewhat hard, a few seconds silence passed between the two before Sasuke said,

"Dobe. What's up with you?"

Naruto nearly fell over backwards at this odd question! Him? He was fine! He nearly smashed his face into the locker opposite him in frustration. He quickly replied, completely indignant,

"Me! What's wrong with me?" He exclaimed loudly and outrageously earning some odd looks from some pupils passing by, he failed to notice this however as he continued exasperatedly, "Teme! What the hell is wrong with you more like? You're being such a, a, a, a… sourpuss!"

An inkling of a tiny smile played at the corner of Sasuke's mouth as he replied in an amused voice,


"YEAH! A sourpuss Sasuke! You've been a really bad mood all day! I mean, I'm not saying you're usually all bright and sun shiny rainbows but-"


"I mean c'mon dude! Life isn't that bad!"


"I mean, y'know you can always talk to me if something's bothering you I mean we're best friends afterall-"


"Practically brothers!"


Naruto blinked, "…Yeah?"

Sasuke smirked and spoke in a voice that was clearly trying not to laugh,

"Shut up."

Naruto stood silent for a few seconds – you could almost see his mind ticking…should he get angry and pick a fight with the duck butt? Or should he laugh it off because obviously this was Sasuke's weird way of saying he was ok and thank you for caring…strange guy…

A merry laugh came from Naruto as he closed his eyes, grinned roguishly flashing his bright white teeth and rubbed the back of his head with his right hand,

"You're a right bastard, you know that?"

Sasuke 'hned' in answer as he pulled his bag's strap up onto his shoulder, he turned to make his way out of the building, half turning to smirk at his friend,

"Enjoy babysitting looser!"

Naruto closed the door of his locker, sneering sarcastically in reply,

"Yeah yeah, it will be your turn next so enjoy your time off while you can teme!"

Sasuke flicked his hand in recognition and farewell as he made his way with the swarming crowds out the school entrance. Naruto noticed several groups of girls swooning as Sasuke the 'king' of their school walked passed them…Naruto couldn't help but mumble and grumble, "Stupid Sasuke and his stupid popularity..!"

He abruptly glanced down to his wrist where his 'digital watch' was flashing a bright colour. He swiftly pressed a few buttons to return it back to normal whilst hurrying through the crowds to one of the school's fire exits which he inconspicuously opened and slipped out of.

Cool air swept around him, the breeze moving his blonde locks rhythmically. Without pausing Naruto made his way down the pavement towards a waiting Shikamaru who was leaning against the school's wall with his hands in his pockets gazing up at the sky…

"Shikamaru! Hey!"

Shikamaru turned his head, raising his eyebrows,

"Took your time didn't you? I had to remind you through your watch that we had a rendezvous…I know it's a drag but we all got to take our time Naruto!"

"Hey it's not exactly my fault…blame teme!"

Shikamaru closed his eyes in an exasperated motion, "Aw man, tell me you and Sasuke haven't been at each other's throats again?"

Naruto chucked his school bag to the ground with a thud; Shikamaru simultaneously tossed a black cloak at the blonde standing opposite him. Naruto caught it and proceeded with a 'humph' as he swept the black cloak over his shoulders, tying it at the front and bringing the hood over his head, hiding his facial features perfectly with the dark shadow it caused.

"You know the bastard asks for it most of the time! I mean, with his oh so cool attitude and he always thinks that I-"

Shikamaru interrupted before Naruto could start ranting,

"You two have got to be the weirdest best friends I have ever seen…Anyway, shouldn't you be going? I know it's a pain but you should catch up with her…we already messed up and nearly had a pretty bad incident once today, better make sure nothing else happens…today at least."

Naruto squinted moodily, his facial expression hidden beneath the shadow his hood created,

"Yeah…we're all gonna get shit for this…man I can already hear them chewing us out!"

Shikamaru sighed,

"Yeah, don't I know it…"

A few seconds of silenced passed between the two as they briefly thought about the lecture they would all have to endure.

"…Well, catch you later!" Naruto said before leaping elegantly upwards, landing as agilely as a feline upon the school roof. Immediately running at great speed, soon he would be leaving the school area and be heading in the direction of the route Sakura always took to get home…

Shikamaru stood staring at the roof for a few seconds, before sighing and bending down to pick up Naruto's bag.

"You know, sometimes I have to wonder what it would be like to be just a normal teenager…"

He stood with his own bag over his shoulder, holding Naruto's by the strap in his hand, thinking thoughtfully to himself before sighing and turning to leave,

"Well, either way, I guess it's not really worth worrying about, not to mention…it's such a drag. So I suppose I should just carry on and drop Naruto's bag off at his house on my way home, same as usual…"

A pretty normal day, for him, he thought to himself…


Naruto crouched watching and hidden from a nearby rooftop as Sakura made her way home. He had caught up with her pretty swiftly. Which should be expected, considering how long he had been doing this job for…it must have been what? Three years now? Coming up four? Anyway…he had surveyed the area and followed her and her friend Kiba Inuzuka, discreetly pursuing whilst remaining unseen…he had now been tailing the two for about ten minutes. Now they had stopped at a crossroads, saying their goodbyes no doubt as their homes were in different directions.

