The is a storey was Ash and Mitsy. Ashh did not beliefs in giant scyther but he wa reed a mail.

"Aht and misty this Govanni. Come to ginat poemon island." and was sign team Rocket.

Maisy gasp "we must rescue giant pokemon fro team rocket! they was so evil! "

so Misty, Ash go to boatt. "this boat am teh screepy" cried pikachu. But go on boat anyway. they go to giant Pokemon island but there was no one left.

All of a sudden the giant pokemons come out form cave including the giante Scyhter! " oh no siad ashes, i really hatred gaunt schatairs"

the giant scythet kill everyone with poisonous clawings. everyone was sadly but rushning to fort on the mountain. protected by the longest moat ever and it impossible break. but the giant pokemons was at the out there and food was running low.

ash and mitsuo built a plane that could saved of them, but…

the pilot of plane was sgiant scyehter all along! also he did not know how fly of the plane and they all crash