Chapter 4

Callie waited patiently for the SWAT Kats in her apartment building, hoping to convert them to the Ori cause. Alphus, Felina, and Steele were sitting in the living room while Ms. Briggs stayed in her bedroom, sitting non-chalontly on the bed, still in her pink silky nightgown. She was Alphus' future mate, there was no doubt about that in her mind. But Callie wanted to do a little seducing to Razor and T-bone, to lure them into accepting her offer to become one with the Ori. Callie smiled in delight, as she heard the Turbokat land on the roof. Moments later, Razor and T-bone came in through her apartment window. They gawked at the sight of the scantily-clad Deputy Mayor, as she crossed her lovely legs.

"Do you like what you see, SWAT Kats?" cooed Ms. Briggs. "I bet you've always wanted to know what I looked like under that buisiness suit of mine..."

"Er, um y-yeah.." gulped T-bone, as he tried to gain control of his emotions. Kats alive, it was as if all of his fantasies were coming true. Here he actually was in Callie's apartment, and she was only wearing a thin nightgown, and all of her luscious curves were busting out of it!But both he and Razor knew that something had taken over the Deputy mayor's thoughts, because the real Callie never acted this way before to them.

"Let me guess.." said Razor. "You want us to become one with the Ori collective. Don't try to hide it Ms. Briggs, because Teal'c could sense the evil magic in your voice when you called us. So be a good she-kat, and tell us where Alphus is.."

"Right here, fools!" growled the Ori leader, as he kicked open the door. Pointing his magical staff at the SWAT Kats, he laughed, "You think you're so clever! We'll you're too late to save the Deputy Mayor, and you're too late to save your friends either!"

"Think again, creep!" exclaimed Razor, who as soon as the Ori leader fired his staff, he spun around, and blocked the energy beam with the staff that General Hammond had given him. The beam bounced off the wall, and went squarely into the Deputy Mayor, knocking her out for a few seconds. Shaking her head, she looked up at Alphus, and screamed in terror. Hiding behind the SWAT Kats, she gasped, "Let's get out of here guys, Felina and Steele are in here too!"

"Noooo!" shouted Alphus, as the SWAT Kats pulled Callie out the window. Felina and Steele came in moments later, but it was too late.

"Curse you SWAT Kats!" growled the Ori leader, throwing his staff on the ground. "They've drained all my magical energy out of it! It will take me another 30 minutes to re-charge it!"

"But we have our staffs, my lord.." said Felina.

"Yes, but since my own isn't working, yours won't function either.." stated Alphus."But no matter! I will seek my revenge on those infernal kats, and take over this city, starting with the Mayor himself!"

When the Turbokat landed at the museum, everyone was very glad to see that the SWAT Kats had rescued Deputy Mayor Briggs. Hugging her friend, Abi said, "Are you alright, Callie? Speak to me!"

"I'm alright now, I promise.." sighed Ms. Briggs, hugging her back.

"It is true, I no longer sense the Ori magic within' her.." stated Teal'c.

'But what happened?" asked General Hammond, "Where's Alphus?"

'Licking his wounds, that staff you gave me did the trick.." grinned Razor. "Trouble is, Felina, Steele, Viper and Dark Kat are still under his powers. And I'm afraid they'll go after the mayor next.."

"Oh no, and it's nearly dawn, Mayor Manx will be arriving at city hall within' the next two hours, he's supposed to make a speech today to the media!" exclaimed the Deputy Mayor.

"Great, it's the perfect opportunity for Alphus to get him.." snarled Commander Feral. "Enforcers, come with me, Manx needs to be protected at all costs!"

Unfortunately, the Mayor, who had decided to get in a quick round of golf before his speech, arrived at city hall earlier than expected to retrieve his clubs, which Manx had left in his office. Dressed up in his silly golfing outfit, the Mayor hummed, "Dum,de do dum, dum, a golfing I will go.." as he unlocked his office door, unaware of the danger that lurked inside. Going in, and turning on the light, Manx suddenly gasped, as he came face to horrible face with the most horrid looking creature he had seen in his nine lives. Alphus stood there with Felina and Steele on either side of the Ori, and all three were pointing their magical staffs at him.

"WHAT THE!" Manx exclaimed, "What in heavens name are you? Lieutenant feral, and Steele is it, I gather, what's going on here?"

