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Fear, it was something that I rarely came into contact with. Something so pungent that your entire body thrummed with it, making your mind race and heart slam inside your chest as if it was trying to break free. This was fear of something unknown, fear for my life, I had no idea what exactly was happening to me, though that fear that flew through me slowly began to be over ridden with a deep, rich pleasure that had my mind fogging up with lust.

Cold hands, sharp fangs, blood and pleasure, these were all things I could feel as Shirosaki bit me. I could feel his cool hands that held me in place, gently caressing yet holding me against him, while what seemed to be sharp fangs that sat buried inside my neck. Warm blood trickled down my neck, making my body shake with fear, but then there was the pleasure. I can't exactly explain why, but there was something that had every nerve in my body tingling with it, springing to life and pulling me into him, asking for more. I couldn't stop the low, pained moan that slipped past my lips, or the way my body skank against his.

"S-Shiro?" My voice trembled weakly as I hummed his name quietly, I could feel my body becoming weaker, while he all but purred in delight.

"Shiro!" The thick fog kept me from being able to recognize the deep baritone that shouted out, seeming to wrap around me from every direction, making my ears ring with it.

"Stop!" Before I knew it Shiro's cold hands were off of me, a sharp pain seeming to tear away from my neck making me cry out in shock.

Sliding down against the cool metal of the vehicle behind me, I found my legs giving out on, me not being able to support my weight without assistance. I watched with blurred vision as someone struggled to get control of the angry albino, blue was all I could make out against the darkness. Words seemed to become jumbled and the last thing I felt were warm arms wrapping around me, worried cyan orbs shinning down at me before everything went black.


A low pounding flooded my head as warm rays of sun streamed over me, making me scrunch my brows in frustration. Letting out a small groan I brought my hand up to my head, squinting my eyes open against the harsh light before rolling over. It was around this time that I realized I was in bed, while a warm, musky scent of cologne swam around me making me inhale deeply, letting out a comforting sigh at the delicious smell. Pulling the pillow in closer, I snuggled into the fluffy scented pillow that sat against my head, a warm blanket sat over me keeping me warm from the small chill that sat in the room.

I decided to enjoy the comfy bed, taking in the comforting scent while trying to ease the low pain in the back of my skull. Suddenly a small click echoed from across the room, alerting me that someone had come in, which had me blinking my eyes open to find the person who decided to ruin my sleep. It was around this time that I realized I wasn't in my room, in fact I was in someone else's. Deep, warm tones littered the room while flashes of blues and silver decorated the large room.

"How are you feeling?" The low husky tone had me swinging my head around, away from the décor to focus on the man who now stood in front of the bed.

"Grimmjow?" Pain suddenly shot through my neck at the fast movement, making me hiss out in shock before covering the sore appendage with my right hand. I could feel two deep marks that littered my skin, tingling with a low pain that seemed to be the cause of my headache.

"Yeah, just try to relax okay? Ya gotta be sore, he really tore in." Furrowing my brows at the bluenets words, I watched him walk around the bed before taking a seat next to me. Bringing his hands up to me, I couldn't help but flinch away from his touch.

"I'm not gonna hurt ya Ichi, just gotta check out the damage."

"W-What do you mean he tore into me?" I finally asked as I allowed his hands to tilt my head slightly, exposing my neck just a bit and I couldn't help but flush at how tender he seemed to be.

"You tellin' me you don't remember last night?"

"Last night?" Siting back a bit, Grimmjow stared at me with a serious look, almost as if he was analyzing me to see if I was telling the truth or not.

"I-I mean I remember the party an-"

"You don't remember Shirosaki attacking you?" I couldn't stop my eyes from going wide at his words; Shirosaki attacking me was he insane?

"What the hell are you talking about?" Letting out a small sigh, Grimmjow shook his head before going to stand, but before he could make it off the bed I grabbed him.

"Don't walk away, tell me wh-" I couldn't seem to find my voice as the memory of Shiro's animalistic gaze flooded my mind, making the grip I held on Grimmjow's wrist drop. My eyes going wide as I quickly backed away from the bluenet, causing him to cock a brow in question before understanding jumped into his eyes.

"You remember now?" Bringing my hand up to my neck, I found a small weak squeak of air leaving my throat as I tried to put as much space between us.

"D-Don't c-come any c-closer, wh-at the hell did he do to me?" My voice shook horribly as I tried to speak, now I fully remembered what exactly had happened last night, and my body couldn't help but shake in fear.

