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My career was set to take off with the simple word "yes," to my new boss's manager. Mr. Yamakuzo, a famous monster player in many movies chose me to be his at home assistant. I was so excited because I needed this money to try and launch my music career with my friends. At the moment I was trying to make dinner for the two men since they were coming over today. My turkey, macaroni and cheese with yummy potatoes would seal the deal completely.

Rose heard the dreaded knock on the door so with quick movement she removed her apron and looked into the mirror to fix her black curly hair. Smiling a bit Rose headed to her door and answered with a small smile, meeting the face of a handsome black haired male who wore a casual business outfit. Behind him was a tall man in all black wearing some kind of dark cowboy like outfit. He also wore a black mask. She assumed it was his bodyguard.

"Hello, Mr. Yamakuzo?" She questioned.

"Hehe…no my dear, the man behind me is Yamakuzo. My name is Marcus Blazer, your boss's assistant whom you spoke on the phone with. Rose's cheeks grew a bright red.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I thought…oh dear I feel embarrassed." She could feel the smirk that Yamakuzo was giving the girl. "Well I made dinner, please come in." As Yamakuzo went by her she swore she heard him take a soft sniff of her.

"Mhmm, that smells delicious." Marcus smiled at Rose, who still had a blush to her cheeks.

"Would you like some?" She asked sweetly.

"Yes please." Rose went off to the kitchen giving Marcus time to talk to Yamakuzo. "So what do you think so far?" He asked the mysterious boss.

"She smells nice…"

"Come on J.C. She's to help you keep your new house together, not to be food. Plus she is at least going to keep you social. Your attitude at your filming sets has been really cranky lately and maybe you need someone at home to keep you company. Look J.C, I've known you since I was little and you're nicer than you have been, I know the past has been a little tough, but give the girl a chance. She looks really sweet too…"

"Alright! Alright!" Yamakuzo hissed, "She's getting her chance." Right then Rose entered in with a plate of food.

"Mr. Yamakuzo, would you like something?" He simply shook his head and nudged Marcus to speak.

"Tomorrow I will send a cab to pick you up. Make sure to pack all of your clothes and be ready for your trip to your boss's house…understand?" Rose eagerly nodded, receiving a smirk on both men's faces.

Soon they left and Rose couldn't help but feel anticipation.

The next day Rose packed all of her clothes and hygienic objects to take to Yamakuzo's home. The cab was immediately outside for her. When the ride started her mind went to how this would go down.

Will He like me?

Will I be a good house keeper?

Will my career even take off like this?

Oh my God…

I don't even know what he looks like,

Master of monsters he could eat me all I know.

"Hey, absent minder, were here." The cab driver joked as Rose had to snap out of her daze of thoughts.

"Oh thank you so much. Here…"

"No need, the man…Marcus, paid me like a cash load to bring you here. He said you're a valuable delivery our something cheesy." Rose blushed, not sure if that should be an insult of property or a very good compliment.

"Well…thanks anyway, bye." Rose got out of the van going to the trunk of the car. She was so busy in her thought she wasn't aware of the yellow clouded eyes staring down at her through the 2nd floor window. When Rose got out her bags the door to the mansion opened and standing at the door high and mighty was Yamakuzo. He had on his mask and stared thoughtful at her.

"Welcome to my home Rosaline."

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