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Mark was sitting in his office, both Prot and Brooklyn sitting beside each other, their seats facing one another, but not directly. Mark still needed to be able to see their body language and the way their eyes moved or twitched if they were lying. Prot and Brooklyn respected him.

"Now, Brooklyn, explain the story to Prot," Mark commanded, calmly.

"Prot, I am your daughter." Brooklyn exhaled in one single breath.

Prot only studied her, deciding whether he wanted to believe her or not. He securely looked over her sky blue eyes, a feature that resembled someone he knew. A little memory tickled the back of his brain, but he couldn't pick it up from its "file". He was lost at words, basically.

"But…" Prot picked his words carefully. "How?"

"You and my mother had me by accident," Brooklyn explained, her eyes staring deep into Prot's being.

"But, Prot explained to me that people on K-Pax didn't have families?" Mark asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

Brooklyn again laughed her brilliant giggle. "Mother told me that he would say that."

"And why is that, Brooklyn?" Mark replied, watching them both with distinct care.

"Yes, Brooklyn, why?" Prot asked, staring directly at her.

"Mother only told me that something happened to you in your past right after she found out she was with me, so she figured to never bring it up again."

Prot was silent, his mouth tight. Mark curiously noted that Prot always had a reply. Now, Prot was speechless. Odd right?

"Zendora never thought to tell me about you?" Prot choked, but quickly sucked in some air. He knew he said too much.

Mark sat forward in his seat, switching his attention to Brooklyn. "Is that your mother's name?"

"Zendora? Yeah, that's her name."

Prot stood up, one of the small coffee tables flying behind him. Brooklyn snapped back, apparently a typical reaction, which means she has used it more than once. Mark quickly tapped that into his mind. Brooklyn stared up at the angered Prot, something that Mark has never seen before, truly. Prot's sunglasses were off, as well as Brooklyn's, but he looked even more dangerous.

"Why the hell did she not tell me about you?" Prot screamed at Brooklyn.

Brooklyn was practically breaking the chair with how hard she was grabbing onto it. Brooklyn only continued to stare up at Prot, frozen, her back arching as if she was anticipating a hit. Mark watched, intently, knowing not too much would happen.

"Answer me, god damnit!" Prot yelled, something else breaking behind him.

Suddenly, Brooklyn crunched her teeth together, standing up to almost Prot's height. Fury was now rising within her.

"Just because I'm something you never wanted doesn't mean you can take it out on me! I'm only the product of your mistake!" Brooklyn screamed, louder than any girl Mark has heard scream, tears streaming down her face.

Prot's face flushed, his anger disappearing rapidly. His shaking hands reached out to touch her face, the face that he had made. All he wanted to do was feel her warm skin…

"Brooklyn, I'm sorry-" Prot started, but was immediately interrupted.

"I don't want your pity, Prot," Brooklyn's harsh words stung him.

Brooklyn ran out of the room, tears washing down her cheeks like rivers. Mark quickly called Betty explaining that Brooklyn was somewhere in the building. As he was on the phone, Mark kept glancing at Prot, whom was still standing and facing the doorway, frozen, staring at the floor, his arms still up in the air from when he was trying to confide her. Once Mark got off the phone, he spoke to Prot.

"Prot, come, sit down."

Prot turned back around to Mark, his arms shaking uncontrollably, but they were steady again once he sat down. Once he was in the seat, he began to run his hands through his hair.

"I'm a father," he whispered, water welling up in his eyes.

"Prot, you can talk to me, you know that right?" Mark said, sympathetically.

"Yes, yes, I know," Prot waved a hand at him to stop. "I'm just…I'm a father? Me? I am still stunned."

"Why did you get angry, Prot?"

Prot moved his head up to look Mark straight in the eye. "Zendora and I had something special, I'll admit that. The moment Zendora and I had that one night together, my parents told me the process that was expected in older K-Paxians lives, the way I explained to you. I was left alone, shattered, nowhere to go. I didn't speak to Zendora ever again, only saying good bye and decided to travel more often to here on your planet. I would have killed to know that I had my own family waiting for me. It would have made my life much easier, and probably better."

