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Eoleo had a large tankard, heavy with ale, at his lips when Amiti told him. When the name of the destination registered in his mind a second later, Eoleo needed yet another second to understand what Amiti had just said. But once he did, you had the usual reaction that one displayed when shocked. The stiffening body, the eyes wide with surprise…

…the ale in his mouth being spat directly into Amiti's face…

"You want to go WHERE?"

Amiti had his own container in hand but his cup was full of water instead of ale. Half-raised as if to take a sip, the young king instead rested it back on the table so that he could concentrate on wiping his face of the ale that had his blue locks clinging to his forehead while drops dripped from his chin. While he did that, Eoleo continued to vocally project his disbelief.

"Prox? Are you insane?" Eoleo smashed his tankard back onto the table that they were seated at, nearly knocking over Amiti's water in the process. "Why the hell would you want to go there?"

"It's complicated," Amiti replied once he thought he did a good enough job with drying his face with his sleeve. "Let's just say that I'm looking for answers and Prox may be the best place to go for them."

"No, Prox is the worst place to go!" Eoleo shot back. "Nobody goes to Prox!"

Amiti took a quick look around. Despite being in the mess hall, there was no one else except Amiti and Eoleo; the rest of the crew was up top and doing whatever pirate things they did while sailing that Amiti had no clue about. Which meant that both kings were alone which he was happy for as Eoleo's reaction to this plan convinced him that it may be for the best that the rest of the crew didn't hear about where they were going. Though Eoleo liked to boast about the loyalty that the men held for both him and his late-father, Amiti was nonetheless concerned that they might have second thoughts about going along with this venture.

At this moment, Amiti was starting to worry if Eoleo was going to rethink about the deal now that he knew where they were going. A day had already passed since they had set sail and it was only now that he revealed to Eoleo as to where he wanted to go. After making arrangements to be picked up near a point on Ayuthay's nearby coast, Amiti had traveled alone and found Eoleo's ship waiting for him at the designated time. After getting aboard, Amiti had given Eoleo a direction that would lead to Prox's general vicinity but, otherwise, had waited to tell him that they were in fact going to Prox. His reasoning was that if Eoleo had already committed a day to this, he would be more willing to keep on going even if he found out.

This may not be the case if Eoleo flailing his arms about while jumbled words flew from his mouth were any indication.

"We're talking about a village full of Mars Adepts!" Eoleo was still shouting. "Powerful ones! Do you not remember the story about the Warriors of Vale? Just two Proxians were able to give them a hard time! What possible chance do we have against them?"

"You're a Mars Adept," Amiti pointed out.

"Yeah, a Mars Adept. As in singular. As in me against a village kind of singular!"

Having long since put his diplomatic face on, Amiti calmly replied, "It's not like we're going there to fight them. We're just going to ask a few questions, that's all. The reason I pointed out that you were a Mars Adept is that maybe they'll be more comfortable to speak with us."

"You're forgetting that this Mars Adept is a pirate! A very famous one in fact! How do you think they're going to respond when they see the famous pirate king just sail up to their shores? I'm thinking fireballs. Lots and lots of fireballs!" Shaking his head at what he thought to be nonsense, Eoleo focused on chugging what was left of the ale in his tankard.

Amiti took this moment to take a deep breath while he gathered his thoughts. Well, so far Eoleo hadn't said no but he did have a point. Amiti knew full-well about the possible dangers of going to Prox and a violent reception from the natives was certainly one of them. But he believed that they had a chance and it was these beliefs he now voiced to Eoleo to try and keep him from the idea of ordering his men to turn the ship around.

"It's not like their interactions with the outside world have all been bad. They owe their lives to Isaac and the other Warriors for saving not only their village but all of Weyard. Surely they can't have forgotten that."

