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Chapter 1: Stress Relief

Nick shut the door a little more forcefully then he intended when he returned to his room after a grueling study session in the library. He dumped his backpack by his desk and flopped onto his bed with a groan. He was deep into the inevitable end-of-semester push to make up for whatever the teachers' had neglected to reserve sufficient time for earlier in the year but simply couldn't cut from their syllabi; apparently Dalton's anti-discrimination policy extended to the most bizarre and useless assignments, because they seemed to be protected most of all.

Nick was a good student and worked hard, but lately he had been spending more and more time at the library instead of in his room because his room was rather distracting. Specifically, his roommate was rather distracting. He sighed again in an uneasy combination of frustration, happiness, and lust at the thought of the humorous, quirky, impossibly blond boy who had been his best friend for their two years at Dalton. Usually Nick was able to control his unchivalrous thoughts about Jeff, but it seemed that stress from schoolwork exhausted his reserves of self-control and he found himself almost instantly aroused when he was alone with Jeff.

Fortunately, the blond boy was out and didn't see Nick's growing hard-on as he lay on his bed. Nick decided to take advantage of the temporary solitude and stripped down for a shower in their private bathroom. He felt the shock of the hot water splash onto his back as he stepped into the tub and reveled in the sensation. It wasn't long before his hormones were back in overdrive and he lathered up some soap suds to stroke his cock. Nick was soon lost in a fog of steam and his own pleasure as he slowly worked his plump cock, and didn't notice his low moans echoing in the small bathroom . . .

Jeff returned to his room after his trip to the café for a cup of hot tea. He usually kept his favorite mint tea in their room, but had just run out and was forced to make do with whatever was available. He too collapsed on his bed upon entering the room and shut his eyes, enjoying a moment of peace before he got back to work. It was then that he heard a rather loud noise from the bathroom. It started off like a growl but rose in pitch and volume. It sounded like pure sex and it worked on Jeff like magic. He and Nick had never discussed their sexuality, which always struck him as odd considering they talked about every other possible topic. In a way he was glad, because if he had to talk about it, he didn't trust himself not to reveal his feelings for his best friend and roommate, and he didn't want to ruin the best relationship in his life. But then, as he surveyed the string of discarded clothes leading to the bathroom door and heard another moan that he swore sounded like his own name, Jeff suddenly discovered a mischievous courage he never knew he had and decided to take action.

Being a normal teenage boy, Jeff knew full well what was happening on the other side of that door, and a smirk spread across his face as he felt his own pants grow tighter. Timing his entrance immediately after another painfully desperate noise from the shower, Jeff swung the door open and called out to his friend.

"Hey Nick, dude, are you alright in here?"

Nick nearly fell over when he realized his friend, roommate, and wickedly sexy crush was standing on the other side of the shower curtain while his hand still gripped his hard cock like it was the last thing holding him to Earth. Ohshitohshit.

Nick managed to open his mouth to offer an explanation. "Um, yeah man, I'm good, just uh, stubbed my toe a bit there…" Wow, smooth Nick.

Jeff tried not to giggle too loudly. Nick is a terrible liar, he thought, but I guess I don't do my best thinking in that state either. "Are you sure you're OK? It sounded pretty bad."

Is he laughing at this? Nick wondered. I do not see anything funny here… "Yep, um, got it all under control. I'll be out in a minute." Damn you Jeff! It takes a special kind of person to cockblock a fantasy about themselves, but congratulations, you found a way.

"Alright bud. See you soon!" called Jeff with a bit of a lilt in his voice. On his way out the door he snatched the underwear and t-shirt that Nick had brought in with him. Phase One complete, he thought to himself.

Nick heard the door close and let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. Well, crap, I can't finish now! Not after that little episode. I just hope I don't spring up in front of Jeff; I don't want to freak him out, but it's his fault anyway! Reluctantly he shut off the water a minute or so later, and stepped out to wrap himself in a towel to dry off. Then he realized his clothes were missing. Fuck my life; this kid is out to kill me tonight! First with a heart attack, and now the world's worst case of blue balls.

"Hey Jeff, um, did you happen to see if I brought in any clothes?" Nick called sheepishly through the door.

Jeff grinned again, basking in the feeling of a plan coming together. "Uh, no, I didn't notice. Just come out and grab something, no big deal." Now Jeff began to get nervous. What if he had misinterpreted everything? What if Nick really was straight and would be offended by what he was about to do? Pushing his golden bangs aside, loosening his tie, and unbuttoning a few buttons on his uniform shirt, Jeff made up his mind. Here goes nothing…

Nick emerged from the steamy bathroom seconds later, head downcast and water glistening on his chest. Jeff's stomach lurched and he felt his cock swell at the sight.

"Sounds like you could have used some help in there" said Jeff coyly while Nick rifled through his dresser for some clothes.

"You have no idea" Nick muttered to himself, then instantly regretted it when he realized Jeff had definitely heard him. He jerked his head up to see the blond boy staring at him with a wild look in his usually soft eyes.

