It has been a year and a half since the twins were born. Noah has been away from home on location for his latest movie for the past two months. Prior to the birth of the twins, Luke accompanied him on location and it would be an adventure for the both of them, but now, Luke stayed home with the kids to give them stability. The whole arrangement was taking its toll on Noah.

Noah walked into the house. "Luke, I'm home."

"I'll be right out," Luke was excited to see Noah again but of course before Luke could greet his husband, Noah wound up catching him in the bathroom.

Noah gave Luke a quick kiss hello and went to check on the kids. Noah walked into the nursery and up to the crib. Tears filled his eyes as he looked down at his kids.

Emma was awake. "Daddy," Emma, excited to see her dad, raised her arms to be picked up.

He picked her up and sat down in the rocker. He was surprised in how much she has grown. "How's my sweet little girl?" He kissed her on her forehead.

"Tire," Emma smiled at her dad and quickly fell asleep in his arms.

Luke stood in the doorway watching Noah cry as he held their daughter. He knew that Noah missed them all terribly when he is out of town.

Feeling Luke nearby, Noah looked up and whispered, "hi sexy." Noah looked back down and saw Emma sleeping. He slowly got up and put her down in the crib. He kissed her and Harvey's forehead before he sneaked out of the room and into Luke's arms. "I missed you all so much." Noah kissed Luke passionately.

When the kiss broke, Luke could see Noah's eyes threatening more tears. "What is it, Noah?" He led Noah to the couch in the living room and sat down with his body leaning into Noah's.

"I cannot do it anymore, Luke," Noah sighed, his voice breaking down. "I cannot leave for months on end. I miss you and the kids too much," Noah paused. "My dad wasn't around much when I was growing up and while maybe that was a good thing in hindsight, I always said that I wouldn't do that to my kids . . . and I am." Noah broke down.

Luke did the best to comfort Noah but he was irritated by his husband's comment. "Don't you ever compare yourself to that . . . bastard. He wasn't half the man you are. You are kind and . . . ."

"It's okay, Luke," Noah tried to calm him down. "I wasn't trying to compare it in that way."

"Good because I never want to hear it," Luke told him straight out.

"You are so lucky, Luke. You can write anywhere, I have to go someplace to do a movie," Noah had to laugh. "Remember the time you wrote at the airport while we waited for a flight?"

"I had a thought," Luke smiled. It was the main scene in his book and he had it popped into his head as they waited to board their flight.

Noah started to giggle at the idea of Luke actually having a thought.

"Oh, ha ha!" Luke knew why Noah was laughing. He paused, his face turning serious. "So, what do you want to do?"

"HBO called me again. The episode of True Blood that I directed for them ended up being their most watched episode. Alan said that he was impressed how I blended the story together and wants me to direct at least eight shows next season."

"That's fantastic," Luke was excited.

"I told them I would talk to you about it," Noah smiled at Luke. "They do location shots every so often, which are usually one or two days but the rest of the time, I could be here in Los Angeles. I would be home every night."

"Is this what you want to do?"

"It's True Blood, Luke," Noah looked at Luke as if he were crazy. "Yes. I want to be home more with you and the kids. And working on our favorite show would be cool." Noah calmed down a little. "I've turned down one movie that would have kept me away for six months but if I keep doing that, it will start to negatively affect my career."

Luke knew that Noah was saying to him was true. "Whatever you decide is fine with me."

Noah planted big kiss on Luke. He knew Luke would understand. "Besides, you are supposed to squirt here in a month and we could have one or two more babies."

"While, I'm not excited about squirting . . . ," Luke laughed, ". . . but I am excited about being a father again."

"I am too. I can't wait."

"You know, we can't surprise the family again. Every time grandmother calls, she asks me if I've cummed yet . . . ," Luke's face turned red. ". . . Well, close to it anyway. It's so embarrassing."

"That's sounds like Lucinda alright," Noah had to laugh. "They are excited. I'm willing to bet that when you came out they thought that you would not be having kids."

Luke thought back. "Yeah, I remember mom saying something about grandkids."

"I know they love the twins with all their heart but they do want you to have kids," Noah spoke of his in-laws.

"I know. There is no worry though. They treat our children the same way I was treated, as family, blood related or not."

"I love that about your family," Noah replied happily.

Luke and Noah snuggled into each other. They moved in to kiss each other but stopped because over the monitor, they heard the children waking up.


Eleven months later and a week before Father's day, Noah, Holden, Lily, Emma and Lucinda were watching Luke pace back and forth in the maternity ward's waiting room. Noah and Holden were sitting across from the women.

"I wish it would hurry up," Luke complained. "It's been four hours already."

"Sometimes these things take a while," Noah tried to calm Luke down.

"Not always. I was born on grandma's kitchen floor."

