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Chapter 25-

So much pain…House thinks to himself and looks around, trying to process what happened. The last thing he remembers is leaving the benefit with Cuddy. Cuddy…where the hell is she? House tries to move his leg, but ends up suppressing a scream instead. He twists his body around and sees a battered figure being crushed by a car door a few yards away from the driver's seat. Suddenly, House gets a rush of adrenaline and hurries over to an unconscious Cuddy's side. He lifts the car door off of her and throws it towards the rest of the mangled car. House checks to make sure Cuddy is still breathing and lays her down on the grass while he dials 911.

"911, what is your emergency?" A dispatcher asks.

"Some guy ran a red light and crashed into our car," House says, growing more and more tired by the second.

"Where are you?" House's vision gets blurry and he struggles to look around for a street sign.

"At…College Ave. and…72nd Street…hurry…" House feels his knees buckle as he crashes onto the pavement next to Cuddy.

"Sir…are you still there?" The dispatcher says to no response.

The next time House opens his eyes, he is in an unfamiliar hospital. Where is Wilson telling him how stupid he is? Where is his team nagging him about his leg or the next case? Most importantly, where is Cuddy? Is she still alive? House notices that he is in an ER, but not PPTH's. The only other option is Princeton General, but that doesn't make sense. Why would they take him and maybe Cuddy here?

"HEY!" House yells to nobody in particular. Nurses and doctors walk on by, tending to more critical patients. House looks down and notices that he is wearing a white dress shirt with his black pants and an IV drip inserted in his hand. He takes in a deep breath and yanks the IV out of the vein and attempts to stand up.

"Whoa…sir you aren't going anywhere!" A doctor walking by says and puts a hand on House's chest, lightly pushing him back in bed.

"There was someone with me in the car, where is she?" House barks at the doctor and sits back in bed after a major dizzy spell washes over him.

"I don't know, let me get the attending in charge of the ER tonight," the doctor doesn't wait for any acknowledgement from House and disappears. House sighs and pulls a blanket over his lap. Moments later an older man, House would deduce about sixty years old came over to his bed.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Hollister, the attending in charge of the ER. What do you need?" House doesn't shake Dr. Hollister's hand, but instead glares at the older man.

"I need to know where Dr. Cuddy is and when we can be transferred to PPTH." The second request seems to surprise the attending because he takes a step back from House.

"Whose Dr. Cuddy?"

"The woman with me in the car, I assume that she was brought here to this dump too,"

"And you are?"

"Dr. House, I can leave an autographed picture on your desk later," Ah, I thought he looked familiar, Hollister thinks to himself.

"Well, I can't release any information about Dr. Cuddy until we contact her medical proxy listed in her file."

"I am her medical proxy," House says forcefully.

"Not according to Dr. Cuddy's file, you are simply listed as an emergency contact," House is taken aback by this information, he and Cuddy talked about being each other's medical proxies after Emma was born. House, being as accident prone as he is, had it changed right away and assumed Cuddy did the same. Is this the unforeseen consequence for not following up with Cuddy on a simple thing?

"Who the hell is her medical proxy then?" The attending peruses the file,

"Mrs. Julia Hall, she is listed as Dr. Cuddy's sister. We have been trying to get in touch with her for the past hour with no success,"

"It's two in the morning; normal people would be fast asleep,"

"We can't provide any care until we get in touch with Mrs. Hall," House rolls his eyes at this,

"Cuddy is the Dean of Medicine at PPTH, I am sure she would rather be transferred over there,"

"I know who she is Dr. House, but rules are rules," House clenches his fists in frustration.

"Can you at least let me see her?"

"Not until you get stitched up," Dr. Hollister points to a gaping wound on House's shoulder bleeding through the white shirt.

"As long as some intern isn't doing it," House grumbles and unbuttons the white shirt, exposing his bare chest. Hollister grabs a doctor walking by and points towards House.

"When you get him all stitched up, come find me," Hollister turns around and walks towards the nurse's station.

"HEY, when do I get my free phone call?" House yells to the attending.

"Tanya, get Dr. House a phone," Hollister orders to the charge nurse. The doctor stitching House up does it quickly and efficiently, House guesses that it will leave a very small scar when it heals. Tanya brings House a disposable cell phone and closes the curtain behind her. House immediately turns on the phone and dials Wilson's home phone.

