Author's Note: Well it's Mother's Day but does that mean that I decided to take a break? Bah, of course not! As had been voted on when I posed the question in Tangled Spirits, I have decided to start yet another fic with this one focusing on Amiti which is, later, to evolve into a Amiti/Karis fic. However, romance will not be the center of this fic as it is the troubles that Amiti will find in this latest journey! In fact, it's all the romance that's been going on with Matthew and Sveta that has convinced me that I needed to perhaps pursue something more adventureish to give myself some variety for my writing.

Now, this does not mean that I'm going to be abandoning Tangled Spirits. Far from it in fact as I do intend on immediately starting the next chapter and posting it in the next few days. There's only two to three chapters left that I really have planned for Tangled Spirits so there's no way in hell that I'm just going to abandon it when it's close to finishing. This may mean, however, that if I'm in the mood I may decide to chuck a post in for this fic instead of Tangled Spirits somewhere down the lane but the bottom line is this: Tangled Spirits is going to be finished even if it kills me.

Alright, let's bring the focus back on this. Amiti, as we all know, has proven to be an interesting character due to the circumstances of his birth, the lies that revolve around said birth, and the destiny that may be waiting for him as not only Ayuthay's king but Alex's son. I've read a couple fics concerning him and I thought I'd try my hand with him. However, I do not only hope to focus on Amiti and his heritage but, more importantly, I intend to focus on a past that had occurred thirty years ago that had set the stage for Dark Dawn in the first place.

A past, I think, that is slowly starting to be forgotten. I'll explain more at the end but for now, let's get this one started!


As the breeze blew his hair back and the cold air stung his face, Amiti was reminded a lot of Imil.

The icy landscape that greeted his eyes when he did a slow scan of the surrounding area was certainly similar. The ground was covered with several inches of snow which hid whatever soil and vegetations that was frozen beneath it. The houses of the town that Amiti found were the only things that weren't completely enveloped by the ice and they were the only signs that people actually lived in this white wasteland.

Of course, the people here were not like the ones at Imil. Imilians did not have scales for starters. They also weren't warriors. They were a weak, pitiful lot that were constantly at the mercy of the merciless environment. It didn't take much convincing for Amiti to abandon them when he had been presented with an offer to put his powers to better use. And maybe, just maybe, he would be able to enhance his abilities to further heights.

Speaking of which, the crunch of the snow behind him told him that one of his "partners" was approaching. He did not turn to face the approaching individual and instead kept his eyes forward as he patiently waited, listening to the crunching of the footsteps. They finally stopped right next to him but, again, Amiti didn't turn to look.

The silence that extended between them lasted for a minute and possibly two but Amiti made no sign of even registering the presence that stood next to him. He could swear that it was a full five minutes that went by before one of them spoke.

"Prox is very similar to Imil is it not?"

The feminine voice told Amiti exactly which one of his partners came to him, her words making him think that maybe a few Proxians had mind reading capabilities. Now he finally offered a glance in her direction and saw the blonde hair that peeked out from the hood of her cloak. Her arms were bare and, like the rest of her people, her pale flesh had its own set of scales.

"Perhaps," Amiti replied. The image of beds filled with sick Imilians came to his mind. "But it's still different in so many ways."

She did not ask for him to elaborate, instead getting right down to business. "Have you read through the scrolls in our library?"

"Some of them."

"'Some'?" Amiti felt her gaze land directly on him and he could imagine her red eyes searching his face. "I've heard you've spent very little time elsewhere. I'm actually surprised to find you out here."

Amiti said nothing but knew that what she said was true. Once they had directed him to their quite extensive library, he wasted no time in conducting research on a quest that has now become his. The wealth of knowledge that he found himself pouring through was astounding; knowledge of past wonders, of present dangers, and a future of either darkness or light. What he learned in only a couple of days surpassed everything that he had learned from the teachings of his Mercury Clan.

