Chapter One

Introduction: After watching a bunch of Stargate-SG1 reruns on SYFY, I was inspired to write this. The SG1 team, consisting of Colonol Cameron Mitchell, Major Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Vala end up in Megakat City when the Stargate malfunctions. The Ori are not far behind, and allie themselves with Dark Kat. Can SG-1 and SWAT kats stop the evil alliance?

"Good to see you could make it Callie, I know how busy you are.." smiled Dr. Abigail Sinian, as she let the Deputy Mayor into the museum.

"Thanks Abi, you'd better believe it.." she sighed, "I just spent the last three hours writing a long speech for the Mayor. Now what's this surprise you were telling me about over the phone?"

"Like I said. it's an amazing discovery," smiled the curator,as she led Ms. Briggs down the hall. "As you know, for the past few months, my team has been working on a special dig out in the Eastern desert. We originally were looking for dinosaur fossils, but uncovered something far more important. I have a room set up which will eventually be turned into a display, but for the moment, it's off limits to the public. Here we are.."

Unlocking a door, Dr. Sinian let Callie go inside first, and turned on the light. Ms Briggs gasped in amazement at what she was seeing. In the very center of the room was a large ring made of stone that was nearly 15 feet high. On the outside of the ring were carved hyrogliphics in some unknown language. Nearby, there were stone tablets with the same kind of writing, and other artifacts.

"Oh wow!" exclaimed Deputy Mayor Briggs, "You really hit the jackpot this time Abi!"

"Amazing isn't it?", grinned Dr. Sinian, "And would you believe that we've dated these things to be over 10,000 years old? That was when we kats were still wild animals living in jungles! In other words callie, this large stone ring, and the tablets and such, plus the other things that will be arriving here shortly, were left here, on Katrus, by another species!"

"You mean aliens?" gulped Ms. Briggs, "Goodness! Well, that was 10,000 years ago, I don't think they'll be coming back to reclaim this stuff, right?"

"I hardly doubt that.." shrugged Abi, "In any case, I hope to open this exhibit to the public in about a month, and I want you and the Mayor to be here for it.."

"Certainly Dr. Sinian, this really is exciting!" grinned Callie. "Oh, excuse me for being hasty, but I've got to get home and get some rest, I have to be back at the office bright and early tomorrow for the Mayor's speech.."

"Alright, have a good sleep.." said Abi, "Why the Mayor can't write his own speeches is beyond me.."

"Because he's a fat, lazy kat, but don't tell him I said that.." winked the Deputy Mayor. "Goodnight Dr. Sinian.."

Letting her friend out, Abi locked the door, and returned to her office. She worked on some paperwork for a bit, then layed down for a bit of a snooze on the couch, unaware that something strange was happening inside the relics room. Two dials on the the stone ring started to turn, and moments later, a burst of alien energy came out the center in the form of liquid water. The water formed into a thin curtain, and five shapes walked out of ring into the room. These individuals were all dressed in military garb, and were collectively known as the SG-1 team. One of them looked around, and muttered, "Um, this doesn't look like home base to me, Cam.."

"No, Dr. Jackson, we're in some kind of a museum.." sighed the Colonol, "The DHD must have failed again. Just our luck, do you see another DHD around here anybody?"

"Afraid not, just some stone tablets," muttered Vala, "So what planet do you think we're on this time?"

"One not infected by the Ori, hopefully.." nodded Teal'c, as he walked over to a window, and looked out. "It appears we are in the middle of a large city, Colonol Mitchell.."

"Just perfect.." said Cam. "Hope the locals are friendly, we've got some explaining to do to them. Since they found this Stargate, but there's no DHD, we can assume they don't know what it's for.."

"And the danger the Ori poses, if they find their way here, sir.." noted Major Sam Carter. "So what's our next move?"

"See who's here, of course.." nodded Vala, pointing at the door.

"I'll stay here, and take a look at these tablets.." said Dr. Jackson, kneeling down to get a better look at the ancient writings.

"I will assist you.." nodded Teal'c,"And guard the Stargate should the Ori attack.."