Yet again Eoleo had a counter for it. Shaking his head after gulping down the latest mouthful of alcohol, Eoleo replied, "Yeah, Isaac and the others saved the world. They also killed two of their strongest warriors that had been the ones saving the world in the first place. And this was thirty years ago! Thirty years with the majority of people in the world believing that the Proxians are the bad guys because Isaac had fought them! I'm not sure if Isaac's name would be a blessing or a curse to them now. Probably a good thing we don't have any of their kids around like Matthew or Tyrell."

Amiti was glad that Eoleo went back to sipping his drink because the pirate king missed how Amiti cringed at the last. No, they didn't have any of children of the Warriors of Vale with them. Just the son of a traitor. Now that was something that could get some Proxians to throw a couple of those fireballs that Eoleo dreaded.

"The sins committed by the father will now be paid by the son."

Amiti suppressed the shudder that wanted to crawl down his spine as he remembered the dark words of the assassin those few nights ago. But it was those words that caused him to remain steadfast despite Eoleo's arguments. Amiti needed to go to Prox. Not only to find answers about this assassin but answers about…himself.

"I asked you to help me because I thought you would be willing to," Amiti spoke, his eyes narrowing towards Eoleo in a challenging stare. "If I thought there was someone that would be brave enough to get to Prox I thought it would be you. Are you actually going to deny my request?"

Amiti didn't mean to sound like it but his question made him realize how easily he was slipping into the King Amiti role. Two years and being able to throw out his authority had become second nature to him. And he thought he made a mistake when he saw Eoleo's jaw clench, the pirate's gaze meeting with his evenly. Nonetheless, Amiti kept up the staring contest, not going to abandon this quest so easily. He was surprised when a grin suddenly appeared on Eoleo's face.

"Good on ya." The pirate tipped his tankard in Amiti's direction. "Attacking a pirate's pride and hoping to win him with flattery. But you're mistaken when you call me brave when, really, I'm just crazy." His grin disappearing, Eoleo shook his head. "But there's a difference between crazy and suicidal."

Amiti felt his heart sink. "So you're not going to take me to Prox?"

"Well I didn't say that. With the gold you're paying me I'm willing to go the extra mile. Especially after you agree to a bonus; we are going to Prox after all, right?"

Amiti's eyes briefly widened in surprise at the grin that returned to Eoleo's face. But relief soon flooded through him and he held out his water towards Eoleo. "Right."

Eoleo tapped his tankard against his cup and the two drank as a sign of sealing the deal.

"I was actually surprised that you were able to get to Ayuthay so quickly," Amiti spoke up, now willing to go into more relaxed conversation now that their business was indeed concluded. "I expected at least a couple more days before you would be able to meet."

"Actually you managed to catch me as I was docking into Champa. It was just a matter of obtaining some extra supplies and sailing right out."

Amiti raised a brow at that. "Oh? And just what were you doing before my message came?"

Eoleo waved his hand dismissively at Amiti. "I know what you're thinking and, no, I wasn't looting. At least not that time." Chuckling to himself, the big pirate leaned his chair back and propped up his feet on the table. "Believe it or not I was actually doing another favor for another one of my royal friends."

There was only one person that Eoleo could possibly mean and the image of a certain beastwoman came to Amiti's mind. "Sveta? What did she want?"

A very broad grin appeared on Eoleo's face. "Oh, nothing special. The girl was just feeling lonely and wanted me to assist in someone's travel arrangements. Someone very dear to her and who she missed the company of."

That answer was obvious too. Shaking his head, Amiti probed, "Matthew?"

Their leader had been absolutely infatuated with the girl ever since the chase through the Teppe Ruins where the then-Princess of Belinsk had decided to reveal herself to them. At first, Amiti had thought Matthew's attraction to Sveta had been because she was a beastman. She was the same age as him, sure, but her exoticness was something that was a lot for a young man who was only now exploring the world and experiencing what it had to offer to take in. Certainly her royal upbringing would further add to the attraction when it had been revealed to them later.

