Hey new story its 'bout the bulls of Light and Darkness but they are reincarnated into humans. I got this idea off of the chinese phlosiphy of internal balance nad Yin and Yang 'cause thats wat i think of when i think of the bulls. And i always picture them of twins. the Goddesses i made up but i got the names from google. Skia is the greek name for shadows and as for the other one i wanted to give her the greek name for moonlight but i couldn't find it. Oh well takes place after HoN R&R

disclaimer: I don't own HoN

Yin and Yang:

The Reincarnation of the White and Black Bull

Yin and Yang the Chinese philosophy of complete balance; everything is balance neither can have a stronger hold on something than the other. Where Yin begins Yang ends and vice versa circling over and over in a timeless dance. Yin represents the night, the moon, stillness, feminine, it also represents the mountains and the winter and an intuitive mind. As yang represents day and the sun and movement and male, it represents river and summer and logical thinking.

The cycle of Yin and Yang can also be represented by something else; only this is in vampyre mythology. It is something so old that the modern council has forgotten it, or maybe blocked it from their memory is a better word for it. This is a story 'bout the reincarnation of the black and white bull of the cycle of Yin and Yang and it starts years after the events of the House of Night. What happens when the reincarnation of these bulls comes to the House of Night and start making trouble for the gang and their children? Let's see shall we.

Both the black and the white bull were lying on the ground in a cave looking at each other as they felt their strength fade. The black bull said to his brother, "its time." The white bull nodded "yes it is already starting to happen our true forms are dissolving to be reborn in another." The twin bulls braced themselves against the pain and drain the removal of their bodies caused them; each struggling to catch their breath.

Just then two females drifted into the cave going to their respective masters. They both had midnight black hair and fair skin but one was dressed in pure shadows; as the other was dressed in pure moonlight. One had onyx eyes and the other had sapphire eyes that changed to amethyst. One was a servant of Darkness and another was a servant of Light. Both were beautiful beyond belief. One was the Goddess of Shadows, another the Goddess of Moonlight; daughters of Luna the Goddess of the Dark Side of the Moon.

Jyotsna, who got her name from the Hindi, it means Moonlight, knelt before the black bull and said. "M' lord is there anything I can get you to ease your discomfort." Both the bulls looked at each other and said. "No it is fine the discomfort will soon pass."Jyotsna nodded and ran her fingers through her lord's smooth coat. He chuckled softly and licked her affectionately.

Skia sat next to the white bull and rapped her cloak of shadows around him trying to comfort her master. "Thank you Skia your presence is always a comfort." She smiled slightly at him and pulled him closer to her so his head rested in her lap. Jyotsna did the same.

Their bodies convulsed making them cry out. "Sh, sh Master" the two Goddesses said together. "Relax as you said it will pass in the mean time we will be here as we always have. Ready to comfort and obey and please you. Try to relax master the result will be worth it." they nodded, "yes."The black bull turned to face his twin and said. "Can you sense it, our next forms." The white bull nodded, "yes, human that's good it's been centuries since we had a human form."

Just then they gasped and shuddered than their bodies began to dissolve. The Goddesses arms tightened around their lords bodies for a moment than relaxed. Knowing they would see them again soon. "Good bye our lords we will see you again real soon." Than the bulls of Light and Darkness disappeared leaving Jyotsna and Skia alone in a moist cave.

Jyotsna sighed and rouse to her feet. "Come sister let us go find the reincarnations of our Masters and bring them to shelter." Skia to rouse to her feet, "yes…lets." So the two sisters set out on their quest. They had to move fast because well the bulls were powerful old magic they were, at least in this form, still newborn infants. And were as vulnerable to death as any other infant; now sure if they died they would just be reincarnated into something else but that was not the point.

They walked for a week searching and wondering. Finally about a fortnight later they came across them in a leafy forest. It didn't matter that they were human both women could sense their souls. They lay in the hollow of a fallen tree on a bed of leaves. The two reincarnates cried and cried reaching blindly for anything that could nourish them.

Jyotsna and Skia sighed in content and scooped the babies up into their arms and started to breast feed them. One had fair skin and short little tuft of blond hair, so white it appeared to be the color of pearls or snow. That one bit Skia as he fed drinking her blood as well as her milk. The other was also fair but he had short tufts of black hair and was gentle with Jyotsna his feeding not as demanding as the other.

The one that fed from Skia had black bottomless eyes that seemed to take in everything without giving anything away. As the one who fed off of Jyotsna may have black eyes but they were expressive and open showing his emotions. Jyotsna and Skia grinned at the small bundles in their arms. Skia throw back her head and laughed, "look at them Jyotsna aren't they just magnificent; true beings of Light and Darkness!" Jyotsna nodded, "simply beautiful they will amount to greatness they will change everything, welcome to the world Light and Darkness, you Yin and Yang!"

That night they dropped the children of at an orphanage and watched from afar their masters grow helping whenever they needed but pretty much stayed out of the way. Just as tradition dictates; finally the time came that they would fulfill their destiny and truly become the reincarnation of the black and white bull.

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