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Life had been regrettably depressing for the past three months since I had moved to America, focused on my major in art and design, at some well-known American art school whose name I've long forgotten, I've had little time to focus on me as a person, it's all been about school. My days are spent mostly on work, school and of course buffing up my art skills. My skill in art and painting started at a young age, my dad whose actually a renowned fashion designer, had been a large key in bringing it to life, though it was my own ambition that got me here. I had only been in America for three months, originally from Japan, the customs were extremely different and if the truth were known, I was far from used to them. People in America were far more audacious, then what I'm used to back in Japan. Though I did like the few people I had come to call friends, I still found them a little over bearing sometimes.

However when I sat alone in my dorm room I couldn't help but feel the loneliness of home sinking in, trying to break me and pull me back to what's comfortable and safe, I refused to be broken though. It was December and it was coming up close to Christmas, two weeks to be exact and I had already told my family I wouldn't be coming home. I knew for a fact if I did I would never want to come back, so I chose the safe route and stayed here. It's probably one of the more selfish things I could have done, yet they told me they understood and that they would come here instead to visit me. Now for the past two days I've been left alone, my roommate had gone home early and my last exam before break was today, leaving me with nothing to do. My few friends were jam packed with their studies so I couldn't bug them, I knew my brother and sister were busy with their own school, so of course they were also out.

This basically left me with two options, stay inside and be a couch potato, or go outside and at least have a nice walk and maybe sketch a little while I get some fresh air. While hell when I put it that way the decision was pretty obvious, I mean why would I want to stay in this stuffy dorm all alone? Even if it was below zero outside and my hands would probably start to go numb from the cold, anything was better than staying inside moping.

"It seems to be a nice day out to begin with, not snowing so it should be okay." I spoke out loud in my empty bedroom, throwing on my black pea coat along with my black Gucci boots that my dad had gotten me recently for a gift. They came up a little past my ankle, sat open at the top and had a bit of black fur trim along the edging, they were warm as hell and I loved them, I never had cold feet which was a huge pet peeve of mine.

Walking along the snowy pathway of the city park, I listened to the way my boot clad feet crunched against the packing snow, gazing up into the crystal blue sky and watching the marshmallow clouds drift on by without a care in the world. The frozen branches of the birch trees sparkled in the bright sunlight, tempting me to break them off, mixed in with the fluffy pines giving a mass off green and white to the earthy park. Yes, it was gonna be a great day to sketch, even better to paint, but my supplies were at home and there was no way I was going back, sketching would have to do.

Coming up to the small man-made lake that sat at the center of the park, now sat frozen, not enough for skating yet, but just enough to give it a gorgeous shine. The dark blue water seemed to reflect through the ice like a window, showing off how it was relatively motionless. Glancing from the lake to the benches I caught sight of a man that sat silently on a wooden bench. He wore a black trucker hat, hiding his hair along with a pair of black aviators that completely hid his eyes. I could see a bit of lily white skin of his exposed neck, disappearing beneath his gray military style winter jacket. His hands were covered by black leather gloves, while his long model like legs wore snug blue jeans that looked pretty much brand new. Finally I ended at his feet that sat in black, gothic style boots that met at his knees, silver buckles decorated them in a row of three.

I couldn't seem to put my finger on it seeing as how I couldn't exactly see the man completely, but I couldn't help but be entranced by his presence. It was almost like I was pulled in towards him, like a magnetic force that wanted to capture me. The man sat with his coat covered arms flung over the back of the bench, long legs spread out in front of him in a lazy fashion, while his head was tilted back looking up at the sky. Or maybe he was sleeping, either way he was absolutely mesmerizing and I knew one thing, I had to sketch him. Did that make me weird or creepy, most likely, but I like to look at everything and everyone as pieces of art and seeing how I'm sketching in the park, I'm free to sketch whatever resides in the park right?

Yeah now you're just trying to make yourself feel better.