Yet that attraction turned to mutual affection and then love. During Sveta's depression with what happened to her people with the Grave Eclipse, Matthew had spent the most time with her to help comfort her and help her get through her ordeal. And during the events at the Apollo Sanctum, it was Sveta's turn to become smitten with Matthew when he had been willing to die for her. Amiti had become more informed about the customs of beastmen during his kingship and this included the ones of courtship.

For a beastman, especially for a queen, their chosen had to be strong, loyal, and absolutely committed to their significant other. During their adventures and the Apollo Sanctum especially, Matthew met each and every requirement and more. It was only logical that Sveta would fall for him as he, her. Though Amiti had been worried about the possible complications that could come with not only Sveta being queen but Matthew being human, it seemed that their relationship was remaining strong. He just hoped that it would last.

"Who else?" Eoleo suddenly chuckled. "Actually, I thought that you may actually be asking me for such a favor."

Amiti blinked in confusion. "What?"

"Well yeah. I may have Champa to worry about but I do keep an ear out for news. Specifically the lack thereof concerning Ayuthay's king having yet to choose a queen. Two years and I'd think you'd have some kind of selection lined up for yourself. Hell, I thought you may be deciding to see Karis."

Amiti had been taking a sip of his water when Eoleo spoke that last bit. Upon hearing the name 'Karis', Amiti choked and immediately started coughing violently to the amusement of Eoleo. His face now having become particularly heated, Amiti looked up at the pirate king. "Why would you think Karis?"

"Come on, don't think I hadn't noticed during our little adventure," Eoleo teased. "You always spent the most time with her. Practically inseparable even. Almost like Matthew and Sveta in fact."

Amiti cleared his throat. "My time with Karis had been strictly on a friendly and professional level. I had been a bit sheltered due to my upbringing as Ayuthay's prince and she had seemed qualified to enlighten me about the world while we traveled."

"I hope this included the talk."

"The talk?"

"You know; the talk. When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much…"

"I already knew about that!"

"I don't know man; you had me pretty convinced that a woman able to conceive all by herself was the norm."

All Amiti did was mutter a very unkingly "Shut up" before taking a gulp of his water in an attempt to cool his heated face.


With only a small exertion of his will and power, the three orbs hovered in front of his face. Purple, brown, and blue, he made them circle one another as he examined them. To the naked eye, they were flawless, glittering stones that could be taken and used to craft some beautiful jewelry.

But to his attuned senses, he knew them to be so much more.

The Elemental Stars, Alex thought in awe.

Even the ancient texts in Prox's library didn't have any information concerning the creation of the orbs. What they did say, however, was that the Stars had been the source of power for the Elemental Lighthouses and, thus, the source of Alchemy.

And yet they were so much more than that. What Alex held in his grip was not only the source of Alchemy but evolution itself. Upon their resting places within the Lighthouses, ancient civilizations had thrived on Psynergy and the knowledge that allowed them to effectively wield it. With Psynergy, it was said that those same civilizations held power over all of Weyard. The winds, stones, waters, and flames were theirs to bend to their will and, theoretically, they could shape the very world itself in their image.

It was such power that they held over the world that caused them to nearly destroy it. And it was the threat of such an end that forced a select few to take the Stars from the Elemental Lighthouses and seal them away in a chamber within the Sol Sanctum. They had thought that they were saving the world from Alchemy. In truth, however, Alchemy was Weyard's life force; it was only the misuse of it by man that was the real threat to the world.

Alex understood it. He only needed to stare into the orbs to see the pure essence of the elements to understand. It is only in the hands of the unworthy that, that purity becomes tainted.

I will not make that mistake, Alex thought. When Alchemy is restored I will be there to guide it; to use it to shape a new, perfect world. My world.

To do that, he needed all four Stars in order to reignite the four Lighthouses.


He only had three; Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury.

The Mars Star.

"It seems to have stopped."

