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This is the second installment of Friendship, the Beauty of it All; the stories stand alone, but it's fun to see where it all started.

In the first story the boy didn't have a name, but he's known as Jou for the obvious reasons he's so much like his mentor. Very light hearted and if it makes you sad or cry it's ok. That's life and it's worth feeling all it has to offer. "Treasure your Mom and give her a big hug ! Love You, Sherabo Mother's Day Gift

Prologue: Years ago two boys formed a relationship that grew from need, trust, and friendship. A bond formed which has taken them to adulthood and each has gone on to live their dreams. Yugi reached out to a lonely boy at school and now as the wheel of time moves forward that same boy will recreate a bond that touches the hearts and souls of many. Katsuya now spends countless hours with his students, but there is still one he can't seem to reach. Sometimes he holds tutoring classes on the weekend, and Sunday morning breakfast at the local park. His memories of growing up hungry and alone are always in the back of his mind. Its Friday morning just before the sun is rising . . .

Friendship: The Bonds of Time

Joey rolled over, nearly falling out of his bed, but instead of hugging his favorite pillow he hit his head on a wooded table top, actually it was his desk top, old and worn from his days as a student in college.

"Geezz….." he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and knocked his glasses to the floor, a pile of papers and books followed the red rim spectacles and settled at his feet. Looking around it didn't take long to realize he'd fallen asleep at work and not at home. Joey rose and stretched his back from side to side and next bent down to the floor moaning as his bones started to creak, he needed sleep but his student's needs always came first.

'O 'kay boy, another night at school grading papers and I'm still not finished,' he thought. He needed to assess his students and determine who should pass or fail. One child touched his heart and he couldn't decide exactly what he wanted to do with the boy. Katsuya knew he held the boy's faith in his hands. The boy struggled for almost a year with his grades and didn't make coming to school a priority. Yet almost every Friday he'd share a pizza with Katsuya who never pressed him for information. Katsuya felt a kinship with the boy and hope for the day he'd truly let him into his heart. His thoughts continued to wonder as he unconsciously started to straighten books on a shelf and prepare for today's lesson which would start in about two hours. Just enough time to run and catch a quick shower down the street at the local gym. It was a common practice of the cool teacher.

Little did the man know a knock on the door would rock his world.

"Jounouchi- sansei!" a voice called from the outside of his classroom. "Are you in there?"

"Yeah, come in its open," the teacher responded.

"Seto Kaiba has been trying to reach you, and he said it's a matter of grave importance," Tea, the head councilor of the senior student body called out.

"Tea can't you handle it, I don't have time to listen to his complaints," Katsuya, grabbed his jacket, he needed a shower and coffee. "Hey what's with the sensei? We played in the sand box together." Katsuya smiled but Tea's eyes flashed that no-nonsense look.

"I think you better take this, he has one of your students under arrest at Kaiba Corp?"

"WHAT, that jack-ass? Tell him I'll be there in ten minutes." Katsuya grabbed his bike helmet and keys, plus Tea tosses his cell phone to him and he caught it in mid air. It appeared he'd left it in her office which is why he missed the call.

"Ok jerk-face don't you have better things to do than harass my students," Katsuya hissed. It appeared nothing had changed to improve their relationship over the years.

"Five minutes . . . . Just get your ass over here, before I call the police," Kaiba responded and cut off the call.

Joey rolled into the private under garage parking lot and dashed to the elevator that would take him to Kaiba's security office. He knew the way by hard, for reasons he'd prefer now to remember.

The door was wide open and Kaiba stood against a wall watching his watch, as Katsuya stepped across the thresh hold.

"You're late,"

"Bullshit, I still have one minute."


"Jou!" Katsuya cried out. The boy had plastic cuffs on his hands and his face was bruised. Hanging from his shoulders his jacket appeared to be ripped from the sleeves, and Joey could smell the stench of dried blood.

Enraged, the blond backed Kaiba into a corner, and hissed, "This is low even for you,"Katsuya's hot breathe tickled Kaiba's chin. "Wipe that damn smirk off your face, you don't scare me anymore."

Kaiba continued to smirk, "I could have sent him to jail, but he claim to know you."

Katsuya walked over to the boy angry beyond words. "Damn it, don't just stand there let him loose," the words were directed at one of the brunette's hit men. Two stood on either side of the ragged boy. He tapped his worn tennis shoe on the shinny floor, making that soundless nervous movement the teacher recognized as fear and pain. As a youth he did the same thing when backed into a corner ready to strike out at the world.

Kaiba motioned with a nod to cut the strips and watched as Katsuya attended to the boy.

"Listen he was caught breaking into Mokuba's new game shop and" . . . . Katsuya didn't let the other continue. "And the bruises, the jacket, I suppose you didn't have anything to do with that."

Katsuya protectively helped the boy stand and attempted to turn his face towards the light. He could see clearly the boy was hiding a black eye. It had been three days since the boy had been to school. The blonde wanted to cry as he looked into his blazing eyes. It was the mirror of his soul and a time gone by.

"Did those men hurt you, I swear don't be afraid, you are not alone," Katsuya tried to assure the young boy who struggled. . He slapped Katsuya hand away.

"I was born alone. Who made you GOD," Jou twisted away.

Katsuya grabbed the arm with the torn sleeve which revealed the bruise and cuts on his arms. 'Hint of blood, 'he thought. Katsuya loosed his hold.

"I'm outta 'here . . . . Don't touch me," Jou pushed pass Katsuya only to hit a brick wall, Kaiba.

Jou rolled his hands into a fist, but chose to side step the CEO only to run into Katsuya who decided to end this game right now. In his heart he knew Kaiba had nothing to do with these wounds, they ran to deep and were all too familiar. But he continued to press the defiant boy for answers.

"I won't let you go . . . not this time."

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