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Chapter 1: The Feelings

It's been almost 4 years since the Powerpuff Girls defeated Kare, and they are in high school now. After Kare's defeat, the monsters have been attacking less and less, so the girls rarely wear their transformation belts.

Matsubara Kaoru is one of the most popular girls in school for being athletic and currently the captain of the soccer team when they asked her to be. She stood at 5'6", being the tallest amongst the group, she kept her short hair, spiking it up and back rather than letting it bob normally, wearing the boy's school uniform which consisted of black slacks, white dress shirt, and a dark blue jacket. She never wore the tie and kept her shirt and jacket open and folded the sleeves just below her elbows to reveal her favorite green shirt, finished off with her favorite pair of green athlete's sneakers, she was as boyish as she'd ever be. But her friends never requested anything different from her.

Gotokuji Miyako is also one of the most popular girls in school for her maturity and fashion sense, currently she's not in any clubs and just hangs out with Momoko while waiting for Kaoru to finish soccer. She is 5' 4", being the shortest of the group; finally let her curls and bangs grow out more without cutting them. The light weight of her pigtails was just enough to pull them a bit straighter, but not completely. Her bangs hung longer around the side of her head, bobbing lightly as she walked, and wearing the girl's uniform which consisted of grey skirt, white dress shirt, red tie, and dark blue jacket, finalized with her white stockings and light blue-ankle shoes. She didn't mind the mismatched fashion sense that the school had as long as she was with her friends.

Akatsutsumi Momoko, one of the most well-known girls in school for her boy-crazy and hero fanatics, also not in any clubs and hangs out with Miyako and Kaoru. She stood at 5'5" being in the middle her hair was still the longest in the group, and she now let her hair flow freely down, sans the bow neatly keeping it in place, and wearing the girl's uniform but she wore it more sloppily than Miyako. She wore the grey skirt, white dress shirt properly, but never wore the jacket (she just steals Kaoru's whenever she's cold with some complaints from Miyako here and there) and wore the tie loosely. At the very bottom was her pair of pink and red all-purpose shoes, which she wore whether running, climbing, or following the cute boys at school.

"Mou Kaoru didn't have to tell us to go home since she's staying until 9 for practice, right Miyako?" Momoko complained a bit since she couldn't see them practice. Sometimes she did like watching them practice since it shows their spirits and their hard work.

Miyako smiled softly, "I bet that she just doesn't want us waiting for too long and walking home at night." Full knowing how their tomboyish friend really cared for them even though when they first met, she didn't want anything to do with them.

Momoko thought about it, "But we were the powerpuff girls so we know how to fight." Momoko jokingly punched the air and posed while walking, "But then again Kaoru doesn't have enough time to teach us self-defense that much anymore…"

"She's just busy with practice since they're going to compete for the nationals soon." Miyako looked at the sky, a bit worried for Kaoru's health, "They need all the practice they can get."

"Oh well we'll see her tomorrow." Both Momoko and Miyako went their separate ways home and Miyako stood there for a few minutes before walking again.

"Will Kaoru be free to do what she wants after the Nationals?" Miyako blushed a bit and shook her head, "I should just be thinking of cheering her on, not thinking so selfishly."

The Next Day:

Kaoru yawned as she walked to school for morning practice and saw that Miyako was waiting for her. Jogging to her, Kaoru looked at her worriedly.

"How long have you been here?"

"Uhm… about half an hour?" Miyako looked at her innocently, "Is that…bad?"

"No, not really but you could've told me that you were gonna be here so I could walk you." Kaoru sheepishly scratched her cheek.

"You don't have to. You don't have enough sleep so let me take care of you in the mornings before practice alright?" Miyako looked at her with hopeful eyes.

"I guess since I get here an hour earlier than them? Sometimes they don't come for 2 hours." Kaoru walked with Miyako to the practice field and sat on the bench.

"Wow… you come at 5 in the morning to have practice but they don't come until at least 6 or 7…?" Miyako was really worried about Kaoru's health, knowing her Kaoru must've been staying up until 1 or 2 to catch up with her homework, sleep, then get up again.

"I'm fine you know." Kaoru said softly as if she read Miyako's thoughts, "Then again maybe I'll take a nap with you here since no one's here yet and I'm pretty tired."

Miyako blushed a bit, "Uhm… you can sleep on my lap if you want?"