Letting out a small sigh at my inner musings, I passed by the captivating man, moving towards the bench that sat beside him a couple feet away. Pulling out my sketch pad and pencil I began to go to work, trying my best to be as inconspicuous as possible, so I didn't make it known that I was in fact being a creeper and sketching him. I seemed to feel my pencil flow over the paper without restraint, no struggle was involved as I captured this man's flawless, almost chilled beauty. Before I realized it I had filled over ten pages with sketches of just him, each and every one a bit different and just as fascinating as the next. This could easily become a bad habit if it were to continue, I would really begin to look like a creeper. The only thing is, it's now two days later and I'm officially starting to feel like a stalker of some sort.

Now I don't know if this has become a newly formed ritual for the man, but for the past two days that I've come back to the park he's been here, and for those past two days I have sketched him almost religiously. You can understand why I'm starting to feel like a creeper now right? I try really hard to be as nonchalant about my actions, but I swear he knows I'm staring at him. If he's bothered by this he doesn't show it though, he just continues doing what he's doing, which mostly involves relaxing and taking in the cool winter days on the bench. He's obviously not homeless from the nice clothes he wears, yet nobody seems to approach him or bother him, but they always seem to stare. Leaving me questioning if I'm not the only one who feels so compelled by his demeanour, I say demeanour because that's all I've been able to witness considering our lack of conversation. Now personally I'm a pretty introverted person I guess you could say, I don't go around making myself known to everyone, my hair does that for me enough. Not to mention my scowl seems to keep people at bay as well, it's not that I try to scare people off, it's just become a habit really.

The day was a rather chilly, making me curse myself for not bringing my gloves or hat. I was now in an inner battle of whether or not I should cover my ears or my hands, decisions like these were not meant for such an indecisive person like myself. Finally deciding on my hands I set down my sketch pad next to me, stuffing them into my pockets and sighing at the gentle warmth that began to surround my hands. I could still feel the burning numbness on my ears but I was slightly content, maybe before I went home I'd grab a cup of hot cocoa from Starbucks. That would really make the day perfect. Letting the ideas filter throughout my mind, I closed my eyes as I took in the quiet surroundings. Birds chirping, wind blowing, shoes crunching against the snow, kids laughing in the distance. These were all noises I could pick up, though the one I couldn't pick up was the one that surprised me the most.

"Ya know I kept wonderin' if the orange haired kid tha' was sketchin' me had any talent and I have to say, your pretty damn amazin'." My eyes shot open at the sound of the watery voice that seemed to slide right through me, sending cool shivers over my body and leaving me almost breathless. I had heard this voice before, many times, so many that it was almost impossible to ignore or miss. Though hearing this voice had only been over TV, my cd player and of course in concert, but never once in person this close.

A small gasp left my throat at the eyes that I stared into. Sunglasses having been discarded, leaving bright gold on black orbs to gaze down at me, an eerie mirth sparking through them, making me unable to move or breathe. The smile that broke out on the man's face had me swallowing nervously; it was that smirk that made me weak in the knees.

"My names Shirosaki, and yours?" Shirosaki Ogichi, lead singer of the world renowned band The Hollow's. I had been in love with their band since I was sixteen, and I have had an outstanding crush on Shirosaki the moment I laid eyes on him. Just the fact that he was standing before me had my face heating up like a damn school girl, it was unbelievably embarrassing, and I haven't even processed the fact that he's who I've been sketching yet.

Oh my fucking god!

"I-I-I" That's all I'm able to get out as my mind begins to melt on me, this has never happened before, and I only prayed it never would. Yet I'm currently sitting here having a mental break down, I truly am screwed.

"Breathe or else you're gonna pass out." He announced as he placed a leather covered hand over my mouth, making me go stiff at the act. This must have happened to him a lot because it didn't seem to bother him really, in fact he seemed overly amused, probably at how stupid I looked.

Please god, if you care about my pride just a little, you'll give me the power to say my name.

