"You're not drinking?" Finn asks.

"Nah. Still trying to impress Blaine. Can't get too sloppy," explains Kurt, wiggling his hips to the beat. "Clearly he doesn't have the same concern!"

Blaine's practically tripping over himself in the corner, he's so drunk. But through the buzz, Blaine can still tell that damn, Kurt looks hot as fuck. Is there such a thing as a pair of jeans that don't show off his ass?

He stumbles over to Kurt and Finn, and throws an arm around Kurt's shoulders. He wants to kiss him, kiss those pink lips and that pale skin above his ear, tangle his fingers in his hair, and unbutton his tight shirt, but somehow he ends up making some stupid comment about Kurt and Finn being brothers. Way to go, Blaine.

"Let's play spin the bottle! SPIN THE BOTTLE!" Rachel drunkenly yells over the pounding of music.

Well, a dozen wasted teenagers, and Kurt, aren't going to say no to that. The Glee club congregates in a small circle around one of Puck's many now-empty bottles, and Blaine makes sure to sit right next to Kurt. According to his drunken logic, that'll increase his odds of getting to kiss him.

First goes Lauren. The bottle lands on Artie, and he nearly topples over in his wheelchair as she jumps onto his lap to smother him in kisses. Brittany, jealous, spins next, and it lands on Santana. Instantly they're attacking each other with their tongues, tasting and exploring and sucking like there's no tomorrow. Santana's hands are inching up Brittany's skirt and Brittany's reaching for Santana's jeans when Lauren finally gets off Artie. Now that he's free, Brittany pulls away and glues her lips to his, leaving Santana alone. Add a few drinks, and that is NOT a good combination. She bursts into tears and sobs, "Why don't the gay couples ever work out? I just wanna be with Brittany cause she's so hot and so pretty and she has nice hair b-but she always leaves me for a dumb boy… Penises are ugly and they give you herpes, Brittany!" she screams. Brittany looks up from making out with Artie and runs over to hug Santana and comfort her.

"Don't worry, Tanny, I'll make you fondue later," slurs Brittany, pressing a sloppy kiss to her cheek.

"Last time you tried to make fondue, you burned the water!" Santana weeps even harder. "And we both got food poisoning! Nothing ever works out with us… I wanna see a gay couple work out for once! Blaine!" she yells suddenly, pointing at him. "Go kiss Kurt!"

Kurt gasps and Blaine almost falls over with excitement. "I wanna kiss Kurt! I wanna kiss him!" Kurt's cheeks and ears go bright red.

"No, wait, he has to spin the bottle first!" says Tina, throwing the bottle at Blaine. "That's the rule! You have to spin the bottle!"

"But I just wanna kiss him!"

"Spin the bottle, Blaine! Spin the bottle!" chants Mercedes.

"Then can I kiss him?" begs Blaine, making a face like a lost puppy.

"Yes! Just spin the fuckin' bottle!"

He grabs it and spins it, but a little too hard, so it rolls off the board and hits Rachel.

"Yay! I wanna kiss Blaine!" giggles Rachel excitedly. "I'm gonna warble the Warbler!"

"No, that doesn't count!" Blaine grabs the bottle and turns it so it's pointing at Kurt. "I'm gonna kiss Kurt!"

And he does. He grabs Kurt's shoulders and pulls him close, leaning in and clumsily pressing their lips together. He can feel Kurt gasp a little, but then warm fingers wrap into Blaine's curls, not letting him go. Kurt's face is so close Blaine can feel those feathery eyelashes brushing against his eyelids. He opens his lips just barely, but Kurt definitely notices, and opens his in welcome as Blaine slips his tongue inside. God, Kurt tastes delicious- kind of a combination of coffee and dark chocolate, and beer, but maybe that's just Blaine's breath since Kurt's not drinking- and he can't stop exploring, in and out of his teeth and tangling with Kurt's tongue. Gently he pushes Kurt back onto his elbows and climbs over his lap, straddling him, but not breaking contact with his lips. Kurt arches his back slightly and can't help but moan slightly into Blaine's mouth, causing Blaine's jeans to grow a little tighter. His hands drift down Kurt's neck to his chest, flying to the first button on his shirt and undoing it, then the next. He ends the kiss and looks down at the little pale patch of skin beneath Kurt's collarbone and attaches his lips there, sucking and nibbling, leaving little red bruises. Kurt groans and grabs Blaine's ass, pressing their hips together, and he can feel that he's not the only one who's hard. Just as Blaine reaches down to undo his belt, Finn clears his throat. "Hey guys, uh, we're still here…"

