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Chapter 26


"Oh darling lady, I must warn you of this anarchy going on. It's been quite an ordeal." Angel said happily giggling.

"It's insanely amusing to see this effort, so please go on and attack the flower bitch's fortress. Just don't die on me! I don't know what I'd do without your pretty faces!" He shouted, shaking back and forth.

I sighed. I looked at Yoshimori; he was at the head of the army we'd complied. It was a ragtag group of ayakashi and ayakashi majiri.

"Lilium's actually heading this battle; do you think we can win, Yoshi? Even with Angel and Christeenala, do we stand a chance? This is the woman who nearly managed to take Kasumori." I said. Yoshimori looked at me and sighed.

"I don't know if we'll win… but I'm going to fight." He said. Suddenly he hugged me. I jumped in surprise, and hugged him back.

"I don't know if there will be a chance that we'll come out ali-"

I slapped him.

"How dare you even think that we won't come out alive! There's no way I'd let you leave this battlefield in a body bag!" I shouted at him. I looked away and took a breath.

"Even if we're injured, there's Aihi and Amara to help us recover. They're even making a fake eye for me." I said, pointing at my scarred, closed eye. Yoshimori held his breath and looked away and I let out an exasperated sigh.

"It's not your fault his happened, injuries were inevitable. Everyone knew this going into battle. I did, Hiba did, and you do." I said. Yoshimori nodded.

"Oi! Don't just ignore me! I'm stiiiilll here you know! I'm gunna tell your grandfather what I saw that day!" Angel whined. Yoshimori stood up straight and sent a glare at Angel.

"Oi! Have I been a mean monster? Soooo sorry, Lord Yoshi and Lady!" Angel said, disappearing into the armies ranks of ayakashi, mainly the spider servants of Shion.

Yoshimori sighed. "I suppose everyone already assumes were having sex anyway right?"

I laughed, "Of course everyone is!"

Yoshimori smiled and leant down. We shared a quick kiss and rushed towards at full speed.

-X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X-

"Oi, it appears that the lovebirds have decided to get a move on." I said, walking over to Christeenala.

"Denique diu tulit." Christeenala responded in Latin.

"Ohhhh! I hate it when you do that! I can't understand Latin!" I complained. Christeenala smirked.

"I said, 'Finally, took them long enough'." She explained.

"Why didn't you just say that beeefore!" I whined. She shrugged. I sighed. I looked at her.

"How have you been coping? With Xorin being revived and used against us." I asked. She sighed.

"It's been hard, facing him on the battlefield… I miss back when he was younger…. When his only goal was being with me, before he became obsessed with ayakashi rights and before he died…." Christeenala said.

"If you want… when he's defeated, I can bring him back for you." I said. She looked at me, a crystal tear rolling down her face.

"That would be nice…." Christeenala looked away. "But that wouldn't be fair to his soul. He reincarnates already…he's forced to by his unfortunate abilities. He'll be back eventually, I've just wait for him to do it the natural way."

"So I revived him in-between his reincarnation cycle then…. I've been trying to reverse it, but Lilium's been rejecting the action. He has to be defeated in battle." I said. Christeenala nodded.

"It will be this battle he dies, like he wants to so he no longer hurts innocents."

-X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X-

"I want to know why he said that! Why would he lie to me about such a thing!" Lilium shouted. She looked at an old photo of her as a human. Helping people when no one would help her.

"They only lied about wanting to help me! It was only a lie!" She shouted, tossing the picture against the wall.

"Prepare the army!" She turned, shouted at Xorin. Xorin nodded and ran off.

-X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X- -X-

"Here comes Lilium's army!" Yoshi pointed out into the distance. I saw them approaching rapidly, a huge amount of ayakashi of various species running towards us with Lilium and Xorin at the head. A heavily armored man walked next to them, his face obscured by the amount of armor around him.

"Charge!" I shouted to everyone, they all ran past Yoshimori and I, charging at the army that opposed them. Angel stopped next to us.

"Remember, don't die now. It will fuck up history for the wooorse!" He shouted before summoning his scythe and running out towards the other army, his scythe dragging behind him in the dirt; slicing through trees.

"You may need to put a tighter leash on him… her…." I said. Yoshimori shrugged.

"Lets go." He said. I nodded. We both ran, side by side, onto the battlefield. Bodies where already littering the forest floor, blood of many colors splattered everywhere.

"Oi! Don't waste your life! I didn't bring you back for nothing!" Angel shouted, I looked over and saw Kagami with Matsudo taking on a large amount of ayakashi.

"It seems some people are confident in themselves." I remarked. Yoshimori yelled his kekkai chants constantly as he destroyed enemy ayakashi easily. He's improved greatly over the past month. I trained with him, but I will never reach his leave of ability.

