The funeral was a few weeks later, Anri and Mikado stared at the empty casket, no matter how they tried they couldn't find Masaomi's body. Shizuo helped to slowly put the small casket in the ground, feeling bad for not saving the kid from Izaya. Said person watched from afar, a smirk twisted evilly on his lips. "Silly humans~" He hissed before returning to his grand mansion.

"I'm home~!" He called to what seemed to be an empty house, a smile graced his features as a small blonde peeked into the hallway, his honey eyes showing fear as his lithe body shook before a grin split his face and ran into Izaya's open arms,

"Izaya, I-I thought you left me!" The blonde cried. Izaya smirked and planted a soft chaste kiss on his lips.

"I would never leave you," Izaya smiled, at the blush that brushed against the cheeks of the honey-eyed boy. "You're my wife, Masaomi, why would I do that?" Masaomi blushed redder as he smiled up to his 'husband',

"I dont know...'cause...I don't know," He laughed at his own stupidness, Izaya chuckled and picked him up,

"You're so cute," Izaya cooed, laying him on the couch before joining him, wrapping his arms around Masaomi's waist, kissing down his neck, Masaomi let out a little squeak when Izaya's fangs brushed against his jugular causing Izaya to sigh. "Not ready yet, love?"

"I-I would like to b-be Izaya b-but I don't...remember our life together and I-I want to feel love n-not like I'm having sex with a stranger," Masaomi murmured, placing his hands on Izaya's chest marveling at how muscular and warm he was. Izaya smiled sadly and took his hands before kissing Masaomi's fingertips softly, his eyes locked on Masaomi's.

'Even though his memories had been erased, he's still my stubborn Masaomi...' Izaya smiled, "I'll wait for you then..."


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