"Huh? Who?" Blaine looks up, and jumps off Kurt. "Oh shit, I forgot! Kurt, let's go in the other room." Kurt opens his mouth to reply, but Rachel interrupts. "No way! No one is doing anything inappropriate under this roof! My dads will kill me!"

Puck rolls his eyes. "Inappropriate? Underage drinking isn't inappropriate?" Everyone laughs and Rachel glares at him.

"Let's do karaoke!" she slurs, somehow thinking she's making a witty comeback. She jumps up and runs to go turn on the speakers and the microphone.

Blaine turns to Kurt, making another sad-puppy face. "It's not fair! She's being mean, Kurt."

"I know, Blaine," replies Kurt, smiling and patting his shoulder. God, Blaine is even cuter when he's drunk. How is that possible?

"I still wanna have more fun with you, Kurt," says Blaine loudly. "I wanna take off your shirt and your pants and I wanna-"

"Shush, Blaine!" hisses Kurt, clapping a hand over his mouth. "Save it for later!"

"Okay, I'll save it," Blaine giggles. "I'll save it all for you. Just for you, Kurt."

"Okay, Blaine." Kurt rolls his eyes and kisses Blaine on the cheek. Yeah, Blaine probably doesn't really have feelings for him when he's sober, but why not just go along with it for now? This is way too much fun. And Blaine is a damn good kisser.

Rachel and Finn start singing, while Quinn shoots them her evil glare of bitchy doom from the corner. Everyone starts dancing, and Blaine tries to climb on top of Kurt again, but Kurt grabs his hand and pulls him up to dance.

Throughout the next hour Blaine keeps whining about being horny and it's getting harder and harder for Kurt to distract him. They dance a lot, and Blaine keeps trying to take off their clothes. Kurt kisses him, but refuses to do anything more. Well, okay, he lets Blaine grind him a little. Because that hard bulge rubbing against his ass feels really fucking hot.

"Let's go to my place," suggests Blaine as they slow dance to some ballad Rachel's singing. "I'll drive you home. I'll take you to my place, how about that. Let's go, right now."

"No, Blaine, you're not driving anywhere," replies Kurt. Oh fuck, Blaine's doing that damn puppy face again. How many times is he going to use that against him tonight?

"Please, Kurt? I'll just drive you to my house, and we'll go to my room and get in my bed and…"

"How about I drive you to my house? And then we can have some fun there. How about that, Blaine?"

"Sure, that sounds great!" Blaine starts laughing and hugs Kurt tightly. "Thank you so much, Kurt! You're the best."

Kurt grins. "No problem. Want to go now?"


Finn's passed out on the sofa next to Mercedes, so Kurt knows his stepbrother won't notice his departure and wonder what he's doing with Blaine. Quietly he grabs Blaine's hand and they run up the stairs and out the front door.

Kurt pretty much drives as fast as he can. Well, as fast as he can when he keeps having to push away Blaine, who's still trying to unzip his jeans.

"Are we there yet? Are we almost there?" Blaine keeps asking, like a little kid going to Disneyland.

"Yes, we'll be there in just a couple minutes, Bla- Blaine! Don't touch me there while I'm driving!"


Soon enough, they're walking up the sidewalk to Kurt's house. "We need to be really quiet, my dad and Carole will be asleep," he murmurs to Blaine. "Promise me you'll be quiet?"