"Ichigo just calm down and let me explain."

"Don't come near me!" Without thinking I made a mad dash for the bedroom door, not thinking about the odds I had of fighting against Grimmjow.

"I'm not going to hurt you Ichigo, but you running isn't gonna make things easy." My blood ran cold as I found the bluenet standing in front of me, blocking my only way out. I had no idea when he moved, or how he got to the door before me, I didn't even hear him move for that matter.

"What the fuck are you?" It was the first time my voice broke even, but I could feel my hands shaking as he neared me, making me step back as he eyed me with caution.

"Now see that's what I want to explain, but I think ya might wanna take a seat."

"Just fucking say it Grimmjow!" Letting out a deep sigh, he ran long fingers through his tussled blue locks, only seeming to add to his dishevelled look.

"In short version, we're vampires and what Shiro did last night was drink your blood, and mark you." I don't know how long I stood staring at the bluenet with utter shock, but all I could seem to do was just that, gape at him like he had twenty heads.

Even though I had heard him perfectly fine, loud and clear in fact, I couldn't seem to put two and two together. It was almost like my mind refused to believe such words, it was pretty farfetched, even little silly. I mean come on, we all knew that there was no such thing as vampires, right? Yet I was standing here, with proof on my neck that there was, which I think was part of the reason why my mind seemed to be melting at the moment.

"Let me explain everything to you Ichigo, I'm not going to hurt you."

"No..." Finally snapping out of my daze, I gazed back at Grimmjow, my eyes hard as I felt anger begin to flood me.


"Why the hell should I trust you or anything you say? I trusted Shiro and yet look at what he did!" My hands trembled as I spoke, Grimmjow's eyes wide in shock before they settled and he just shook his head.

"You're in shock, I get that. We'll talk when you've calmed down." With that he walked away, not another word before he left through the door. This had me on my feet, rushing to the door only to find it locked.

"What the fuck, Grimmjow let me out of here! You can't keep me locked up like this, are you fucking insane? Let me out!"

"I'll come back when you've calmed down, don't bother trying to escape because that drop out the window would kill you." My eyes grew to the size of saucers at his words; was he fucking serious right now?

"Grimmjow you son of a bitch, when I get out of here I'm gonna find out how, and I'm gonna kill you!" All I could hear was a sharp bellow of laughter that probably came from the hallway, only fuelling my new found rage on the bastard guitarist.

It had to be a good hour before I finally gave up on trying to pick the lock on the door, that and screaming my way out, which quickly became obvious that it wasn't going to work. Letting out a deep sigh I rolled over on the king size bed, wondering just why Grimmjow needed such a big ass bed.

"Actually that's kind of self-explanatory, damn player." I snorted out, before closing my eyes and allowing my mind to calm down with my body.

Everything was completely out of hand, total chaos that left me high strung and basically at my wits end. Something extremely unbelievable has happened to me, how exactly are you supposed to act in this sort of situation? I mean for all I know, Shiro could have killed me. I had no idea what they were like, obviously they weren't anything like the vampire's in my books seeing how they could walk in the sun, but there was one thing that was the same. They drank blood from humans, me being the proof.

Thoughts of what exactly Shiro did in his spare time flooded my mind, making me shudder at the idea of if he had killed anyone, or if he had to kill people for that matter. I remember the experience quite well now, the pain seeming to web its way into my neck at just the mere thought of it, but then there was the pleasure.

A soft knock at the door had me snapping out of the deep thoughts that riddled my mind, the idea that such an act could cause me pleasure had me stumped. I never took myself for a masochist, but I this had me thinking otherwise.

"C-Come in." I stuttered out as I tried to gather myself, figuring that there was no reason to get up since I wouldn't be getting out any time soon unless Grimmjow said it was okay.

"Hey Ichi." The silver voice had my head snapping up in surprise, there in the doorway stood the man in question.

"S-Shiro what the hell are you doing here?"

"I wanted to be the one to explain everything to you Ichi, I'm so sorry I hurt you." Holding up my shaking hand I stopped his advance on me.

"Don't get any closer."

"Please Ichigo, let me explain, you have to understand I never meant to hurt you."

"So you think that makes any difference? I don't trust you, why should I believe anything you say?"

"Let me explain!" Making his way towards me I made a mad dash off the bed, not really thinking but trying my best to put as much distance between us as possible. I had no chance though because I was pinned against the wall before I knew it.

