My first Kekkaishi fic. It's a YoshimoriXSen. I just wanted to write a Sen X Yoshimori fic since there is only about 10 of them on this sight. This is an AU (kinda), just so you know. On an unrelated note, WHY DID AIHI HAVE 2 DIE? I'm happy Kaguro is dead, he killed Aihi… anyway…

I do not own Kekkaishi D: If I did, Gen and Aihi wouldn't have died and Hiba and Masumori wouldn't be asses (In my opinion) Also, I know nothing about how Japanese school works do not get upset.



"Why do I have to switch schools? I like going to my school!" Yoshimori complains.

"Your 14 now, you will be going to Karasumori Academy so you can become familiar with Karasumori Site." Shigemori snaps. "The Yukimura girl also attends the academy, it's a tradition that you must pertain to."

"Fine," Yoshimori says, crossing his arms. "But I don't have to like it."

"Also," Shigemori says, ignoring Yoshimori's comment. "Your brother has stationed a group of Ayakashi Majiri stationed at the school, to watch over the 'harmless' humanoid ayakashi that attend the school during the day."

"Fine," Yoshimori mumbles again. Shigemori glares at him, and then sends him off to school. He walks down the urban area to reach Karasumori Academy. He grumbles somehow while downing several coffee-milks at once. He moans audibly once he reaches the academy and enters the building surprised by the sudden rush of energy he sense. A large amount of ayakashi are present, none with a truly evil and sinister aura though.

As he walks through the halls he identifies the ayakashi and ayakashi majiri. He spots a blond haired boy, or girl, wlaking down the halls with 2 boys. He looks at them closely, sensing that they are ayakashi majiri but unable to tell exactly where their ayakashi half is. He is suddenly distracted as a teacher walks past him, giving off an ayakashi's aura.

He looks back at the teacher, a purple-haired woman with a lab coat; the science teacher. Yoshimori shivers at the power the ayakashi excretes, even though she emits no sinister aura in the slightest. He pities himself for developing the rare ability of sensing ayakashi, what he normally would have had Madarao accompany him to do.

He hears a girl squeal behind him and looks over to her. She is cowering in fear at the sight of the science teacher he passed earlier. He tilts his he to the side in confusion, noticing that the girl is human and shouldn't be able to tell that the teacher is an ayakashi. The short brunette girl screams again as a boy slightly taller than Yoshimori walks past her. A boy with spiky black hair and dark skin, Yoshimori identifies him as an Ayakashi Majiri. He continues walking down the hall, arriving in his new first period classroom. He lays his head on his desk, upset that he know has to spend all night and most of the day in the Karasumori site.

"Hello class, how was your short vacation? I'm your Geometry Teacher Heisuke Matsudo." A short man with glasses and grey hair announces as he enters the room as the bell rings. Yoshimori groans with regret for doing well in his math class in his previous years, if he didn't he would still be in easy algebra classes.

"This is my assistant Lady Kagami…" Yoshimori fell asleep after that.

Yoshimori groaned as lunch ended, not wanted to have to endure the second half of the day. His math teacher didn't even talk about math; he just went on for an hour about how fascinating "demons" are. His second period teacher is this crazy ugly PE teacher named Kaguro, whom he already hates. His third period teacher was this lazy woman named Shion, who just lets her class do whatever they want during the Study Hall class. His lunch was alright, but he spent the whole time looking for Tokine that he didn't get any time to relax.

He drops onto his seat again, letting his bag fall to the floor. To his surprise, there were names written on piece of paper which were placed on the desk, assigning seats, and he had somehow sat in his assigned seat without even noticing. A blond boy sat next to him. Yoshimori smirked, this boy smells like a cat. He lifts his head up to see the boy and notices that it was the blond ayakashi majiri that he noticed at the beginning of the day.

"You, boy, lift your head off the table. You can go back to sleep once I get a look at your face." The teacher orders, He lifts his head and notices that the teacher is the ayakashi scientist he saw earlier. He looks around and notices that practically all of the people in the room are ayakashi or ayakashi majiri, except for himself and the terrified girl in the corner of the room. He give her a sympathetic look, guessing that she's either got a mental disorder or that she can sense the ayakashi and has no idea what is going on.

