April 27th, 10:48 p.m.

Edward and Emmett were out hunting. Harriman State Park was the closest place with sufficient wildlife, but was far enough away that Edward could show off the Rolls-Royce Phantom III that he'd maintained and cherished since he'd purchased it in 1936 (he kept hold of it, Emmett thought, to show off- each one was unique as the body was designed by an independent coachbuilder, and Edward had designed his own). Although now rather old, it could still manage a top speed of just over a hundred miles an hour. Deuce Coupes struggled to match it (Rosalie proved this by insisting on a race), as did even the newest and finest tuned Lincoln Continentals (this was demonstrated by Emmett, who lost by quite a long way). Emmett hated to admit it, but he was impressed by this car. He sulked most of the way home, partly due to the memory of watching Edward sailing off towards the finish line with no hope of catching up (Edward had brought it up as often as possible, and it had grown tiresome), and partly because Edward wouldn't let him break in to a zoo to wrestle a bear. He folded his arms and slumped in his seat, petulant as ever. Edward smirked.

"Cheer up. You know it would have been monumentally stupid to break in to a zoo. And Rosalie finally stopped singing that fucking song!" Emmett scowled in response.

"Yeah, she did. Because I took her to see Cinderella. At least the other song had real words." Edward frowned, feigning puzzlement.

"They are real words." Emmett shot him a dark look.

"No they aren't! When have you heard the words 'salagadoola mechika boola bibiddy-bobbidy-boo', ever?"

"Well, in the film, for starters…anyway, any word is a word. If it's not in the dictionary and was made up by a specific person it's a neologism."

Emmett blinked rapidly. He was most likely trying to think of a witty yet insulting response, and failed completely. He went back to his sulking with more determination.

They drove along in what would have been an awkward silence if it weren't for Edward's lack of caring for why Emmett was being so childish. He would occasionally glance over at his adoptive brother, wondering when his inherently positive nature would kick in and he'd give up, but he saw no signs of caving in. Edward gave him a couple more minutes to repent, then decided to rub salt in the wound.

"Your car is a good car. The Continental is a great car, and the adjustments made to yours are really effective ones."

Emmett shifted up a little, clearly brightening up a fraction. Biting back a grin, Edward added:

"Just a shame your girlfriend had to do it for you."

Edward managed to maintain control of the car as Emmett swiped at him, both of them laughing.

11:36 pm

Edward pulled his car into the driveway, the smile vanishing from his face. He heard two new minds in the house. With his family. He scanned the thoughts in the vicinity, and was extremely perplexed at what he found.

His family were completely fine with the presence of these two strangers. Esme was looking at blueprints (various houses she was moving them to that had more space), Carlisle helping them move furniture around, and Rosalie worrying about herself for a change. She was worried that Emmett might prefer this new girl- although was sure her partner would have something to say about it.

Joy of all joys. Another couple. The female of the two was gazing lovingly into her partner's eyes, and he was reciprocating soppily. He saw in the female's head something extremely odd- himself, walking up the stairs, looking pissed off, wearing the exact suit he was wearing at that moment in time. She'd never seen him in real life- how could she know what he looked like?

"Ooh, Jasper, Edward and Emmett are here!" the female said, excited. The one named Jasper seemed tense.

Edward finally got a good look at the room they were in- and recognised it well. He also recognised some of the furniture that was his still dotted about the room. Finding Carlisle's thoughts, he heard that his own things were now situated in the garage. Now he didn't even have his own space.

"Great," Edward mumbled to himself, "just great. Another happy couple…and they get my room because I am not one half of a different happy couple. Perfect." Emmett stared at him in alarm, and charged into the house.

Edward found himself doing exactly what he'd seen himself doing in the female's head. He stormed towards what he was now learning was not his room anymore, and walked in.

Framed in the doorway, he saw with his own eyes the first time the two newcomers. He had his arms out a little, palms upturned, hoping for an explanation as to why he had been displaced. The female was excited, she practically bounced around in happiness. The male was still tense, shifting as though he expected an attack. For a split second, Edward thought this odd; but then the little one bounced towards him- he reacted instinctively, crouching into a defensive stance. Her face fell a little, but then she brightened up.

"Of course, Edward! You have never seen us before, and we stole your bedroom. I apologise. I'm Alice, and this is Jasper. But you know that already, don't you?" Edward blinked. What the...?

"Um. What? Who are you? How did you get...?" He saw in Carlisle's head the way they had arrived with a complete knowledge of the family, their names, personalities, habits- and had declared that they knew this because the little one had visions of the future. They got his bedroom because the female wrapped the entire family around her tiny fingers in mere seconds. Well, Edward decided he would not be so easily influenced.

"I'm guessing you're reading the others' thoughts right now; well, just in case it's not clear, we'll explain ourselves. As I said, I'm Alice-"

"Yes, I got that much. Skip to the part where you get my bedroom and half of my furniture." Alice shrugged.

"Your room has the best view." He heard the truth of this in her thoughts. She was matter-of-fact in her declaration- she didn't see it as stealing; merely acquiring things she wanted. Edward laughed out loud at her audacity.

"Why are you even here?" Alice opened her mouth to speak, when Jasper interrupted.

"Instead of repeating what we've already said, why don't we show you? If you can, in fact, read minds it will be much faster- and probably more convincing- if Alice just thinks our explanation."

Edward was about to argue it out- thoughts can lie; but then again, thoughts are just as reliable as speech- when Alice nodded and ran through everything very quickly.

He understood. She could, indeed, see the future- thus explaining seeing him walk up the stairs- and had been seeing visions of the Cullens since she and Jasper decided to change their lifestyles.

She was gifted. Jasper, too- they were both talented in the same way he was. He was...overjoyed. Although they were another happy couple, they were more kindred spirits than the rest of the family. It wasn't that he didn't love them; they just couldn't understand what it was like to be "different" among those already abnormal.

She continued with more detail; showing how close the two of them would become, truly demonstrating her affection for him. Already, she considered him a brother. Despite himself, Edward smiled a little. He'd grown to feel that way about Rosalie, but it had taken a while- she wasn't the easiest person to live with- but with Alice he could see that it would be almost instantaneous, easy- and natural, above all else.

So much for not allowing her to influence him.