"Peaceful enlightenment, sir.." smiled Felina, "Very soon, all of katkind will be part of it, just like you.."

The Mayor cowardly backed up to the wall, and muttered,"N-now just hold on there, don't be hasty, p-please don't hurt me.." he gulped.

"Nothing of the sort.." smiled Alphus. "We just want you to be one with Ori Collective.."

"SORRY creep, but as far as the SWAT Kats are concerned, you Ori aren't welcome on our planet!"
snarled T-bone, as he and Razor came crashing through the window. They were followed by the SG-1 team and Commander Feral, who stared at his poor niece, and shouted, "Felina, stop what you're doing, that monster is just using you!"

"Sorry Uncle, but I can't give up true enlightenment!" she replied, firing her staff at him. Ulyssis quickly rolled out of the way, which gave Razor the opportunity to return fire with his own staff and knock Felina against the wall. Steele then tried to attack, but being the clumsy oaf that he was, the lieutenant lost control of his staff, which skidded across the ground near where cam was standing.

'Oh, for me, thank you very much," he said, grabbing hold of it. "Time to put you back to reality, pal.."

While Cam turned Steele back to normal, an enraged Alphus was in a staredown with razor, as T-bone was helping felina to her feet.

"You meddling creature!" snarled the ori leader. "Forget mind control, you kats need to be destroyed like all inferior beings should!"

"Me, inferior?" laughed razor, "According to General Hammond, we kats seem to be on the right track. And we certainly don't need you creepy Oris to help us!"

With those words, Razor, using his quick reflexes, used his Ori staff to knock Alphus' out of his mitts. The shocked Ori, now completely outnumbered, snarled, "My brothers will get revenge upon you all! They will reduce this pathetic world of yours to a burnt out cinder!"

"Um, I really don't think so, pal.." said Cam, "We have control of the Stargate now, so there's no way your Ori clan can rescue your pathetic hide. In other words, Alphus, surrender.."

"Never!" screamed the ori leader, who tried to run out the door. But then his face connected with somebody's paw... Dark kats' unbelievable. The Omega had been turned back to his normal self by General Hammond, with another magical staff. The bald human walked into Manx' office behind Dk, and smiled at the flattened Ori unconscious on the floor.

"Nice touch, wish you could be part of my group of soldiers, instead of trying to destroy your fellow katizens.."

"I'll think about it.." nodded Dark Kat, "After what Alphus here did to me, I'm starting to think that trying to conquer Megakat City is pointless. There a whole big universe out there to see..."

"WHAT?" gasped T-bone, "Am I hearing things, Dark Crud?"

Sighing outloud, DK bowed his head. "No, in addition to releasing me from the ori spell, General Hammond also cured my evil tendencies, I think..."

"Well, well, don't that beat all.." smiled Razor. "But what about Viper?"

"He's been cured as well.." said Hammond. "Two of my troops caught the poor kat downstairs.."

"He's back to being Elrod Purvis, too.." said felina, who hugged Ulyssis. "Sorry I tried to shoot you Uncle.."

"That's alright niece, you're forgiven.." sighed Commander Feral, as tears ran down his cheeks. "I'm just so glad you're back to normal.."

"NOW HOLD ON EVERYONE!" shouted Mayor Manx, "Will somebody just please tell me what this whole thing is all about? Who are you furless creatures, and what are you doing in my office?"

"Relax, Mayor!" snapped Callie, as she came in, properly dressed in her suit. "These friendly aliens just saved your tail, and all you can do is shout at them?"

"Er, um, I... that is to say.." muttered Manx, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Kat got your tongue, sir?" grinned Cam, putting a friendly arm around the Mayor's shoulder.

"Ohhhh, now that was corny..." sighed Vala, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

A few hours later, Mayor Manx held a big press conferance directly in front of the Stargate, and introduced katkind to the friendly alien visitors. After all of the introductions were made, and each member of the SG-1 team said a few things to the press, including General Hammond, Razor asked his own question.

"So, can my partner and I go with you back to your homebase like I asked before, or are we kats not ready yet to see the universe?" he sighed.

"Does this answer your question, my friend?" smiled cam, as he placed a U.S. Army hat on Razor's head. "After what you did to help us against the ori, I think katkind has a bright future to look forward to.."

"Alright!" shouted T-bone, "Look out cosmos, here comes the SWAT Kats!"