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Chapter One- Surprise!

"Daddy no go!" Nineteen month old Emma House screamed at her father. House sighed and ran his hand across his face. Emma has been dealing with separation anxiety for the past month, she cried when Cuddy left this morning and now she is about to have another breakdown.

"Look kid, I have to go." Emma's ocean blue eyes became glassy with tears. House felt horrible, he would stay home with her, but he is knee deep in a new case. "Daddy has to help sick people; you want Daddy to do that right?" Emma sniffed and latched on harder to House's leg. House knew there was nothing left to do but bribe Emma. "Emma, if you let Daddy go and be a good girl for Marina today, I will give you all the yummy lollipops from the clinic." Emma immediately let go of her father and contemplated the deal. I know that look Emma; I have seen it on your mother several times. You are going to give in right about…now!

"Okay Daddy," House grinned at Emma, although she is only just shy of turning two, her knowledge of the world around her is remarkable. The doorbell rang and Emma toddled over to the door, but became frustrated when she couldn't reach the door. House let out a small chuckle and went over to let Marina in. "RINA!" Emma shouted happily at the sight of her nanny. Satisfied that Emma was distracted by the nanny, House grabbed his keys and quickly left.

"Hey House are you busy this weekend?" Wilson said as soon as House walked into Princeton Plainsboro.

"Maybe it depends on what pointless wedding crap my fiancé has planned, why?"

"I am putting together a surprise baby shower for Kim on Saturday; I want you, Cuddy and Emma to be there."

"I thought only women went to baby showers Wilson. Are you sure you want me there? I might say a lot of fat jokes and make your wife uncomfortable."

"It's not my fault if my wife wants to kill you after the shower is over, but I do want you guys there, you and Cuddy are my closest friends."

"Take it up with the warden, I have a case." House limped into Cuddy's office. Kim's replacement immediately stood up and blocked the door.

"I'm sorry Doctor House but Doctor Cuddy is busy, you can't go in there." House narrowed his eyes at the temporary secretary and put his best angry face on.

"Look Chesty McBreasty, I know you are trying to impress Cuddy right now, but I assure you what I have to say to her is very important." The secretary acquiesced and sat back down at her desk. House smirked at the secretary and opened the door to Cuddy's office.

"I see you got past my guard," Cuddy said. House rolled his eyes,

"That girl is an idiot, all I had to do was say I had something important to talk about and she let me in."

"She is new; it took Kim six months to stand up to you. Plus, she is going to be gone once Kim gets back from maternity leave."

"Speaking of the whale, Wilson is putting together a surprise baby shower on Saturday and was wondering if we wanted to go."

"And you are running this by me first? You must really not want to go."

"I thought that's what good fiancés do, communicate with each other." Cuddy tilted her head at the sudden behavioral change of House.

"House, I am not approving your experimental cancer treatment just because you ask me about our weekend plans. However, I would like to go to the baby shower, so if you see Wilson tell him we are available."

"Great, you go and I'll stay home with Emma."

"No, we are all going. Did Emma cry after you left today too?"

"She was about to, but after I bribed her she was fine."

"House, I thought we agreed we would talk to Emma instead of buying her new things."

"I didn't agree to buy her anything, I just need to steal all the lollipops from the clinic today and give them to her."


"Cuddy I have a case, I didn't know what to do. It's not a big deal and stop saying that around Emma. It's annoying enough when you yell at me like that; Emma doesn't need to do it either."

"Fine, give her one lollipop and don't bribe her anymore, I don't want her getting used to getting whatever she wants." House's pager went off, putting an end to their conversation. House picked up the cane resting on an office chair and he limped out of Cuddy's office.

"Good morning angels! Have you heard about Wilson's dumb baby shower?" House asked while perusing the patient's chart.

"Yeah we all have agreed to go, are you and Cuddy going?" Thirteen asked.

"Cuddy is making me go, jaundice means the liver is shutting down." House went over to the whiteboard and added liver failure onto the list of symptoms.

"House, you are whipped, could be viral hepatitis." Foreman suggested. House scoffed,

"It's simple; I go along with whatever Cuddy does and I get sex. So if it means I have to suffer through two hours of a baby shower in order to get some from Cuddy I will do it. Start the patient on interferon, Foreman's right, the moron has hepatitis." The team dispersed, leaving House alone in his office. House went down to the cafeteria and saw Wilson.

"HEY WILSON!" House yelled from the entrance of the cafeteria. Everyone turned to look at House and then at Wilson who was bright red. House slid into the booth and grabbed a handful of Wilson's fries.

"House, what can I do for you besides stealing my food?"

"I was told by Cuddy that we are going to Kim's baby shower." Wilson chuckled at House's lack of enthusiasm.

"I take it the only reason you agreed to go was because Cuddy would withhold sex from you if you didn't." House grabbed the sandwich out of Wilson's hand and took a bite. "Thanks House, I really wanted to go hungry today."

"You need to lose a few pounds anyway; your ass is getting bigger."

"Deflect all you want House, the shower is at one." With that, Wilson swallowed what was left of the sandwich and slid out of the booth.

"Greg, can you grab the present while I put Emma in the car?" Cuddy yelled from inside Emma's room. House snatched up the brightly wrapped gift from the table, put the gift under his arm and walked out to Cuddy's car. Cuddy came out a few minutes later with Emma. Once Emma was strapped in, Cuddy climbed into the front seat. Within twenty minutes, House and Cuddy arrived at Wilson and Kim's new house.

"It's not too late to go home you know," House whispered into Cuddy's ear while waiting for someone to open the door.