I looked over and saw Christeenala jumped over the clouds, blocking Xorin's attacks with ice. Suddenly the armored man landed from nowhere near me and I jumped, attacking him with my claws to no avail.

He drew a large sword and swung it down at me, but a kekkai blocked its path.

"I thought we agreed you wouldn't take on anyone stronger than you?" Yoshimori remarked. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"He snuck up on me, that's all." I replied and Yoshimori chuckled.

"No bantering on the battlefield, scum." The armored man mumbled as he swung his sword again, cracking the kekkai. The kekkai dissolved and I moved out of the way of a third swing of the huge sword. The armored man swung it again, I ducked. I slashed at the back of his knees, a weak point in any armor and the man stumbled.

"There's something weird about his ayakashi…" I shouted to Yoshimori.

"What!" Yoshimori shouted, creating kekkai to stop the man from moving but he simply broke through them.

I dodged the sword again, attacking near the man's neck, but I was blocked. The man jumped away.

"This armor does nothing against an opponent faster than I." The man groaned. He took his sword and opened up his armor like it was a can. He jumped out swing the sword at me in a blur of color. I jumped away, but felt the sword nick my leg. I flailed in the air as me trajectory was messed up and crashed into Yoshimori. He sighed as we stood up, looking at me. I gave him an unconvincing smile and shrugged.

We looked for the armored man, but he was nowhere in sight, just the hollow armor lying in a pile on the ground. Suddenly another flash of color dashed towards us. Yoshimori put up a kekkai and the flashed slammed into it, falling back.

"Crap!" The man shouted, dropping his sword. Yoshimori dropped the kekkai around us and put one around the man.

My eyes widened. "It looked like Tsurosa!"

She looked at me and stuck her tongue out. She broke out of the kekkai and grabbed her sword, going at us again.

"How kind of you to remember the name of the unfortunate deceased! She was my mother!" The woman shouted. I looked at her surprised. A woman like Tsurosa, a mother?

"She was evil!" Yoshimori shouted. I could see the sympathy in his eyes, but things had happened to make him know when to show sympathy and when not to. This was one of the times not too….

"I'm Rose! And I will avenge my mother!" She shouted, hammering away at the kekkai that Yoshimori put up. I saw a tear roll down his eyes.

"She misses her mother…. Like I miss mine." He mumbled…. "I can't kill her…."

I looked at him. I'm not strong enough to kill her… and Yoshimori can't bring himself too. We're just trapped her in this kekkai!

"I TOLD you! Everyone must die! Everyone must be REAPED!" A flamboyant voice shouted as a scythe flung through the trees at Rose. She jumped out of the way and looked at Angel. Angel smiled the psychotic way he does.

"Hmm! You're familiar! OH how do you still have a soul! I swear I reaped it those many years ago." Angel remarked happily.

"Who are you?" Rose said.

"How rude! Don't you remember the lady that let you move on! You're 'Angel'?" Angel said. Rose's eyes widened.

"I-I remember… you're the Death that helped me move on and become an ayakashi….. So many years ago when I was little." Rose said.

"You've been alive quite awhile now, I see you've grown and that…." Angel stopped.

"Your mother became an ayakashi and died a bitch." Angel said in Tsurosa's voice, smiling crazily. His scythe flung through the air, stabbing Rose in the back. She dropped her sword on the ground and it bounced, sliding the stop in front of Yoshimori. He looked at it and at Angel.

"I'm not young anymore. I have no qualms killing a child now! No last wishes for monsters SADLY!" He shouted, pulling the scythe out of Rose and swing it up. Yoshimori turned around but I watched as he swung the scythe, decapitating her. The blood spattered onto Yoshimori's kekkai. The kekkai fell and Yoshimori turned around.

"There's a lesson for the bochan! This is war, be prepared to have to kill anyone who gets in your way, even if they make themselves look, or sound like, your beloved kitty there." Angel said. "Also, don't break a heel!"

I face palmed at that remark and Yoshimori just nodded in shock.

"You're just not used to an all out war are you?" I asked Yoshi. He nodded.

"I've seen adults die all the time, it's nothing to me now, but seeing a child die, brutally like that too… I could never be prepared for that… the first time at least." Yoshimori said. I nodded.

"It's just like Angel's story now isn't it?" I said. Yoshimori smiled sadly.

"It is the unfortunate truths of war." Christeenala said, jumping down from the trees. "You must learn to live with it, or die protecting your belief that it is wrong."

We looked at her, silent.

"Everyone has things in their past that make you want to sympathize them. That does not excuse what they do now. The past is the past, get used to it. Embrace it or forget it." She said. She sighed. "That includes you, and Sen, and myself. Revenge is not a good thing for the soul. But neither is trauma or heartbreak."

"You're saying that this drive to avenge Sen's injuries is pointless?" Yoshimori shouted, running at Christeenala.