"I want everyone to announce their name to the class I am your biology teacher, you may call me Aihi. I don't care if you use Ms. or Mrs., just call me Aihi." Aihi announces in a loud irritated tone, showing that she has been upset by something already. She points at Yoshimori, "You can start us off."

"I am Yoshimori Sumimura." He says, and then slams his head back onto the table. The students announce their names as Aihi points at them, telling them to do so.

"Sen Kagemiya." "Shu Akitsu" "Dai Yaegashi" "Gen Shishio" "Yurina Kanada" "Mao Shinohara"

"Why are you here, you should be in an upperclassmen class." A student remarks at Mao's announcement of her name. She glares at him and announces shamefully that she had failed this class before and was required to retake it. Shu sighed, happy that no one questioned why he, an upperclassman, was in a freshmen class. Yoshimori spent that rest of that class staring at Sen, which he was embarrassed of when he was caught as the bell rang.

He groans as he walks home, scarred by an insanely weird day. His fifth period teacher was Atora, who refused to tell them her last name. She also loudly announced that she was Gen's foster mother. His sixth period teacher was Mr. Kurosu, who just introduced himself until he was interrupted by the counselor, principal, and vice-principal all entering the classroom to introduce themselves. Yoshimori noticed that the counselor, Mr. Mino, and the Vice-Principal, Mr. Byaku, were human, but they had special powers they were hiding. And that the principal was an extremely powerful ayakashi who asked that all students call her by her first name, Princess. The day was exhausting, but Yoshimori made friends with the distant Gen Shishiom who showed hhim the way to the roof, where he could go during the day to get the sleep he missed because of being a Kekkaishi.


I think that Gen blushed a little when I talked to him, but I think it was just my imagination. He's kinda nice, but when I'm around him there's a lot of uncomfortable silent moments. It's awkward.

"Got to forget today, it was way too crazy, and I fight monsters in the middle of the night with magical boxes only I can see." I mumbled to myself. "I'll bake a cake, that'll cheer me up."

I cheerfully waked home, having lifted my mood with the thought of making a beautiful cake. Suddenly I felt self-conscious. Can people tell I'm gay because I bake cakes? No, they can't, it's just a meaningless hobby to them. I saw Sen enter into my house and I blushed when I realized I had been checking out his butt. I stopped in front of my house and waited for my blush to go away before I entered. I didn't want to be embarrassed by my dad attacking me with "Why are you so red?" and "Are you alright Yoshimori?" followed by aggressive tests to see if I have a fever and such.

Once the heat in my face was gone a walked inside and took off my shoes. I almost ran into my room so I could take one of my many naps for the day, but my annoying grandfather called for my. I nearly fell over in surprise when I entered the dining room. Half the shadow Organization must have been in there. My brother was sitting beside my usual spot. I saw Sen sitting on the other side of my normal spot, which usually is "unacceptable" do to the stupid traditions my grandfather forces on us.

"Yoshimori." Masamori greeted his younger brother. "We have something to discuss later, but for now you will be going out to inspect the mountain area. We heard of an intelligent, peaceful ayakashi that frequents there. All we want to know is what this ayakashi is doing, and since it is non-violent, it shouldn't be too hard."

I crossed my arms, "Don't patronize me."

"I am not in any way, you will be accompanied by Gen and Sen. I have asked that Tokine be given this mission as well." Masumori says.

"Hey, I could do a mission like this on my own!" I snap at him. He's underestimating my worth!

"This is an intelligent Ayakashi, it will be able to think as it fights you. It will be able to adapt to your fighting styles and attack appropriately. Of course this is all based on if it does attack. But I will not have any casualties, so you can never be too careful." Masumori thoroughly explains. I nod in understanding, not up to arguing since it would give him a reason to be with Kagemiya.

"You will be going now." Masamori says, pointing towards Sen and Gen who had changed into their mission wear while we talked. I nodded and went to change into my Kekkaishi uniform.