Wilson and Kim stumble inside of their house, trying not to wake up the twins.

"James can you get that? I assume House is the one calling you at this ungodly hour," Kim hands Wilson the phone and heads upstairs to check on the boys.

"House, it's two in the morning, can this wait until later?"

"Do you honestly think it can?" House asks Wilson.

"No, but Cuddy is there to answer your ridiculous questions now, not me,"

"I would talk to Cuddy, but we got into a car accident on the way home from the benefit and now I'm in the Princeton General Emergency Room," Wilson opens and closes his mouth in shock.

"Oh my god, are you guys okay?"

"I'm fine, but they won't tell me anything about Cuddy since I am not her medical proxy," If possible, that shocks Wilson even more.

"What do you mean you aren't her medical proxy? Who is?"

"Her annoying sister, and surprise, they can't get a hold of her. I need to do whatever administrative bullshit you and Cuddy do to get us transferred over to PPTH."

"Okay, I'll talk to the Dean of Medicine over there; she is a good friend of mine,"

"Does that mean she is one of your ex wives?"

"No, I have to go, I'll call you back soon," Wilson hangs up the phone and runs upstairs to find Kim.

"House and Cuddy got into a car accident on the way home from the benefit. Obviously, there was some mix up because they were taken to Princeton General. I have to go back to the hospital and try to get them transferred because Cuddy's sister is Cuddy's medical proxy and she isn't picking up the phone." Wilson explains in one breath, watching Kim's eyes get wider and wider with each sentence. Kim takes a second to process this story and nods, sending Wilson flying out the door.

"Does my one free phone call extend to a free meal too?" House asks Dr. Hollister, his self proclaimed new bff.

"I can have one of the interns fetch you something from the cafeteria if you want, or they could bring it up to Dr. Cuddy's room."

"I choose the latter, let's go," House tries to stand up without his cane and instantly falls back in bed.

"Can we get a wheelchair over here?" Hollister asks anyone passing by. A nurse grabs one from the ER supply closet and brings it over to House's bed. The nurse and Hollister help House ease into the wheelchair.

"Take him up to room and make sure he is comfortable," Hollister tells the nurse who starts wheeling House towards the lobby of the hospital.

"Thanks Hollister, I'll tweet you!" House calls out from over his shoulder, making the older gentleman smile.

Wilson pulls into his parking spot at PPTH and runs inside towards Cuddy's office. He uses his key to unlock the office and starts dialing Princeton General.

"Hi Karen, its James," Karen Fitch is the Dean of Medicine at Princeton General and a longtime friend of Wilsons.

"Hi James! Why are you calling me at two thirty in the morning?"

"House and Dr. Cuddy got into a car accident driving home from a benefit at PPTH and ended up at your hospital. I was wondering if I could steal them from you,"

"I heard that House and Dr. Cuddy were admitted, but I didn't believe it! Of course you can have them back; I'll just have to push some paperwork. It shouldn't be a problem!"

"Thanks so much Karen, I owe you one," Wilson and Karen say their goodbyes. Wilson locks Cuddy's office back up and helps out in the ER, waiting for House and Cuddy to show up.

The nurse parks House in front of Cuddy's bed and let's House have his privacy.

"What can you tell me about her?" House asks the nurse before the door closes. House doesn't mention that he isn't supposed to know anything about Cuddy.

"I heard that she has some internal bleeding that we are monitoring closely, but I don't know for sure." The phone rings outside of Cuddy's room,

"Excuse me Dr. House, I need to take this," The nurse runs out of the room and House turns to look at Cuddy. She is still unconscious, probably sedated until they can make a choice about whether to do surgery or not. There are several small scratches on her arm and a laceration on her forehead. Somehow, Cuddy is more banged up than House although the car hit House's side. It's rare, but it does happen occasionally. House doesn't know what to do, he doesn't believe in talking to an unconscious person as if they were awake. He remembers Cuddy's minor car accident when she was pregnant with Emma; luckily both cars weren't going that fast so the damage was minimal. This crash isn't that severe either, but Cuddy is most likely going to need surgery if the internal bleeding continues.

"Excuse me Dr. House? There is a James Wilson waiting to talk to you," House accepts the phone.