Behind him were his partners and he knew that they referred to the earth that had been rumbling beneath their feet ever since leaving the Sol Sanctum. After exiting the Chamber of the Elemental Stars, Alex had been able to use his Warp spell to transport them out from the Sanctum and to the outskirts of Vale. After getting some extra distance, they had decided to take a moment to recuperate and think of their next step. Even this far Mt Aleph still could be seen and a minute ago they had still been able to feel the earth shake beneath their feet.

"I was expecting a repeat of our last expedition," Saturos continued. "Fortunately, this does not seem to be the case."

"So it's possible that they survived?" Menardi questioned at his side. "That they yet live and possess the Mars Star?"

Saturos nodded slowly. "If that guardian has not slain them then, yes, it is very much possible."

The conversation caused Alex to think back to not more than twenty minutes ago. It had all been surprisingly easy despite their previous caution. Though originally they had planned to venture in themselves, the discovery that Kraden was making an expedition of his own to Sol Sanctum with his students gave them an alternative. Considering that Saturos and Menardi had already once failed at entering the Chamber of the Elemental Stars, it was thought that perhaps the old scholar may prove to be more successful.

To their surprise, an old man and three children managed to do what a force of Mars Adepts could not. And after they opened the way, all that the two Proxians needed to do was ask them to retrieve the Stars for them. Well, first they took Kraden and one of the students hostage and then they asked.

An interesting twist there.

Off to the side, far enough that they were out of earshot, was Kraden and the student who were watched over by Felix. Circumstances had forced them to bring the two along in the interests of their quest and Felix wasn't happy about this at all. Though Alex didn't care what Felix felt, he had thought that the Venus Adept would at least appreciate seeing his little sister again and being able to catch up with her.

They seemed to be doing that right now in fact though it hardly looked as if it was going well. Upon seeing her brother was alive, Jenna had been shocked and relatively quiet. That seemed to have worn off, however. Though a good distance away from them, Alex could nonetheless hear Jenna's words as she screamed at Felix, tears streaming down her face. Her brother attempted to form words to defend himself with but he was quickly shouted down and-


Ouch, Alex thought with a vague sense of sympathy as Jenna struck Felix across the face.

As amusing as this quarrel was, there were far more important things that Alex needed to focus on such as the current problem of not having the Mars Star. They almost had it! After collecting the first three, the two other students – Isaac and Garet he remembered their names being – had went to retrieve the last one. But upon taking the Mars Star from its pedestal, the entire chamber started collapsing!

In hindsight, Alex probably should've expected a surprise such as that. Even after Saturos and Menardi had confirmed that Kraden and his pupils had managed to disarm the trap that they had accidentally sprung three years ago, it didn't mean that, that was the only one. He should've expected that the power of the Elemental Stars was what allowed the chamber to exist and upon removing them it would cause it to start collapsing.

And then there was that guardian, Alex thought with the same touch of awe that he had just felt upon examining the Stars.

What Alex could best describe as a floating boulder with one eye had appeared, apparently having been awakened by the disturbance. Despite its unusual appearance, Alex had sensed the power that it possessed. Even with his growing abilities and knowledge that has allowed him to perfect the Warp and levitation spells, Alex knew that they were insignificant when compared to this being. He saw the proof himself when he felt that massive storage of Psynergy that it used to halt the flowing lava and collapsing rock that threatened to destroy the chamber.

Kraden had called it the Wise One, Alex remembered. Was that a creation of Psynergy as well? A sentinel that the ones who first sealed away the Stars had assigned to guard them? All that power, could it be a god? I have to know!

"What do you think Alex?"

Though Alex has always kept a mask of calm acceptance of their quest, for a brief moment he felt like verbally lashing out as Menardi interrupted the thoughts that he was so engrossed with. In such a short amount of time he had experienced so much, witnessed true evidence of the wondrous powers that he was striving for. And she was distracting him from them.

But he had established control for more than just his growing powers. Though irritated, he did not even bat an eye upon looking to Menardi. "I'm sorry, I was lost in thought. What do I think of what?"

"Do you think the guardian had slain them?" Menardi asked again. "That rock must've been assigned to guard the Stars so surely it had decided to punish them since we got away."