Mark gathered the information and had plenty of ideas running through his head already. "Prot, will you do something for me?"

Prot nodded, but continued to be silent.

"Go and see Brooklyn in her room tonight."

Prot smiled, liking the idea. "I will, Dr. Powell, thank you."

"Good, Prot," Mark patted his knee.

Prot stood up, beginning to open the door, but stopped and faced Mark. "Is this how you felt the first time?"

Mark grinned, understanding what Prot meant. "Yes, Prot. But it gets better over time."

Prot smiled, lightly, nodding, and closed the door behind him. Mark sat there in silence, thinking strongly. Mark's face lit up with an idea and he took off out the door to speak to his boss, Claudia.

"You want to what?" Claudia groaned.

"Claudia, listen. Brooklyn has convinced even Prot that she is his daughter. I think they should come live with my family and let them live like a real family as well. They may snap back into reality," Mark explained.

"Please, Claudia, please," Mark pleaded.

Claudia glanced over the room, thinking deeply. "Fine, Mark. But, if anything, and I mean anything, you have to call me and they come back here."

"Yes, of course!" Mark hugged Claudia out of happiness.

Claudia stared, astonished, as Mark ran out of the room to find Prot and explain the details.

Brooklyn sat on her bed, gazing out the window toward the stars, missing home from the looks of it.

A knock beckoned at her door, quick and sweet. Brooklyn called for the person to come in. Prot peered inside, closing the door behind him.

"Uh…Brooklyn?" Prot wondered.

Brooklyn turned her attention to him and a disgusted expression came across her face. "What?"

Prot, steadily, removed his sunglasses and set them next to Brooklyn's. Prot could hear the disappointment in her voice. A little tear went through his heart, showing pain.

"Brooklyn, I am sorry about earlier," Prot spoke, moving closer to her.

Brooklyn spun around, a couple of tears dripping down her cheeks. "Oh, really? Then why did that happen? I'm sorry that you were going through rough times and that you never wanted me!"

Prot sat at the end of her bed, wanting to reach for her. "Brooklyn, it is not like that. I didn't mean anything against you."

Brooklyn looked at him, calmly, tears continuing to fall down her cheeks. "Then what did you mean?"

Prot inhaled a deep breath. "My parents left me to be the same way as old K-Pax; no families. I was left mortified. I was so upset because if Zendora…your mother…would have told me, I would have felt much better."

Brooklyn continued to stay silent and study him, stunned. So, it was her mother's fault, in a way?

"I'm sorry," Prot sighed.

Brooklyn was overwhelmed by feelings that she didn't think of what she was doing. She flung her arms around Prot's neck, holding him tightly. Prot was surprised by the action, but he loosened his tense structure and hugged her back, tears in his eyes.

A few minutes later, Brooklyn sat, leaning against Prot as he held onto her, her head on his chest.

"Can I call you dad?" Brooklyn asked after moments of silence.

Prot gazed out the window at the stars, thinking. "Sure. It may feel weird to me, but I'll get use to it, I guess."

Brooklyn tried to peer up at him, but it was hard from the position she was in. "What did Mark want to talk to you about?"

Prot never once moved his sight from the window, but he titled his head back so it rested on the headboard of the bed. "He's having us move in with him and his family so we can try and see what it is like to live like a family."

"Sounds…interesting," Brooklyn replied, honestly.

"I agree," Prot chuckled, finally his eyes moving from the window, but they traveled all around the room.

"Dad," Brooklyn started, the words sounding weird coming from her mouth. "Are we crazy?"

Prot shrugged. "Who knows? We think these people sound crazy and we sound crazy to them. I honestly think no one is normal, no matter where you are in space."

Brooklyn nodded, smiling, snuggling her head against his chest as one single tear of joy slid down her face. Soon enough, Brooklyn was asleep in Prot's arms, but Prot stared out the window at where his home would be.

"We are all outsiders," Prot whispered to himself. "No matter what we are."

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