He had already stumbled upon old texts that have allowed him to begin enhancing his powers to, what he hoped, would be far more significant levels. And from what little he had been told by his allies combined with what little he had read in the library concerning the mysteries of their quest, he may have the opportunity to obtain even greater power.

"So you realize why we need you?"

Amiti held back a sneer as he was dragged from his thoughts with her question. There was something he had quickly learned about his new allies and it was that they were blind. All they wanted to do was save their village should they achieve success. Did they not realize the potential for more? The ancient tales spoke about more than restoration; they also spoke of godhood. At the very least he thought that such things would interest their other partner but, alas, Amiti was starting to have doubts about even him.

He was starting to think that they just didn't care about such things. That just made them foolish then.

Focusing on the question at hand, Amiti replied, "I do. You need a Mercury Adept in order to enter."

"For one of them," she immediately corrected. "We'll be heading to that one first after we acquire the orbs. After Mercury there will be Venus, Jupiter, and Mars will be last."

"Just in time for the big party that the village will throw in your honor," Amiti joked.

Nonetheless, the Mercury Adept found himself turning his head north so that he could see it. Extending as if to the heavens was a tower far off in the distance overlooking Prox. Amiti had seen another tower that looked almost exactly like this one and he looked upon it with the same awe and curiosity that he had felt in Imil. For years he had looked upon these relics of the past in wonder, curious about the ancient secrets and powers behind them.

This time he knew. Mixed with the awe and curiosity was a new feeling: hunger.

"Do you have family?"

Curious at this new question, Amiti looked to his partner quizzically. "I have a cousin. Why?"

"I have a sister," she explained and when she turned to him he could see the sudden fire in her eyes. "She is the only family I have left. I am not doing this for fame or recognition. I am doing this for her."

Amiti nodded sagely but her words confirmed his previous suspicions: she was blind.

"The end of Weyard comes closer and closer every year," she continued. "The rift will soon reach Prox but not before that," she waved a hand towards the distant tower, "goes first." A bitter grin appeared on her face. "My people will know exactly when it's too late before we all die."

"We only have Mercury and Mars Adepts," Amiti pointed out. "We need a Venus and Jupiter."

"We have Venus covered. We managed to acquire one during our failed expedition to Mt Aleph. We still need a Jupiter Adept but…" she shrugged. "We'll have plenty of time to find one before we come to it…if we manage to retrieve the Stars this time."

Amiti allowed himself to feel a bit of unease at that. He had heard about the expedition to the Sol Sanctum. Though he didn't know the details, he knew that something terrible had happened that left everyone except his two partners dead. But apparently they still came away with some fortune if she was telling the truth about having a Venus Adept.

"I'm sure we'll retrieve them," Amiti spoke though he said that to reassure both himself and her. "And then we'll head right to Imil though we should be careful; like the elders of Vale, the people of Imil do not think that what we're doing is the right thing and may even try to stop us."

"What about your cousin? Wasn't she the village's healer along with you? We thought about coming to her to get her to help us in the first place but-"

"Be glad you didn't," Amiti interrupted. "Your plight would only fall on deaf ears. My cousin strictly follows the old, if foolish, duties of the Mercury Clan and would most likely fight even her own blood to stop us."

"The entire world is foolish," she spat. "They will call us villains and just sit and wait in ignorance for doom to fall upon them. But we will save the world regardless. And then they will see."

"Indeed they will," Amiti agreed.

And so will you.

Amiti tried not to grin at the thought and, upon failing, he turned his head away so that she wouldn't see.


And so will you…

When Amiti awoke, he was staring up at the ceiling of his bedchambers, his mouth having opened as if it had just been speaking the words. Or had he just mouthed them silently?

Slowly, the young King of Ayuthay sat up in bed and took a quick look around. As extravagant as royal bedchambers tended to be in your standard kingdom, Amiti's was spartan in comparison. There was the bed in which he sat upon, a desk off to the side with a few papers and a pen at the ready, and a clothes drawer with a mirror next to it. It was all that Amiti had needed when he had been growing up and, even when he had taken the crown he held little interest in decorating his room with expensive silks, jewels, and artwork.