"Did you do what I asked?"

"Yeah, they are getting ready to transfer you two. Also, we got a hold of Julia; she is coming in to sign all rights to Cuddy's care over to you. She says you know what you are doing," House feels a small appreciation for Cuddy's sister. Julia can be a complete bitch to Cuddy, but she seems to be level headed.

"Okay, Cuddy is probably going to need surgery, tell my team to make sure we have an opening in CT as soon as we get to PPTH."

"I'll call them back in here and make sure it's taken care of,"

"Thanks," House simply says and hangs up the phone.

Thirty minutes later House is in an ambulance with Cuddy being driven over to PPTH.

"Why does this shit always happen to us Cuddy?" House whispers to Cuddy and lightly touches her hair.

"She is going to be okay Dr. House," a young paramedic tells House.

"Just make sure she stays that way," House barks back. Nobody says a word the rest of the drive. House closely watches Cuddy's vitals while massaging his sore leg.

"We are here," the driver of the ambulance announces as he pulls into PPTH's ambulance bay. The doors open to reveal Wilson and House's team waiting on the other side.

"What do we have?" Wilson asks the paramedic.

"Forty three year old female in an MVA, vitals are stable and no life threatening injuries."

"Bring her to CT right away," Wilson orders and shoots a worried glance in House's direction. The team follows the paramedic inside the hospital, leaving House and Wilson alone.

"You look like hell," Wilson comments and stretches out a hand for House to grab.

"If you have liquid Vicodin, I want some," House accepts Wilson's hand and slowly gets out of the ambulance.

"Here," Wilson gives House two pills that he dry swallows right away.

"I'm guessing my cane didn't survive the crash?" House asks.

"Sorry, I'm sure you have a spare in your office,"

"Is Cuddy's annoying sister here yet?"

"Yeah she signed the papers and went home,"

"She left?"

"Julia said you would take care of her, apparently her daughter is throwing up,"

"I'm sure Arlene is there to watch over her favorite grandchildren," Wilson shrugs and walks with House to Radiology. The team is in the middle of the scan when House and Wilson come in.

"We need to get her to surgery," Foreman says and points to the images that show the extent of Cuddy's internal bleeding.

"I'll get an OR ready," Wilson declares and leaves the room.

"Get her out of there," House orders and the team rushes to get Cuddy out of the machine and onto a gurney. Wilson calls a few minutes later and tells the team to bring Cuddy to OR 2. The team leaves and House heads up to the gallery.

"Shit, I forgot about the kids," House exclaims.

"Kim is either staying with them or bringing them back to our place," Wilson pacifies House. House lightly smiles in appreciation.

"I knew your overly caring self wouldn't forget,"

"What can I say? I am the knight in shining armor," Wilson jokes. House and Wilson watch the surgery begin in silence.

"So Cuddy didn't tell you that you aren't listed as her medical proxy?" Wilson says about twenty minutes into the surgery.

"No, we talked about it after she had Emma; I thought she took care of it," Wilson can tell House is a little hurt, but he isn't mad.

"You guys have been so busy, I'm sure she just forgot about it," House nods in agreement, between having two kids, moving into a new house and her job, everything else fell by the wayside.

"How did we end up getting sent to Princeton General anyway?" House asks in curiosity.

"Because of the benefit there was a shortage of staff in the ER. All ambulances were rerouted to Princeton General."

"Those idiots at Princeton General wouldn't tell me anything about Cuddy's condition,"

"Legally, you weren't her husband or her medical proxy, so they had to keep it from you." House doesn't say anything back and Wilson can tell that he is thinking about something important.

"Hey House, Dr. Cuddy's spleen is ruptured," the surgeon announces. House looks up at the viewing screen and confirms what surgeon just said.

"Repair it," House orders.

"I think it would be better to do a spleenectomy," Dr. Backer, the surgeon operating on Cuddy, suggests.

"If you remove her spleen then she will need to be on antibiotics for the rest of her life," House argues.

"It's not your call House," Dr. Backer says.

"He is her medical proxy, so it is his call," Wilson stands up for House.

"Repair the spleen Backer," House demands and relaxes in his chair.

"Fine," The surgeon continues to operate on Cuddy.