"Where's this intelligent ayakashi?" I whined. I nudged closer to Sen, who blushed as I nudged towards him. Gen looked rather jealous though, wonder why.

"Could it be one of the students or teachers? There are quite a few who are ayakashi."Sen pitches, looking away. I hope he's just looking away to hide his blush and not because of me.

"The teachers at the school are relatively passive. The principal, Princess, and Ms. Aihi are definitely not involved. Mr. Byaku and Kaguro are more sinister however." Tokine says." I don't know about any ayakashi posing as students though."

"There are relatively weak ones, you'd have to have very adept senses to notice them." Gen says. "I didn't even sense them, only Kagemiya." I had to look over at Sen in amazement.

"Your senses are that good?" I shouted. He blushed and it was so cute. I feel like a crazy fangirl around him. Suddenly there was a loud rumbling. We looked into a nearby cave to find the source and a large swarm of cockroach ayakashi came out in a huge swarm.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Tokine and Sen screamed loudly. Tokine jumped into Gen's arms, receiving an irritated glare from him. Sen grabbed onto my shoulders and screamed. I think his apparent fear of bugs in adorable, Insanely cute.I made a kekkai and lifted us up out of the swarms way.

"Why are students in such a dangerous place? You should all be somewhere safer like in your homes or at a mall." A female voice remarks.

"Ms. Aihi!" Tokine says in surprise, "What are you doing here?"

"Collecting the herbs." Aihi says, obviously lying.

"Ms. Aihi, you are a terrible liar." Gen says, in an insulting but somehow respectful way.

"We know you are an ayakashi, you can tell us why you really are here." Aihi stared at us, surprise filling her eyes as she looked at me and Tokine.

"You are the Karasumori Kekkaishi. Alright, then I came here to collect the herbs I eat; they replace humans in my diet. I haven't harmed a human let alone eaten one in so long." Aihi says.

"That's it." I said disappointingly. "We were sent to confront an intelligent ayakashi and this is all that happened."

"Intelligent ayakashi, I see you recognize my superiority to normal ayakashi." Aihi says. "As for confronting, I am not the only ayakashi here. Princess and Byaku are in the ravine nearby. Kaguro might also be training atop the plateau. None of them will attack you unless provoked, except maybe Kaguro, but I don't think you have anything to worry about." Aihi says, smiling.

"I think we should go, the teachers aren't dangerous or we would have destroyed them a long time ago." Tokine says.

"I want to know what type of ayakashi you really are first." I said, curious.

"I am a plant Ayakashi. Byaku is complicated, Princess is nine-tailed fox, and Kaguro is a mummy-like ayakashi. None of us eat humans." Aihi explains.

"What about the other ayakashi at the school." Tokine asks.

"Since Princess is the principal, she knows who is and isn't an ayakashi." Aihi says. She points at Sen and Gen. "You two are ayakashi majiri, the blond with feline abilities and the brunette with wolf-like abilities. She puts ayakashi through a test. If they pass, they are allowed attendance. If they fail, they are given the chance to stop eating humans. If they continue eating humans, they are destroyed."

"Ayakashi that destroy other ayakashi, never heard of that before." Gen remarks.

"Well be off now, thank you for explaining things." Tokine says, grabbing my arm as she turns to walk away.

"I expect you to be awake during class tomorrow Yoshimori." Aihi says. When we returned, Tokine went to her house and Gen volunteered to report to Masumori, leaving just me and Sen. I decided it was now or never, even though I was pretty sure he would reject me. I took a deep breath.

"Uhhh, Sen… would you like to…. Umm… go on a date…. With me?" I asked, embarrassed by my stuttering. Sen looked at me with a surprised look, but gave me a nervous smile.

"Of Course I'll go on a date with you."


I'm surprised by how this came out. It did start out a little slow, but don't worry. Romance will be more important in the next chapters. Aihi, Gen, Princess, and Tokine will also be important characters so everyone remember them! Read and Review and be gentle, I haven't mastered the art of Kekkaishi characters yet so I do realize that Gen and Sen are OOC practically the whole time and that Yoshimori is OOC sometimes too. But it will get better, be patient. And please read my other fics too!