Amiti examined what little there was of his room until he slowly nodded to himself, satisfied that he had confirmed that he was, in fact, in Ayuthay and not Prox.

"Prox." Amiti spoke the word aloud, rolling the name on his tongue as images of a frozen landscape and scaled Proxians who braved the elements came to mind.

The king rubbed at his eyes and that was when he took notice of the cold sweat that drenched his face. He used the back of his hand to wipe at the cool droplets and, swinging his legs so that they were hanging from the bed, he pushed himself off from the mattress and onto his feet. The cold, underground air brushed against his bare chest and face but Amiti, long used to it, paid no mind to it. Just as he was about to step away from his bed, however, he paused when he noticed the curved, sheathed Masamune that leaned against the furniture.

It had been two years since he had picked up that weapon deep within the ruins of Yamata during his quest with Matthew and his friends as they sought to end the Grave Eclipse and there were very few like it. When they had parted, Amiti had been allowed to keep it due to his mastery of the blade not only through physical prowess but through psynergy as well. The Masamune and several other weapons that they've come across like the Sol Blade, Slyph Rapier, and Umbra Knuckles all possessed special properties that separated them from normal weapons and psynergy was believed to be the key.

It had been Karis that had first hypothesized that Alchemy may have been as important to the construction of the weapons as hammer and anvil when they had been created though exactly when they were made had bred to some other interesting theories. Karis, again, would hypothesize – with the agreement of Kraden – that the weapons were in fact old and were another remnant of the ancient civilizations that had existed before the Elemental Lighthouses had been extinguished, making them as much artifacts as they were weapons. It made sense to Amiti as, when his hand had first gripped the hilt, he had felt a hidden storage of Mercury-based psynergy sealed within the sword. When in battle, this psynergy mixed and enhanced his own, making the Masamune less of a tool and more as an extension of his arm.

It had never left his side both before and after he became Ayuthay's king. As much as he had done so for sentimental purposes, Amiti knew of the dangers that came with the responsibilities of being a ruler.

Despite said dangers, he weighed the choices of bringing the sword with him or leaving it behind. As comforting as having the Masamune with him would be, he was only heading to the private bathroom to wash his face. It was only right down the hall, not a minute away and he would return nearly just as fast. What could happen during that amount of time? Still, in the end Amiti found himself picking up both blade and scabbard before belting it to his side. With the weight resting comfortably against his hip, he went through the portal at one end of his room, entering the hall.

"My Lord?"

The inquiry was made by one of the two guards that were, as always, standing outside the door to his bedchambers. Each were decked out in a full suit of steel armor, Ayuthay's crest displayed proudly at the center of their chest plates, and in each hand they carried a spear at the ready which served as perfect weapons for the cramp corridors that wound their way through Ayuthay's underground. In case they were needed, however, there were shorter swords sheathed at their sides. But other than steel they were armed with their dedication to uphold their sacred duty: that of the king's protection.

Amiti found it quite exasperating at times. Offering a smile and a nod of his head to the guard that had spoken, he returned, "Evelios." To the other he repeated the motion, "Borial."

Not only had the two guards been vigilant in their duty to protect Amiti's life for the past two years, they had been with Paithos five years before that. Lauded as the strongest and most skilled of Ayuthay's troops, the two were ferocious warriors not just separately but together as well. They've engaged Kaocho troops and more than once felled their share of the occasional assassin. During the nightmare of the Grave Eclipse, the two had even slain some of the dark creatures that had spawned from the shadows and managed to infiltrate Ayuthay's underground passages.

But they weren't Adepts. Amiti did not mean his next thoughts to be made out of arrogance but knew them to be simple fact. While Paithos had been old and ill in his final years, Amiti was still young, strong, and possessed a vast quantity of psynergy that had seen him healing the most grievous of injuries and defeating the most terrible of monsters and other opponents such as Tuaparang agents. If there was an assassin that could kill Amiti, he wasn't sure how well Evelios or Borial would fair against them.

