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On with chapter two!

Puck stared incredulously at Rachel. Er... Ally. Well, he wasn't quite sure yet.

"Did you just... swear? Holy shit, who the fuck are you?" He questioned forcefully.

Johnny advanced. "Okay, seriously bro, just like... chill."

Puck stares at him for a moment. "Like... chill?" He turns to the girl. "Rachel, please tell me you're not dating this loser."

Rachel/Ally sighs, and raises up on her lounge chair. She lifts up her sunglasses and stares towards Puck.

"Listen dude, I don't know who the fuck you think you are, or how you know me, but you don't. My name is Ally. Al-ly. I don't live in this little town, so there's no way you'd know me anyway. And yes, that is my boyfriend thank you very much. And he's not a loser. He's definitley better than you." She spits out the last word with venom. "So just, get the fuck outta here."

Puck gapes. Okay, maybe this wasn't his Rachel. His Rachel would never be so... mean. But, minus the highlights and the skimpy bathing suit (which looks fuckin' hot by the way), it looks just like her. He looks at her closer, trying to decipher some big difference that will show it really isn't Rachel. But then he sees the look in her eyes. Her lips may have said 'get the fuck outta here', but her eyes?, they clearly said 'later.'

Puck scratched the back of his head, and pasted a guilty look on his face (he was good at that).

"Uh yeah, sorry. Must be thinking of someone else." He turns toward Johnny, and places his fist out. "We cool?"

Johnny looks at the fist in confusion. "I thought you said we were cool?"

Rachel/Ally giggles. "Baby, bump it!"

Johnny touches Puck's knuckles with his own and nods in understanding. "Right."

Puck rolls his eyes. He could not believe she was dating this loser, or calling him baby. (That feeling in his gut? Not jealousy. Of course not. His little Jewish American Princess just... deserves better.)

He gave a little wave of his fingers. "Alright, bye."

He walks away but then turns his head and his eyes lock with Rachel/Ally's one more time.


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