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Random summary: Kait is different now, definition:shes done with the crap. The others stayed with Zetes in the end of the passion before the crystal was destroyed. She gets lost in the middle of New York not sure how she got there, and a women finds her, along with a girl claiming to see and impossibly strong chi for a non-psychic and took her to their institute. She finds she has control of completely new skills and her old ones strengthened. She makes new friends after losing the old, no-one is sure where she came from and she plans on keeping it that way. But what happens when The Zetes institute come to play house? :End of random summary

"Would she wake up already, all this talk of her cow Bessie is annoying the crap out of me!" Whined Toni and Nia in unison.

"Give'r a break." Yawned Red.

"Why are ya'll talkin bout me, why doncha just wake me up?" Moaned Lez, the official county morning mess. Her blonde, corn-stalk hair was flying around her sweet freckled face, her green eyes had sleep formed around the pale eye-lashed edges.

"Because you wouldn't if we tried!" Cried a frustrated Toni trying to put together her brown hair. Her twin sister Nia was trying to pour makeup on her chocolate colored face, looking almost identical to Toni's except Nia had a nose peircing.

Both sisters had control over the mind accept Toni can see into it where Nia can control it and make you do something. A very useful pairing. Lez can control how earth structures move and Red can see amounts of chi/psychic power someone has, which is how they found me.

My skills have changed a lot, I still do the drawings but I now exceed expectations. I can now just close my eyes and see something, but its not as clear as the pictures. I can make someone see something if I want them to and the best yet, I can touch someone and control their power as well as they do. All this with my own skills makes me technically the strongest.

The boys Erind, Neire, Jersey, Wolf, and James are each skilled as well. Erind can shape things into other things, Neire can answer any puzzle of question instantly, Jersey can know where anyone is at any time. Wolf can shift into other people or animals, James can make you forget something...of everything.

Red sat up in annoyance, her bright red hair, the color of a tomato was bright in the sunlight. Her red eyes her annoyed just the same.

"Someone is using their skills against another! It woke me up again!" she said annoyingly. She can also tell when someone is using their power against another. From what I learned when I borrowed Toni's power I found her head annoyingly ringing at all times.

"It's probably Wolf and James again, try to ignore them." said Lez.

"Yeah right, its like ignoring the fall of the eiffel-fricken-tower!"She ground her teeth together. "Hey Baby doll, could you maybe make them think their seeing two very hot girls." She smiled at me menacingly. I did as she asked...sort of. Two screams came from downstaris.

"What it's sexist!" they smiled at me and charged downstairs.

"Kait I am going to kill you, you whore!"Wailed wolf with a hord of men kissing him and James. I made them disapear and smiled. The girls were giggling joyfully.

"What on earth could little ol' me do to big strong you?" I said in a dead on southern bell voice. He smiled menacingly as he came towards me.

"I know what I could do to you...if you accept"He pulled me towards him and growled against my already moving lips.

"Ewwwww, gross!" Wailed the twins. I giggled as he pulled me further in. Annabel walked in. She was like Joyce, but better by far.

"Isn't it a little early to already be at it?" She smiled at us. I smiled fully.

"Of course it is!" said Jeb as he walked in. He was like a leader but acted like a father, if that makes sense. "I am hosting a masquerade ball tomorrow night for us to meet the institute that will be staying with us. I want you all to act and dress appropriatly." he said sternly.

"so I can't wear my new dress!" whined Erind.We all laughed and ran off to get our outfits.

:The next night:

My dark purple dress twisting around my small frame dipping in a heart shaped bodice and a flourish at the bottom. It dipped to the bottom of my back, showing off a small clover tattoo. Small silver beads followed to front top part to the dipping back. A choker laved my neck and tall silver shoes sparkled against my legs. My red hair was placed into a side bun with a small flower placed in. my face was covered by a silver mask covering just my eyes. My lips red and vibrant.

"You look totally hot, babe!" cried the twins in silver and brown dresses. Lez walked in wearing a pale blue dress and Red wearing a...you guessed it, red dress. We came into the ballroom of the huge institute. Jeb collected hundreds of people up for this, there were two staircases, one for us, one for them. I waited for Wolf to take my arm for our entrance. He kissed my cheek sweetly and led me down. He looked snazzy in a black tux with a purple flower the color of my dress pinned to his tux. I smiled brightly as he said how beautiful I looked.

We danced for a while when Jeb walked up.

"I want you to dance with their strongest male, you being our strongest. He is walking up right now. Be kind...please." he stepped away as the boy offered his hand, I knew him as soon as I layed eyes on him.

"So your the strongest girl? Seriously?" He smirked at me.

"Hello Gabriel! It's nice to see you again!" I smiled at my overly nice greeting that may have sounded creepy. I could freak out right about now, but that would be boring.

"So really, a girl who can see the future through drawings is the strongest? You must be one weak group." he raised one fine little eye-brow.

"I thought I would have to...ow!" I heard mumbling in the backround of my pained thoughts. Something was breaking through my barier.

"Rob, who is that Gabriel's dancing with? She looks familiar!"

"I don't know anna, Gabriel who is it?"

"Well Kessler, this is our favorite little..."

"Crap, how did this happen! Oh wait, this is Kait Robby-poo, remember her? The girl you abandoned? Well I think I should..."

"Kait, who are you talking to babe?" Said one of the twins.

"How many times must I say it? You little whore! I was being nice!" I smiled, I had created another herd of men for Wolf when I found out he ate the last strawberry.

"You ate my strawberry, that is illegal. You offer it to me before eating it! So those gay men must really be having some fun?"

"One stuck his hand down my pants you brat!"

"What is going on?" Wailed Anna.

"Whoa babe, who was that?" asked a confused Red.

"'s devil house!" I said to Red.

"Devil, Yeah right. I am a total angel compared to you!" Gabriel said

"Sure Gabriel, keep telling yourself that!"

"Your the one with a Tramp-stamp" he said.

"Well, does anyone else say this might be a problem?" Asked James, popping in

"Well, who want to die?" I asked.