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By bishounen lovah

Part 1: Raiha

I stopped walking and quickly hid in the shadows of an alley.  I'd been following Fuuko for quite a long time now and I knew that she knew I was stalking her.  But she doesn't do anything to stop me and so for almost three years now I had become her shadow.

I watched her enter the grocery and decided that it would not be wise to follow her there.  Instead, I leaned on the wall and glued my eyes to the door across the street, waiting for her to come out.

The store beside the alley had its radio loud and blasting but I didn't mind.  The lively chatter of the deejays was actually amusing.  They were arguing on who would get to introduce their Pick of the Week CD Review.  In the end, the girl won over the guy apparently after a game of rock, paper, scissors.

She reminds me of Fuuko…refreshingly stubborn.

"Ha!  When will you ever learn that I am the mistress of this game," the girl deejay exclaimed.

"Okay, okay.  Stop gloating and do your job already," the guy deejay said in a not so enthusiastic tone.

"I'm not gloating.  Do I look like I'm gloating?  Do I sound like I'm gloating?  You know what…let's take a poll.  Listeners, call in if you think my partner here is right or wrong."

I couldn't help but chuckle.  If I hadn't seen Fuuko herself a few minutes ago I would have thought that the lady deejay was actually her.  I could hear the radio station's phones ringing almost instantly.

"Alright then.  As we wait for our slaves to tally your votes.  I'll introduce to you our CD Pick of the Week.  Today it's Dido's turn to rule.  Her songs had been becoming very famous ever since she was featured in Eminem's hit rap song 'Stan'.  We'll be playing three of her songs within the hour.  So stay in your seats and glue your ears to your speakers.  Here is the first song we will feature from her phenomenal album 'No Angel'.  This song is entitled 'All You Want'."

I grimaced as he heard the title of the song.  I had a feeling that the song would strike a nerve.  I wasn't mistaken.

I'd like to watch you sleep at night,

To hear you breathe by my side.

And although sleep leaves me behind,

There's nowhere I'd rather be.

Fuuko, I thought in pain.  She was what I wanted.  What I still want.

It's not because of her Fuujin although it started out that way.  About four years ago I had challenged her to fight me.  Her Fuujin versus my Raijin.  The God of Wind against the God of Thunder.

I plagued her day and night but still she refused to accept my challenge.  Instead she tried to befriend me even though I acted indifferently.  The girl just could not understand that we were destined to fight because of our madougus.

And so I resorted to drastic measures.  I kidnapped Ganko Morikawa and threatened to kill her if Fuuko did not fight.  Of course I had not meant that threat but she didn't know that.  So we fought.  She was good but without Kaze no Kadama to help her; she stood no chance against me.

She almost died.

It was at that moment I realized that I love her.  She had managed to get under my skin and unknowingly made me fall in love with her.  I quickly left to fetch Yanagi-san and from the shadows, I watched her heal the Fuujin wielder.  When she gained consciousness, I felt a great amount of relief and guilt.

I was the stupid one.  Stupid enough to think it was actually our destiny to fight.  Stupid enough to let my guard down and fall for her…hard.

But I did not regret acquiring the new emotion.  After a month of apologizing to her (and Ganko), she forgave me and we became friends.  Soon enough we became a couple then lovers.

And now our bed is oh so cold,

My hands feel empty, no one to hold.

I can sleep what side I want,

It's not the same with you gone.

For several months we lived together in pure bliss.  But as our relationship deepened I became more and more possessive of her.  I did not like it if she spent too much time with Recca and that gorilla, Domon.  I hated it whenever I saw her teasing Tokiya Mikagami.

I was jealous.  And it was my jealousy and possessiveness that drove us to fight.  Sure we had squabbles every now and then but none as serious as our fight over my faults.

Yes, I can now admit that our breakup was the result of my jealousy.  And it was my fault why she feels betrayed and unloved.

Oh if you'd come home, I'll let you know that

All you want is right here in this room, all you want.

And all you need is sitting her with you, all you want.

It's been three years, one night apart,

But in that night you tore my heart.

If only you had slept alone,

If those seeds had not been sown.

After our huge fight, I had turned to the person nearest me (literally).  Unfortunately, that person was Aki.  I had no idea that she was secretly harboring lust for me.  She used her Kotodama on me and distraught as I was, I instantly fell for her 'words'.