"Fine, Vala, Sam, follow me, and be careful, we don't know if these people have met aliens before.." said cam, with his weapon drawn, as he led the others into the hallway. Making their way through the museum, which obviously had been closed for the day, Cam, Vala, and Sam didn't see anyone as of yet, not even a security guard. They eventually found a series of glass doors in a narrow hallway, and there was a dim light coming from behind one of them. The door was not locked, so Cam and the others cautiously went inside. There was a couch in the corner of the room, which appeared to be an office.. and on that couch, somebody was taking a nap. Cam, Sam, and Vala stared at the female person, not knowing what to say, because she was not human.

"Um.." muttered Sam, " I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Colonol.."

"You think?" sighed Cam, as the female on the couch groaned, and opened her eyes. The three humans took a step back, as Dr. Sinian stared at them for a moment, and screamed at the top of her lungs. Quickly jumping out of the couch, the curator tried to run to get help, when Cam stepped in front of her with his weapon raised.

"Sorry miss, we won't hurt you, but we can't let you leave right now. Just sit back down, and try to stay calm, I know this is a big shock for you. But we just don't want your government to know about us right now, not until after we explain a few things.."

"But what are you?" gasped Abi, as she fell back on her tail on the couch. "And where did you come from?"

"We're humans from a planet called Earth.." said Major Carter, who had taken off her helmet, and gently sat on a chair near the couch. "We came through the Stargate, that stone ring you have in the relics room. Two more of us are there right now studying the artifacts you found.."

"There's two more of you?" gasped the female kat person, feeling a bit woozy.

"Yes, Dr. Jackson, and Teal'c..", answered Cam, "I'm Colonol Mitchell, this is Vala, and Major Sam Carter, what's your name?"

"A-Abi.." she said , "Dr. Abigail Sinian.."

"Pleased to meet you doctor.." smiled Sam, offering her hand in friendship to the she-kat curator. "Sorry we disturbed your sleep.."

"That's... quite alright.." sighed Abi, relieved that these aliens appeared to be friendly.
Shaking Major Carter's hand, Dr. Sinian said, "So, you did decide to come back after all.."

"Excuse me... come back?" asked vala. "We've never been here before.."

"I mean your ancestors.." said Abi, "Those artifacts are 10,000 years old, and we kats were still unintelligent animals back then. So it's obvious that an alien race left that ring, and those other objects on our world."

"Very smart, isn't she?" smiled Cam. "Well, those things were not left by us, but rather an ancient race called the G'uaold. Our government has only been using the Stargate for the past 10 years or so, doctor. Um, but due to an error, the five of us ended up here on your world, instead of Earth Command. We need something called a DHD to reprogram the Stargate, so we can get home. Since there wasn't one in the relics room, I'm thinking it could be in another room, am I correct?"

"No, I don't know what this DHD is.." said Abi, shaking her head, "However, the site where we found the artifacts is so large that we couldn't fit everything into the trucks to bring them here in just a day. My team is going there today to retrieve the rest of the objects. We found everything in the desert buried 30 feet under the sand.."

"Which means sir, that the G'uaold purposely hid them, so they wouldn't be traced to this world.." noted Sam.

"Well, since the G'uaold and Apothos are no longer a threat to us, that no longer matters.." said Cam. "It's the Ori we have to worry about now..."

"The Ori?" asked Dr. Sinian.

"Just a bunch of crazed alien tyrants wanting to take over the universe, that's all..." shrugged Vala."We're sort of the galactic police trying to stop their mad quest, if you know what I mean.."

"Speaking of the police, the Enforcers will have to be informed of this situation eventually.." sighed Abi, "I can't hide you aliens here in my museum forever.."

"Yes, we know.." said Sam, noting a phone on Abi's desk. "Then call who you have to, doctor, and assure your people that we mean them no harm."

"I will try my best.." said the curator, who carefully stood up, and glanced at the alien visitors for a moment before picking up the reciever. Dialing a number, Abi said, "Callie? Yes it's me, I know it's two in the morning, but you need to get here as soon as possible, and bring Commander Feral. Even the SWAT Kats should be contacted somehow, their presence would be welcome. No, no, I'm not in danger, let's just say a situation has risen, and it has something to do with that stone ring, which is actually called a Stargate. How do I know that? Um, just get here, and you'll find out, Callie. Alright, bye.."

"Well, that was easy enough.." said Cam. "Who's this callie you just spoke to?"

"Calico Briggs, she's the Deputy Mayor," said Dr. Sinian.

"And these... SWAT Kats?" asked Sam.

"They're vigilanties.." said Abi, "They protect Megakat City from the Omega criminals that threaten it."

