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"It's a nice day to start again.
It's a nice day for a white wedding.
It's a nice day to start again"

~White Wedding, Billy Idol

"You've certainly made my job easier. Look at you! You're glowing."

Rosalie looked at Alice in the mirror, a pleased grin spreading over her face. "I'm happy," she said, her whisper somewhat awed.

After Royce and his friend had hurt her, it was hard to imagine she'd ever be here. But Alice was right, she was the epitome of the blushing, beautiful bride. Her long, blond hair fell down to her shoulders in gentle waves except where it wound around a circlet of pearls. The circlet dipped down to a single pearl at the center of her forehead just as she'd imagined when she was a little girl.

A knock at the door drew both women's attention away. "Ladies. It's about that time," Jasper said, grinning as he opened the door. He whistled, his eyes taking in Rosalie from head to toe. "You look beautiful, Rose," he murmured as he stepped to Alice's side.

Rosalie nodded her thanks and agreement, but her eyes were on the man who'd stepped quietly into the room behind Jasper. He looked back at her, his green eyes shining softly. He smiled as he stepped toward her. "Stunning," he said sincerely.

He held his hand out to her, and Rosalie smiled as she took it. Keeping his eyes on her, he brought her hand to his lips, kissing the back. "Are you ready?" he asked softly.

"As I'll ever be," she said nervously. "You look good, too, Edward."

"We'll meet you downstairs," Alice said, kissing her cheek before she disappeared out the door with Jasper.

Rosalie stood, checking her reflection in the mirror. She was flawless. Edward chuckled, helping pull the veil over her eyes.

"What are you laughing at?" Rose asked, perplexed.

"Us," Edward said, his voice musing. "How unlikely it is that we'd be here, like this, today."

Rosalie's lips quirked, and she nodded her agreement.

Two years into their relationship, Rosalie couldn't remember how long it had been since they'd gone more than a few days between fights. Edward would get impatient with her when she didn't show up on time to some of the events he always had them going to. She liked nights out where he would dote on her or twirl her around the dance floor. She would get irritated when he would space out when she was talking.

And from there it would escalate until they were screaming at each other. Edward hated losing his temper with her, but Rosalie was a master at provoking him.

"I don't understand why you insist on being a bitch instead of talking about this like a reasonable human being," Edward bit out between clenched teeth.

She crossed her arms. "I've always been a bitch, Edward. Just like you've always been an asshole." She breathed deeply, trying to find an edge of calm. "So expecting something different is just... stupid, isn't it?"

Without letting him answer, she turned around and stalked away, locking him out of their bedroom. She ignored him as he knocked on the door and called her name, his voice contrite.

He really did hate yelling at her.

All that night and most of the next morning, Rosalie stewed. She couldn't deny things were bad between them. They still loved each other... they just seemed to be moving in different directions as of late.

It had been different when they still hung out with Jasper and Alice on most weekends. But lately, their friends had been occupied with their newborn daughter. Without their friends to provide a common ground, Rosalie and Edward were finding that they didn't have a lot of shared interests.

By lunchtime, Rosalie was ready to see Edward and talk about a plan. She could compromise if he could. They were worth it.

According to Edward's co-workers, she missed him by minutes, and he'd left his phone in his office. Needing to have this conversation sooner rather than later, Rosalie decided to pick up some lunch of her own and wait for him. She walked to a deli nearby where she'd had lunch with Edward several times.

There, tucked into a quiet corner, Rosalie was surprised to spot Edward having lunch with a woman... a young looking brunette woman with a shy but adoring smile.

Rosalie knew exactly who the girl was. Some months before, as Edward had told the story, he'd been jogging in the pre-work hours on the football field of the college. A fellow jogger had taken a tumble, and he'd carried her the short distance to his office so he could massage out any kinks.

Rosalie had heard Bella Swan's name come up many times in conversation. Looking at her from across the little restaurant, Rose could now see Bella was her polar opposite. Petite where she was statuesque, brown hair to her blond... and somewhere in the back of her mind, Rose remembered that Jasper had let slip that Edward had never dated a blond before.

He preferred brunettes.

But that didn't really bother her... not really. It took Rosalie quite a few minutes to identify the one thing that had her stomach churning and a sense of dread building in her gut.

In the years they'd been together, Rosalie had never seen him look so enraptured in what she was saying. He was utterly fascinated by their conversation, his body leaning toward Bella, and her toward him. They weren't toughing in any way. In fact, throughout the entire time she watched them, he didn't touch her once, but, bizarrely, their bodies moved in sync.

"You're in love with her," Rosalie accused when he returned home from work.

He was exasperated. "I don't know what you're talking about."

And after a few minutes, Rosalie could see he truly didn't. Edward may have been an asshole, but he was not unfaithful - not even in thought. His conscious mind hadn't processed the feelings he had for this other woman because he was in a committed relationship with Rose. But the more she pressed, the less he could deny that she was right: he was in love with Bella.

He fought it tooth and nail, but Rosalie knew they were over then. Edward didn't want to be that guy - the guy who would throw away a good relationship to puppy dog after another woman. Even after Rosalie moved to the spare room, refusing to speak to him, he didn't give up. He did his best not to see Bella, even though it obviously killed him to ignore her.