I had thought she was my Fuuko.  I had thought that she was back to forgive me and patch up our relationship.

I had thought it was Fuuko who I had made love to that night.

Imagine the shock that I felt when the real Fuuko came in.  Probably not as much as the shock that she felt but it came close.  It was then that I realized that Aki tricked me.

Oh you could come home and you would know that

All you want is right here in this room, all you want.

All you need is sitting here with you, all you want.

I hear your key turning in the door,

I won't be hearing that sound anymore.

And you and your sin can leave the way you just came in,

Send my regards to her.

I will never forget the look on Fuuko's face after the shock had been washed away by her tears.  I could remember the intense hurt visible in her eyes.  Never before had I seen that look on her face.  Not in her battles.  Not when she lost in a fight.

It was only then when she saw me in bed with Aki that I saw her assume a pained expression.  The kind of pain, I feared, that will never go away.

Fuuko rushed out of our apartment and came back a week later to collect her things.  I explained, apologized and even begged her not to leave me.  She listened but did not forgive me.  Her last words to me were to leave her alone.

That was three years ago.  Three long miserable years.  How can I leave alone the most precious thing that I had ever wanted?  The most precious thing I had.

The first year of our breakup I did not heed her plea.  I constantly bugged her into taking me back but all she did was look at me with pained indifference.  It even came to the point that Kurei-sama himself ordered me to leave her be.

I couldn't do that yet I couldn't disobey my master.  So I compromised.  For the next two years, I shadowed her movements.  Not bothering yet not releasing her.  I hoped that my devotion to her would make her realize what a mistake it was to leave me.  I hoped that it would make up for my past mistakes.

I hope you've found that

All you want is right there in that room, all you want.

All you need is sitting there with you, all you want.

I'd like to watch you sleep at night,

To hear you breathe by my side.

In those years I spent following her, I had managed to put a leash on my jealousy.  If I wanted Fuuko back, I had to change my faults.  It was hard though for I watched she and Mikagami grow close together.  He had been the one who comforted her when we broke up with his silence.  For some reason, the Ensui wielder's silence and indifference have been the things she had needed and not the sympathy and kind words of the rest of the Hokage team.

I swallowed my anger and pride every time I would see Mikagami uneasily embrace her whenever she would break down.  As the months passed, an easy camaraderie developed between him and Fuuko.  He had thawed his icy exterior to her and only her.  And still I held back my jealousy.

Until last night.

Last night was the third year anniversary of our break up.  As usual I stalked Fuuko and watched her get drunk because of reasons that are unknown to me although I wished it was because she still misses and loves me.  I would have walked to her and talked to her but Mikagami came to her.  So I waited until Mikagami leaves her alone but it did not happen.

He had taken her home with him.

It took all of my energy to stop myself from barging in his apartment.  Fuuko wouldn't want that even though she would have been too drunk to notice.  So I waited and waited until morning came.  It was midmorning that Fuuko got out of the apartment

I knew that the time had finally come to confront her again.

I opened my eyes when the song ended and was startled to see Fuuko standing in front of me.  I was startled anew when she smiled at me and asked me to join her get some coffee.

I numbly nodded although my heart was beating a hundred times a minute.  It was time for us to talk and settle things.

Kami-sama let her come back to me please.

To be continued…


[1] OMG!  I didn't know that writing a song fic could be hard.  This is my first so I had a hard time making this work.  I decided to make this a three part special since this part got too long.  Part two will be Tokiya's POV and part three will be about Fuuko's POV (and who she chooses).  I'll be posting the next part every few days (a week at most) since I still have to make them.  All three parts are interrelated.

[2] I know Raiha's thoughts and the words of the song sometimes do not match.  Just stretch your imagination a bit.  This is the only song from the album that matches the plot closely.  Don't send flames about it, k?

[3] I am not really familiar on Raiha's behavior so I'm sorry if you think that he's out of character.  I had to make him act and think as such in order to make the plot work.  I may also have to change Tokiya's behavior in the next part, again for the sake of the plot.

[4] Please tell me what you think even if you thought I sucked.  I wanna know how I did with my first song fic.  And thanks a lot for spending time in reading this.  I truly appreciate it.