A noise, a soft sort of noise, began to wake Amber up from her deep sleep. She tossed her head back and forth trying to regain consciousness and remember what happened. Flashes of her running through the woods played in her mind like a picture story and the last thing she remembered was seeing Dean after that...she was blank.

Amber tried to move and panic ran through her entire body when she felt her arms tied, no...chained above her head. She opened her eyes, her vision was blurry but she could tell she was in the bedroom of the cabin. She blinked a few times and looked up seeing herself cuffed to the slits in the bed post. She pulled a little and heard the noise that awaken her.

She looked to her left and saw Dean sitting in a chair throwing a knife into the floor of the cabin as he stared at her with no emotions on her face. She didn't know what scared her more, the knife or the fact Dean had no emotions anymore.

"D-Dean...what, what did you do?" she asked jiggling her hand as she referred to the cuffs.

"Keeping you safe. That's what you want wasn't it?" he asked as he pulled hte knife from the floor. His voice was calm and that scared her, "Isn't it?" he yelled before he slapped her.

A few tears fell from her eyes as she swallowed hard looking back at him. "Don't do this Dean," she begged shaking her head, "Please just uncuff me."

Dean shook his head as he made his rounds around the bed, "No, you lied to me," he pointed the knife to her.

"I-I didn't-"

"Yes you did!" he yelled staring at her, "Last night was a lie! And then you running off yesterday morning!"

"Yesterday?" She's been missing for two days now and everyone thought she was dead because of the shapeshifter he had put in her bed. She looked at Dean with wide eyes, "Just let me go please. You're sick, let me help you."

Dean shook his head peering out the window, "I'm not sick. I'm perfectly fine and soon you will be too. You still don't understand," he looked back at her lying on the bed cuffed and many possibilities had run through his head but kept his mind clear, that was for later, "I am doing this for us."

"Kidnapping me in the middle of the fucking night isn't for us! There is no more us Dean! You have to realize that that ship has sailed! We are done! We will never be what we use to be! NEVER!"

Dean ran his hands through his hair hearing her screaming at him. Her voice and his own voice were yelling through his head.

Dean stared at her, "You are going to stay there until you realize who you belong to! I don't care how long it takes!"

Dean walked out slamming and locking the door behind him. She didn't know what she was talking about. She was in denial. She loved him, always have, always will. She would tell him every time they made love, every time he would sweep her off her feet, pick her up from the bank, see her, talk to her...she had to remember everything.

Amber lay on the bed with tear pouring from her eyes. She pulled on the cuffs and knew there was no way she was getting out of her. The only shot she had was to open Dean was realize that this was all wrong. If he loved her he would let her go and be happy. She couldn't deny that she still loved him but it wasn't the same. He left her alone so many times that she had to move on. He chose to give her up and now he had to learn to live with that. She use to hope he would come back for her bu you can only put your life on hold for so long.

"DEAN!" she screamed through the tears, "PLEASE!"

Dean stood on the other side of the door listening to her. Her screaming for him broke his heart. He hated her being hurt but she had to remember what they had together. He had lost everything else and he wasn't going to lose he too. She just needed time to remember.

Two hours had passed since Dean had left Amber. The cabin was quiet and Amber wasn't sure if Dean was still here or not. She was afraid for herself and him as well. Something was wrong with him. If she didn't do something she knew she was going to die and Dean would end up hurting someone else and she wasn't going to let that happen. The only way out of this was to give him what he wanted no matter what it was. She had to gain his full trust if she was going to survive.

She lay there staring up at the ceiling and soon she heard the cabin door slam and foot steps coming down the hall. It was like being in a bad horror movie and she was the slutty girl that never looked over her shoulder.

The bedroom door opened slowly. Amber turned her head and looked over at Dean who was standing there with a few bags in his hands, "Thought you might be hungry." He said and closed the door, "Can't have you starving."

"Thank you." Amber said, "Can you uncuff me?"

"Sorry baby I can't do that." Dean said, "You're going to stay right there until I can trust you. I don't care how long it takes."