Kaoru blushed at the offer, "O-Ou… as long as I'm not too heavy…" Kaoru laid her head down on Miyako's legs gently and instantly fell asleep.

Miyako blushed a bit harder as she watched Kaoru sleep. She had been friends with her for a long time, but for some reason something seemed... different? When she had the free time to just watch Kaoru, whether in sports or in class when she slept so innocently, thoughts would flow through her mind. She imagined Kaoru holding her in her arms, like a protector. She thought of how cute she looked in both her Powerpuff uniform and skirt, as well as her normal clothes and gym uniform. She imagined Kaoru's warm and powerful yet gentle hands caressing her. She was beginning to get flustered. When she realized she was staring at her, she quickly turned away, blushing madly.

Almost an hour passed and Miyako was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable and squirmed a bit, causing Kaoru to wake up.

"Mmm… oh hey Miyako… was I too heavy?" Kaoru sat up as Miyako stretched her legs.

"Oh no you were light~ You haven't been eating well lately right? I made you some food."

Kaoru smiled gently at her, "You didn't have to."

"I insist. I doubt that you're been eating much lately given your time frame of practice and school."

Kaoru scratched the back of her head, "You got me."

"Then here~ It might be a bit cold though sorry." Miyako handed her a lunchbox, "I have more so don't worry."

"Thanks Miyako. You've always taken care of me whenever I needed it." Kaoru smiled at her gently and took the box, not noticing Miyako's blush and opening it, "Wow! This lunch box is beautiful!" Kaoru's eyes brightened as she ate the food, "Yum~"

"I'm glad you like it~" Miyako smiled at her.

Kaoru looked at Miyako and blushed slightly. She couldn't help but think of her whenever she saw her. Her golden curls, her nice clothes, and her gentle nature. She even occasionally found herself thinking of holding that slim, cute body within those clothes. Whenever those thoughts appeared in her mind, she would feel flustered, and try to distract herself from it though. Is it right to think of her best friend that way? Despite how much she hated girly girls, for whatever reason, Miyako always distracted her like this.

"Kaoru? You alright?" Miyako looked at her worriedly.

"Hmm? Oh yeah… I'm totally fine…" Kaoru blushed harder and looked away, "Just thinking how long it's been since you dropped '-san' from Momoko and me."

Miyako looked at her, confused, "Do you not like it?"

"Nah just felt a bit weird for a few days." Kaoru shrugged and finished the box, "Thanks for breakfast, better get to practice now." she wrapped the box then placed it on the seat.

Miyako frowned and looked at her worriedly, "You should rest a bit more though…"

Kaoru smiled at her, "I'll be fine. Don't worry." she looked at the time, "They should be arriving soon and I didn't set up the practice ground yet."

"I'll help you." Miyako stood up, a bit too fast and caused her to fall due to the quick head rush.

Kaoru rushed and grabbed her before she fell, "You alright?"

"Yeah, thank you Kaoru." Miyako blushed and held onto her, "C-Can we stay like this for a while longer…?"

Now it was Kaoru's time to blush, "S-Sure…"

They continued to stay like that for a few moments and Miyako fell asleep.

"Miyako?" Kaoru said as softly as she could. Miyako nuzzled her in her sleep, getting comfortable. "Guess I'll let you sleep…" Kaoru carried her gently and set one of her clean towels on the bench and put Miyako on it gently, and put her bag there to act as a pillow for her, "Good night I'll wake you up in time for class." She covered Miyako with her jacket and set up the training practice ground.

Miyako opened her eyes slowly. She looked around, and saw nothing but a hazy white mist in all directions. She turned, and to her astonishment, she found Kaoru a few feet away from her.

"K-Kaoru...?" She blushed lightly at the thought of being here alone with her. Kaoru slowly walked to her, took her arm around her neck gently, and pulled her into a deep kiss. Miyako melted into her arms, and as Kaoru's hands began to rub her arms gently, her fantasies were coming true. She soon found them both naked, Miyako lying back and Kaoru on top of her. Kaoru's kisses left her lips and trailed down to her neck... her shoulder... and everywhere else. Miyako could do nothing but hold her and purr, feeling more excited with each kiss. She soon embraced her in another kiss, and lied with her for a time that felt like forever for her.

Kaoru panted a bit as she finished her training and went over to Miyako to rest. Looking at the time she changed quickly and packed everything up, going over to Miyako to wake her up.

