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Nyota came out onto the terrace feeling refreshed. She still felt as big as the Enterprise, but at least she was clean. She wore a traditional Vulcan robe; the sash she would normally wear at her waist was tied under her breasts allowing the fabric to flow over her rounded stomach. Even though the gown was full, you could still see just how pregnant she was.

"Come, Ashayam." Spock went to his wife and held his hand out to her in an ozh'esta. Nyota smiled and held two fingers out to him. He then took her hand fully in his and led her to a padded chair. "Your time nears, you must be cautious."

"I know, baby. Thank you for taking care of me and your daughter." She leaned back and looked around. "Where's Len?"

"Captain Kirk and his first officer are here, Leonard met them with Skon. Father is giving them a tour of our residence." He waited for her reaction.

"Jim is here? Did you speak with him?" She bit her lower lip, a nervous habit since he'd first known her as a student.

"I did." He sat next to her. "It was fine, k'diwa. He is…as you knew him, as we remembered him. Perhaps a bit self-conscience. But I could not distinguish any problematic emotions."

Nyota chuckled. "I love the sound of your voice. You make everything seem so…normal. And I didn't actually think he's still harboring a secret love for you. I…I don't know. It was never properly closed."

"Ko-mekh, Sa-mekh!" Skon ran out to his parents. "There is a captain here from a Starship up there." His small hands pointed to the sky.

"Yes, Sa-fu, these are our former shipmates. Do you recall we spoke of this?" Spock lifted his son into his arms.

Skon nodded. "I do, Sa-mekh."

"Well, that's just the sweetest picture ever." Janice Rand came out onto the balcony. "Hi, I'm Janice."

"Commander." Spock nodded to her.

"Please, Janice. We're off the ship and really, the Captain hardly ever refers to me as Commander." She smiled and turned to Nyota. "Oh wow, you are beautiful. The guys told me about you. You know how guys can be…but for once, they were right on."

Nyota looked between her husband and Commander Rand. "Um, oh, thank you." She began to rise, but Janice motioned for her to stay seated and took a chair next to her.

"Please, don't get up. I mean, look at you. I wouldn't want to be responsible for early labor." She sat in a chair next to her.

Kirk had stopped at the entrance to the patio and looked at his former shipmates. At the woman he had crushed on for three years. At the Vulcan he believed for a short time was his destiny. It all seemed so far away, like he was seeing it through a holo vid. Like it had happened to someone else. Uhura…Nyota, she was as beautiful as he remembered…more so. Her face flushed with health. Happiness. Her small son leaning upon her knee. And Spock. Spock standing behind her, his hand on her shoulder. The look on his face…maybe he could only recognize it because of his past link to the older Spock, but he knew it for what is was. Complete satisfaction, complete happiness. He shook himself out of his reverie and made his way out to greet her. Nyota.

He nodded at the Vulcan before allowing himself to look at Nyota. "Uhura. You look…wonderful."

Nyota tilted her head to one side and looked up at James T. Kirk. The past five years had been very good to him. If possible, he was better looking. He still had that cocky smile, but his face had a certain calmness, a confidence born in knowledge, in experience. Not arrogance.

"James. How are you?" Ston moved in closer to her and whispered in her ear, she smiled and nodded. "Yes, sa-fu, he is a captain, but we are…old friends. Old friends do not need to refer to each other by their titles."

She looked up at him again. "Isn't that right, Jim?"

Jim smiled his first real smile since he knew they were stopping off on New Vulcan. "Yup, that's right." He knelt down to talk to Ston. "Your mother and father and I are old friends. I could tell you some stories…"

Skon slowly walked to Jim and laid his hand on the captain's arm. "I like stories." He looked up at his father, who in turned nodded his approval. Jim looked up, as well. His eyes meeting the Vulcan's for the first time since he set down on the planet. Jim couldn't stop the grin as Skon put his arms around his neck.

"Sa-mekh will not mind if you tell me stories." He looked over his shoulder at his father. "Will you?"

"No, sa-fu. And Captain, I expect the stories to be age appropriate."

Jim laughed out loud and he stood with Skon in his arms. "You can count on it, Spock."

Jim took Skon with him as he explored the back gardens that bordered on a forest, his voice carrying on the warm winds.

"Yeah, the Captain can charm the clouds from the sky but I don't think he's ever been quite so taken with one person as he is with that little guy." Janice tore her eyes from her departing captain and smiled at the couple in front of her. "Not as bad as you thought it was going to be, huh?"

Nyota burst out laughing, she liked this first officer. "No, not so bad at all." She agreed before she gasped and grabbed at her husband.

"Spock!" She grimaced in pain before feeling dampness spread. "My water broke, she's coming"

Janice's eyes flew open wide. "I'll get Len; he's inside with the Ambassador."

Spock knelt by his wife's side. "K'diwa, you will be fine. Our daughter will be fine." He kissed her.

"I know, baby, just forgot how much it hurts." She grimaced as another contraction hit.