Taking a deep breath I let it out slowly, allowing him to remove his hand from my mouth so I could speak, or so we hoped.

"I-Ich-Ichigo… My names Ichigo."

"Hmmm Ichigo huh? Suits ya from what I can see, so tell me Ichi do ya always go around sketching random people, or am I jus' special?" He asked as he took a seat next to me, and I could feel my heart beat skyrocket in my chest at the simple action.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't know who you were, I j-just wanted t-to sketch you." I know I'm flexible; this should be around the time where I insert my foot into my mouth.

"Oh, whys that?"

"Because… I-I need to go." Getting up to my feet suddenly, I didn't take more than two steps before falling onto my face. All my nerves and anxiety came crashing down on me, making my blood practically rush out of my brain, making me pass out before I even had a chance to hit the ground.


Waking up I felt like my head was about to split into two, my eyes felt heavy and I couldn't help but let out a pained groan as I came to. I could feel a plush pillow behind my head, already alerting me that I was in fact, not in the park still. Which left me trying to remember what exactly had happened, then it hit me, golden orbs that practically melted my soul flashed before my mind. Shirosaki Ogichi, that's what happened, I had been creeping my celebrity crush and sketching him without his consent. My god he probably thought I was some kind of crazy person, though that still didn't answer where I was, or why I felt so comfy and warm.

Flicking open my eyes I found myself to be seated on a couch, pitch black suede decorated with dark red and plum coloured pillows, one of which were behind my head. My body was covered by a thick red blanket, it had a soft, almost fluffy furry feeling to it which would explain why it kept me so warm. As I looked around the room I noticed that I was in a living room, whose, I had no idea but they had pretty good taste.

"Fuck please let this all be a dream." I murmured to myself as I buried my face into my hands, falling back onto the plush pillow, only to be interrupted by a deep chuckle that filtered throughout the room.

"No, not a dream Ichi, but it's nice to know that me appearing in your dreams is a regular occasion." Glancing up I came face to face, once again, with my newest bane of existence it seemed.

"W-Where am I?"

"You're at my house, after ya fainted I brought ya here seein' how I don't know where ya actually live." A deep red blush ran into my cheeks making me let out a deep huff of air, suddenly the blanket was far too hot for me and I was wishing the window could be cracked open.

"So tell me Ichi, how ya feelin'? Any better?" Shirosaki questioned as he came around the couch, bringing his clothing choice to my attention. He had changed into a pair of gray sweat pants that rode low on his hips, along with a black wife beater was all he wore. I was given a full view of the singer, making my stomach and heart do flip flops, cartwheels and summersaults, making my hands shake with nerves.

"B-Better…..I should get going." Pushing the warm blanket off myself I sat up, only to be pushed back onto my back rather roughly by a cool, pale hand. Looking at Shirosaki I took in the large grin that adorned his face, dear god that grins sexy.

"You're not leavin' yet, we still have so much to talk about, I-chi-go." Leaning into me the albino purred my name, his hand moving down and pressing into my chest, a small snicker falling free from his lips.

"Do I make ya nervous? Your hearts beatin' like a scared little rabbit Ichi. If you're the rabbit, does tha' make me the big bad wolf?" A slender white finger traced up my chest, up my neck making me shiver heavily until he tilted my chin so I would look at him. Though I wanted to speak my mouth had become a desert, the only words I could utter were small whimpers, making me seem just like a scared little rabbit like he said.

"If you don't speak I might jus' eat ya up Ichi." Licking his lips I felt my eyes flutter as they watched the muscle dampen that plump set of lips, making my stomach heat and my breathing hitch.

"W-What are y-you doing?"

"Hmm? I'm just gettin' to know the delicious berry who's been sketching me for the past two days, is that a crime?" The blush that ran over my nose began to reach up to my ears, while my stomach stirred with a heavy heat that spread into my groin, was in danger of turning this into a very awkward situation.

"It's n-not b-but please move."