"But don't you have a military called the Enforcers, you just told us that.." said Vala.

"Yes, but Mayor Manx underfunds them, so Commander Feral doesn't have enough weaponry to stop the Omegas. Manx would rather spend the money on high rise buildings, and other pet projects. That's where the SWAT Kats come in, although Feral despises the duo.."

"I see... I think.." muttered Cam, shaking his head. "Do you have any coffee Dr. Sinian, I think this is going to be a long night.."

After Dr. Sinian fixed her alien guests some coffee, they went back to the relics room where Teal'c was standing guard in front of the Stargate while Daniel was still trying to descipher the alien writings on the tablets. Abi gulped nervously at Teal'c's large form, to which the former Guaold said, "There is no need to fear me, I used to worship the false god Apothos, and did his bidding, but now I help these humans protect Earth and other sentient worlds from invasion."

"Yeah, we turned him into a cop, in other words.." grinned Cam. "Daniel, Teal'c, this is Dr. Abigail Sinian, she's the curator of the museum.

"H-hello.." nodded Abi.

"Hmm, now I know what the writings mean when they say experiments were done to the local wildlife.." said Daniel, nodding at the curator.

Astonished, Dr. Sinian gasped, "You mean you understand what those ancient writings say?"

"Yes, it's an old G'uaold dialect, very ancient.." said Dr. Jackson.

"Well, if you know what it says, then tell us already.." sighed Vala.

"Apparently, some experiments were done to the animal life on this planet, starting with..."

Before Dr. Jackson could finish his sentence, a bunch of loud voices could be heard, and moments later, Callie poked her head into the room and gasped. Commander Feral himself, his niece Felina, Commander Steele, and the SWAT Kats followed her in and gawked at the SG1-team. Drawing his weapon, Steele shrieked, "Yikes, aliens!We're being invaded!"

"Don't try it, fella.." Cam said, brandishing his own weapon, "We're experienced in military tactics ourselves, and none of us certainly wants to damage any of these artifacts, right Dr. Sinian?"

"That is quite correct Colonol Mitchell.." nodded Abi, "Commander, tell that idiot Steele to put down his rifle, these alien people are friendly!"

"I'll be the judge of that.." muttered Feral. "What are you creatures, and why are you here?"

"Oh, we're just a bunch of space police passing through, don't mind us..." shrugged Vala.

"Space Police?" pondered Razor.

"We're a military group of Earth Soldiers.." stated Major Carter. "That ring is called a Stargate, we use it to travel to other worlds. But, as we have already explained to Abi, something went wrong at homebase, and now we're stuck here, unless we can find a component called a DHD. Dr. Sinian thinks there might be one at the dig site in the desert where her team found the Stargate."

"Kats alive!" gasped T-bone, "Our people have met aliens before, but this is unbelievable!"

"Not really buddy.." shrugged Razor, "Remember, thanks to that incident awhile back with my dimentional radar, we were sent to a parallel world where the SWAT Kats and Ms. Briggs were evil. This Stargate thing is nearly like that,a portal to another world. But how does it work?"

"Well, you see those dials on the ring?" said Cam, "They turn, approximately seven times, until the right planetary coordinates are found. But we need a DHD to operate it, so if one of you nice Enforcers would lend us a jet, we'll ship the DHD from the desert to the museum, turn on the Gate, and be off on our way, and we won't bother your nice planet again, agreed?"

Getting only a grunt of skepticism from Commander Feral, Dr. Jackson sighed, "I take that as a no, huh?"

"Oh, please don't mind him, he's an idiot.." said T-bone, "Just show me and Razor what this DHD is and we'll use our own jet, the Turbokat, to bring the device here."

"Thank you so much.." smiled Sam, "You must be these SWAT Kats Abi told us about.."

"Yep, that's us," grinned Razor, offering his paw to the human, "It's nice to meet friendly extraterrestrials for a change.."

"Same here.." nodded Major Carter, warmly accepting the alien kat's friendly gesture.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Deputy Mayor Briggs introduced herself and the rest of the group to the SG-1 team, after which Cam did the same with his people.

"Ok, now that that's settled, can we get out of this place, it's making my nose itch.." said Vala, sniffing.

"You must be allergic to kat fur.." grinned Cam, as they left the room and headed to where the SWAT Kats had parked their jet in the lot. "No offense to our hosts, of course.."