Len came running out onto the patio. "Nyota, you couldn't wait until I finished my drink?"

"Funny, Leonard…" She closed her eyes as another contraction hit. "Len, Skon didn't come this fast. I'm scared." Nyota held onto Spock's hand as he picked her up. Sarek looked at his son and nodded.

"I shall call for an emergency transport." Before he turned, Len shook his head.

"I don't think there's time, Ambassador. Spock, bring her into you bedroom, I think I'm gonna be birthin' a baby today." He smiled and turned to Janice before following the couple inside. "You better find Jim and tell him to keep the little guy occupied. You can let him know he's gonna be a big brother before long."

Jim held the small child in his arms, his eyes never leaving her face. "Wow, she's…wow."

His voice held an awe Nyota had never heard before. Spock lifted a brow and looked over at his wife. "She is quite exceptional, k'diwa."

"I know, baby. Did you see her ears? They unfurled beautifully." She turned back toward the captain. "Jim, could you hand her back to me?"

Sighing, Jim rose from the chair he'd been sitting in for the past 45 minutes. "If I must."

"You must." Spock replied.

Kirk chuckled. "Well, if papa says." He handed the baby back to a very exhausted Nyota. "So, are you having any more kids?"

Nyota couldn't stop the tired laugh at his question. "Jim, I just gave birth a couple of hours ago. Give me a week or so before we start planning the next baby."

"We have discussed the possibility of four children. But as Nyota is fond of saying, time will tell." Spock sat on the bed next to his wife and took his daughter from her. He ran his finger over the tip of one small ear.

"She's gonna be a looker, I can tell ya that." Kirk smiled.

Sarek entered the room with Skon in his arms and McCoy trailing after them. "Ko-fu, are you well?"

Skon wiggled out of his grandfather's arms and went to stand next to his father.

"I am recovering, Sa-mekh. And Amanda is perfection." She smiled up at her father-in-law before motioning for Skon to come to her. "As perfect as you are, my little man."

"She's so small, mama." His voice was small, as well and she felt his apprehension through their bond. She sent him love and assurance and looked up at Spock as their son snuggled further into his mother's arms.

"She is small, Sa-fu. She will require your time and care. She will not be able to fend for herself for quite a while." Spock held his daughter up so his father could bond with Amanda, as well.

"Man, these kids are so lucky. They have all this family that will always be there for them." Kirk whispered to McCoy. "We should probably leave."

"Um, in a second." Leonard went to Nyota's bedside. "So, little lady. How are you really feeling?" He ran a scanner over her and nodded.

"Just tired, Len. You did an excellent job. I think we're very lucky to have you on New Vulcan." She laid her head back and ran her fingers through her son's hair.

"And as your doctor, I think we should all leave you and the little lady here to rest." He held his arms out to Skon. "Want to show me that dog house your grandpa built for you?"

Kirk looked out at the setting sun and smiled. It was a heartfelt smile and it felt good. The past five years had been good, no, not just good. Great. He'd live the sort of life most didn't even dream of, but there was something missing. Not anything he could point at and say, that's it, that's what I need to make it all perfect. No, it was more a feeling. He often wondered what the hell the elder Vulcan was really thinking when he'd set things in motion. Destiny, he'd said…


"Spock. Jim, please…merely a request." Jim shrugged.

"Jim, are you…well?" Spock came to stand beside his former captain.

"I'm good, Spock. Better than I've been in awhile." He turned to the Vulcan. "Spock?"

"Yes, Jim"

"Do you believe in destiny?"

He tilted his head to one side, in an action Kirk had not even realized he missed. "Destiny? Nyota does. I do not."

"What do you believe in?" Jim asked, now facing Spock.

"I believe in freewill, Jim. In any single moment one makes minute decisions. This decides the future, for the moment. And then the next. We plan, most assuredly, but we cannot predict nor can we presume we have knowledge of the outcome by merely…assuming. It is those minute decisions that forge our future. It is illogical to suppose that our future has been destined from the moment we are born. Or before. We only have this moment in time." He turned to face the captain directly. "I believe the elder Spock has proven this point."

Jim chuckled. "You're right. You know, Spock, I regret everything that went down. I wish…"

"Regret is also an illogical emotion, Jim. What is past is past. Nyota and I have no regrets. Your five year mission was highly successful without Nyota or my presence."

"Yeah, it was good, but I can't help but wonder what could've been if you two had been there…" He shrugged. "I know, illogical, but I'm only human."

"It is a scenario we will never know." The Vulcan stared out at the landscape as New Vulcan's two moons began to rise.

"Well, the life you've made here is just great. That boy, he's really something." Kirk smiled. "And Amanda, she's perfect. You and Nyota, you two are really lucky."

Spock raised a brow at the captain, a small quirk to the side of his mouth as he thought of his family, of his life. Destiny? No. He had no belief in such a concept. Luck? He suppose he could concede this. "Luck, a strange human premise…but as I am half human and my wife is fully human…I will concur that we are most…lucky."