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Dean Winchester sat at the bar of the small diner reading over the newspaper he had picked up. He took a sip of his coffee and flipped the pages. He skimmed down till a picture caught his eye. He quickly put his coffee down and folded the paper in half looking at the picture closely. "Son of a bitch," he whispered as he read the small article underneath the picture.

Doug Willis and Amber Harrington to be wed May 13th.

He skipped the rest of the article that talked about how they met and everything about the wedding. He looked back at Amber's smiling face and his fist balled up and his knuckles turned white. He looked at the papers date and read that it was May 11th. He had two days to stop that wedding. He couldn't believe this.

Dean threw a twenty on the bar and walked quickly out the diner. He got into his baby and slammed his hands against the steering wheel, "FUCK!" He threw the paper on the seat next to him and put his baby into reverse. He sped out of the parking lot towards, Haven Falls, Illinois. If he drove 80 the whole way he would get there by sun down.

Anger and hurt boiled inside Dean. Why was she getting married? She was supposed to wait for him. Amber was his and only his. No one was allowed to hit on her let alone look at her. Every man that did he would always send a fist to their jaw ending with Amber getting mad at him and leaving but they would make up later. He'd make up to her all night. The visions that went through his mind of their "making up" teased him. He felt his cock awake of the thoughts of her beneath him, begging him.

Dean shook his head getting the images out of his head. He turned the radio up, Metallica blasting, hoping to relax him as he drove to Haven Falls. He continued down the road going over 80 now and glaring at the black road in front of him.

It was just after five and Dean stood in front of Haven Falls SunTrust bank. He wanted to be there when she got off. He couldn't wait to lay eyes on her again. He thought about her every night. Thought about all the things they use to do together. God he just wanted to touch her again in so many way that he knew she liked.

Dean looked at his watch and just as hit it 5:15, he looked up and saw Amber walking out of the bank with her purse on her shoulders. She was in a sexy woman's suit with a pair of heal. He loved her long tanned legs wrapped around him. She looked ever better than he remembered.

Amber pulled her keys out of her purse as she reached her car. Just as she hit the unlock button she head someone walk up behind her and clear their throat. She turned around and she froze. She never expected to see who she saw standing there. "Dean?"

"Hey baby. Long time no see." He said with a sexy smile that would usually make her fall into his arms but not any more. She moved on. She had no choice. He is the one that chose to walk away and she was the one that was left heart broken.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she asked

"I was passing by and thought I would stop in a see my favorite girl." He winked.

"Oh….well how nice of you." She said in a very sarcastic tone. "I guess you should be going. Good seeing you though." She said and turned back to her car.

"Whoa that's al I get? No welcome back kiss…..or more." He smiled.

Amber's face hardened and she whipped back around, "You think I owe you something? Hell Dean I haven't see you in years and you think all you have to do is come back and we pick up where we left off?"

"That's the plan baby."

"Don't call me baby. I am not your baby. You walked away and I moved on. I'm happy now." She said and held up her hand, showing him her ring.

Dean rolled his eyes, "Yeah I read that in the paper. But I gotta tell ya, not the guy I pictured you with."

"That's not funny. I love him and he loves me. We are happy and I am marrying him in two day. I'm sorry but that's how it is. It was really good seeing you." Amber said and got into her car and drove off.

That was not the way Dean saw this going. If she was still mad then she still cared. At least that was a good sign but the fact she said she loved that guys was eating Dean alive inside. She was supposed to love him and no one else. He was not happy about this at all.

Dean threw his head back downing the whiskey. The liquid burned all the way down his throat. He bit his lip and brought his head back as he put the glass down and the bartender poured more into his glass. He downed that one. He had at least five already. He was he was pissed and hurt about Amber. He was hurt by her actions and words and pissed knowing some other guy was touching her and marking his territory. That was his territory!

Dean felt a pair of firm breast press against him as they sat down on the stool next to him. He glanced over and saw a girl that batted her eyes at him and she smiled, "Drowning your problems in liquor?"

"It's the only way," he said. He wanted to keep it short. Didn't want to even talk to anyone. He wasn't in the mood for anyones company not even a woman's. But as he looked at her he chuckled shaking his head, "You know if I wasn't drunk right now, you'd be dead right now."

Her eyes flashed white then back to the light blue of the girl she was pretending to be, "Well then maybe I should thank you," she placed her hand on his arm and he snarled at it, "I can be whatever or whoever you want."

Dean glared at the hand then her words echoed through his mind, whatever or whoever you want. Dean looked up at her and Amber's face popped into his head. He took the ripped newspaper article out of his pocket and threw it on the bar. She picked it up and arched an eyebrow. She smiled, "I'll be back."