"Do I make ya uncomfortable?" Did he really just ask that? Does he make me uncomfortable, no not at all, he makes me fucking nervous to the point of fainting that's all, which is totally normal I guess so don't worry about it….

Yes you fucking make me uncomfortable you idiot!

"Do you really have to ask that?" The grin that he wore was in danger of eating his face, and of course I knew now that he was just playing with me, I didn't enjoyed being played with no matter who you were.

"I'm sorry ya jus' seemed like ya would be so fun to tease."

"Look I-I'm sorry about the pictures, i-if you'd like I can give them all back to you. I had no intention of making you uncomfortable or acting creepy, I just wanted to sketch."

"Me." Cocking a brow at his words I watched him move back to the end of the couch, giving me enough room to sit up.

"Ya jus' wanted to sketch me." Biting into my lower lip I began to chew on it nervously.

"I'm sorry, but it's not like I knew who you were. There was just something about you that just made me want to sketch you." The look he gave me was curious, almost lost, as if he was trying to figure something out as he stared at me. His analyzing gaze had me shifting uncomfortably in my seat, quickly standing up making his blanket fall the ground.

"I'm sorry, but I need to go." I felt stupid, idiotic but most of all embarrassed all to hell, this was not in a million years how I pictured meeting this man. The guy that made me realize who I was, that I did in fact like men, he was my first male crush and god knows everything else I've fantasied about. This should be like a dream come true, and yet I can barely get past the feeling of deep embarrassment.

"Wait." A cool hand wrapped around my wrist, halting me in my movements and making a sharp shiver run through me.


"Draw a picture for me." Looking back at the singer I felt my mind stop for a second, blinking stupidly at him I couldn't find the right words to question him with.


"Draw for me."

"Yeah I got that, but I don't really understand." I explained and I allowed him to pull me back onto the couch, his demeanour seemed to have changed to something more serious, making me wonder what exactly he was thinking.

"I want ya to draw me a picture, I mean I'll pay ya… It's jus' I don't think I've ever seen anyone who could draw like ya can, please?" I couldn't stop from showing the shock on my face, was he even being serious?

"Y-You want me to draw you a picture, are you serious right now?"

"Yeah, I mean like I said I'll pay ya for the work."

"N-No, no you don't have to pay me…I can paint for you if you'd like." I didn't just paint pictures for anyone, only my family and close friends owned art work of mine. It was something personal and special to me, but just like Shirosaki's music was special to me, I would be more than willing to paint him a mural if he wanted me to. Hell, I'd dip a fucking egg in paint and give it to him if he asked me to.

"You paint?" Nodding my head I fiddled with the edge of my sweater, wondering if what I was about to say was too forward or not, but I figured I had nothing to lose really.

"I-If you'd like I can show you some of my work, and you can choose what mediums you'd like me to work with."

"Ooh and where would your works be?"

"At my dorm, but I could-"

"Okay, let's go what school do ya go to?"

"U-Uh XPAI…" He stopped mid step, before turning around to view me again in surprise, before his shock turned into a large grin, making me almost swoon.

"I knew ya were good, not jus' anybody gets in there after all." Giving me a small wink, he tossed me my jacket before retrieving his own. I watched his every moment as he did this, taking in every detail of the real thing.

His hair was the color of snow, with hints of silver when it hit the light just right. It was styled with side bangs that sat a little over his eyes, not enough to hide his eyes though. It came down just above his shoulders, while a few strands sat long at the sides, reaching down past his shoulders giving him a unique look. His body was a lot like mine, though he was a couple inches taller, he had a lean yet muscled, model like body with longs legs and sculpted features that made heads turn. His lips were plump and pale like the rest of his skin, lily white, making him like the perfect canvas.

Yeah Ichigo, just imagine the painting you could do on him.