Amber knew if she back talked that would make him angry so it was best to go with it. "Ok. I understand." She said and looked into his eyes, "I messed up and I'm sorry."

Dean looked at her confused, "What was that?"

"I'm sorry for running. I just got scared and panicked."

"Scared of what?" He asked as he sat on the bed next to her, "Tell me."

"Of you. They way we were together back them. I loved you and lost you. It killed me and I didn't want to feel that pain again."

"Baby I will never let you go again. We are going to be together forever I promise." Dean said and placed his hand on her red cheek, "I never wanted to hurt you Amber."

"I know. I made you angry. Its all my fault. Just please tell me that you forgive me. I don't want you mad at me anymore."

"I forgive you but you are staying like this until I trust you."

"I know. I also remember that me tied to your bed was a fantasy of yours. I use to love when we played this game." She said and gave him a seductive smile, "It always made me so horny."

"Oh shit baby I remember. I loved having you under me. Letting me control you. Do whatever I wanted."

Amber tilted her head a little looking at him with that look she knew he couldn't stand, "Remember how you use to play with me?" She bit her bottom lip softly letting her teeth glide against it as she rubbed her leg softly against his side. She arched a little off the bed, their eyes connecting.

Dean's hand rested on her thigh then slowly moved up to her waist. Her nighty from the night before that she was still wearing was now bunched up a little showing off her slim stomach. He ran his hand on her skin and she moaned closing her eyes.

"Your hands could always make me wet with the simplest touches." She still continued to move around on the bed making Dean hot.

"I remember how you would tremble," Dean said in a deep voice as he moved onto his knees, "Shit baby you made me so hot back then and even hotter now."

Amber opened her eyes staring into his as he continued to slowly caress her skin with his hand. "I remember your favorite thing to do to me while I was tied up."

Just thinking about going down on her made his jeans tighten, "I can still remember how you sounded when I would make you scream my name over and over."

Amber bit on her lips and she arched into his hand, "You're the only one that new how to hit the right spots, make me cum harder than anyone."

Dean groaned a little and moved over her body, staring down into her eyes, "Tell me you love me. I want you to say it."

Amber swallowed hard and looked at him, "I love you."

"Tell me you want me as much as I want you." Dean said as he ground into her with his aching cock that was dying to be set free.

"Dean...I want you more."

Dean leaned down and kissed her tenderly like he use to. Amber knew she better kiss him back, he may then wonder if she was lying. She nibbled on his bottom lip the way she remembered he liked it. He loved when she nibbled and sucked on his lips. Dean opened his mouth sticking his tongue into hers. They kissed as if they haven't been apart in years, even minutes. They knew what each other liked, they always will.

Amber heard a noise and quickly let go of his lips. She turned her head seeing his knife in his hand and she quickly looked at him.

"Don't worry baby...just don't move and you'll be fine," he said as she kissed her lips once more than kissed his way down her body. He was kissing her as if his life depended on it. He sat up on his knees and brought the knife to her nightgown. The nightgown she had bought for her honeymoon with Doug and Dean started to cut through it.

Each bit of skin that was revealed Dean's hunger grew. Amber shook under the blade feeling the cold metal against her skin. She had to stay still and let him do what he wanted. If she struggled he would be pissed and with a knife in his hands he was dangerous. She knew him all too well.

The nightgown was cut into and Dean slowly pulled it open and he grown as his eyes feasted on her naked body. The only thing left was a pair of satin panties covering the one place he wanted the most right now. "You're so sexy baby. Body of a goddess."

Amber moaned as Dean cupped her breast and rolled her nipples gently between his fingers, "D-Dean."

"You like that?" He asked and squeezed a little harder when she stayed silent, "Answer me!"

"Yes!" She screamed out in both pain and sudden pleasure. She hated herself for being turned on but it was true. He was the only one who knew how and where to touch her.

"I know you like it rough." Dean said before leaning down and taking her left nipple into his mouth, flicking and circling his tongue around the perky nub. "So soft." He moaned as he sucked.

"Uh...Dean." Amber moaned as she pulled tightly on the cuffs.