Hurting both of them killed him.

In retrospect, Rosalie regretted that she made it harder on him. It felt like a slap in the face. Bella was younger, of course, and not as broken as she was. But Rosalie knew from experience that physical appearance and fucked up backgrounds meant little to Edward. But in the heat of the moment, she'd been desperately uncertain.

She'd torn Bella to pieces verbally: her tits were too small, she was too plain... Any perceived imperfection she could find, she exploited until Edward, silent and clenching his teeth, finally exploded at her. He yelled, shattering one glass then two against the opposite wall in his frustration, and though she used his aggression as an excuse to look like the wronged party, she knew in her heart of hearts it wasn't his fault. It wasn't her fault.

It had happened... just like Rosalie and Alice being in that club the same day Jasper and Edward were. Edward hadn't planned it. After everything he'd done to help her, logically, Rosalie knew that he didn't want to hurt her.

Alice and Jasper were waiting at the bottom of the stairs, outside the inner doors of the church. Alice glanced back and gave Rosalie a once over and grinned in satisfaction. "You're so ready for this."

Rosalie giggled. "I so am."

Alice leaned forward, whispering a few last minute instructions to the tiny flower girl and ring bearer. Rosalie smiled, thinking how precious the children looked. Today of all days, she indulged in a daydream of the future... of a little girl with her fine hair or his dimples. Sure, it would take a little extra effort, but Alice had already agreed to be a surrogate when they were ready.

Inside the church, the music started.

"It's time, it's time!" Alice said, giddy. She turned, thrusting an ornate, flowing bouquet into Rosalie's arms. "Emmett's waiting," she said with a grin.

A few weeks after she'd arrived and Alice and Jasper's door crying, Alice grew tired of her moping. She dragged her friend out to the club... the same club where they'd met Jasper and Edward in the first place.

Alice hadn't done it on purpose. She'd honestly forgotten how they met the boys. She said it was as if she couldn't remember her life before she knew Jasper.

But Rosalie forgave Alice because that was also where she met Emmett.

Emmett was exactly what she needed right then. He was flirtatious and good looking. His dimpled smile made Rosalie weak in the knees despite everything she was currently going through. When she snarked at him, bringing out her bitchiness in full force, his grin had only gotten wider.

The sex was amazing, letting Rosalie lay to rest her fears that she couldn't be with anyone but Edward. Emmett made her feel beautiful again.

It had been around seven months since their breakup when Rosalie heard the news; Edward and Bella had eloped.

The story, as Rosalie now knew it, was that Edward had continued to ignore Bella for more than three months. But then fate intervened. Bella stumbled, about to fall out into the busy street when Edward caught her. They'd begun talking again and then...

It stung. Rosalie and Edward had been together for two years without speaking about marriage much more than a casual mention here and there. Edward and Bella's romance could only be categorized as whirlwind.

Again, retrospect colored the situation differently. From where she was now, Rosalie had to laugh. She knew Edward inside and out. He was a steady, logical man. This girl, for better or worse, had turned his entire life upside down. Rosalie had had occasion since then to spend time with the couple. She'd never known Edward to act as goofy and downright giddy as he did when he was with Bella.

But when she first heard the news, Rosalie was quietly devastated. She put on a brave face and shrugged nonchalantly when she was in front of Alice and Jasper, but privately she'd fallen apart.

Needing to feel beautiful, she called Emmett. He was there for her, as he was always there for her, and lying nude with him afterward, Rosalie had finally confessed what was on her mind.

And then he'd startled the hell out of her by proposing.

"But this is... this is just a rebound, isn't it? Fuck buddies? That's what we said. You never said you were interested," she said, completely blown away.

Emmett laughed. "Rose... a fuck buddy you just call when you need to get down and dirty. We do that, yeah but..." He looked thoughtful. "When you heard about Edward, did you tell your best friend you were angry or did you call me?"

"I called you," Rosalie admitted slowly.

"You do that, you know. A lot. And we've been out before without sex entering into it. I mean," he grinned lasciviously at her, "don't get me wrong. I like when sex enters into it. But that's not all we are."

"I thought...maybe, we're becoming friends," she hedged carefully.

Emmett looked down, and twined their fingers together. "We are friends. And if you want to do friends first, and then maybe think about dating, I can do that. But before we talk about that, I have a confession to make.

"I was there at the club... you know, the day you met Edward. I was sitting close enough that I could hear your conversation," he said, his lips quirking up in amusement.


"It was coincidence. I was there with my girlfriend at the time... Kate," Emmett rolled his eyes. "I was ... instantly uh... enamored, I guess is a good word for it."

Rosalie snorted. "Enamored," she repeated to herself. Emmett hadn't ever used a word like that. Even though she was struggling to believe it - Emmett was so often joking and teasing - she couldn't help but think that Emmett was being serious.

"Yeah..." He smiled wistfully. "But I was with Kate, and this other guy obviously had first dibs, so to speak. So I tried to forget. But the thing is, Rose... I never forgot.