However, Amiti had to admit that he was still human. Sleep was still a necessity so there was always the chance that an assassin could come for him in his sleep and he still required food and water so who knew what kind of poisons would cripple him and he would be busy trying to cure with his powers while an attacker struck. It was by this reasoning, and his respect for the duo, that Amiti allowed their duties to continue unopposed.

So he smothered what annoyance he felt at Borial's next words.

""Do you need an escort your majesty?" The guard took a step forward. "Would you like us to accompany you? Do you need me to retrieve anything for you?"

Amiti waved off the assistance. "I'm only going to be right down the hall, not a foot more; just want to wash my face."

But Evelios joined in on the insistence. "I could come with you while Borial remains here if you wish."

Amiti held back a sigh of exasperation. Two years of this and neither guard had ever learned to relax and simply let him go without any pestering. Again he knew that it was their duty but there was just the simple fact that the people of Ayuthay truly loved and respected Amiti and his family. Paithos had been a respected ruler and saw the kingdom through during its age of prosperity, the siege conducted by King Wo's troops, and the Grave Eclipse even when he had been at death's door. And of course there had been Veriti and the legends that surrounded her such as being a very powerful Adept who had not only been able to start the Alchemy Well but conceive her son with the use of her powers alone and thus passing them down to him-

There came a pang at his heart and Amiti suppressed it.

Of course, he knew of another reason why his life was treasured so by his people. With both Veriti and Paithos having passed, Amiti was the last of the royal family line. And with the two years having passed and Amiti having not produced an heir nonetheless chosen a fair maiden to act as his queen…he killed the thought just as its implications which made him so uncomfortable were about to rear their ugly heads. He already had too much on his mind right now; there was no need to add to it.

"That will not be necessary," Amiti continued, keeping his voice even. "If there is any trouble whatsoever I will call for you and I'm sure you'll be at my side in an instant."

The two nodded and it was Borial that assured, "As always, my Lord."

Glad to have the matter settled, Amiti went on his way down the hall, passing through the torches that offered the only illumination as there was no sun being filtered through at this time. The cold air brushed along his bare skin but, like before, he paid no mind to it. Though Ayuthay had two years to rebuild, the king was still restricted to the underground tunnels as being his home but that was due to circumstances and his decision alone. Amiti had decreed that he wanted the homes and courtyards of his people rebuilt first and then they could move on to rebuilding the palace. Yes, during the day there was a government building aboveground where Amiti spent his time listening and solving what may have come to trouble his people but during the night he was sealed away beneath the feet of his fellow Ayuthayans. He wasn't sure if many others would agree about these arrangements – surely this life should not be meant for Ayuthay's king - but for Amiti it would suffice.

Upon entering the bath, Amiti took one of the small water basins and filled it with water. The amazing stonework that allowed such stunning towers and courtyards to be constructed within the kingdom also allowed aqueducts that supplied water both above and underground. The construction of such ducts had been deemed necessary with the start of the Alchemy Well twenty years ago and overtime there has come to be quite a complex network. Cupping his hands Amiti collected some of the water into his palms and splashed it against it face.

The cool water both chilled and refreshed him but the young king still found his mind troubled when he thought back to the dream. That was not the first time he had dreamed of those frozen lands, far from it in fact, but this had been the first that he had been visited with something so…vivid. When he had first started having these dreams three months ago, he had initially thought that he had been dreaming of Imil. All that snow that blanketed the little village, the Elemental Lighthouse that stood proudly over it, there had been nothing to dissuade him from the belief that he was looking at the home of the Mercury Clan.

It had taken a month and a half later before he realized that there was something different about the Lighthouse in his dreams; subtle differences that made him think that it was not the power of Mercury that dwelled within its construction. Two weeks after that and that was when the Proxians started appearing in his dreams and Amiti knew the village for what it truly was.

