My throat and legs were burning and I don't know how long I had been running for, all I knew was that I couldn't stop...I couldn't let 'him' catch me. I kept looking straight ahead trying not to let anything distract me so I blocked out all sounds and kept running as fast as my legs would allow me. I wanted to stop but I couldn't, I had to keep on going and in my mind I'd imagine that a tree would hold out a cold glass of water to me from it's branch but I knew it was impossible. I regretfully let my head slip to the side for just a second ignoring the voice in my head that told me not to. The trees looked horrific, the scarceness of the leaves aided in giving the gargantuan trees an ominous presence. The immense amount of branches on them were curved, twisted and extensive, the length of them reached out as if they wanted to grab me. The oak which was suppose to be a brownish color was shadowed in an infinite shade of black, it looked as if the trees were taunting me so I turned my head face forward to deter myself from thinking about them.

The thought of him catching me crept into my mind and it was worse than anything else I could think of.

The moon hovered gracefully in the sky and cast it's glow on the trees and everything else but me, as if knowing I was already condemned.

I tripped over a tree stump and ended up hitting the ground a few times as my body finally came to a halt on the ground.

It was as if nature was trying to help him catch me, first the trees scared the shit out of me, the moon taunted me and now a tree stump trips me.

They were probably working with him, his malevolency tainted everything it touched. He was pure evil.

It was dark but I didn't had to see to know that my shoulder was dislocated, but I got up and ran anyway.

Had to keep going, I told myself...I just had to keep going.

I ran while holding my shoulder and trying to block out the pain, what I'm feeling now is nothing compared to what he would do to me if he caught me.

His white sharp teeth flashed in my head and I thought about them sinking into my flesh. Would he really hurt me?

I could see the lights of the carnival ahead, I was close, so close. I watched as the ferris wheel turned, lights of others rides flashing and the excited screams of people.

My heart leaped, I was almost there, just have to keep sprinting. He probably knows I'm missing by now but I got a head start on him.

Even with his awesome strength, would he be able to still catch me? No, I can't think like that. He can't get me now, I'm almost there and I'm sure he won't try anything with people around.

I'm safe, just a little more sprinting and I'll be there. Suddenly the eerie feeling of being in the woods all alone was starting to lighten up.

The trees became less and less and I knew the woods began to end, there was just an open field ahead then I'd be at the carnival, he wouldn't be able to try anything there.

I felt myself falling a bit then my bottom hit the ground hard, my heart was racing and I thought it would've beat out of my chest.

I had fallen into a hole. Shit!

I heard a twig snap behind me so I tried to control my breathing and be as quiet as possible then I heard a chuckle.

I looked up and it was too late, he was standing over the hole and I saw the mockery and amusement in his eyes as clear as day.

"Found you"