It was a valid question, Alex admitted, and he did give it some thought. After a moment, however, he shook his head. "No, I don't think they're dead. In fact, it could be very likely that it saved the two of them."

"What makes you say that?" Saturos questioned.

"Because it had been doing that already." Alex tapped the side of his head. "Think about it. The chamber had been collapsing all around us because we were taking the Stars. If the guardian's purpose was to protect the Stars and slay intruders, it would've been easier to just let us die and take the Stars from our corpses. But it didn't. Why?"

The two Proxians glanced at one another, looking thoughtful.

"I think there may be more to this Wise One then we may originally think. However, it does know that three of the Elemental Stars had been taken and it could very well be possible that he will use those students to get them back. It seemed to want to keep the chamber from falling apart and while it's tied up there, it may need some tools of its own to get the Stars back whether it be this Isaac and Garet or some of Vale's other warriors."

Saturos scoffed, waving a hand dismissively at that. "It is a village of weaklings and we have taken care of those two before."

Alex raised a brow at that. "You took care of them before?"

Even Menardi was looking at her partner curiously. Then her eyes suddenly widened. "No, it couldn't be! I thought they looked familiar but you think it could be them?"

"It had been three years ago," Saturos admitted. "But that name…Isaac…"

Now Alex was curious. "Are they going to be a problem? What happened three years ago?"

Saturos shook his head. "They are of no concern. After our first expedition to Sol Sanctum, we had to take care of a loose end; a couple kids that had heard far too much. We just had to make sure that they forgot what they heard."

"And you believe that these are the same children from before? Why not kill them? Vale had been a disaster area and I assume it would've been easy to just kill them and cover it up as two more unfortunate casualties."

"That was not why we were there," Menardi cut in. "Our mission was just to retrieve the Elemental Stars. We were not there to kill children." She motioned to the three Elemental Stars that still hovered over Alex's hand. "Besides, it seems that we were rewarded for it."

Though Alex nodded in agreement, he felt something ugly make itself known inside of him: uncertainty. He did not like being uncertain but this latest revelation was bothering him. It was the revelation that as dedicated and relentless as his two partners may be in their quest to save Prox, they yet held compassion. That was a problem as Alex only saw this compassion as a limitation. It meant that there was something that would not allow the Proxians to do all that was necessary to complete their quest.

It made them a liability.

"Children or not," Alex spoke aloud, "they may end up being our enemies and we cannot allow them to stop us."

"They are gnats to us," Saturos assured and his red eyes practically glowed with a sudden fire. "If they seek to challenge us they will fall."

"But will they bring the Mars Star?" Menardi questioned.

"We gave them our terms," Alex replied.

He nodded his head towards Felix and Jenna where the younger sibling had long-since silenced her screams. Instead, Jenna was now clinging to her brother, her shoulders shaking in silent sobs. Felix was holding her just as tight, one hand running through her hair while he whispered words of comfort in her ear.

"If they want Jenna and Kraden back," he continued, unaffected by the scene, "they have to give us the Mars Star. If they do come for us, I can confidently say that they will bring it as well. Those two will prove to be useful tools."

As will you, Alex continued silently as he turned back to the Proxians, his face unreadable. Tools have their uses but they can be tossed aside when they are no longer needed.

And if Saturos and Menardi proved to be as expendable, he may yet have to find a new set of tools. He'll have to start thinking of replacements if the time ever came.


Amiti woke up just as he did in his room at Ayuthay; shaking and his body drenched in a cold sweat. He actually thought he was still in Ayuthay which didn't help his disorientation that he felt upon seeing not the familiar surroundings of his bedroom but the wooden furnishings of a standard ship bunk. Fortunately, the moment of panic passed quickly and Amiti felt himself relax.

This was a bunk on Eoleo's ship that the pirate king had assigned him for the trip. The same bunk, as Eoleo would inform him, that Amiti had slept in during their quest to stop the Grave Eclipse. Other then the bed that he slept in, the only thing in here was his pack that he had taken with him from Ayuthay which he had placed off to the side.