"You were impatient!" Lily informed her son.

"So he was impatient from the womb?" Noah laughed, much to Luke's dismay.

All four adults nodded, which caused Noah to laugh harder. Luke was not thrilled in the direction the conversation was going.

"You can't have twins on mama's floor, Luke," Holden rolled his eyes. "Especially since the pregnancy is high risk."

Luke did not say anything. He did not want to argue. He was too nervous to do much of anything, other than pace.

"I still can't believe you didn't want to know the sex of the babies," Lucinda complained.

Luke and Noah just looked at each other and smiled.

"Wait . . . ," Holden noticed the look between them. ". . . You know, don't you?"

"Yes, we know," Luke confessed.

Lucinda looked even more pissed off. Noah had to laugh at their shocked faces.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Lily sternly asked.

"We knew we couldn't and shouldn't keep this pregnancy from you this time but we wanted it to be a surprise for you."

"Well?" Lucinda wanted to know.

"Tell us now or no cookies since you lied to us for all these months," Emma was firm.

Noah displayed such a sad face that all three women burst out laughing.

Emma stopped laughing. "Don't think that gets you off the hook." She started riffling through her purse. "Where did I put that shotgun?"

"Grandma . . . ," Luke did not get a chance to finish the sentence because the perinatologist that they hired to deliver the babies walked into the waiting room. Luke walked up to him with Noah at his side. "Well?"

"Congratulations, you have two healthy babies," Dr. Simms replied happily.

Luke and Noah cried tears of joy, embracing each other on hearing the doctor's words. The happy grandparents cheered and hugged both proud fathers.

After Noah got his senses back, he turned to Dr. Simms. "How's June?"

"She's fine. It was a normal birth. She's in recovery."

"I'm glad," Noah was happy to hear that June was all right.

"What are the sexes?" Lucinda wanted to continue the conversation the family was having before Dr. Simms walked in.

"You have to wait till you see them. It won't be long now," Luke wanted to surprise them when they saw the twins.

"Luciano Eduardo Snyder!" Emma replied in a firm voice.

"Uh oh, someone's in trouble," laughed Dr. Simms. "I cannot believe you didn't tell them yet. Well, if you come with me, I have a private room ready."

They all followed Dr. Simms down the hall and into a room with six chairs in it. "I'll have them bring the twins down."

"Thank you, Dr. Simms," Noah held out his hand. Dr. Simms shook it and then shook Luke's.

"Yes, thank you," Luke added to Noah's thanks.

Dr. Simms left the room and a few minutes later, a nurse walked into the room pushing a bassinet.

Before everyone crowded around the newborn, Luke blocked them from rushing the bassinet. "Okay, everyone, Noah's the first one to touch and hold both babies."

"Noah? Why Noah?" asked Lucinda.

"When Emma and Harvey were born, Noah let me hold the babies first," Luke cupped Noah's face with his palm. "He wanted to show me that even though I wasn't biological, that I was just as much the father as he was."

"That was sweet, Noah," Lily gushed.

Noah started turning red. He kissed Luke and walked to the bassinet. With tears in his eyes, he carefully picked up the baby. "Happy Birthday Lillian Matilda Snyder."

Lily's eyes started watering when Noah said her name. "You named her after me?"

"Of course, we did," Luke stepped up to Noah holding the baby. He looked at her with tears in his eyes. "Look, Noah, she's so beautiful." Everyone crowded around to see the baby. She had brown hair, brown eyes, a cute little button nose, and small dimples.

Noah gave his little girl a kiss and then handed her over to Luke. The door opened and a nurse rolled in another bassinette. Everyone seemed distracted looking at Lillian, so Noah picked up the little boy. He looked exactly like the baby pictures of Luke. He had brown hair, brown eyes, button nose like his sister, and dimples. He kissed his little forehead and could not help but picture him in a striped shirt. "Luke, Wilson is here."

Luke turned around. He smiled when he saw Noah holding Wilson. He handed Lillian over to his mother and stepped up to Noah to look at Wilson. "He's so handsome."

Noah gently moved Wilson over into Luke's arms. "He looks just like you."

When the grandparents and great-grandparents heard the hushed voices behind their backs, they turned around to see what all the whispering was about. To their delight, Noah and Luke introduced them to Lillian's brother.

"What's his name?" Emma was curious.

Luke smiled and looked at his dad. "His name is Wilson Holden Snyder."

Tears rolled down Holden's face as he looked at the baby. He was surprised and honored that they named their baby boy after him. He put his arm around his son as he looked at Wilson. "I can't believe you named him after me."

"I could not have wished for a better father than you," Luke was happy his dad was touched.

"I was the lucky one Luke," Holden spoke from his heart. "It has been a privilege to have you and Ethan as my sons."

"Happy Father's day, Dad."

The End.