As he sucked on her breast his right hand moved down her body and teased the edge of her panties with his finger tips. Amber sucked in a breath as she felt his hand moved lower and lower.

Dean out his hand down the front and his fingers began to play her clit like a fiddle, "Uh…Oh...Dean." she moaned and Dean smiled up at her.

"You like that baby."

As much as she wanted to say no he couldn't, "Yes." She breathed out.

"I know you do." Dean smiled and his finger worked their way lower. He teased her tight hole with his index finger before slipping it inside her, causing her to arch off the bed.

He pushed in and out of her slowly with one finger at first and then added a second and Amber gasp for air, "Dean…"

"I want to feel you cum." Dean told her.

Amber pulled on the cuffs as Dean pushed into her faster and faster, his thumb playing on her clit. "Please…don't stop." She begged him and couldn't believe it. She was begging this man to make her cum.

Dean smiled as he watched her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she arched into his hand, "That's it. Cum for me."

"D-DEAN!" Amber screamed out in pleasure as she juices covered his fingers.

Dean eased his fingers from him and brought them up to him lips and licked them clean, "Taste so much better than I remember." he said and them climbed off the bed.

Amber's breathing calmed down and she looked over at Dean, "Uncuff me. Please." She begged him. Her mind was racing. This was so wrong and she knew it but there was nothing else she could do but do what she knew he wanted and regain his trust.

Dean shook his head as he unbuckled his jeans and pushed them along with his boxers to the floor, "Not until I'm done with you." He said.

He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it before he covered her body with his once again. The only thing keeping him for thrusting into her right then was the thin material of her panties. "Am I the only man you'll ever want?" he asked staring deeply into her eyes, "Tell me."

Amber swallowed hard and nodded, "Yes Dean. Only you. Always been you."

Dean he took her lips in a hungry kiss, shoving his tongue deep in her throat. They parted breathing heavily. Dean sat up on his knees and ripped her panties off and threw them on the floor. He grabbed his hard member and placed it at her entrance. The tip went in first and he heard her breath out. Dean looked up into her eyes once more before he thrusted in quickly. "Uh…Dean!" she moaned out.

"Oh baby you fell so perfect." Dean said in a low moan.

Dean leaned down and captured her lips once again as he pulled out of her and slowly entered her again. "Ohhh.." she moaned as he began to move in and out of her a little faster. She had almost forgotten how damn good he was at this.

"Am I the only one that makes you feel this way?" asked Dean as he thrusted into her a little harder. "Say it!" he yelled.

"Yes!" she screamed and wrapped her legs around him as she continued to pull on the cuffs. She could feel them cutting into her wrist but she didn't care at this point.

As Dean moved in and out of her Amber began to give up and relaxed more, taking what he was giving her. She couldn't help but moaned and pull on the cuffs hard "Dean…." She moaned a little louder this time. "Shit!"

Dean smiled down at her as he moved her a little faster, a little deeper, and she moaned his name again, "Oh Dean! Right there!" she said. She didn't think about what she was saying. It just came out in the heat of the moment.

Dean loved her cried of pleasure, "Right there baby? You like the way I fuck you?"

"Yes!" Amber's moans turned into pants as Dean thrusted into her faster.

Dean wrapped her legs around his waist tighter and he pounded into her, "You close baby?"

"Oh God yes! So…so close!"

Amber's heals were digging into his back as she felt her orgasm approaching. "Cum for me Amber. Show me your mine. Cum on my cock!" He commanded her. He wanted to feel everything she had to give him once again. "Do it now!"

When he said those words, Amber couldn't control herself. "Oh fuck Dean!" Her orgasm burst and Amber screamed out loud as Dean pumped into her harder, fucking her through it.

Her walls clamped down around him and Dean couldn't hold on any longer, "Oh shit…Amber. Oh fuck baby!" he moaned as he filled her with everything he had.

Dean leaned down and kissed her long and hard. His mouth devoured hers and he whispered, "I love you," between kissed and, "Tell me you love me."

"I-I love you." She said and a tear rolled down her face. She couldn't believe what she had just don't but she was his prisoner and there was nothing she could do right now. She belonged to him….for now.

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