Letting out a small cough before yanking my eyes away from Shirosaki's captivating form, I felt a small blush run over the bridge of my nose at my thoughts. I was led out of the living room and out of his house, to his car. I had to hold back my outward burst of glory at his car, trying my best to act as nonchalant about it as possible. He drove a silver Audi r8, making me practically drool with want. It was my dream car, and my dream man was driving it, it was like Christmas for fuck sakes.

"You know where to go?" I asked quietly as I silently admired the interior of his car, taking in the smooth ride and soft purr of the engine.

"Yeah actually I do, my one band mate went to that school for a couple courses last year."

"Grimmjow Jeagerjaques…." I murmured more to myself than him, but I really hadn't meant to, now I really sounded like a stalker. I only knew because it had been very well known that the guitar player had been going to attend the school. In all honesty Grimmjow was right up there in my admiration as Shirosaki was, the way he played the guitar and sang, it was like he was becoming one with the instrument, truly amazing. Not to mention the bluenet of a guitarist was just as good looking as Shirosaki, though he was well known for his womanizing tendencies, not that I heard any women complaining.

"Oh were ya there when he attended?"

"Uh no… It was all over the news though, so it wasn't hard to find out." I mumbled, and I listened to the soft chuckle he let out as we pulled up to the school.

"You're pretty cute ya know that?" Whipping my head around to stare at the albino, I began to blush heavily, feeling the heat attack my face with new vengeance. It was very well known that Shirosaki was in fact gay, but to actually be told by my long time celebrity crush that I was cute, well hell, that was like any bodies dream right?

"T-Thanks." Trying to hide my face I bolted out of the car and into the chilly afternoon air, most of the exams were done for the day and a lot of kids had gone home for vacation, we wouldn't have to worry about running into any body.

I walked ahead of Shirosaki as we made our way to my dorm room, I could feel his eyes on me making me want to burry myself into a hole and hide. Slipping my key into the lock, I felt his body brush against me, making me go stiff from the small contact. My hands began to shake with nerves as it finally set into me, the man I had been pining over for the past six years was actually standing here with me, waiting to be let into my bedroom. It was then that I remembered who resided on my wall next to my bed, a giant ass poster of the band, or better yet, Shirosaki.

Oh. My. God! This is going to be so embarrassing I can't even begin to imagine.

Letting out a shaky sigh I opened the door with a light click, reaching over to the left side of the wall to flick on the light. There was a soft buzz before the blue room was illuminated, showing off the mostly clean room. My side was overly obvious, with all the paint supplies scattered around, along with some clothes, the poster was a dead giveaway though.

"Ugh sorry about the mess, you can take a seat on the bed if you'd like and I'll grab some work for you to look at."

"Thanks." Walking over to my storage racks, I began to flip through some of my finished works, choosing which ones I thought were my best.

"So I see you're a fan, which explains a lot." Pausing in mid search, I turned to view him to see him staring at the poster beside my bed. It was for my favourite album, Lucifer, in the poster they were all dressed in black, each of them standing out in their own way. Grimmjow for his bright blue locks, Ulquiorra for his emerald green eyes, Gin for his wicked fox like grin and then there was Shirosaki. It was impossible to miss him, your eyes gravitated to him with his other world like looks. He reminded me of a fallen angel, so beautiful yet so deadly, almost as if I'd get burned if I were to touch him.

"Yeah, I have been for a while now." I murmured as I pulled out four paintings, bringing them to the bed to show him. His eyes flicked over to me, a wide grin displaying his perfect teeth; hell everything about this man was perfect to me, psychically at least.

"Oh is that so? What's your favourite song?"

"Breathe." I responded without hesitation, making his eyes go wide in surprise.

"I wasn't expectin' ya to answer that fast, anything else?"

"Everything?" I joked as I held up one of my paintings for him to see, not exactly sure what his taste was I chose four different styles.

