I still get the odd review on this story every once in a while, and I wanted to formally thank everyone who has enjoyed it so much! Alas, the bulk of these chapters were filled by a roleplay that ended abruptly last September, and I must finally admit it has no hopes of ever continuing. (Plus, it's hard to be so mean to Haruhi for so long! Not to mention Tamaki, the man whom we ripped apart from his lady (in canon), and didn't give nearly enough dues) I've moved on to other things, and I hope that if I ever take to publishing any of them on here, you lovely readers will get as much enjoyment out of them as you did out of this one.

My previous roleplay partner and I did, however, have some plans for this story before stopping it. If I can find it, I might post one last chapter, because I distinctly remember playing the tattoo scene. Afterwards, they continued to mature, and Haruhi's debt became more of a joke between them than anything, at least as time went on. (In this AU, Kyouya never expected her to pay back every penny, realistically) Haruhi moved to America to go to Ootori-funded Harvard, while Kyouya advanced in his own work in Japan, and the two went on with a (rather difficult) long-distance relationship. (We played a few little scenes of their college days, fueled by Simple Plan's song, 'Jet Lag') He asked her to marry him the night of her graduation, and they wed soon after. (They are not patient people, and have access to enough money that they do not have to fiddle with details themselves) Haruhi worked Pro-Bono for quite a while, taking on paying cases only when needed, and Kyouya took over his father's business, easily surpassing both of his brothers. They had three children, two boys and a baby girl. They family is very much outlined in one of my many Tumblr posts on the Ootoris.

Like I said, the chances of finding that last chapter are slim! All of the one-shots I've posted since this are on my Tumblr, (SuddenlyPants), or tagged as KyouHaru.

Much love to all, and thank you so much for the support!