The little earl was restless. It had been a long day and he couldn't bring himself to do any more paperwork."Sebastian?Sebastian?"The little earl looked around but couldn't see his trustful butler any where. Just when he was about to rise from his chair there was an almost silent,but loud enough for him to hear,knock at the door."You called for me, My Lord?"the said butler came in and looked at his master.

"I couldn't find you..."the earl looked to his side seeming to blush a little.

The butler smiled wickedly."I apologize my lord I was attending to some matters do you wish to go to bed?"

The earl shook his head."No,at least not yet."He looked at his butler for awhile."Well what is it that you wish for my lord?"the butler was is he up to?The earl got up and walked up to him and looked at him a small smile on his lips."Sebastian..I want you to do something for me."

"Just ask My Lord and I'll grant you your wish."Ciel smiled. He's going to regret that.."I...I want you my age..."Ciel wrapped his arms around his butler's neck lovingly and looked at him straight in the eye."Is the that an order My Lord?"Truly the butler was confused ,why was his master asking him to do such an peculiar thing,but none the less if it was an order he would do it.