"Mmm… Kaoru…" Miyako mumbled in her sleep.

"Eh?" Kaoru blushed a bit and shook her head, 'Forget it Kaoru…she would never like you…never in a million years…she will just admire you…' she shook Miyako gently, "Miyako…wake up it's almost time for class."

Miyako slowly stirred awake and blushed madly seeing Kaoru's face near hers, "Ka-Kaoru?"

"You alright?" Kaoru felt her forehead with the back of her hand, "You're a bit warm… wanna go to the nurse's office?" she looked at her worriedly.

"N-No I'm fine…" Miyako blushed a bit more and got up carefully, getting her bags.

Kaoru watched her worriedly, "Don't overdo it alright?"

"Alright." Miyako smiled innocently and walked with Kaoru to class.

On their way there, they kept silent until Momoko spotted them.

"Hey Kaoru! Miyako! Ohayou (good morning)!" Momoko chirped happily.

"Ou." Kaoru waved a hand.

"What they didn't come to morning practice?" Momoko walked with them.

"Nope." Kaoru yawned.

Momoko frowned as did Miyako. Worried that Kaoru was the only one that cared about the nationals and her teammates didn't.

"Don't worry if we lose a match, I'll quit the soccer team and teach you two self-defense again."

That made Momoko and Miyako more worried, they knew how much Kaoru loved soccer and they didn't want her to risk not doing what she loved most.

A bit annoyed at the silence, Kaoru walked faster and turned to face them while walking backwards, "It'll be alright. Sure I love soccer, but I miss spending time with you two more."

"But it was your even jumped at the chance when they asked you to be their soccer captain too…" Miyako looked at her, feeling bad that Kaoru won't be able to go to the nationals once.

"I agree with Miyako, but Kaoru you should just quit right now. They're not dedicated to soccer like you." Momoko butted in.

"I guess you're right." Kaoru sat in her seat and leaned back a bit.

"Momoko." Miyako scolded, also taking her seat.

"Oops…Sorry Kaoru..." Momoko apologized as she went to her seat.

"Don't worry about it. I'm gonna take a nap. 'Night." Kaoru folded her arms on the table and laid her head on them, falling asleep.

Miyako watched Kaoru and blushed, 'What should I do to help you Kaoru?'

Kaoru looked around, finding herself in her room, but with a smooth feeling to it. "Kaoru..." a small voice came from behind her.

She turned to find Miyako, to her surprise! Taking her by the hand, she gently pulls Kaoru to the bed, sitting next to her. What she did next shocked Kaoru to a full extent. Miyako tugged on her shirt and pulled Kaoru into a deep, soft kiss. The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity for Kaoru, and when she opened her eyes, she lied down with Miyako on bottom. She couldn't hold her feelings, and found her hands slowly caressing Miyako's soon naked body, never leaving that kiss. She couldn't believe that Miyako was allowing her to touch every inch of her body like this, and soon she was getting more excited about it than she thought she would. She never wanted this moment to end.

"Matsubara will you wake up?" the teacher threw a piece of chalk at Kaoru who caught it as she got up.

Kaoru rubbed her eyes, "Sorry teacher what is it?"

"Sleeping in the middle of class is extremely rude! Either get out or solve this problem." the teacher pointed at the board.

Kaoru grunted as she got up and looked at the problem, solving it.

"Hmmm… good now go back to your seat." the teacher hit her head with his clip board, "And wake up for once! I know you're the captain of our school's soccer team, but you have a serious attitude problem."

"Fine." Kaoru rubbed her head and walked back to her seat.

Miyako and Momoko felt bad for her, knowing that she can't get enough sleep thanks to her teammates and that she needs to stay up to finish her homework. After class was over, Momoko and Miyako immediately went over to Kaoru's desk.

"Hey Kaoru you alright?" asked a worried Momoko, "You seem more tired than before and look a bit flustered."

"Guess it's the lack of sleep or something." Kaoru sat up and blushed lightly when she saw Miyako looking at her with her big, round blue eyes.

"Let's go to the nurse's office? I'll get the notes and homework for you…"

"It's alright don't worry too much about it." Kaoru waved her hands a bit then thought about it, "Guess I could go to the nurse's office and sleep."

Miyako smiled brightly and held her hand, "Don't worry. Momoko and I will get the notes and homework for you then explain it later alright?" she looked at Momoko who gave her a thumbs up.