"Let go of me!" I shouted out, kicking my legs out while my arms were pinned above my head.

"Ichigo please, I'm not going to hurt you for fuck sakes. I know how this seems but you gotta trust me, please."

"Why should I, you tried to kill me!" Golden eyes went wide as I spat in his face, pure horror soaking into his expression.

"Kill you? God I wasn't trying to kill you, I was marking you!" Pausing in my struggles, I let what he said sink in.

Grimmjow had made mention that Shiro had marked me, though at the time I didn't really care what the hell he was talking about, all I wanted was for him to get the hell away from me. Cool hands slid down my arms, making me shiver at the soft touch. Gazing into honey coloured orbs, I took in Shiro's apologetic look before I was pulled into him, his arms locking around me in a tight hold.

"I really, really fucked up Ichi." He really fucked up? Yeah that's like the understatement of the fucking century.

"The last thing I want is for ya to be scared of me and I hadn't even really thought any of this through. I wanted to be able to explain this to ya in the most, reasonable way possible, even if it is the most unbelievable shit ever."

"What are you really Shiro?" I knew I sounded stupid, I sounded stupid even to myself but I wanted to hear it come from his mouth. Letting out a long sigh, Shiro pulled away from me so he could look me in the eye before taking a deep breath in and speaking.

"I'm a vampire Ichigo, I drink human blood to survive. I don't drink directly from humans unless I want to mark them as my own."

"Then how do you drink blood?"

"We drink it from packages that are provided to us, sort of like our own personal blood bank I guess. We don't go around killing humans though, any vampires that are found to have killed a human are put up for trial."

"Sort of like getting arrested?" I asked and I watched him nod his head, the strain that he held in his shoulders slowly disappearing.

"That's exactly what it is, except they very seldom have a chance of walking away alive."

Silence filled the room and I felt Shiro's hands drift off of me, falling down to his sides before he walked over and took a seat on the bed. I followed him with my eyes, that was all I could bare to muster at this point as my mind slowly began to take in everything I was told. Shirosaki was a vampire, along with Grimmjow and the rest of them. From the sounds of things I was safe, they couldn't hurt me but at the same time I felt incredibly uneasy knowing how strong the albino really was. I mean, he was inhuman, a creature that would live forever if the legends were true, he would live forever.

"You're not actually really old are you?" Wrinkling his nose in distaste, Shirosaki furrowed his brows as he spoke.

"Ew god no, I'm a whopping age of twenty four no more no less thanks."

"But you don't age."

"Well at the moment I don't think that's really a problem. Now when I hit fifty and I still look like this, well then yeah I could see you having an issue with this." Running my hands over my face I tried to calm myself from the oncoming anxiety attack I could feel rising in my throat. Taking in a deep shaky breath, I let myself slide down the wall until I felt myself plunk onto the floor.

"I can make you forget." Snapping my head up at Shiro's words I stared directly at him, though it seemed he couldn't look me in the eye.

"W-What do you mean?"

"I can make you forget about everything, about me, if that'll make things easier for you." At those words I felt my heart clench and my stomach churn in distaste.

"I can make it so it's like you never even met me."

"Is that what you want?" My throat felt horse as I spoke, my hands beginning to shake for an entirely different reason all together.

It had only been two weeks and I already felt myself falling for Shiro, everything about him had my heart thundering in my chest and my mind thundering with about fifty different emotions I don't think I've ever experienced before. Some of them were good, others were bad but at the end of the day I wanted to see him. Even now after everything he's told me, I can't find it in myself to hate him. My heart still soars when our eyes meet. The utter thought of losing the past two weeks, it had me feeling sick to my stomach.

"I don't want to cause you pain, but if me being what I am does that then I'll make you forget it all." Shaking my head I slowly stood up from my seat, walking over to him and placing a shaking hand on the side of his face.

"Even if I couldn't handle who you really are, I would never want to forget you."

"Ichigo I-"

Leaning into him I let my lips connect with his, a soft tender kiss that had him humming his approval. Soon I was being pulled onto his lap, my legs straddling his sitting form making me run my hands into his snowy locks as butterflies filled my stomach with thundering nerves. Whenever I kissed Shirosaki all sane thoughts left my mind, all I could think about was him and how good it felt touching him the way I did. He wasn't a vampire, he was just Shiro and to me that was all that mattered. Allowing him into my mouth I relished the feeling of our tongues wrapping together, tasting him and feeling him against me. A low whine built up in my throat as he swept his thumb over the tender marked flesh of my neck. The action sent small sparks of pleasure shooting through me, making me clench my thighs around his waist and press closer against him. I listened to the deep purr that rumbled in his throat before he flipped our positions, causing me to gasp as he pressed me into the mattress bellow.

