Icemark Drabble Challenge

Drabble Nineteen: Pavor Nocturnus

The dark of the Night is thought to conceal only evil things. Tales of horrible creatures that snatch children from their beds are woven through the minds of all who care to listen. Superstition runs rampant in the hours shadowed in darkness.

But not all things steeped in black are evil.

Take Their Vampiric Majesties, for instance.

Once hatred boiled through their undead bodies at the very thought of the Icemark and its rulers. Now they are faithful allies. And though they may have done some irrevocably evil deeds, love still found its way into their un-beating hearts.

Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield experienced this first hand once, though she never cared to admit it. She had walked into their underground chamber, fully intending to plan for the coming battle for Frostmarris.

What met her was completely unexpected.

There, on one of the many divans that had been brought into the cavern for comfort, were the feared Vampire King and Queen. But instead of their fearsome facades, the Icemark's queen found a much softer side to the undead rulers.

Sleeping peacefully, The Vampire Queen was curled into her likewise snoring consort. A small smile played at the corners of her lips as he unconsciously wrapped an arm around his wife, drawing her even closer to him. His Vampiric Majesty buried his face into her hair, shamelessly cuddling with her in his sleep.

Thirrin had never seen anything like it. But that just goes to show you….even Pavor Nocturnus can find love in each other.