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Recap: "I don't have time for this shit . . . ." Kaiba turned away, but realize at the last moment the animal was under the sakura tree. On closer inspection a pale glimmer of gold reflected off the tree, hair. It wasn't a dog but Katsuya clutching his stomach and wiping his eyes at the same time. The scene nearly forced Kaiba to run it was an invasion of intimacy he couldn't breach. Yet if he didn't Katsuya would be lost to him forever.

Chapter 7 Take Me

"Who's there . . . . .?" Katsuya's voice could barely be heard against the soft flow of the wind. But the wind carried a familiar scent and he backed away quickly.

"Katsuya . . . ."

"Damn it . . . . This is turning into a freakin' nightmare," Katsuya thought, while wiping his eyes. He wanted to run, but Kaiba anticipated his move and pulled the teacher against his chest. He buried his face in the soft blanket of Katsuya's hair.

"You're freezing . . . ."

Kaiba pulled Katsuya against his hips and held him tightly around his waist. He leaned his head against the solid wall of Kaiba's chest. "What's it to you?"

Kaiba took a deep breath, "Don't go, stay with me," the words tickled the back of Katsuya's neck.

'Four simple words just a little too late, damn him . . .' the blond thought of Ryuji and a wave of fresh tears started to fall.

"Don't do this . . . . I can't stand to see you cry," Kaiba whispered he didn't recognize his own voice. Maybe it was the wine that he'd consumed earlier that forced honey to drip from his lips or the desperation of his plight, but the thought of his love interest leaving tied his stomach in knots.

Kaiba tilted Katsuya chin upward and turned him around at an angle which forced a light kiss on the tip of his lower lip. In silent submission Katsuya turned completely around and faced deep blue eyes dancing in the moon light. The black chains that wrapped around Kaiba's heart started to break and he struggled with emotions buried so deep it became almost impossible to draw breathe; chains that cut into his flesh.

Katsuya welcome the touch and allow the feelings that bound him to the other to surface; it was a bond he'd forged in his heart so many years ago and natured on the winds of time.

Katsuya's knees buckled but with courage and fear he kissed Kaiba. Kaiba's opened his mouth and Katsuya buried his tongue deep inside and explored the moist cavern.

Saliva dripped from their lips as Katsuya pushed Kaiba violently away and fell to the soft earth below his feet. "Never, just go man; you've had your fun."

"Fun . . . you think this is a joke," Kaiba furred his eyebrows, 'I've screwed him over so much and now he's lost.'

'God give me courage to walk away from this,' Katsuya moved to the other side of the tree as he struggle to regain a bit of pride. Just one kiss and he was on his knees.

"Wait!"Kaiba asked, fighting his own emotions.

"I'm such a fool I know that no matter what I do, you'll never love me. . . ." Katsuya swayed as he spoke.

"No matter what you do I'll never stop loving you," Kaiba countered the attack. He reached out to take Katsuya hand.

"So causally you taunt my heart with sweet words and expect my obeisance. Why after all this time?"

'Careful, he's on the edge,' Kaiba calculated the distance around the tree.

"When I see your face I can't think about work, there's no reason to this madness and I hate you at the same time for this weakness." Kaiba confessed and closed the distance between their bodies; he needed to hold this man now.

Weak with desire for the man he truly loved Katsuya allowed Kaiba to drape his long coat around his shoulders; for a moment neither spoke.

"So that's why you enjoy hurting me so much, because you love me, I can't do this anymore. I won't live in this sick world you've created, jerk."

"It's Seto to you . . . . ."

"Like I said jerk," Katsuya snuggled deeper into Kaiba's embrace if only for a moment he'd enjoy this time, this insanity.

"You've been drinking," Katsuya wrinkled his nose and dove in for another kiss. He wanted to taste Seto's upper lip.

"You left me to be with him! A third rate game player!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" confusion mirrored in Katsuya's eyes.

Kaiba held the other at arm's length, "Was it money I've got more, couldn't have been his looks, or was it sex?" Kaiba flipped, he couldn't contain the picture of Katsuya and another man from clouding his judgment.

"Answer me . . . did you do it?"

"I knew it . . . . Screw you . . . . I want a life, not this private hell you call love! It's not me you want but the thought of someone else taking me that has you pissed; your prize puppy. Well you're too fucking late."

Katsuya felt the slap across his face before it hit. The second blow threw him against the trunk of the Sakura tree. Quickly he blocked his face for the third attack and kicked Kaiba in the goin.

Kaiba refused to flinch he was so damn jealous. Katsuya licked the blood from his lip and turned to go; nothing had change.

"Stay with me . . . . I love you!" Kaiba clutched his penis shaking; the wine did little to dull the pain.

"Well you're too damn late! Sleep with your pride tonight . . . . I hate you."

"I need you by my side." Kaiba's knees hit the ground. Blood rushed to his head and his breath came in short gasp.

"I belong to another," Katsuya whispered while he turned towards the man he couldn't live without.

"I belong to you; you've always been my master," Kaiba's locked eyes with the other. He'd turned complete white. "Every blow, every insult . . . . It leads me back to you."

The steps that led to the blond's future were slow and measure, he took one and waited for the proud CEO to stand and regain his strength. It was the only way they could begin this new life. It's true he was a jerk, but a prideful man.

Katsuya flinched as Kaiba moved closer and reached for his face. But instead of a fist or blow Kaiba caress Katsuya's swollen cheek with the tips of his fingers. He planted gentle kisses along his neck and licked the hollow of his ear.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to taste you?" Kaiba asked.

"Show me . . . . And make it good," shamelessly Katsuya started to grind his hips in a slow circular motion against Seto's thighs weaving a spell of binding love around Kaiba's mind.

With both hands Kaiba circled Katsuya's neck and laced his fingers through the fine hairs at his nape. Katsuya parted his lips and willingly accepted Kaiba's hungry tongue, neither took the lead; it didn't matter. Within moments they were lost under the Sakura tree with only the warmth of the earth to protect them.

. . . . . . . . .

The following year a fountain and a small rock garden appeared around the tree. It was a place of beauty and peace and lovers would often throw coins in the fountain and make wishes. At the base of the fountain in small cryptic letters the words, "Friendship; the Bonds of Time, I Belong to you" appeared.


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