The one I held was of a woman, or more precisely a vampire. She had long white blonde hair that spilled over her shoulders in loose ringlets. She was dressed in a black and white Victorian styled dress. Her eyes were a deep ocean blue sparkling brightly, while her lips were painted in deep red. She wore a hat that held tall black feathers, and the dress itself shone brightly against her pale skin tone. The dresses bodice held a tight corset in the front, lifting her breasts to a suitable height, just enough to deem her seductive. The sleeves though were long, covering her up appropriately and billowing out into lace after they hit her elbows, while the skirt flared out widely at the hips. It held an intricate design along the material in white, delicate and soft just like the gentle smile she held, a smile of an angle. However the fangs she broadcasted told you otherwise, this was my idea of every woman. They were soft and angelic, though you had to be careful of them, those gentle creatures had fangs and were a lot stronger then you thought, if you weren't careful they'd turn around and bite you.

I watched Shirosaki as he stared at the painting with wide eyes, eyeing the woman with much seriousness and I eyed him curiously. Gnawing on my bottom lip, I let out a small cough before I spoke up.

"I did this when I first got here, I like to draw a lot of fantasy as well as landscapes. Though my favourite style has a darker edge to it I guess you could say."

"She's beautiful." Glancing at the painting myself, I eyed warm coloured leaves that were speckled with blood, though she sat there so nobly upon the leaves with not even a hint of sin. When you really looked at it, it was a little darker then you first thought it to be.

"Y-You think so?"

"Who is she?" Tilting my head to the side I cocked a brow in question.

"What do you mean? She's no one, my own creation I guess you could say."

"Does she have a name?" Shirosaki questioned as he looked up at me and I was caught off guard at the look in his golden eyes. It was almost as if they held admiration, but that couldn't be right, I must be seeing things.


"Hmm, that fits I guess, but why?"

"Because that's the season when everything dies." I responded easily, obviously catching him a bit by surprise before a wide grin spread over his face.

"That's perfect Ichi, you're a bit dark aren't cha?"

"O-Oi not all my art is like that, see?" Putting down the painting I reached for another. This one being of a warm summer day of a field filled with warm colours and bright rays of sun. It looked like the perfect summer day, you could practically picture yourself there, and it made me want summer back so bad.

"Show me more Ichigo."

An hour later and I had allowed Shirosaki to shift through a bunch of my art work, from paintings to charcoal sketches, he seemed to become entranced with each one, boosting my ego to heights you would not believe. While he looked we talked, while I mostly told him about myself because he was the one who kept asking the questions. It was an odd feeling talking about myself so openly, I didn't do it too often, yet I felt overly comfortable with Shirosaki, it was slightly unnerving. Being able to open up to someone like that, I've never done so before, only to my brother. Yet he was able to keep me talking about myself for a good hour, maybe it was because I was so nervous that I couldn't stop talking, either way it was fun, I couldn't seem to stop smiling. If the truth were known I really didn't want him to go, I wanted to talk more and more, but I knew he had to go at some point.

"So what do you think, do you have anything in mind that you would want me to draw or paint?" I questioned as I began to put away my work. He was currently eyeing one of my abstract pieces, turning the painting around and around, eyebrows scrunched as he analyzed the picture carefully, making me snicker at his seriousness.

"What's so funny?" He asked me, finally bringing the painting away from himself and handing it to me.

"It's just the face you were making, you looked funny."

"I looked funny?" A deep frown etched onto his face, making me laugh even harder.

"Yeah, funny, sort of like now except you look more cute then funny." If the albino had dog ears, I swear they would have been perking up in excitement at my words.

"Ya think I look cute?"

"Yeah cute, like a little dog or bunny, cute." Suddenly the grin that painted his face faltered a bit, turning down into a glare.

"I'm sorry but a little dog or bunny? What the hell do I look like, a fuckin' chihuahua or something?"

"Maybe." I replied with a soft shrug of my shoulders, while trying my best to keep my poker face. However it was completely lost when I was snatched and pushed onto my bed, causing me to let out a deep grunt at the action.