"Ichigo." The way he spoke my name sent small shivers down my spine, making the hair on my arms stand on end before he was kissing me once again.

Wrapping my legs around his waist I pulled him closer, moaning my approval as his hands slipped their way under my shirt. Teasing fingers danced across my stomach, making me tense at the tiny act. A low chuckle drifted from his lips as I attempted to wiggle my way free from the tickling touch, only to have it become harder making me tremble as cool fingers roamed over my chest. A deep heat was beginning to build inside me, making me almost restless against his tender touch.

"A-ah Sh-Shiro." I panted out as we parted, his lips placing small kisses along my jaw and I could feel the heat that stirred in my stomach, making my groin stiffen inside my jeans.

"I can't let ya go Ichi, I don't want to lose ya now." A small kiss was placed against my neck, making me gasp at the heat that shot through my body at the simple touch. It had me clawing at Shiro's shoulders as he licked along the newly made sensitive flesh. I found I couldn't stop my hips from rocking against his, making me moan as he dragged his teeth over my neck.

"I promise I won't hurt you."

"P-Please." Licking my lips as I spoke, I felt Shirosaki grin against my neck, making me shiver as I felt fangs press against my throat.

"Please what Ichi?"

"P-Please m-make the heat stop Shiro I-I-"

"Not on my bed you're not." The deep baritone that shot through the room had both me and Shiro jumping in surprise, though I found myself still struggling to clear my mind from that rich heat that littered my body.

A tiny groan flew from Shiro's mouth as he sat up from me, causing my legs to fall slack from my previous position. I caught sight of Grimmjow who stood against the frame of his door, arms crossed against his broad chest as he observed us, or rather me with a feral grin on his face. The look alone had me blushing from ear to ear before I quickly looked away, mumbling a hoarse apology. I had totally forgotten we were in fact in the bluenet's room, and on his bed which was wrong on so many levels.

"Not a problem strawberry, that blush you're sportin' makes up for it."

"Grimmjow." A dark warning growl was heard from Shiro before Grimmjow was lifting his arms in a surrendering motion.

"Whoa calm down there snowflake, I'm just glad to see that ya got 'em to calm down is all. Good to see you guys are okay."

"Thanks, we got it now do us both a favor and leave!" Shiro barked out, and I couldn't help but gaze at the fangs that currently sat barred at his best friend. The sight had me almost entranced, he really did have fangs.

"Yeah, yeah, get your ass off my bed if ya wanna do that nasty okay strawberry? After all we did jus' meet." With that the guitarist left, leaving me redder than ever while I struggled to form some sort of reply.

"Sorry about tha' Ichi, Grimm can be a little… Well he can be quite the asshole sometimes and it seems he's taken an interest in ya."

Giving my head a good shake I stared back at Shiro, his golden gaze having cleared of its heat but I still felt myself getting pulled in. It was all about those eyes that had me the first time I had ever seen him, they were absolutely hypnotic. I couldn't count the amount of times I've painted them. I could barely keep myself sane at this point, I felt like my mind was about to explode with information overload along with a bunch of mixed emotions on top of it. I felt emotionally exhausted.

"Yeah it's fine, but um Shiro I-I think I should go."

"Why, don't ya think we should talk abou' this?"

"Shiro I-" Letting out a long sigh I sat up, grabbing a hold of his hand and I noticed just how chilly it really felt.

"I need some time alone to think things through, to relax and just breathe. I can barely keep one thought in my mind here with you, I need to be alone." Nothing was said as he nodded his head in understanding, dropping my hand and sitting back on the bed.

"Don't take too long okay?" Looking back at him as I walked towards the door, I gave him a small reassuring smile.

"Don't worry I'll be back, I promise you that."