Calming himself, Amiti wiped the sweat from his brow.

Why am I having these dreams?

It was like the one that he had the same night that he encountered the assassin. Except this time he knew that these weren't dreams but memories; they had to be. In the last one he had seen the beginning of a long-completed quest and in this one the quest was already underway. The Sol Sanctum, the Elemental Stars, Saturos and Menardi, the future Warriors of Vale…Alex.

Why him?

He knew the answer to that but, ironically, the fact that Alex was his father did not give him a proper explanation. Ever since their first encounter face-to-face when Alex had seen fit to call himself Arcanus, it had only been a matter of time before Amiti would discover the connection that he had felt for a man that he was only meeting for the first time in his life.

And he didn't care. Nearly twenty years Amiti had been under the impression that there had only ever been his mother Veriti and she had passed away shortly after his birth. He had long-since believed that he had no father. And upon discovering his relationship with the infamous betrayer he had felt…nothing. Whatever blood connection that Amiti had to Alex had long-since been masked by the lies and the lack of contact between the two. It meant nothing to him.

Amiti had never even seen Alex/Arcanus again after the Apollo Sanctum. How he learned of that Alex was his father were the clues that he had uncovered himself. Tret's declaration of him being a descendant of Mia was the start and would eventually cause him to confront Rief about it when they had been recuperating at Belinsk. Shortly after they went their separate ways, Rief had spoken with his mother and gathered the necessary evidence that he would later present in the letter that would come to Amiti months later and declare him as the cousin of Rief and Nowell, the nephew of Mia, and the son of Alex.

It had been surprising but that had been it; surprising. Somewhere, somehow, Amiti had known deep in his heart that it had been true. And he did nothing about it. He had continued to rule as he had done for the past two years and not once had he given Alex a second thought.

So why? Amiti asked himself. Why?

That was the question here. He felt no connection to Alex so why was he looking upon his father's memories in the form of dreams? And why was it happening at the same time that an assassin would come for him and he would decide to take on this journey to Prox?

Prox. Everything had started at Prox. And it was where Amiti would start his search. But which answers was he going to be looking for? The ones that told him the origins of the assassin or the ones that would reveal to him if Alex was the traitorous, power-hungry monster that his dreams were making him out to be? He didn't know.

Sighing, Amiti shook his head in a vague attempt to clear his thoughts. And that was when he realized that someone was standing right behind the door to his bunk.

The Masamune was resting against his bed and Amiti immediately grabbed it as he stared warily at the door. It was the crack underneath it and the shadows that stretched out from beneath it as if someone was standing just beyond it. Amiti sat completely still in his bed, not even breathing as he tried to detect some kind of movement or some sound that may allow him to know who the intruder was.

Eoleo checking up on him? No, he would've opened the door by now. Some other pirate that was curious about their latest passenger? Maybe.

An assassin?

No, Amiti argued. That's impossible. He couldn't have known that I would be here. And I had been the only one waiting on the coast when Eoleo arrived. There's no possible way that he's here.

But even as he tried to convince himself of it, he couldn't rule out that there may be someone behind the door that wished to do him harm. And if he was to confront him, best to do it himself and quickly. Whoever it was may not know that he was now awake or had even caught on to their presence. He had to keep the element of surprise and use it to his advantage.

Unsheathing the Masamune as silently as he could, Amiti looked back to the door and the shadows beneath it, expecting movement or whoever it was to make their move. They had yet to do so by the time Amiti slowly got off the bunk. And when he silently approached the door, the shadows were still there.

And when he opened the door, there was no one there.

Startled, Amiti nonetheless looked left and right, peering down the halls of the pirate ship to look for any sign that someone was still around. There was no one. There was only Amiti with his sword drawn and looking for an enemy that was not there.

Am I going insane? Amiti couldn't help but wonder.


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