But why the dreams of Prox? Though Amiti knew of the village's existence and its part that it played during the legendary journeys of the Warriors of Vale, he had never visited the place which made him wonder why he found his dreams filled with images of it.

But those were more than just images this time.

The woman that he did not recognize yet found himself speaking with in a discussion of a quest that he knew to be long-since completed while a Lighthouse that had yet to be lit towered over them. The implications were startling and, yet, what else could he have been seeing? Strangely, the question of how did not bother him so much as it was the question of who. As he had just convinced himself, he was quite sure that he had never been to Prox before so who was it really that had been conversing with that Proxian? The one who had been so driven with such thoughts of ambition?

Amiti glanced down at the basin where the gathered water had finally stilled. His own blue eyes stared back at him while they were framed by hair that nearly touched his shoulders. An underlying mix of revulsion and disgust that startled even him was his response to the image.

Like her brother, Veriti's hair had been colored brown. When he had first asked his uncle why he did not possess any of his mother's features, Paithos had just easily explained it as a product of the Mercury-based powers that had been used when she had conceived him. Amiti, already believing in the lies of his birth, had accepted it without further question for the first eighteen years of his life. It was only when he turned nineteen and a group of young Adepts had found their way into Ayuthay that he discovered the truth.

The face that stared back at him belonged to a father that he had never known.

A desire to lash out at the image briefly passed through him but with the patience and control of a ruler, Amiti just calmly took the basin and emptied it. He had gotten what he came for, it was time to return to his room and resume his sleep. Preferably without any strange dreams this time.

Borial and Evelios stood at attention upon Amiti's return and immediately assailed him with questions about his errand and if he required anything of them. Amiti dismissed their questions with a wave of his hand and a verbal command of not wanting to be disturbed. Leaving them to their posts, the king opened the doors to his bedchambers and stepped inside.

It took a long, slow second after the door closed behind him before Amiti realized that he was not alone.

Freezing, one hand slowly going to the hilt of the sword at his side, the King of Ayuthay surveyed his surroundings, trying to spot anything suspicious. The hairs at the back of his neck prickled and Amiti unconsciously let his hand tighten upon the hilt of the Masamune when he grasped it. The same spartan furnishings that he had seen upon awakening were still there and as he examined them, he tried to find signs of anything that may've been disturbed.

The papers that had been piled on the desk remained where he had last seen them, not one page out of place with the pen lying undisturbed next to them. The clothes drawer was closed and the mirror stood straight and didn't even possess an awkward tilt. The only thing that was a mess was his bed, the blankets crumbled and splayed messily upon the mattress but that had been Amiti's doing, not some intruder. No matter how many times Amiti allowed his gaze to sweep over every corner of the room, he could find nothing that would tell him if there is, or ever was, an intruder.

Then why did he feel like he was being watch? Why was there a dark atmosphere that threatened the security of his room?

"All hail the bastard king…"

The Masamune was unsheathed and held at the ready as Amiti turned to face a far corner of the room. Despite having sworn that there had been no one there before, Amiti found himself staring at a cloaked individual standing before him.

"Identify yourself," Amiti spoke, his eyes narrowed. "Are you from Kaocho? Or just hired muscle that had accepted gold as a price to take a life?"

"My allegiances are my own," the cloaked figure replied, his voice masculine and most definitely male. However, a chill went up Amiti's spine and how threatening and absolutely dark it sounded. "While death will come for you soon, for now I only bring a warning."

One of Amiti's brows rose. "Oh? And what would this warning be?"

A sound emitted from the folds of the individual's cloak and Amiti recognized it immediately. It was the unmistakable sound of steel sliding against leather and the assassin unveiled a long sword. Unlike the cool blue steel of Amiti's Masamune, this man's weapon possessed a crimson blade. However, Amiti's senses could detect the work of psynergy coming from the blade and it radiated vicious, destructive energies; the complete opposite of the Masamune's calm but steadfast presence.

