Blood Stains on the Bed sheets


Prologue: The Newly Weds

A maniacal laugh tore the silence of the mansion. The man inside picked up the severed head of his bride. "Humans are petty creatures, don't you think, my love?" He let another laugh rumble through his chest before dropping the severed head on the floor with a loud thud making it split. The man walked in between the torn and twisted bodies, blood seeping and staining the tile floor. "So easy to manipulate…so easy to lie to…" He sat in a chair, a sickening crack of bones under his left foot made him smile. "A simple 'I love you' or 'I won't hurt you' are simple lies that humans believe almost instantly!" He laughed before a sadistic smile grew on his face and he tapped the arm rest. "A wedding is a great feast…well for me anyway!" He laughed again, "Now to find my next vic—I mean bride but first…to dispose of the bodies, for the coming of my wife."

Chapter 1: The Meeting

After he 'disposed' the bodies, he strolled into the little town ofWindercam. It was a dull, colorless, little town. Nothing really happened there, but at nighttime, streets became infested with drug dealers, prostitutes and homeless. He leisurely walked through the groups. The moon hung high over the poorly lighted streets. Nothing was really happening other than some prostitutes running from their pimps causing the pimps to run or drive to find them shouting curses and letting gun shots fly. He really hated this town, he wished he was somewhere else but he's been condemned to this desolate place full of sinners. He sneered as he looked over the ripped bodies on the floor; he knew that in a dark place of the town were cannibals and the bodies were evidence of it. "Hey baby, looking for a good time?" He heard a prostitute trying to seduce a man in a car. His eyes became slits; he wanted to kill of them slowly and painfully. He felt a gentle tap on his shoulder; he turned and saw a boy about 16 with big honey eyes and blonde hair. His heart (if he even had one) lurched, he was exactly his age when he left home to pursue the woman of his dreams, but then killed her by accident. Memories flitted back and closed his eyes while rubbing his head.

"What do you want?" He asked with a frown.

"I-I n-need money, I-I'm r-really hungry…" The boy stuttered. The man looked over the younger male; he seemed he was only there for a few weeks just a newbie. He pondered his choices, he did need a warm body, and looking at the boy's jugular, blood pulsed through his body in generous amounts. Also when has he last lain with a male? He's always been with females, since that was in his comfort zone. He looked over the boy, his clothes were filthy, torn and some stains of blood; probably got in a lot of fights. He knew the risk, man don't usually fall in bed easily like women (well some) do. He let a cocky grin dance on his lips.

"What's your name, son?"

"Masaomi K-Kida, sir."

"Hm, good name…say do you have anywhere to stay? I'd be happy to take you in," The man watched as a smile grew on the boy's face, and he smirked. "For a price…" Kida's smile faltered and the man grew amused at the younger male's face expressions.

"B-But I—" The man hushed him with a somewhat tender smile.

"You'll pay me back in a different way," Kida blinked, and tilted his head at the man.

"How?" The man patted Kida's head.

"All in good time, Kida, I'll intrigue you with the details later with the details; you look like you need a good bath." The man took the lead, and Kida followed a bit skeptical about the man.

"A-Ah sir?" The other male stopped and looked at Kida through his black bangs. "What is y-your name?" The man let an amused smile spread across his face.

"Orihara Izaya, but you can call me Izaya, no need for formalities." Kida nodded but poor Kida didn't know that, Izaya was planning a lot of ways to seduce the 16 year old.

Chapter 2: Secrets

Kida was confused, very confused as they entered the mansion. He had never seen the mansion before but maybe since it's so greatly hidden in the forest. Izaya led him to the bathroom, and started to fill the bathtub with warm water. Izaya looked at the blond and frowned. "Strip," Kida felt head rise to his cheeks.

"B-But y-you…"

"Boy, you're filthy, you have grime everywhere probably stained with blood too. You haven't taken a good bath in maybe 3 weeks. I'm here to help you, now strip," Kida bit his lower lip as he slowly took off his torn up jeans and dirty shirt. Izaya tested the water with his hand before looking over at Kida who was hesitantly thumbed his boxers. "Kida." Izaya growled lowly; Kida looked up and blushed heavily before pulling the boxers down. Izaya motioned him to get in the water and Kida complied. The water relaxed Kida's muscles a bit and Izaya's hand with soap helped as well. The nice smell of lavender wafted up to his nose, intoxicating his senses. Kida closed his eyes as Izaya's hands gently rubbed the dirt off him. Kida's eyes fluttered open and saw that the water was a bit dirty from all the grime. It took maybe 3 baths to get all the dirt off of Kida's skin. Izaya was currently rubbing Kida's stomach dangerously close to his groin. Izaya eyed it in some suspicion before looking at Kida's face; who was closing his eyes and a light blush face who was closing his eyes and a light blush spread across his face. "Kida?" Kida's eyes fluttered open, a strangled groan came out of his lips. "Is it alright if I touch you there?" Izaya pointed, Kida's eyes widened and Izaya could point out some lust and confusion but he refrained from smiling.


"It's probably dirty too," Izaya reasoned. "May I?" Kida hesitated shifting his gaze awkwardly, a blush staining his cheeks.

"A-Alright…" Izaya put a generous amount of soap before pumping his hand up and down his shaft. Kida let out a little squeak jump out as he tightened his hold on the sides of the tub. He fell something bubbling inside him as Izaya slowly pumped apparently trying to get it all off, well that's what Izaya was mumbling. Kida bit his lower lip and looked to the white ceiling. His breath hitched as he looked at Izaya's lust-filled red eyes. One thought passed Kida's mind. 'THIS GUY IS A PERVERT! A PEDOPHILE! AND I'M ENJOYING THIS?" While Izaya was distracted by the small shudders of Kida, Kida punched Izaya in the face who stumbled back. Kida quickly got out of the tub and ran, forgetting his clothing. He looked back for a second and saw a blur before bumping into something. He tried to scramble up but something, well he knew it was someone, pinned him down. He struggled pathetically and then he felt something warm press against his lips, he let a strangled sound pass his lips. Izaya somehow got him and was hugging him, kissing him softly. Kida closed his eyes as Izaya kissed his neck letting his tongue slide up and down his throat before biting down. Kida screamed in pain, and grasped Izaya's shirt. Izaya sucked on where he bit trying to dull the pain and licked up the blood. Kida watched as Izaya looked him over, his blood cascading down the corner of his mouth. Kida suddenly felt tired.

"W-What a-are y-you?" Kida murmured tiredly and Izaya licked Kida's lips softly.

"A vampire."