Kiba grinned and waved as he started to walk down the opposite street, Sakura doing basically the same, calling a homework reminder over her shoulder. Naruto grinned at Kiba's reaction,

"Aw man!" Naruto heard him cry as he paused in his walking and threw his head back disbelievingly, "Whyyy did you remind me Sakura! If I didn't know about it at least then I could have used that as an excuse not to do it!"

Sakura laughed as she turned and started walking backwards as she shouted down the street,

"Don't be such a baby! See you tomorrow Kiba!"

Kiba laughed and shouted another goodbye whilst shaking his head, snorting, as he continued to walk. Sakura laughed again as she turned to carry on strolling down the street.

Minutes passed as Naruto continued to follow the pink haired teen. Leaping from roof to roof, staying inconspicuous – he would be in some serious trouble if she saw him…not to mention the others would never let him forget it!

Pausing by a wall of a building, the cloaked Naruto watched as Sakura strutted passed a group of seedy looking teenagers, who were chatting amongst themselves privately, minding their own business…and if it had been anyone else other than Sakura Haruno that walked passed them they probably would not have taken a blind bit of notice. However…as soon as Sakura walked passed, they all paused in their conversations to watch her go by…their expressions going from relaxed to tense within a few seconds…

Here we go…Naruto thought to himself wryly. He had to marvel at how many delinquents this unsuspecting girl always seemed to attract. But then again, considering what kind of powers she possessed…considering what she was…it wasn't really all that surprising that she brought the worst out in already bad people with low moral standards. It was like a moth to a flame; they just couldn't resist.

Sakura seemed not to notice the group had shown any particular interest in her as she seemed deep in thought. She didn't even notice as the group of about a half a dozen guys began to follow her, murmuring between themselves or sharing sickly grins between one another…

Time to intervene.

This was the fun part.

Or, at least, it was for Naruto.

Sakura rounded the corner of the street, her pink shoulder length hair bouncing with her quick paced strides. The group of young men quickened their walking, intending to catch up with the pink haired girl, when they suddenly all spun around as they heard a voice come from behind them…

"Hey! You bastards! Don't even think about taking another step!"

Confused glances were exchanged before one, most probably the leader of the group, sneered,

"Who the hell are you? And who the fuck do you think you are, dressed like that? Someone from fucking Lord of the Rings or something!"

A few sneering laughs came from the group as they stared hostilely at this 'weirdo' who was dressed in a black cloak, his face indistinguishable…Because of this they were unable to see the large smirk (although they could plainly hear it in his voice when he spoke) Naruto wore as he confidently answered, bringing his right hand up, gesturing at himself with his thumb,

"Me? I'm the guy that's gonna show you guys a thing or two and kick all your butts!" he paused for effect (man he loved this part!) before continuing in a darker tone,

"Heh…And I won't even break a sweat…"

A few of the guys (all of which were a few years older and bigger than Naruto) started clicking their knuckles menacingly. Naruto's smirk grew larger.

The same opinion seemed to be apparent throughout the whole group,

"Let's show this punk a lesson!" they growled, all agreeing as they started to make their way towards Naruto.

Naruto stood in a pretty relaxed stance. Still smiling he brought his hand together in front of him…

They asked for it…


Meanwhile Sakura continues to walk home, oblivious of Naruto and the gang…

I made my way into my street. Personally, I like me street. My parents moved here when I was three years old and we've been here ever since. So, I guess it's all I've ever really known.

It's a bright, cheerful street, with nice big houses and tidy pretty gardens with white wooden fences or hedges surrounding them…I guess, if you want a good picture of the place I live, just imagine the street the 'Desperate Housewives' live on! Not that I…watch Desperate Housewives…my mum does I mean, I don't watch it as well…Ok…so I might have watched the odd episode…or more…Ok, so I may or may not have the entire box set of the series that have been made so far!


"Hey Sakura! How was school?"

I smiled at the familiar face of a gardener called Kotetsu who had greeted me. He and his colleague, Isamu, were currently tending to my next door neighbour jiraiya's yard.

"Hey! Ah, you know…school, same old same old!" I laughed, a little awkwardly as I thought about the kind of day I really had…

"You know you'll have to be more specific Sakura! Kotetsu never really went to school…too busy skiving or making out with the cheerleaders!"

Isamu commented from where he stood, a little further up the yard where he was tending to some bushes. Kotetsu feigned shock,

"Why! I don't know what you mean!" he then winked jokingly at me, which made me laugh as I carried on walking to my house.

"See you guys later!" the friendly gardeners both said 'bye' before carrying on with their friendly banter, same as always.