"You can just leave it to us Kaoru! Go and get your sleep back."

Kaoru smiled and got up, getting her bags and went to the nurse's office. She looked around and sat on the bed, yawning and stretching she laid down and fell asleep in mere seconds.

Miyako and Momoko talked to each other over break then Momoko suddenly had an interesting topic.

"Hey Miyako you like Kaoru right?" Momoko elbowed her softly and teasingly causing her to blush, "I knew it! Since when?"

"I…" Miyako blushed harder, "I don't really like her like that Momoko." Miyako looked away to hide her blushing face and slapped Momoko's back which gave her a short memory when Momoko asked about Miyako's love life before.

"Relax I was only kidding." Momoko laughed, "Many of Kaoru's fangirls would've been on you in seconds and your fanboys will do anything to keep you two apart, well that or leave you two alone."

Miyako looked down, "Besides she didn't want anything to do with us before we were the powerpuff z remember?"

"But she cares about us now!" Momoko hugged her friend, "I asked her before and she admitted she liked someone but didn't want to tell me no matter how much I tried to pry it from her."

"I never heard anything about that." Miyako looked at her surprised, "Wait… why did you even ask her that?"

Momoko sheepishly scratched her head, "I asked her while we were waiting for you and a girl gave her a love letter. Of course Kaoru rejected her but she said that she liked someone else that she couldn't get."

"I see…" Miyako thought about it, 'Maybe…no she only cared to keep us safe…that's it… maybe I can try though…'

"Miyako?" Momoko looked at her friend worriedly, "Hey I didn't mean to make you sad about this…"

"Oh no it's ok." Miyako smiled, "Just thinking who Kaoru might've liked." they heard the bell ring, "Oh it's time to get back to class."

"Yeah better head back." Momoko went ahead while Miyako dragged behind.

Once they got to class, Miyako sat in her seat and pulled out some paper, writing her feelings and what she wanted to do. Blushing madly, Miyako re-read the letter and put it away, thinking of how to put it into either Kaoru's desk or locker. Sooner or later she decided to put it into Kaoru's locker but when was a good time to put it there without anyone noticing? Over break? No she once saw some boys put love letters in her locker. Lunch? Maybe if I can get away from Momoko. After school? Better chance but not a good idea. During Kaoru's practice? Yes that could be it. Either then or very early in the morning.

"Mi~ya~ko~" Momoko chirped happily, "Class is over so time to see Kaoru and see if her highness is hungry."

"Oh alright then." Miyako got her lunch and Kaoru's lunch that she made.

"Two lunches?" Momoko noticed it, "You trying to put on weight or did you make that for Kaoru?" she gave Miyako a suspicious look.

"Well you know that Kaoru hasn't been eating much lately because she's been so busy that she barely has enough time to eat and sleep so I thought I'd help her." Miyako blushed lightly.

"Maybe I should do that too?" Momoko and Miyako walked towards the nurse's office to see some of Kaoru's teammates walk out.

"Momoko-chan and Miyako-chan." they went to them, "Do you know where Matsubara is?"

"She isn't in the infirmary?"

"We thought she was and checked but she isn't there."

Miyako thought about it while Momoko talked with them about going to practice and their lack of practice is making Kaoru lose sleep because of them.


Kaoru yawned as she got up and rubbed her eyes.

"Finally awake Matsubara-san?" asked the nurse.

"Oh yeah I think I rested enough so time to go back to class." Kaoru pulled the blanket off herself and sat up, stretching before standing up and getting her bag.

"Lunch is about to start so go get your lunch now and walk around to wake up."

Kaoru nodded, "Alright thanks." she left and walked around to find something to snack on then head to the roof after. She found some rice balls for sale and bought them. On the way to the roof, she stopped by her locker to see if any fangirls left her something and sure enough she found some flowers, love letters, and boxes of candy. She took everything and threw them away except for the boxes of candy, thinking about giving it to Momoko and Miyako when she sees them and walked up to the roof. No one was there and she liked it.

"Good no one's here." she snacked on her rice balls and looked at the sky, "It looks like it's gonna rain soon…"

"Miyako are you sure she's going to be here?" Kaoru looked at the door and saw both Momoko and Miyako walking.

"Who's gonna be here?" Kaoru looked at them.

