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Chapter 4:


Yang's POV:

I woke up with a smile on my face. I smiled and I couldn't help but laugh. My, oh my, that was an interesting experience. I didn't realize I could do that much with my powers. And Rephaim was fucking traumatized, that was priceless. I couldn't wait to see what else I could do. How far I could push he's soul until he cracked.

I chuckled softly. He was practically caving yesterday. He would have if it wasn't for my goodie-two-shoes brother stepping in to save the day. Oh well, not that I minded. This was just an experiment, yes that's it, this was just an experiment and Rephaim was my lab rat; my blissfully-ignorant lab rat.

I chuckled again and stood to my feet, stretching. I knew moving to the House of Night would be a score but I didn't realize how much of a score it was. At the time I was just thinking about a house to sleep in every night without getting thrown to the streets faster than you can spit. I was thinking of having food in my stomach and staying in the same classes. But this, oh no, this was perfect. It was beyond perfect, I just found someone whose heart was permanently stained by Darkness and he was my mentor.

I was going to have so much fun with this. I turned to face my brother who was just starting to wake up. "Rise and shine sleepy head you heard Rephaim, classes start today. So get your lazy ass out of bed and let's get going." I said and Yin rolled his eyes. "Like your one to talk you just woke up." I smiled and said "yeah but I'm out of bed, you're not." I wiggled my toes for emphasis and let them curl in than curl out. "So get up and get ready. If I don't get any food before class I think I'm going to have to kill something."

When I saw the look on Yin's face I laughed and said. "Kidding, kidding it was a joke. Eesh Yin, learn to live a little." He frowned and murmured. "I know how to live." "Fine how to take a joke, how to have fun take your pick. But while you're figuring that out, I'm going to go get something to eat because I'm starving."

We got dressed in the school dress code and ran out into the dining hall. When we finally got there, the place was packed with kids eating their lunches. We were the last to arrive. And by the time we get our food, we see that there is no seat we could use. Just when I was about to give into frustration and fling all these people from their chairs an enthusiastic voice calls out, "Hey over here!"

The owner of said voice was sitting just northwest of us. She was jumping up and down and waving her hands. She was surrounded by a bunch of other kids who just nodded their heads. They made motions to the only two empty seats at the table. Me and Yin looked at each other, shrugged, and made a bee line for that table.

The strange hyper girl jumped up and down and clapped her hands. "Yeah, I was hoping you guys would come over. You guys are new here right? Cool, my name is Luna Redbird and this is Shaela and Raesa Maslin. This strapping gentleman here is Taiven LaFont and these two are Sapphire and Amber Johnson."

The girl, Luna pointed to each of them in turn. Luna was a tall girl, skinny but not too skinny. And she had long wavy black hair that stopped about mid-back. Her eyes were a light blue and she had pale skin with high cheekbones. She wore a simple black top that only showed just a little cleavage; not enough to be called a slut but just enough to have boys take a second peek, and normal plan jeans with a black belt. Her crescent moon was filled in but wasn't expanded, and she had a tattoo on her forearm of an arrow entwined with vines.

The two girls Shaela and Raesa looked similar but you can tell that they aren't twins or anything. Shaela had long light brown hair that had sort of a feathery cut to it. And she had deep mocha brown eyes. Her skin was once again…pale and she had tons of freckles all over her face and arms. And she had a slight dimple on her chin. She wore light colored clothing that screamed of innocence. Raesa looked similar but different. She had dark chestnut brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She too had pale skin but she didn't have as many freckles. But she also had the subtle dimple on her chin. She wore dark clothing that didn't scream badass but wasn't as innocent as her sister's.

Taiven was tall and muscular with thick biceps all around. He had short black hair cropped and a little shaggy. He had a pin straight nose and firm cheek bones. That drew attention to his face. Unlike the rest of him, he was slightly tan and had a strong mouth. His eyes were a bright clear bluish green that sparkled with mischief but at the same time strength and honor and nobility. He was clearly a great warrior-to-be and that nobility was almost enough to make me throw up.

And finally was Sapphire and Amber Johnson. They were both twins you could see that right away; probably identical twins, but there was a few things that distinguished the two. They both had black hair with blonde highlights but Sapphire had straight long hair, and Amber had short hair with a slight wave to it. Their skin was also tan but there's was deeper almost profound. And instead of the normal blue crescents theirs was a deep crimson. Like the color of fresh blood. Then there were their eyes. Their eyes were a bright, unnatural gold, like a hawk's or a cat's or some form of animals.