"Get some sleep House, I'll let you know if we need your call on something," Wilson says. House rolls his eyes,

"I'm not a baby Wilson," Wilson throws his hands up in a classic Wilson gesture.

"Just a suggestion, take it or leave it," House rolls his eyes at Wilson and stands up.

"Tell my team not to come into my office," House grumbles and limps out of the gallery.

House heads upstairs to his office where Wilson set out a set of spare clothes for him to change into.

"What a woman," House whispers to himself and changes into to clothes. Double checking to make sure there is not a single person in his office, House sits down on his ottoman to try to get some sleep. Sleep evades him, and House is left to ponder the events of the night. Five hours ago, he was up here with Cuddy kissing her and sneaking away to Wilson's office to have sex. Now, Cuddy is in surgery and House is left to wait for her to get better.

House can't help but be a little pissed at Cuddy for keeping the fact that he isn't her medical proxy from him. Her reason behind it could be benign, but after what he went through at Princeton General, House is still a little bitter. Wilson's comment from earlier resonates in his brain, legally, you weren't her husband or her medical proxy, so they had to keep it from you. House never really thought about marriage, he always assumed that they it wasn't a necessary thing to do. Besides, they were happier than a lot of married couples anyway. But…what if? House knows that it's something that Cuddy has always wanted, but she wouldn't ever demand it from him.

House already proposed, but they never took it further. He thinks Cuddy was just happy to have a ring on her finger that she never asked him about an actual wedding. They talked about it briefly before Cuddy became pregnant with Ian and they agreed that they would hold off for a while. Maybe it was time to talk about getting married; House wants Cuddy and their kids to have his last name and all that other crap that comes with being married. House doesn't think about it further, instead his eyelids become heavy with sleep.

Three hours later, House is woken up by his cell phone vibrating in his pocket. House wipes the sleep off his eyes and flips open the phone.

Cuddy's out of surgery, all is well. –Wilson.

House assumes that Cuddy will be out for a few hours and his stomach is hurting from going without food for over six hours so he texts Wilson back.

I need your neediness. Get me a Reuben, -House.

Wilson predictably burst through House's office doors ten minutes later with a Reuben for House and a chef salad for him.

"I knew you couldn't resist me," House says and takes a giant bite out of his Reuben.

"Of course, your charm is unresistable. Plus, I realized you are popping Vicodin on an empty stomach."

"But Mom…Vicodin is yummy!" House fake pouts and Wilson chuckles. The pair falls into a comfortable silence, each eating their respective meals.

"Cuddy should be up in a few hours," Wilson says to which House nods.

"I can read between the lines Wilson and before you say anything, I will be there when she wakes up. And no, I do not want to talk about it." Wilson opens his mouth and closes it again; the words were taken right out of his mouth.

"All I am saying is I can tell you are thinking really hard about something," House glances up at Wilson who is about to leave his office.

"I am not telling, so go away," Wilson shrugs and heads downstairs. House takes the opportunity before Cuddy wakes up to go see Emma and Ian at Wilson's house.

"Daddy!" Emma exclaims and throws herself into House's arms.

"Hi squirt," House picks her up and holds her in his arms.

"Down!" Emma demands and pushes herself out of House's grasp. House sets her firmly on the floor and notices Emma looking around for Cuddy.

"Your mom isn't here," House says and watches Emma's eyes fill with tears.

"Why?" Emma asks and sniffs, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Mom and Dad got hurt when coming home yesterday, but we are getting better. Mommy is taking a little longer to get better than daddy," House explains in the simplest way possible. Emma stops crying and looks to her father for answers.

"Mommy home soon?" Emma asks.

"Probably in two days," House holds two fingers up to show Emma.

"I make card," Emma declares and heads over to Wilson's coffee table to start drawing.

"Emma where's Miss Lauren?" House asks, wondering why the nanny hasn't come down to greet him yet. Emma distractedly points upstairs. House rolls his eyes and limps upstairs to the twin's room. Lauren, Wilson and Kim's nanny, is rocking Ian in a chair while watching the Wilson's twins play.

"Hi Dr. House, Wilson didn't tell me you were stopping by," Lauren says nervously and hands Ian over to House. Even though Lauren has been around House several times, she is still wary around the doctor.

"There is a lot of stuff Wilson doesn't tell you, like what's in his underwear drawer," House wags his eyebrows mischievously. The nanny gasps in horror, but then blushes when she realizes House is joking.