Dean shook his head. It wasn't long before he heard Amber's voice in his ear, "Now it's whatever you want," she whispered seductively into his ear. Dean turned in the stool and was staring into Amber's hazel eyes.

"Amber," he whispered and placed his hand on her cheek but frowned knowing it wasn't real.

"Come on baby," Dean looked up into her eyes, "Let's go." She winked at him and bit her bottom lip. Dean got up and placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled her head to his kissing her passionately and hard.

Dean slammed "Amber" into the wall of his motel room sucking on her neck. Her shirt was and jeans were already lost when they pulled up to the motel room. Dean reached behind him and pulled on his shirt pulling it off. She worked on his belt and jeans as he pulled her bra off leaving her in her panties.

"Tell me you want me," he said in a deep sexy voice as he fondled with her breast.

"I want you Dean," she moaned and bit her bottom lip.

Dean knew this was wrong but something inside him snapped the moment he saw his Amber in the article about getting married. She was his girl, his woman, his lover, no one elses. He grabbed her hips pulling her against him hard and she moaned feeling his hard erection against her stomach.

Dean pulled her towards the bed never taking his eyes off the shapeshifter but only seeing Amber in his mind. He licked his lips as he pushed her hard on the bed. He gripped her panties and ripped them off. He climbed on top of her and rubbed against her. She moaned leaning her head back and licking her lips in desire. She knew she had to kill him but this hunter had strength, ability and a great body. There was no problem in having a moment of fun before she killed this poor depressed bastard.

"Tell me I'm the only one you'll let fuck you," he said as he spread her legs wide and pumped his own steely shaft bringing himself closer to her.

"Dean," she moaned her hands gripping his shoulders tightly, "You're the only one."

Dean teased her with his blunt tip and she moaned. He leaned forward and gripped her hair, "The only one to what Amber?"

"Fu-fuck me!"

Dean thrust hard into her, it wasn't the same as Amber. With Amber he could always feel how tight she was, how wet...he could get her so wet with just one simple kiss or when he would touch her. Just a simple rub to the knee or the inner thigh or when he wrapped his arms around her, she was wet in seconds. Hell she could be thinking of him and she'd become wet. He had a sixth sense when it came to Amber and their sexual lives. He knew when she'd get excited and he loved to fix that for her, eating her out day in and day out. He craved her wetness, her juices but there was no way in Hell he was going down on this thing. Fuck her. Then kill her.

Dean continued to thrust hard into her. He grabbed her wrist pinning them above her head, "Tell me you love me."

"I-I," she swallowed hard trying to breathe with every pound and grind he would send her way, "I love you!"

His right hand grabbed her leg and he bit his lip feeling her walls constrict around him. The two were both close. Dean loved watching her cum.

The look of pure sinful pleasure sculptured on her face. He pounded harder his upper lip curlng in a growl. He wanted to see . The look on her face. The look of ecstacy that only he can deliver to her. No one else.

"Fucking scream my name!" He lifted her ass up and slapped it hard, "NOW!" He growled.

"DEAN! Oh DEAN!" She screamed as she crumbled beneath him and quivered in pleasure. She continued screaming his name and Dean's orgasm hit him hearin her. He groaned her name and bit his lip as he came inside her. The two slowed down and were breathing heavy. Dean rolled onto his back and licked his dry lips.

"Wow are something else," she said running a hand through her hair.

Without hesitation Dean grabbed the knife under his pillow and slammed it into her chest. She screamed as he continued to stab her viciously into her chest. Finally her body went limp and her suffering stopped. Dean's breathing was still erattic as he stared at her. He twisted the blade in her heart hoping she would feel the pain he was in. He took his anger out on her, she deserved it but now he wanted the real Amber and nothing was going to stand in his way.

It just after midnight when Dean got into his car and drove over to Ambers. After making a call or two he got her exact address. He parked down the street and walked the two blocks to her house. He stood out front under the large oak tree outside her house. He watched as she turned off all the lights and made her way into the bedroom. Her window was wide open. He loved how trusting she was. It brought a smile to his face. This was going to be so easy. That was a good thing. He didn't want to hurt her but he was going to do what he had to do to have her all to himself. She once said she was his….only his and he was going to hold her to that. A promise is a promise.

Dean watched as she slowly removed her robe as if she knew he was watching. She stretched her arms over her head and then pulled back the covers. Dean bit on his bottom lips. He would love to be in that bed next to her but his time would come. Tomorrow was the night he was going to take her back. When she turned off the lights Dean made his way back to his car. He had a lot to think about. This had to go perfectly and he was already off to a good start. He had a plan.

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