"Yeah, if you'll kiss me."

Kurt kisses him.

"Okay, I'll be quiet."

Kurt turns the key slowly and grimaces as the lock squeaks. He and Blaine go inside and tiptoe up the stairs to Kurt's room. The second Kurt locks the door behind them, Blaine practically tackles him into an intense, passionate kiss. Kurt's taken by surprise at first, but then relaxes and kisses back, savoring the warmth of Blaine's soft lips and the scratch of stubble on his chin. Once the kiss is over, he wraps his arms around Blaine's waist and pulls him onto the bed with him.

Blaine climbs on top of him again, kissing and licking Kurt's ears as he finally undoes Kurt's shirt all the way. Kurt shudders and reaches up to pull off Blaine's shirt, revealing his slightly tan chest and toned arms. Blaine leans down to kiss one of Kurt's nipples as he reaches for Kurt's jeans. His lips part around its hard peak, gently sucking and tasting. Kurt bites his lip to contain his moans, stroking the back of Blaine's neck with his perfectly manicured nails. Soon his jeans are gone, along with Blaine's, and so are their boxers. Blaine's moved to his other nipple, and Kurt can't help but thrust his hips against his lover's. Now Blaine's groaning into Kurt's skin as he feels their cocks rub together.

"Kurt, Kurt," he whispers, pressing their lips together once more. "Kurt, I wanna kiss you… I wanna taste you, I wanna suck you. Kurt, can I, please…"

"What? What do you mean?" Kurt asks, confused.

"On your cock."

Oh. Wow, he feels stupid.

Without waiting for a reply, Blaine moves down and positions himself above Kurt's hips. He spreads the boy's legs, licks his lips, and leans down to softly kiss the head of his cock. Kurt shivers and feels himself twitching with arousal. Blaine pushes his lips down and around the head, his tongue swirling around it, and Kurt can't help but thrust slightly into his mouth. Holyfuckingshit, Blaine is giving him a fucking blowjob- and he takes Kurt in whole, all the way to the base, and fuckfuckfuck it's so wet and warm and ohshit he's sucking and it's getting tighter, closer around him and jesuschrist he could probably come right now just from that, but he holds back, wanting, needing it to last. Blaine's teeth brush ever so slightly against his cock, and he presses his tongue to the slit, slick with precome. Kurt's nails dig into Blaine's shoulders, surely leaving marks in the morning. Blaine keeps sucking and moving his head up and down, and god just the sight of him making love to Kurt with his mouth is hot enough to send him over the edge. Pretty soon he can't hold it in any longer. Kurt can feel the sensation building up in his abdomen, and his instinct tells him it'd be polite to warn Blaine beforehand.

"Blaine… I'm going to, I need to-"

Blaine nods as he continues, sucking even harder and faster, and gently wraps a hand around Kurt's balls, holding them. Somehow just that, the warmth and that feeling of… comfort?- is what finally brings him to climax. Kurt grabs his pillow and moans a stream of swearwords mixed with Blaine's name into it loudly as he comes into Blaine's mouth. Blaine drinks it all in, and as Kurt grows soft and sensitive he can feel every contraction of Blaine's throat as he swallows around him.

He leans back on the bed, gasping for breath, as Blaine climbs up next to him and leans his head on his chest.

"Blaine, you… god, fuck…"

Blaine just grins, licks his lips, and kisses him.

"You're welcome. Now can we go to sleep? I'm sleepy, Kurt."

"I- what- um, okay…" Kurt feels kind of guilty. He wants to do something for Blaine in return, but when he looks into Blaine's eyes, he can see how red and tired they are. Oh well, maybe he can pay him back next time they get drunk.

"Good night, Kurt." Blaine snuggles up into Kurt's chest and Kurt wraps his arms around his stomach, spooning him.

"Good night, Blaine."

"Sweet dreams. I love you!"

Kurt stares at the boy in his arms, wondering if it's just the alcohol talking. Will Blaine still love him in the morning?

"I love you too, Blaine."