"This is not the time to attack your allies. Nor is it the time to sympathize your opponents. Remember the stories of the guardian's pasts? Does knowing her past change anything about how you feel about Lilium?" Christeenala asked. Yoshimori shook his head.

"Then think about it." Christeenala said, before ducking under a projectile attack and vanishing into the trees.

I looked at Yoshimori worried, but looked away.

He's not the type to want to be encouraged… He knows he can do it. And he knows that I believe in him. He said he likes me no matter what, well, I decided to go back to being the little brat I was, and it's fun.

"Yoshimori, we can't just stay here. This smell is driving me crazy and it's not safe." I said. Yoshimori nodded. I grabbed his arm and ran into the trees. I looked around, looking for Lilium herself. I saw Angel cleaving through the ayakashi, looking rather bored. Christeenala was chatting with Shion as they both walked through the forest, absentmindedly taking out the ayakashi that attacked them. Leo and Linzang were dashing around quickly, almost a blur, as they coordinated their attacks with each other. We could learn something from their insane teamwork, we both just kinda run into battle screaming; at least Yoshimori does, I try not to… but he's rubbed off on me.

"I see someone I know!" I turned around and saw Amara running towards us.

"It's bad! This isn't the real war! It's a distraction!" She shouted. "Lilium is attack the base!"

My eyes widened and Yoshimori gained his composure.

"Gen and the real Amara are fighting them, but they can't hold them off much longer; they're greatly outnumbered. Aihi is taking Hiba to a safer place." The Amara clone said, before melting into a puddle of water. I looked at Yoshimori and we immediately made a break for the base.

"It will be too late no matter what! The base is 2 days away! I don't even know how long ago they sent the Amara clone; it could already me too late." I shouted. Yoshimori shook his head.

"They enemy ayakashi here are falling back. It means that something happened! I won't believe that Gen and Amara lost." He said. I looked away.

"Always believing in the longshots can be good." I said sighing. "And I should do the same…"

Christeenala, Shion, and Angel suddenly landed next to us.

"The enemy army is falling back; we get to go back to base." Shion said, stretching.

"They sent a report, our distraction worked well." Christeenala said. "Princess and Byaku have successful infiltrated Lilium's Castle, the plant infested Guardian Palace."

"Hmm! The bug man did a good job, but I bet the fox woman did most of the work!" Angel said, swing his scythe around. Christeenala hit him in the forehead.

"Stop swinging that thing around, it is a deathscythe after all." She scolded.

"Oi! You don't have to be so rude! Hitting a LADY'S face! How could you?" He whined.

"Simple, I did not. I hit a flamboyant man's face." Christeenala smirked.

"I've had the procedure! I'm a woman!" Angel shouted. Christeenla rolled her eyes.

"That's good that they got inside. But how can they help us? You never told me that part Yoshi." I whined. Yoshimori rubbed the back of his head.

"Well, what I asked them to do was to sabotage the thing that powers up Lilium's soldiers. It takes the normal ayakashi and infuses them with Lilium's plants; it makes them a thousand times harder to beat." Yoshimori said. "I just found this out from Angel."

"Oh! I remember telling you that!" Angel said, having an epiphany. Yoshimori sighed at him, like we do a million times a day.

"Oi! I can call in some favors if we need help!" Angel said, remembering something. He jumped around happily, pulling out a cell phone. He hit the numbers in a flurry and put it up to his head.

"He is a woman… I can't use a phone that fast…" I mumbled. Yoshimori laughed.

"I only text." He said. "Only people who ever call me are family."

"Yup… definitely a lady." I said. Angel covered the phone with her hand.

"Thank you for finally accepting it!" She shouted. Yoshimori and I just shrugged. She smirked and went back to her phone call.

"Hiya, Sevy? Of course you know who this is! Don't play dumb!" Angel shouted. She paused for a second and smiled.

"Yes, this is about the favor you and the gang owes me. Yes, I want to take you up on it! No, I just called to ask you about your diet! Of course I need that favor!" Angel shouted. A person shouted back over the phone.

"Yes, yes, when can you get here?" Angel asked the person, "Sevy", over the phone.

"Oi, Bochan, is 2 days at the base good enough? It's about the time we'll get there." Angel asked. Yoshimori nodded.

"That's good, see you there." Angel hung up.

"There, a group of 5 Grim Reapers will meet us there. We got powerful backup." Angel said, putting her phone away into her blue cloak. She pulled a brush out and started brushing her waist then, light blue hair.

Yoshimori grabbed my hand. "In the meantime we can solve your little problem,"

"Do not sneak away to fuck while we travel back please." Christeenala said, walking past us with Shion and Angel. Yoshimori and I blushed deep red.

"Ok, then we can start planning the wedding." Yoshimori said. I smiled at him and we kissed.

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