Amiti noticed something else as well. While he let his gaze linger on the deadly weapon, he looked down to the hand that grasped the hilt and the arm that it was attached to. Despite the darkened room and the cloak, the Mercury Adept's eyes widened when he noticed the scales and spikes that dotted the visible blue flesh of the assassin's arm. The assassin was a Proxian! And an impressive specimen at that as the Mercury Adept could see the large muscles at the biceps, triceps, and forearm while he only now noticed how absolutely big the man was; being a good foot taller than him and possessing broad shoulders that made him absolutely intimidating.

"The past calls for your blood, Amiti," the assassin spoke in that dark voice before Amiti could ponder this revelation. "The sins committed by the father will now be paid by the son."

Amiti jerked at that and immediately knew that it was a mistake. Seeming to have succeeded in catching him off guard, the assassin was suddenly bolting across the room.

He's fast! the young king thought as the space that had separated the two suddenly vanished seemingly in an instant and the assassin was upon him. Amiti had no chance to bring his sword around in time to parry the thrust that came for his belly and he leapt to the side.

He was barely able to land on his feet before the assassin's blade was coming around for his head. This time Amiti managed to bring his own weapon up in time but, upon meeting with the assassin's, he grunted in surprise as his arms visibly shook from the impact and he was even forced to take a step back.

Fast and strong. No wonder the few stories that there were of Proxians tended to be ones about their strength and ferocity in battle. Though Amiti took a step back to steady and better center himself, the Proxian made no move to rush in and keep on the offensive. Instead, with his sword held loosely at one side, his head cocked to another, the Mercury Adept had the vague feeling that the assassin was amused at this show of strength.

"My Lord! Is something the matter?"

Borial, Amiti recognized, his blue eyes looking to the door just in time to see it visibly shake on its hinges as a loud bang echoed. He berated himself upon realizing that the Proxian had managed to perfectly position himself so that he was between the king and the door that led outside to his guards. No doubt the assassin had managed to take this opportunity to lock the door, delaying whatever help that Amiti would've been expecting.

His hands tightening around the Masamune in a two-handed grip, Amiti assured himself that he could handle this. A Proxian was surely a dangerous adversary but he was a Mercury Adept. What he couldn't accomplish with steel and muscle he could do with psynergy even if it was quite possible that the assassin wielded psynergy of his own. The strange energies that Amiti could sense within the assassin's blade sure made him wary and he was quite sure the stories had said something about all Proxians being Mars Adepts.

"You should probably surrender," Amiti spoke both as a delaying tactic and to perhaps even get the assassin to do just what he was saying. "They know you're here and the noise will probably get the rest-"

Reminding the assassin of the dangers seemed to get him moving to finish the job quickly which was the opposite of what he wanted. With that same incredible speed the man was on him again but this time Amiti was ready. Though the blow caused his arms to shake just like the first, Amiti managed to block the blow at his left side. He wished to take this opportunity to strike back but the assassin was already bringing the blade up over his head before bringing it down towards Amiti's.

The Masamune came up and the two swords were brought together in another violent clash. This time it was not only Amiti's arms that shook from the impact but his legs as well as the Proxian pressed down on him. His teeth gritting, the Mercury Adept stubbornly held his ground, staring defiantly at the shadows of the assassin's hood. That was when a heavy, booted foot slammed into his stomach and Amiti was knocked back.

He bumped into the mirror which tipped and then fell to the floor, the glass shattering upon impact. Outside, as if spurred on by the noise, the hammering at his door grew louder and Amiti could hear the loud commands of his guards that demanded the obstacle to be broken down.

Amiti was quick to recover but, like before, the assassin seemed to be in no hurry to continue the fight which was odd considering that help was a few good poundings away from interfering. Yet the assassin continued to approach him casually, as if taking a nice, sunny stroll and Amiti again felt as if the Proxian was just playing with him. The young king decided that this was no longer the time to keep messing around.

Fine, Amiti thought firmly as he thrust a hand forward.