"Nah.." shrugged T-bone, "We can take a few insults, as long as you don't make us real mad, right partner?"

"Yeah, or try to blow up our city and planet like those alien pirates tried to do a few years back..." said Razor, " Say Major Carter, once you get the Stargate running, can I go with you to this homebase of yours, and take a look at your technology? It's not every day that I can get an opportunity to travel to another part of the universe.."

Seeing the SWAT Kat's eyes twinkle, Sam sighed, "I wish we could let you come, but we need permission from our superiors, sorry. But I'm sure the General won't mind, as long as we explain to him first that you're peaceful, Razor."

"I understand, thanks.." he replied, as the group went outside. Taking one look at the Turbokat, Cam whistled outloud in amazement.

"Very nice..." he grinned, putting his hand on the wing. "How fast does she go, moch three?
I used to be a jet pilot myself, before joining the Stargate program.."

"Cool!" said T-bone. "Yep, and the Turbokat also has speed -of-heat engines, which allow us to launch into space like a rocket!"

"Indeed.." nodded Teal'c, "You SWAT Kats sound like brave warriors, I would be honored to fight alongside you in battle against those who would attack our worlds.."

"They certainly are brave.." , said Callie, "No criminals stand a chance against them!"

"But they are still vigilanties who cause damage to this city, remember that.." snarled Commander Feral. "And as for you furless aliens, I'm keeping my eyes on all of you, understand? The Deputy Mayor and the SWAT Kats may trust you, but I'm yet to be convinced of your peaceful intentions.."

"Me too sir.." said Steele in a suspicious tone.

"There's always the skeptics, no matter where we go.." sighed Sam. "You should be more concerned about our enemies, the Ori, Commander. They enslave worlds, and kill those who oppose them. If they find your planet, you wouldn't stand a chance against them."

"Are you trying to scare me?" Feral growled.

"No, we're just stating facts to you.." said Teal'c. "The Ori are a scourge which needs to be stopped, for the safety of all worlds..."

"They sound just like the creeps that we have to stop all the time.." replied T-bone. "Dark Kat is the worst of our Omega criminals, he wants to destroy the entire city, and enslave katkind."

"He sounds like a real nice guy..." said Cam, "But tell me Daniel, you were just about to tell us about the experiments the G'uaold did on this world.."

"Yes, they injected a number of animals with DNA chemicals, including the feline polpulation. In other words, over time, because of these experiments, the felines evolved over 10,000 years into the intelligent kats they are today."

"Are you pulling our tails?" snarled Feral."that's proposterous!"

"That's what it says in those writings, Commander," said Dr. Jackson, "The G'uaold were really bad people bent on conquest, but if it wasn't for them, you kats wouldn't exist. It's all in black and white... well, carvings on stone tablets actually."

"I still don't believe it.." growled the Commander. "You're just trying to trick us.."

"You know something...Feral is it?" said Cam, getting face to face with the stubborn Enforcer leader, "I really don't like your attitude. So just do us a favor, and stay out of our way, got it?The sooner my teams gets off this planet, the better. Let's go, SWAT Kats.."

"Right, you and your team can sit in the launch bay, it'll only take us five minutes to reach the dig site.." nodded Razor, as he and T-bone climbed into the cockpit.

Along with the Sg-1 team, Dr. Sinian and Ms. Briggs also hitched a ride with the SWAT Kats, while Feral and the Enforcers stayed behind to keep watch over the Stargate. Ulyssis still didn't trust the alien visitors, but his niece thought otherwise.

"Uncle, just because those alien pirates invaded us, as did those Ci-katia, that doesn't mean ALL extraterrestrials are bad. Those Aquians were very nice to me and the SWAT Kats, and helped us to defeat Mutilor!"

"They were kats like us, correct?" said Feral.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean anything Uncle! If a person is NOT a kat, does that make them evil?"

"I didn't say that it did.." muttered the Enforcer leader, as he looked with interest at the Stargate. "I'm just not so willing to put my trust in these alien visitors so quickly. Better be safe than sorry Felina, that's all I'm saying."

"Whatever you think, Uncle..." sighed Felina, as she gazed at the writing on the stone tablets.
'But what if what Dr. jackson said is really the truth?"