"Oh, I think I do" purred Jeff softly as he closed the distance between them. "But maybe I should make sure." He was right next to Nick then, bathing in the heat and clean scent radiating off of him from the shower. "I think I owe you some sort of apology since I ruined your fun" he whispered into the dark-haired boy's ear as he ran his index finger down the center of Nick's chest all the way down to where the towel was wrapped loosely around his hips.

Nick was embarrassed and felt his face flush when he realized Jeff had figured it all out, but as the blond continued his seduction attempt, Nick finally convinced himself he wasn't dreaming and decided he was not going let the little punk get away with playing him like this. He took a firm hold of the slender boy and playfully pushed him against the closet door. "So now you want to help, do you?" he growled as his smoldering eyes met Jeff's. "Let's start by playing fair." And with that he slipped off the tie and undid the remaining buttons on Jeff's shirt and tore it off the fair boy's toned arms so that they stood bare-chested only inches apart.

Jeff was thrilled. I think Phase Two is a success, he thought for a moment before he leaned in to kiss Nick and found Nick's lips crashing back into his. They connected and Jeff shivered with the intensity of it all as Nick wound his strong arms around him and Jeff cupped Nick's face with his hands to pull him in closer. They kissed breathlessly for a few seconds, though it felt like hours. Nick sighed and smiled into the kiss, which caused Jeff to smile back. They reluctantly parted for a breath, Jeff leaning down so that their foreheads still touched as they panted softly.

"Jeff…" Nick whispered hoarsely. "Are you sure about this? I mean, if this is too much…"

"Nick, I'm completely—" Jeff kissed Nick's jawline. "100 percent—" He nipped Nick's earlobe. "totally sure. And I've wanted to do that for a long time."

They embraced for a moment basking in the happy realization that their feelings were mutual. Then Nick moved his hips a bit, and even through the towel and his own pants, Jeff felt an incredible rush of electricity as their still-hard cocks brushed together. Jeff let out an involuntary groan and squeezed his eyes shut until he heard a low chuckle from the shorter boy and opened his eyes to catch Nick with his eyebrow cocked.

"So, where were we?" asked Nick.

"Oh, I'm not sure, discussing English homework I think…" began Jeff innocently.

"Yea, bullshit, you tease" said Nick with a smile as he pulled the taller boy's face down to his own again and brought their lips together for a second kiss. The first was tentative and exploratory, but this one was immediate and needy, conveying all of their suppressed feelings built up over their long history. Jeff was glad he was leaning against the closet door still, because he felt his knees weakening as all of his attention and energy went into the kiss. Nick's hands ghosted over Jeff's soft chest and gently pinched his left nipple. "Oh God, Nick" mumbled Jeff into the other boy's mouth. Time for Phase Three, Jeff decided, I can't take this anymore.

Experiencing his second surge of courage that night, Jeff pushed off from the door and took a firm hold of the dark-haired boy and led him toward his bed. Nick feigned resistance and muttered something about his honor as they collapsed onto the bed. Jeff started out on top, mashing their chests together while they kissed deeply, and Nick reflexively bucked his hips up into Jeff's. The friction was just what Jeff wanted, and he ground himself into Nick, slowly rocking back and forth. Nick signaled his approval by darting his tongue across Jeff's bottom lip, and Jeff eagerly allowed Nick to slip his tongue in past his smiling teeth. Nick loved the feel of his tongue twisting around Jeff's, but was more than happy to withdraw and let Jeff thrust his tongue into Nick's mouth.

A few moments passed, interspersed with sighs and giggles as they boys continued to explore each other. Finally, Nick rolled on top of Jeff and raised his eyes to meet the gaze of the blond. Nick silently pleaded for permission to go further, and Jeff instantly understood and nodded quickly, a smirk broadening across his flushed face. Nick needed no further encouragement, and began to trail kisses down Jeff's neck, pausing to bite gently on the tender skin and causing Jeff to writhe with pleasure beneath him. Nick next stopped to lick Jeff's hard nipples and used his free hand to palm the bulge in the other boy's pants. Jeff whined, and began to undo his belt and unbutton his uniform slacks. Grinning, Jeff shimmied off his pants off and was left sporting only pale blue boxer briefs that left nothing to the imagination in his present state. Jeff stared up at Nick, taking in his broad shoulders and solid arms, then reached up and pulled him down for another kiss.

Nick still had other plans, however, and once again worked his way down the slender boy's chest to lightly kiss his belly button, before running a hesitant finger beneath the waistband of Jeff's briefs. Then Nick slowly ran his tongue over the length of Jeff's prick, and even through the thin fabric it felt fantastic. "Please, Nick" murmured Jeff breathily. "Yessir" growled Nick as he pulled the briefs down while Jeff arched his back to allow Nick to get them all the way off. Nick greedily swallowed the tip of Jeff's cock; it was the first time either had done anything like this, but it seemed natural enough, and Nick loved knowing how much pleasure he was giving his best friend and now lover. Jeff threw his head back deeper into the pillows and moaned as his hands gripped Nick's hair. He had to resist the urge to thrust up into Nick's mouth, but he soon found Nick was doing fine all on his own. After all of the previous excitement, Jeff found himself getting close much sooner than he wanted, and he pulled Nick off of his cock and started kissing him feverishly.