They're great guys! They started working in this neighbourhood about four or three years ago, something like that anyway. I think they went to school together and have been best friends ever since. Must be nice to be able to work alongside your best friend…

I arrived at the familiar white gate that was the entrance to my yard, I glanced to my left as I heard two arguing (again, familiar) voices,

"You old pervert!" the female voice growled, "How many times do I have to say it? If that delivery boy drops your porn mags off at my property one more time I swear! You will be sorry!"

A fuming Tsunade lifted her index figure, pointing threateningly at a defensive Jiraiya,

"And I keep telling you, Tsunade, they're not porn mags! They're for my research and I honestly don't know why that simple minded delivery boy keeps dropping them off at your property but if it makes you feel better I promise I'll have a talk to him…" He paused for a second before carrying on in a much more suggestive tone, "Or perhaps, you and I could have a romantic meal for two and I won't have to order them anymore? How does that sound?"

His answer was to get the pile of 'research books' shoved roughly into his hands,

"You bastard! Get out of my sight before I really hurt you!"

"Oh c'mon Tsunade, don't be like that!"

I rolled my eyes, smiling, as I unlatched the wooden gate and stepped into our yard, turning and closing the gate again before making my way up the path to the house.

Well, I have to admit it. It is interesting having Jiraiya and Tsunade living either side of my house. That kind of argument between the two is almost a daily occurrence…

I giggled to myself thinking of all the times the two had had a confrontation over the years. I wonder if they'll ever realise that they're made for each other?

"I'm home!" I called as I hurried up the stairs immediately.

"Oh! Hello Sakura! Are you hungry? I'm just making a sandwich do you want one?"

My mother answered from the kitchen. I continued up the stairs,

"No thanks mum! I'm gonna have a shower!"

After the day I've had, a shower will feel pretty damn good.


Naruto was now pacing impatiently, the six gang members were either moaning on the ground beginning to black out or already unconscious…

"Where the heck is she?"

Naruto asked himself as he continued to pace like a trapped lion inside a cage. He had already received information (via strange-digital-watch-thing) that Sakura had arrived home safe and that someone else would keep an eye on her now…So this was his time off now! What was he going to do when he got home…practice basketball? Eat some ramen? Do homework…

…Oh dear god please not homework!

Basketball sounded good…although…so did the ramen…he could do both? Eat ramen whilst playing basketball? He could do that! Who said men can't multitask! Huzzah!

Naruto grinned to himself proudly. The smile soon left his face however as he suddenly spun around as he heard a dainty thump noise as someone jumped and landed behind him. He sighed in relief when he saw a cloaked figure standing there, with a somewhat disapproving posture,

"Naruto you idiot!" An agitated female voice began to chide, "What did you do this time?"

Naruto brought his hands up, palms facing towards the small female figure, and began to explain,

"Um, heh, funny story really…I was fighting these guys, y'know, like ya do…when one pulled my hood and they all might have…sort of…kinda…seen my face…"

The girl snorted - a rather angry noise. She was about to say something but Naruto slowly carried on his confession…

Rubbing the back of his head he said guiltily, "And I kind of sorta, mighta…showed my…talent…right…in…front of them…"

The female cloaked figure put her hand on her hip, obviously even more irritated now,

"Naruto! You know we're not even supposed to make contact unless it's completely necessary and unavoidable! You should have at least tried to take them out without them even seeing you! But no no! You have to rush in, taunt them – don't even try to deny that you didn't coz I know you Naruto! – and you just have to show them your powers I mean are you stupid or completely-"

"Yeah yeah! I know alright! Don't preach to me ok!" he cut in, his fists clenching angrily. The girl replied haughtily whilst sweeping passed Naruto to where the six gang members still lay on the ground,

"Oh please! I'll preach as much as I like, you do realise I was very busy when you called! I do have a life you know!"

"Busy painting your nails most likely…" he muttered to himself as he turned and walked after her, towards the guys on the ground.

The cloaked female figure, without further ado, placed her hands out so they were hovering over the still moaning group and said in a commanding tone,

"Mind manipulation…Forget!"

And that was it. Her job finished. She brought her hands down to her sides again now that her task was over…

"Did she make it home?" She asked, still with an irritated tone (she only asked because it was part of her duty, she didn't really care what happened to the little pink haired freak, only that if anything did happen they would be the ones who would get the shit for it)

"Yeah, she's home safe and sound!" Naruto answered much more cheerfully. She 'humphed' in reply,

"Well, I'm off now." And without another word the cloaked female figure leapt up onto a nearby roof and was gone. Naruto glared in the direction she had gone…

"Snooty little miss…" He mumbled before he too leapt to the heavens, landing nimbly on the roof of a building, speeding off in the direction of his house – already he could taste the hot, delicious, ramen in his mouth!

The six men began to stir. One sat up, rubbing his forehead dazedly, as if he had been on the booze the night before…

"What the hell just happened..?"

There was no answer…for none of them could remember the last fifteen minutes that had only just occurred.


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