All right, here is the much anticipated chapter 8. I'm really sorry if you all choke on the plot I am about to shove down your throats -_-'. I wanted to get the rest of Victoria's back story in and I think it sounds kinda rushed, oh well you be the judge. Please enjoy the lovely plot flavour and brownie points to anyone who can guess who inspired the dr's name. The dr and her experiment are mine but I'll lend her out if anyone wants to borrow her.

It was like that first morning again. Or maybe, this was the first morning and I'd just dreamt everything. Either way, the same red hair, illuminated by the grey morning light, was resting just below my chin. My arms were wrapped around her tiny body and I gently pressed my face into her hair.

Then I thought of Charlie. Did he come check on me again? Had I been screaming in my sleep? Did he know Victoria was here? Was I going to have to answer a bunch of difficult questions?...Was Victoria asleep?

Her body rose and fell in the same manner as someone who was asleep, but she was a vampire. And I had been told that vampires don't sleep, ever, period. Had I been lied to? Was everything they told me wrong?

Victoria shifted slightly in her sleep, curling closer to me. I wasn't sure if it was my scent or my warmth that she was trying to get closer to. I pushed her hair down to try and get a view of the clock. 9:14 it read. I silently thanked the person who invented spring break.

I rolled over slowly, reaching my hand down in search of my book. My hand wrapped around the edge of the book I had left open and retrieved it from where it was collecting dust. It was a book Alice had lent me; I guessed she didn't want it back when she left. It was a book written by one of her relatives, a book about vampires. More exactly, a book about famous 'people' in the vampire world.

I lifted it off the floor and took a look at what page I was on. It was the start of a new chapter. I remembered Alice mentioning something about this chapter. It was talking about a vampire scientist that was trying to give humans vampire powers without turning them into vampires. From what I could tell just flipping pages, it didn't work.

Then a word caught my eye; necromancy. I didn't study alchemy, and I probably should have paid more attention in chemistry, but I believe necromancy is the art of reanimating the dead. I read the passage quickly.

When Dr. Elison's 'project' took a turn for the worst she turned her attention back to her own kind. "If I can't make them like us, I'll make us like them." Her plan was to use a necromantic method to bring vampires 'back to life'. She out lined this for us: "Humans need their heart to pump blood around their body, so why shouldn't vampires pump venom in the same way was blood? Sure, vampires get super strength and speed but we have to give up mundane things like sleeping, eating and breathing. I don't think that's fair. I miss relaxing with a bowl of popcorn and falling asleep half way through the movie. So I have figured out a way to regain a vampire's humanity. The sleeping, eating, and breathing can all be mandatory again. It's all very simple really. A retransformation is all that must occur." When asked what a retransformation was, Dr. Elison told us it was the restarting of the heart, then the forcing of venom through the body. "Once the heart is restarted, it's then same as the first time but with a catch. We all remember the burning that is a trademark of the transformation process, well not this time. Instead of actually being changed, the body is actually trying to rid itself of the foreign venom. This tricks the body into thinking it's alive and needs the mundane things like food and sleep. A vampire in this state does not need blood; they are basically a human with a newborn vampire's capabilities." She was asked if there was a way this could undo itself. "The retransformation is permanent, much like the original process, and so are the newborn capabilities."

Could that have been what happened to Victoria? I looked down at the sweet sleeping girl and absentmindedly stroked her cheek. I wanted to experiment, just out of curiosity I reached out and gently pinched her nose shut. For a moment nothing happened, then she shot up right, gasping for air.