Nick pulled away and pouted. "Why'd you stop? Was I bad?" He looked genuinely concerned. This was one of the many reasons Jeff had fallen so hard for him; Nick always thought of others and wanted to help them.

Jeff giggled softly and whispered into Nick's ear, "Bad? You're fucking amazing!" Jeff felt Nick relax then, relieved that his first lover hadn't rejected him. "I only stopped so I wouldn't cum already, and I wanted to give it a try myself."

Nick grinned. "Bout time. C'mere" They flipped over so Nick was now lying on his back with Jeff straddling him. Jeff repeated the same sequence Nick had used on him, gently nibbling at his neck while massaging his thighs and cupping his balls. Jeff quickly removed Nick's boxers, his heart racing when he heard the slap of Nick's cock springing free from his boxers and hitting his toned stomach. Jeff swallowed half of Nick in his first gulp, which caused him to choke a bit. He pulled his head up to look at Nick while he wrapped his hand around Nick's cock and started to stroke it slowly. "Jeff, ugh, feels so good" Nick panted. Ordinarily Jeff would have teased him for being so articulate, but all he had heard was basically "Suck me now!" and he was all too happy to oblige. Pacing himself this time, Jeff started to bob his mouth up and down Nick's shaft, taking in a little more each time. Jeff kept stroking himself too, which Nick thought was just about the hottest thing he'd ever seen, aside from watching the fair boy swallowing his own cock.

All too soon, Nick realized that he couldn't sustain the pleasurable tension for much longer. "Jeff, I'm pretty close dude." Jeff felt it too, and he was pumping his own dick faster as his own orgasm was approaching. Jeff was torn; he wanted to see Nick shoot, but he also wanted to feel him cum in his mouth. "Seriously, I'm going to cum if you keep that up" whispered Nick hoarsely. Jeff sucked harder and deeper than before, and right as Nick started to moan his name he pulled his mouth up and jerked Nick furiously, sending him crashing over the edge. Jeff's eyes widened as he saw his friend shoot several thick ropes of cum all over his stomach and chest. The sight alone would have been enough for Jeff, but Nick grabbed him so Jeff was straddling the dark-haired boy. It only took Nick a few long strokes to make Jeff spasm in his hand, cumming hard and adding his load to Nick's chest. Jeff practically collapsed onto Nick, his energy drained by their exertions and the intensity of his orgasm.

They lay together, hugging tightly as their breathing and pulse gradually returned to normal. They kissed gently, reveling in the blissful comfort of holding the person you love. Nick spoke first. "Jeff, that was…"

"Incredible? Amazing? Long overdue?" suggested Jeff, flashing his brilliant smile.

Nick chuckled. "All of the above and more." Then he got quiet as he stared into Jeff's eyes. Jeff recognized his friend cycling through a host of emotions from joy to apprehension. Nuzzling in closer, Jeff asked "Is there something wrong, Nick?"

Nick gulped. "No, nothing wrong, it's just that I've waited for that a long time, and I still can't believe it happened, and, well if you feel the same way, then would you, um, would like to go out? With…me?"

Jeff lifted his head up so he could look Nick right in the eye, their noses just barely touching. He smiled sweetly and then looked into Nick's eyes with utter sincerity. "I would like nothing more than to go out with you, if that means you'll be my boyfriend too."

"Absolutely!" said Nick with all the enthusiasm he could summon (he was, after all, still recovering from the most intense orgasm of his life and was just a tad worn out).

"Great!" said Jeff, looking relieved and grateful that his little plan had worked so well. Then his familiar mischievous grin returned. "So, does that mean we can do this again?"

Nick laughed, then breathed into Jeff's ear as he said "You bet your sweet ass we can do this again." Then he pulled away a bit to say "But first I think we should get cleaned up. You caused quite a mess."

"Hey, I didn't hear any complaints!" retorted Jeff. "But I don't know if I'm comfortable using that shower now that I know what you do in there…" He was cut off by a friendly punch to the arm, and both boys cracked up. They slinked off the bed, Nick leading Jeff to the bathroom and the refreshing warmth of the shower. They washed up in short order, each taking advantage of the opportunity to help clean "hard to reach places" and steal kisses as they passed taking turns under the water. Finally, Jeff shut off the water and they dried off.

As they returned to the bedroom, Jeff turned to Nick. "Hey Nick, would you mind sleeping with me tonight?" he asked in an adorably nervous tone. Nick hugged him tight. "I thought you'd never ask."

The boys snuggled into the small bed. After some trial and error, they decided Jeff could be the little spoon, and Jeff pressed himself firmly into Nick's warm chest. "Good night, Three" said Jeff sleepily. Nick smiled at his now-boyfriend's use of their secret nicknames and pulled him in tighter. "Good night, Six. Sweet dreams."

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