"And then, there you were again. You were free, and I was free." He shrugged. "And I've been going with the flow."

Things happened quickly then. By the end of the night, Rosalie said yes. It was the craziest, most impulsive thing she'd ever done, but somehow, it felt right.

For the last three weeks, she and Alice had been putting together a fairy tale wedding on the go. Between the two of them, they'd managed to get everything together.

Until it came time for Rosalie to decide who got to walk her down the aisle.

It took many sleepless nights, working through her insecurities and her anger inside her own head, but at the end of the day, Rosalie was well aware of who'd been at her side through some pretty bad moments in her life. It wasn't her parents, that was for sure. She was still estranged from the parents who had desperately wanted to sweep her rape and its long reaching repercussions under the carpet.

But Edward had always been patient with her. He'd helped her through each and every issue that arose from the time they knew each other to the time she sent him packing. Without him, Emmett wouldn't have had a chance to be this close to her. She would have pushed him away, because Emmett didn't have the patience that Edward did.

That Edward had helped her pick up the pieces of her broken life didn't mean that they were destined to be together forever. In actuality, standing on her own two feet, unbroken, she and Edward didn't have much to offer each other as life partners. They had nothing in common except a love for each other that made them want to protect one another from anyone who would hurt the other.

That their romantic relationship hadn't worked out didn't have to diminish what he'd done for her, and so there was only one person Rosalie wanted to walk her down the aisle.

"Is it strange that I'm asking this?" she asked him after he said yes.

"Sounds strange but..." He smirked. "It doesn't feel wrong."

She smiled back at him, relief closing over an old wound in her heart. "We hurt each other," she whispered. "A lot."

He pulled her into his arms, into a protective, encompassing hug. "That's what you do to people you love. That's what makes love so powerful and frightening. If you didn't care about someone so much, they couldn't hurt you like that."

That was a little over a week ago. Now, here they were, arm in arm as he walked her to the tempo of the music... to the awe-struck man waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

When they got there, Edward stopped, once again pulling one of her hands up to his lips to kiss her.

"Thank you," she whispered, the simple words meaning much more than she could ever say.

His eyes shone and he winked at her, then he put her hand in Emmett's. She was home.


For the traditional Father/Daughter dance, Edward once again filled the role of the most important male in her life - other than her new husband, of course. Dancing with him had always been effortless.

As they twirled onto the dance floor, a woman's yelp of surprise drew Rosalie's attention back toward her husband. She smiled fondly, watching as Emmett dangled Bella above the ground as he danced them around in a graceless circle. Edward's arms tensed around her, and Rosalie looked back to see her former lover watching the other dancing couple with concern. His step faltered, but he seemed to relax when Bella started giggling.

So overprotective, Rosalie remembered.

Sometimes it still bothered her that Emmett had taken to Bella so easily. It would have been so much easier on her if the girl was difficult to like. Emmett had put it in perspective when she groused to him one day. He and Bella were destined to get along for the very same reason: they had to love anyone who kept their significant other away from their good-looking ex.

Edward, a little reluctantly, looked back at Rosalie. She didn't take it personally. She knew, when Edward was committed, he only had eyes for one woman.

Grudgingly, she admitted, "She's stunning today."

The way Edward's eyes lit up showed how much he agreed with that sentiment. But he managed to temper his reaction. "No one is looking at Bella today."

"No one but you," she teased, and then laughed as Edward blushed. "She's good for you, if I haven't said it before. I can see she makes you happy in a way no one else could." She smiled easily, glancing adoringly at her husband over Edward's shoulder. "I understand that now."

"Well," Edward began slowly. He rolled his eyes. "Emmett can take care of you. Not that you need to be taken care of," he said quickly.

Rosalie just shook her head. "I know what you're trying to say. Don't worry." She sighed happily. "I don't think anything could upset me today."

They danced in amiable silence for another few minutes. Rosalie watched Emmett with Bella until her husband set the other woman down. He offered her a flute of champagne that Bella waved away with a smile and a blush. Rosalie furrowed her eyebrows, processing little bits of information.

Bella wasn't just stunning... she was glowing.

Gasping, Rosalie smacked Edward on the shoulder. "You dog!" she admonished, giggling.

Edward's eyes were wide. "What?"

"You knocked her up, didn't you?" She laughed. "Leave it to you, Edward. You knocked her up on your honeymoon, I'll bet."

Edward's eyes widened. His mouth quirked up and down comically, like he was torn between denying it or shouting it from the rooftops. Finally, a brilliant grin overtook his face. "I knocked her up before the honeymoon," he boasted, obviously overflowing with pride.

"Wow. You're going to be a daddy," she said, surprised to find she was genuinely happy for this man... her ex... her friend.

"Wow," Edward agreed.

A year ago they'd been together - two whole people with missing pieces they didn't realize were there. Edward would always be an important person in her life, and Rosalie knew she would never be anything but glad they'd met. Now - both of their hearts finding their perfect others - they were left to enjoy their relationship as it should have been. They were friends. They were family.

And all was right with the world.

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