"Hmmph, I very much doubt that.." said the Commander. "We kats developed all on our own, as far as I'm concerned, without the help of some alien race!"

Over at the dig site, the Turbokat had just landed,and the SWAT kats let out their passengers.
Smiling from ear to ear, Cam exclaimed, "Alright T-bone, great flying, you'd be a shoo-in to get in the United States Air Force!"

'Um, what's that?" asked the SWAT Kat.

'Sort of like the Enforcers, but the Commanding officer is a lot nicer.." said Sam.

"Please ignore Feral, Major Carter.." stated Callie. "He works for me and the Mayor, and as far as I'm concerned, you have been nothing but kind to us since you arrived."

"Thank you, Deputy Mayor.." said Dr. Jackson, as they walked over to where the rest of the artifacts were being kept. The objects had been placed in boxes that were scheduled to be shipped to the museum in the morning. At once, the SG-1 team started to look through the wooden containers for the DHD device. It took only ten minutes for them to find it, and it was in perfect working condition. Teal'c, with the help of T-bone, lifted the box containing the DHD into the back of the Turbokat.

"My fellow scientists can bring the rest of the artifacts later this morning.." said Abi. "Like that statue right there.."

"That is the false god Apothos.." said Teal'c. "That proves without any doubt that the G'uaold were here, despite the Commander's disbelief.."

"Eh, who cares what that jerk thinks?" grumbled Razor. "He wouldn't believe you, even if these G'uaold came here and told him the truth!"

"The G'uaold no longer exist, thank goodness.." said Cam."But the Ori are even more dangerous, which means we have to get back to base, before they plan their next move on Earth, our home world."

"Then hop on board everybody, we'll get ya to the museum in a jiffy!" smiled Razor.

Back at the museum, Felina was continuing to look at the G'uaold artifacts, while Steele, bored out of his mind, yawned uncontrollably. Commander Feral had decided to go back to Enforcer Headquarters, thinking nothing was going to happen until the aliens came back with their so-called DHD device, which sounded like a weapon to him.

"Do we have to stay here?" whined Steele, "I'd rather being doing paperwork back at the office than looking at some dumb alien artifacts..."

'We promised my uncle that we would stand guard until the SWAT Kats returned.." said Felina, "If you're bored, then go get something to eat in the cafeteria, Dr. Sinian said we could help ourselves to a snack.."

"Fine, as long as I don't have to stay in here.." said Steele, who immediately left.

"Jerk.." grumbled Felina, who continued to gaze at one of the tables, but then she thought she heard something making a clanking sound. To her surprise, it was coming from the stargate itself! Taking a few step back wards, Lieutenant Feral gawked as the dials of the Stargate began to turn, first in one direction, then another. At the seventh turn, the stargate opened, and the alien energy burst out like a flood, smashing one of the stone tablets. Moments later, when the veil of water appeared, half a dozen individuals in long robes carrying golden staffs came into the relics room. Spotting Felina immediately, the lead individual shouted, "In the name of the Ori, I demand that you tell us where we are!"

"THE ORI?", gasped a frightened Felina, "Commander Mitchell warned us about you!"

Pointing her bazooka at the aliens, she growled, "Don't take another step creeps, or I'll shoot.."

Laughing outloud, the lead Ori said, "Foolish female, your weapons cannot harm us!It seems that you are in need of enlightenment, small one. Once you join the Ori, you will know peace beyond your comprehention!"

With those words, he pointed his staff at Felina, and enveloped her in energy. Lieutenant Feral screamed at the tops of her lungs, as waves of pain shot through her body. Moments later, she was under the Ori spell, helpless to do anything.

"Yes... yes... I do see enlightenment.." grinned Felina. Putting down her weapon, she bowed at the aliens, and said, "Welcome to the planet Katrus, my friends. Unfortunately however, the SG-1 team has already arrived to stop your goals of enlightenment for katkind.."

"Where are they, my child?" asked the lead Ori, named Alphus.

"At the site of a dig to retrieve a DHD, my lord.." said Felina,"They will return shortly,I fear..."

"Do not be afraid, my child.." said Alphus, as he stepped forward, and gently stroked the lieutenant under her chin, "We Ori are all powerful, and nothing can stop us. Are you alone?"

"No, there is one other unenlightened person in this building lord. Shall I get him for you?"

"That is alright small one, we will find him..", said Alphus, with an evil grin on his face.