Amber had high cheek bones while Sapphire didn't. And they both had nice full lips; Sapphire's was turned up in a mischievous, suggestive, knowing smile. Amber on the other hand had a sweet, kind, caring smile that well it was knowing; it didn't have the same alluring qualities of its counterpart. And for some reason, that made all the difference.

Everyone nodded and said hi and finally we introduced ourselves. "I'm Yang" "and I'm Yin" Luna grinned and said. "Oh cool you mean like the Chinese Yin and Yang? Did you guys chose that when you got marked or where you born with those names?" Yin shook his head and said, "We were born with them." Amber smiled and said "really? Dang your parents must have loved China or something huh?" Now it was my turn to shake my head. "No, we don't have parents. We were dropped off at an orphanage when we were babies. Never knew who our parents are; those where just the names that came with us."

Sapphire raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "Orphans huh? Damn I feel kind of bad for you guys. I can't imagine not having Mom and Dad." Amber shuddered and gasped. "Tell me about it sis, don't think we'd be who we are today without them." Everyone at the table nodded their agreement. Their parents helped shape who they are and they couldn't imagine growing up without them.

I shrugged my shoulders and said. "It's no big deal, more of a relief really; you don't have anyone telling you what to do." Sapphire's eyebrow went up higher and she said. "No one tells you what to do? Hmm, now that would be interesting. I could finally go to that one party Dad thinks it is too wild to go to." Amber shook her head at her sister and groaned. "Twin, you and I both know that you couldn't live without Daddy, you love him too much. Plus Dad's right that party is messed up. You know I heard that Samantha Snow got drugged and raped at that party. Had triplets and she still went back there saying the booze was too good not to risk. And you know how Daddy feels about rape."

Yin nodded and said calmly. "Good dad, I know if I had kids I wouldn't want them going anywhere near there. And he probably has good morals if he's against rape." Everyone at the table stopped eating at once and stared at him. "Wha-"Yin began when Sapphire interrupted him. "Let's get something straight OK?" She snapped. "You don't know our Father, you don't know what his life's like, you don't know who his Father is, and you know nothing about his morals or opinions on rape. Nor do you know why he feels that way. So why don't you just shut up and don't say shit you don't understand!"

Yin blinked in shock and shook his head slowly. I expected someone to reprimand her for snapping like that. But no one said anything, some where even nodding their heads. Finally Luna cleared her throat and explained. "Maybe it would be better if we explained who our parents are. My mom is Zoey Redbird and my dad is James Stark. Though don't call him James because he doesn't like that very much. Taiven's mom is Nyx's prophetess Aphrodite LaFont and Son of Erebus warrior Darius. Shaela and Raesa are the adopted daughters of Professor Damien Maslin who also has an air affinity and represents air in Mom's circle. He adopted them ten years after his boyfriend Jack died because they always said they wanted to adopted children."

Luna paused after that and they all stared at us pointedly. Seeing how we'd react to Damien being gay. But we barely even blinked, we just didn't care. In fact one of our former adopted fathers, or caretakers as I like to call them, was gay. Luna nodded and continued. "Sapphire and Amber are twin daughters of Stevie Rae Johnson, Red Vampyre High Priestess with an earth affinity, and Rephaim son of Kalona. When Mom met you outside the school did she tell you anything about Rephaim?"

Rephaim, the name ricocheted around my head making me smile. These two were Rephaim's children. Which means I can use them to continue my experiment, oh this just keeps getting better and better. "Not really" I shrug "she just said that he used to be the most powerful son of a fallen angel."

Amber nodded and said. "That's right. He used to be his favorite to. And he-""Twin shut up" Sapphire snapped. "We don't need to be sharing our family history with them. We don't even know them, plus I heard that this one" she said gesturing to me, "made fun of Dad. Because he thought Dad was a human, thought he had no right to be here. Well your wrong Rephaim has every right to be here He's the Leader of this House of Night's Sons of Erebus. Everything else can stay in the past. If Dad wants to share his past with you that's his business and we will respect that as a sign that he trusts you. Until then you don't need to know and we have no right telling them Amber."

Amber nodded, murmured sorry and started picking at her food. Everyone ate their meal in silence after that. Not that I minded, it gave me time to digest what I had heard. This changed things, not by much, but enough for me to know what I'm working with. I watched the two quietly interact with each other. There were such good children, daddy's little girls. It will be so much fun to use them against him. To watch is own precious children became his own down fall.

Sapphire sighed and stood to her feet and announced "it's time for class come on guys lets go." She turned and eyed me and my brother and growled. "You too should get going too. Being new won't excuse being late. You guys got your schedules?" We nodded, my first class spells and rituals with Professor Marigold. "Alright then let's go." We got up, threw our trash away and walked to class.

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