A blue aura briefly flared around the Adept and for once the Proxian actually came to an unsteady halt, suddenly wary. Amiti gave him no time to defend himself. The temperature in his room dropped significantly and the king could actually see his breath in a visible cloud the next time he exhaled. It did not bother him and, in fact, he allowed a grin to form from his lips.


At his command, stalagmites made of ice appeared at the floor around the assassin and shot upwards, seeking to impale him. Though quick reflexes seemed to save him from the first couple, Amiti watched with satisfaction as the Proxian's cloak was torn as the stalagmites ripped through the article of clothing in their search for his blood and bones. Amiti couldn't see what happened next when the stalagmites overwhelmed the assassin, however, as he was suddenly distracted by the door to his room breaking open and a swarm of a dozen guards flooding into it.

"Your majesty!" Borial called as he and Evelios stepped between their king and the patch of icy stalagmites, erecting a barrier of steel and spear points while the rest of the guards surrounded where the assassin had fallen.

"It's alright!" Amiti immediately assured as he pushed and tried to squeeze through between his guards, wanting to see where the assassin had fallen or, if he wasn't dead, to make sure he was ready if the Proxian was even now getting back on his feet. "He's an assassin but I took care of it! Restrain him and take him…into…"

He was going to say custody but upon getting past his two guards and looking at his handiwork, Amiti soon saw that, that wouldn't be necessary. As the duration of the spell wore off, the stalagmites vanished, revealing what Amiti had managed to inflict upon the assassin.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And it was Evelios that voiced why that was.

"Your majesty, there is no one there."


Author's Note: Alright so how was that? Not bad I hope and I also hope that this has also garnered some interest and ideas that you'll stick around to see what else I may pull out of my sleeve.

Anyway, time to come clean with something that has become increasingly obvious to me: I'm addicted to flashbacks. I can't help it. Out of the four fics that I've already published since my return…I don't think there's a one that doesn't involve flashbacks in some way, shape, or form. In The Beginning didn't technically have a flashback but, then again, that was because the whole thing was a retelling of some of the events in the first Golden Sun game. And I think that it is in fact Golden Sun that is to blame.

Let's take a quick look back say like…ten years ago. I was about twelve years old when I first read the article about the upcoming game known as Golden Sun in the magazine known as Nintendo Power (Wow, do they even publish that anymore?) and I had been so enthralled with the promises and plot that had been laid out before me that I had immediately purchased a GBA so that I may play this RPG upon its release date. I played it, loved it, wrote terrible fics about it, then played Lost Age when it came out in the United States two years later.

Now it's ten years later since the release of the first game and now we have Dark Dawn. Let me repeat that: TEN YEARS. It was ten years ago since you played as Isaac on that fateful day in Vale (when there still was a Vale) and now you find yourself playing as his son who works together with the other children of these past heroes to follow in their footsteps. Other then Isaac, Garet, and Kraden, you don't see any of the old faces (excluding some of the old NPCs mind you) and I was actually a bit distressed by this. I don't think any of the old towns we've visited other then Champa have appeared at all due to the changes that have occurred all throughout Weyard. Dark Dawn could not exist without the previous two games and the lack of spotlight for a lot of the old heroes and memorable places that we've played and wrote/read good fics about was just a little upsetting.

Honestly I sometimes wonder about some of the people here nowadays. I mean I do believe that most of the people who read these fics have played the previous games but…ten years ago. Anyway, I believe that's the root of my flashback addiction and it's that I miss the old days and I'm trying to not only hit myself with a bit of nostalgia but reawaken some of this long-lost lore that we had loved and experimented with. And that long-lost lore, if you couldn't tell, is going to be serving a big part in this fic. Whether I'm addicted or not, there's going to be more flashbacks in this fic and with Dark Dawn's sequel being quite a few ways away, it means that I'm going to be able to experiment with my beliefs of what had happened with some aspects of the past and perhaps expand on it further.

Hopefully my experiment will please people instead of scaring them away. Lulz, I guess we'll find out sooner or later! See you when I get the next chapter up!