"S-Shirosaki?" The grin the singer wore was slightly eerie, in a way that it made my stomach drop with a deep ominous feeling. My hands were suddenly snatched in one swoop and placed above my head. Cool fingers latched hold of my sweater before yanking it up to reveal my stomach, causing my face to heat up to a brutal shade of red.

"S-S-Shirosaki w-what the fuck are you doing?" I practically screeched as his fingers ran over my skin, making me wiggle at the delicate feeling. Golden orbs eyed my chest as it heaved, my muscles tensing at every touch, and I watched him lick his lips before he spoke.

"Take it back Ichi."

"Huh?" I gaped at him, mouth hanging open stupidly, making him let out a light chuckle.

"Sayin' that I remind ya of a little animal, take it back."

"Are you kidding me? That's stupid!" The delicate touch turned more prominent as it danced across my sides, making me arch away from the tickling touch, or at least I tried to.

"Take it back strawberry, admit how sexy ya think I am."

"Hell no!" Golden eyes flashed as I spoke and I immediately regretted my words.

"Have it your way then."

When I was little my brother always used to tickle me to get his own way, from getting a toy to getting me to do his dishes, he always used it to his advantage. I never grew out of my ticklish body either, which in cases like this was exactly why I disliked it so much. Tears streamed down my face as I flew into fits of laughter as Shirosaki's long fingers tortured my sides, leaving me gasping for breath and begging for him to stop.

"P-Please Sh-Shiro s-stoooop!" I practically whined out between laughter, only making him laugh as well. I writhed and wiggled, trying my best to break free from his iron grip and evil fingers, though it all seemed futile.

"Take it back." He suddenly whispered into my ear, his hand having paused its attacks and now lied against my right hip. His thumb traced idle circles over the sensitive flesh above the band of my jeans, making my breath hitch in my chest as I shivered at the new touch.

"I-I take i-it back…" I gasped out, the feeling of his breath fanning over my ear had my head becoming dizzy, while my mind raced for my body to calm down.

"Tell me Ichi, how do ya really see me?" His breath had moved, and was now fanning across my neck making goosebumps break out over my body. Suddenly the feeling of his tongue flicking out against my Adams apple had me gasping in shock, the sensual touch of his tongue ring running over my skin had my member twitching to life.

"Do ya think I'm sexy?" A small nip was given to the delicate skin, making me have to supress a moan as my eyes fluttered closed.

"Y-Yes… I think you're so fucking sexy." I whispered out, but I knew he heard me just fine. I could feel his hand running over my stomach, dragging black painted nails over my abs, making my muscles twitch at the action.

"Good, cause I think your pretty damn sexy as well." At this moment in time, I officially had no idea which way was up or down, Shirosaki's hands, lips and tongue were on me, touching me, tasting me and I had no idea what the hell to do except let him do whatever he wanted.

Pulling away from me I felt Shirosaki staring at me, and I opened my eyes to come face to face with the delicious albino. So close that I couldn't look away from his eyes, the endless sea of black the swam around golden orbs seemed to suck me in, calling to me and I could feel my body become heated with lust, heavy and thick, practically pulling me into a trace.

"Go out with me Ichigo." Time seemed to stop for that small moment as we stared back at each other, our breath fanning against our lips, close enough that I could taste the sweet flavour of his gum. It took me a moment to realize exactly what he had said, and that he had in fact asked it.

"G-Go out with you?" He nodded his head, never taking his eyes off of mine and I could see the deep swirls of amber that flowed through his orbs.

"Like on a date?" I asked with an overly high amount of shock, making him grin broadly at me.

"Exactly like a date berry."


At the time I had no idea what I would be getting myself into, all I knew was that there was no way I could possibly say no to him. He was the man I had fantasied about every day of my teenage years and on, how could I possibly say no to him? A portentous feeling swam in my stomach that night, as if trying to tell me something, my body thrummed with excitement while my heart pounded with fear. I feared that after tonight I would have nowhere to run after this, the look in his eyes told me he had me.

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