"Shut up," Cuddy whispered back over a sleeping Emma's head. Wilson opened the door and stepped aside, allowing House and Cuddy to walk in.

"Hey guys, there is beer in the fridge and you can put the gift over there." Wilson pointed to a table stacked high with gifts. House set the gift down on the table and rejoined Wilson and Cuddy in the kitchen.

"Where is the whale?" House asked, receiving a smack across the chest from Cuddy.

"Kim is with her mom getting a massage." Emma yawned and rubbed her sleeping eyes. Once Emma's eyes were clear, she visibly brightened at the sight of her Uncle Jimmy.

"'Cle Jimmy!" Emma squealed in a high pitched voice and she lurched out of Cuddy's arms. "Mommy down!" Cuddy obliged and carefully set Emma onto the floor. Emma walked over to Wilson and wrapped her arms around his legs. Wilson picked Emma up and swung her high into the air. Wilson neglectfully put Emma down after he heard the doorbell ring. Emma trailed behind Wilson, greeting Foreman, Thirteen, Taub and Masters at the door.

"Hey Emma!" Thirteen said with excitement. Wilson collected everyone's presents and step aside so the "ducklings" could come in. Thirteen picked Emma up and carried into the living room where everyone settled themselves in.

"Does anyone want anything to drink?" Wilson offered.

"Wilson grab me a beer will ya?" House said from his spot next to Cuddy on the couch. All of the guests nodded and Wilson excused himself to the kitchen. Wilson returned a few minutes later with arm full of beers.

"Wilson where are Kim's guests?" Masters asked.

"Her mom is treating everyone to massages so they will be coming along with Kim. In fact, they should be here any minute now." Emma's head popped up from her position in Thirteen's lap.

"Aunty Kimmy!" Emma squealed and looked to her parents for confirmation.

"That's right sweetie Aunty Kimmy will be here soon. Can you show everyone which gift is ours?" Cuddy asked Emma who nodded and bolted from Thirteen's lap, almost colliding with the gift table.

"Wait I think I hear something!" Chase said with his signature Australian accent.

"Of course you do Kangaroo Jack," House snarked.

"House, shut up, Chase is right, I heard someone pull into the driveway." Cuddy climbed over House, mindful of his bad leg, and peered out the window. "Wilson does Kim own a lime green Kia Soul?"

"Her mom does, quick everyone hide!" Wilson said, prompting everyone to scatter in different directions except for House and Wilson who were sitting on the couch pretending to watch the Yankee game.

"Hey honey," Kim said as she walked in the front door accompanied by five of her friends and what House assumed to be her mother. Kim walked over to where Wilson was sitting on the couch and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Hey House what are you doing here?"

"I couldn't stand to be away from you for a single minute." House said sarcastically. Kim scanned the room with suspicion and noticed the gifts sitting on the dining room table.

"James what are these gifts doing here," Kim asked.

"SURPRISE!" Cuddy, Emma and House's team stepped out of their hiding spots. Kim's mouth hung open in shock and she looked from her friends to Wilson.

"Aunty Kimmy!" Emma shouted and ran to Kim demanding to be picked up not understanding it was impossible for Kim to bend down with her swollen abdomen.

"Emma come here," Cuddy ordered trying to avoid an awkward situation. Kim's guests helped themselves to drinks and snacks. Once everyone was settled in, Kim was asked to open presents.

"Dis one Aunty Kimmy!" Emma yelled, pointing to her own gift, a light blue box with a white bow on it.

"Emma, you can't order someone to do something." Cuddy lightly scolded her daughter.

"Pwease" Emma added much to everyone's amusement.

"Of course I'll open yours first sweetie. Can you go get it for me?" Emma toddled over to the gift table and tried unsuccessfully to reach her gift."

"Daddy, hewp pwease," Emma made a puppy dog face at her father.

"You heard the woman Wilson, help her!" House said to his best friend. Wilson reluctantly stood up, grabbed the present off the table and handed it to his wife. Kim opened it up to reveal some onesies and bottles.

"Thanks House, Cuddy and Emma." Kim moved onto the other presents, ultimately ending up with diapers from Foreman, a coach diaper bag from Kim's friends, a stroller from Kim's mom, a tiger mobile from Thirteen, baby bibs from Chase, and stuffed monkeys from Masters.

"Thank you guys so much for all of your gifts," Kim said following the opening of all of the gifts.

"Does anyone want any cake?" Wilson asked, bringing out a huge chocolate cake.

"ME!" House and Emma yelled at the same time. Cuddy smirked at the identical answers from her family. Wilson set the cake down on the table and asked Kim's mom to get the plates, cups and forks.

"Kim have you finished the boys' nursery yet?" Cuddy asked between bites of cake.

"Yeah, do you want to see it once you're done with cake?"

"Sure, I'm actually done now do you want to head upstairs?" Cuddy asked. Kim nodded and slowly got to her feet. Kim led Cuddy up the stairs and into the jungle themed nursery. "Aw, this is really cute Kim." Cuddy said doing a once over of the room. A mural of a jungle scene was painted on the walls, along with various stuffed animals surrounding the crib and on the shelves.

"Thanks James did most of the…" Kim's sentence was cut off by her taking in a breath and clutching her stomach. Cuddy immediately turned around and rushed over to her friend.

"Kim, are you in labor?" Cuddy frantically asked.

"I don't know, I think so." Kim whispered, still recovering from her contraction.

"WILSON! GET IN HERE NOW!" Everyone stopped talking at the sound of Cuddy's frantic tone. Wilson dropped his beer on the ground and sprinted up the steps two at a time arriving at Kim's side within seconds.

"We need to get to the hospital now." Cuddy stated.

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