"I just fed Ian about ten minutes ago; he should be getting ready for a nap soon. Emma flat out refused to eat her breakfast until she saw or heard from you or Dr. Cuddy. Hopefully once you leave she will try to eat something." House had to smile at his daughter's stubbornness, he wonders if Ian will inherit it too. House's reverie is broken by a text from Wilson.

Cuddy is starting to wake up, get back here. –Wilson.

"Your employer is texting me, I have to go." House hands Ian over to Lauren and slowly walks downstairs.

"Bye Daddy!" Emma says and hands him the card she made Cuddy.

"I'm sure your mom will love this," House says and forces a smile. The drive back to PPTH gives House time to think. Is Cuddy going to wake up and not remember anything? Will she even want to talk about his offer right now? House takes a few deep breaths and tells himself that he will wait until he assesses her to see what his next move should be. Fifteen minutes after leaving Wilson's place, House pulls into his assigned parking spot at PPTH. He grabs Emma's picture and heads inside only to be pulled aside by Wilson.

"Cuddy is fully awake, but doesn't remember anything about the crash. The last thing she remembers is getting ready for the benefit." House internally breathes a sigh of relief; at least she has some memory of yesterday.

"Where is she?"

"I can take you there, if you want," Wilson offers. House glares at Wilson and he knows he has pushed House too far.

"They moved her into room 343 in the Witherspoon Wing." House limps across the lobby and gets onto an elevator. Stepping off the elevator, House can feel his palms sweat as he draws closer to the room. Without knocking, House enters the room to find Cuddy reading the newspaper.

"Hey, I heard we got ourselves into another accident," Cuddy says and smiles softly at House.

"I think we just needed the attention," House jokes and sets Emma's drawing on the bedside table.

"Our little Picasso made you a get well soon card," House comments, watching Cuddy scrutinize it.

"So what was the damage this time?" Cuddy asks referring to her stitches.

"Internal bleeding caused by your spleen almost rupturing, I managed to convince Backer to do a repair and not a full spleenectomy. Did Wilson tell you we ended up at Princeton General?" Cuddy shakes her head no and waits for House to tell the story.

"They wouldn't let me know what was happening with you because apparently I wasn't your medical proxy," Cuddy sighs and rubs her forehead.

"Shit, I completely forgot to change it after we had our talk. I am really sorry Greg,"

"Your annoying sister had some sense for once and signed papers changing your medical proxy to me," As much as he tries to hide it, Cuddy can tell House is really shaken up by what happened earlier this morning.

"Good, I can't imagine how awful that must have been," Cuddy grabs House's hand and pulls him down to her bed. House nods and stares off into the distance. Cuddy furrows her eyebrows in confusion and lets him have a couple seconds to collect himself.

"Greg, I can always tell when something is bothering you," Cuddy treads carefully, after last night she doesn't want to push if he isn't feeling up to talking.

"Do you remember when I proposed to you?" House asks randomly. Cuddy broadly grins at the memory,

"Yeah, we just got over fighting about something and you told me to get a movie while you put the ring on the couch. That was a while ago, why are you asking about this now?"

"Your star oncologist was blabbing about how if we were married, we didn't have to worry about things like medical proxies and other irritating administrative stuff."

"So you want to get married because it will save you from signing paperwork?" House shrugs,

"Well that and under New Jersey law you are forced to cook my meals and have sex with me whenever I want," Cuddy rolls her eyes at House,

"Fine, but no quick Vegas thing, as infuriating as my mother is, she will murder me if I don't have an official wedding." House sighs,

"I can work with the She Devil as long as we don't have a wedding anywhere close to a church,"

"Is this what we are doing? Negotiating wedding terms with each other?"

"You started it," is House's childish response.

"It is my goal to marry you whether you like it or not, you know that right?" Cuddy says in a threatening tone.

"Calm down, you are going to rip your stitches out,"

"That reminds me, before you came up here, Dr. Backer says you have to cater to me for two weeks while I recuperate at home," Cuddy says and smiles like a Cheshire cat.

"Evil woman,"

"That is why you want to marry me,"

"That and you have a fantastic rack," Cuddy slaps House on the arm.

"I meant ass, gosh,"

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