"Kaoru!" both Momoko and Miyako ran towards her and gave her a hug, "What are you doing here? You should still be resting."

"Nah I'm feeling a bit better." Kaoru winked at them, "Besides the nurse said to walk around to wake myself up a bit. Oh yeah." Kaoru got the boxes of candy from her back, "Think you two might like these? Found them in my locker."

"You found them in your locker?" Miyako looked at her, "What will your fangirls think?"

Kaoru shrugged, "Hey I didn't ask them for it so if I'm not gonna eat it might as well give it to you two or throw them away."

Momoko looked at her with hearts in her eyes, "Oh Kaoru I love you~~" she jumped and glomped Kaoru to the ground.

"Hey get off me!" Kaoru struggled to get up.

"Momoko get off of Kaoru now!" Miyako yelled at her, causing both of them to stare at her in shock. Miyako yelled at them a few times before, but they had never heard her yell like that.

"What's wrong Miyako?" Momoko stood up and helped Kaoru up, "Unless…"

"No!" Miyako blushed, "I mean…you could've hurt her…"

"I'm fine you know?" Kaoru looked at her, "Thanks for caring though."

Miyako blushed a bit more and gave Kaoru her lunch box, "Here remember what I told you this morning?"

"Oh yeah thanks Miyako." Kaoru took the box and sat at the ledge, opening it and began eating, "This is really good!"

Momoko looked at Miyako then at Kaoru, smiling to herself, "Nee Miyako, can I talk with you?" Miyako looked at her, confused as to why, "Please? It's about that again."

Miyako blushed, "No I don't!"

Now it was Kaoru's turn to look at them, "What's going on?"

"It's nothing to worry about Kaoru!" Miyako waved her hands, "Ah Momoko let's do those exercises that Kaoru taught us before for self-defense." Miyako went to Momoko, pulling her and left Kaoru alone, "Mou (jeez) Momoko!"

"What are you talking about? I was gonna ask you to tell Kaoru that her teammates were sorry and that they'll start going to practice earlier and working hard like she is." Momoko tilted her head to the side, "What was on your mind?" Momoko looked at her suspiciously.

"Nothing… I'll just go get my books from my locker then…" Miyako walked away and to her locker.

Momoko looked at her worriedly, "I think Kaoru's going to get worried about you if you keep acting like that." Momoko went back to Kaoru, "Kaoru your teammates said sorry that they were missing practice but they needed to study and do a lot of chores at home. They said that they'll try to practice harder for you and try to come earlier so that you don't have to come earlier than you have to anymore."

"Oh alright." Kaoru finished her lunch, "I'm gonna thank Miyako and give back the box then. Wanna come with?"

"Sure~" Momoko smiled and followed Kaoru.


Miyako sighed and held the letter to her chest, seeing no one's around she slipped the letter into Kaoru's locker and proceeded to her own locker to find the books she was looking for only to find the usual love letters from her fanboys and warning letters from Kaoru's fangirls.

"Mou maybe we should do something about this soon…" Miyako picked up all the letters and flipped through them to read the names then throw them away afterwards. She froze a bit, thinking if Kaoru did the same to her letter? What if she hated her? What if she didn't want to be her friend anymore? So many thoughts filled her head as Kaoru and Momoko walked up to her, seeing the blonde staring at the letters in her hand.

"Miyako?" Kaoru looked at her and went over to her, "Is something wrong?" she gently placed a hand on her shoulder,

Miyako jumped a bit, "Oh Kaoru…it's just you…" she looked at her and Momoko, "It's nothing." she threw away all the letters and looked at Momoko, "Did you tell her?"

"Yep now let's go to class then watch Kaoru practice."

"There's no practice today." Kaoru stretched and saw the confused faces of Momoko and Miyako, "The coach was mad that everyone on the team was skipping practice so decided to cancel practice today and tomorrow."

"Then we can…" Momoko smiled happily.

"Walk home together like the old days."

"Yatta (yay)!"

Miyako looked at her, "Is this really alright?" Kaoru looked at her and Miyako looked away a bit, "I mean… did the coach really want to cancel practice with the nationals coming up?"

"Yeah." Kaoru laughed a bit, "And I didn't want to go to practice today anyways so it's all cool."

Momoko jumped at them, hugging them tightly, "Nee nee let's go to Kintokidou after school~ We haven't been there in forever!"

They laughed as they walked there, "We went there last week!"

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