It had been three weeks since I had seen Shiro, the only form of communication I held with him was text message. I wanted to keep as much distance between us as I needed, even if it killed me. I had found by the end of week one that it actually might end up killing me. I had first not spoken to him at all, which proved to be a lot harder than you would think. It seemed that I was falling for Shiro, I had fallen for his looks the moment I saw him, now I was falling for the rest of him and it was absolutely mind blowing. By the end of Sunday night of the first week I sent him a text message asking him how he was. He responded to me in less than a minute. The action had me bursting into a fit of excited laughter, making me want to crawl under my blankets and hide from the stupid girly actions. But it was like I couldn't help it, hearing from him just made me that excited. I felt like a high school girl with her first crush. It was absolutely maddening.

After hours, days and nights spent thinking, and I mean really thinking about Shiro being a vampire I had come to one conclusion. I really didn't care. I wanted to be with him for him, not because he was a singer and him being a vampire didn't change that. I was living here and now, and right now all I wanted to do was be with Shiro and be happy. I didn't want to be scared of him, and I truly believed Shiro would never hurt me.

The one night he had called me and we talked about what exactly it was like being a vampire. He explained to me about Gigai's and what exactly marking was. How it kept me safe from other vampires, showing them that I was already with someone. In other words, I was Shiro's and in all honesty, that was a pretty damn good feeling. Though I put up an annoyed front about the entire thing, I secretly liked knowing that Shiro had marked me. Knowing that he wanted me only for himself, there was no better feeling that I could think of then that.

It had been three weeks and I was finally ready to go and see Shiro, actually I was ready to go and see him two weeks ago but I decided it was better if I stayed away. I was now extremely excited to see the singer, to finally kiss him. Just the thought had my cheeks heating in excitement.

Glancing down into my peachy coloured drink, I brought it up to swirl the cool liquid well gnawing on my lip as I tried to hold back the large grin that threatened to split my face. We chose to meet up at a bar and then go from there. I had wanted to look my best so I dressed in a pair of form fitting dark wash jeans, a red button up and a new black bench jacket I had gotten for Christmas, the soft white fur trim hood helped against the winter chill. Pushing up my sleeves I took a quick glance at my wrist watch, checking to see how much longer I had to wait.

"Eight forty nine." I couldn't help the agitated sigh I let loose after finding out I still had about eleven minutes to wait for Shiro to show up. That's if he was one time, though I couldn't imagine why he wouldn't be.

"Well hello there handsome, could I buy you a drink?" Pausing in mid sip of my drink I glanced over to find who the sweet female voice belonged to. There stood a rather curvy female, hair the colour of green coral that had me blinking in surprise.

"U-Um, shouldn't I be the one asking you that?" Large hazel orbs seemed to fill with amusement as she let free a rather soft giggle. Leaning into I instantly caught the scent of her perfume, floral and sweet. I found the scent had my mind spinning slightly as she placed her hand on my thigh.

"Should I try again?"

"W-What exactly is that scent you're wearing?" I asked as I tried to shake my head clear of the hazy state I found myself drifting into.

"Hmmm, you like it? It's my own special mix, would you like a taste?" She whispered heatedly in my ear as I felt her hand creep up to my crotch, before she turned my head so I could face her.

Staring into her eyes, I felt like my body was getting groggy almost as if I was in a dream-like state. I could feel her large breasts being pushed against me while she rubbed my crotch, and for some unknown reason I felt myself becoming aroused.

"I-I'm gay."

"Oh honey don't worry, I can change that." I felt my hand clench around my drink, my teeth grinding together as I tried my best to focus on anything but the damn hand on my crotch and the intoxicating scent that seemed to envelop around me.

"Tsh, well that's no fun you're already marked." Suddenly her hand stopped and she was pulling away, a small pout on her lips as she got up from her seat. Leaving me wondering what the hell had just happened.


"Well maybe we can do this another time sweetie, I'll see you again okay?" With that she leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek before she left me blinking in confusion.

"Dude you so should have hit that!" Looking over to the bar, I found the bartender with a huge grin on his face as he looked in the direction the mysterious woman had left.

"Do you know who the hell that was?" I questioned, making the black haired male cock a brow before shrugging his shoulders.

"Nope never seen her before, too bad man because she was totally into you." With that he walked away, mentioning he would get me a refill for my loss.

Giving my head a good shake, I brought my glass up before taking back the rest of my drink. My mind still seeming to buzz with the after effect the woman had on me. I had no idea what exactly had just happened, all I knew was one thing. She was not human. No human woman alive could make my head spin the way she did, it just wasn't possible. She had mentioned I was marked, so did that mean that she was a vampire? I didn't exactly know vampires could do something like that. But if she's not a vampire then just what the hell is she?

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