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"That was Momoko-chan." she sighed, "You must have a really bad cold to ignore her like that. Take these notes then go to sleep." Kaoru took the notes and dragged her feet to her room. She threw the notes onto her desk then flopped onto the bed, loving how comfortable it feels right now and thought about Miyako.

'Miyako would hate you if you kissed her then and there…why did you try to kiss her? The fever? Yeah that must be why. Neither of us was thinking straight and we had a fever so it was just the fever acting up…none of that meant a thing Kaoru…Gotokuji Miyako will never be yours…' Kaoru curled onto her bed and held her blanket tightly to her chest, falling asleep.

Chapter 4: The Confession

Miyako couldn't sleep since she was busy thinking about Kaoru and what happened earlier. Unconsciously, she brought her fingers to her lips, blushing. "If I kissed Kaoru…" she blushed more at the thought "She didn't pull back…maybe she does…" she closed her eyes, imagining the tomboy's arms around her, holding her tightly but gently and protectively. She loved how gentle Kaoru was with her. She felt jealous when she thought Kaoru liked Momoko. No matter what she did, Kaoru would come to her mind. Even before when she went to visit Takaaki. Remembering her first love brought tears to her eyes as she wrapped herself tighter into a ball and covered herself with the blankets, wishing Kaoru was there to hold her.

"Taka-chan…Kaoru…" she closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep but she couldn't.

Unlike Miyako, Kaoru was sound asleep. "Miyako…" she dreamed.

"Kaoru." the blonde blushed, "I wrote you this letter and I made you eel and egg." she gave her a box and a letter on top.

"Miyako you didn't have to." Kaoru smiled as she took the box and the letter, "I'm…" she looked down, "Sorry for ditching you even though I was waiting…I didn't even see you until it was almost too late…"

Miyako shook her head, "It's not your fault Kaoru. I'm sorry for making you wait so long." the blonde slowly walked up towards her, "I should've looked harder for you…made the place more specific…I'm sorry Kaoru." Miyako held her gently, "How can I ever make it up to you…?"

"Well…" Kaoru held her gently, "I know one way but only if you're ready." Almost hinting at what she wanted to do.

"I am…" Miyako blushed cutely as she slowly took off her shirt, revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra and made Kaoru blush madly as they held each other gently, "As long as it's Kaoru…I don't mind…"

They looked at each other for a few minutes before their lips melted into a passionate kiss. Kaoru was feeling Miyako's petite body and rubbed against her chest making Miyako pant a bit. Soon the tomboy looked around while nibbling Miyako's neck and found a bed for them to lay in. Slowly moving the blonde towards there, she pushed her onto the bed and hovered over her, being careful as to not put any weight onto her. Miyako wrapped her arms around Kaoru's neck and held her close, wanting to feel Kaoru's body near her. The raven-haired tomboy obliged and took off her shirt, their skins melting against one another as they held each other close and they were pulled into another passionate kiss.

"Miya-" Kaoru started but the blonde hushed her with a kiss.

"Go ahead." Miyako took off her skirt, waiting and wanted Kaoru to take her first time, "Kaoru…please…"

Taking a deep breath, Kaoru kissed her gently then trailed her kisses lower to her neck, collarbone, soft breasts, then her belly button, "I'm going in…" Kaoru held Miyako's hand gently and began to lick…

"Kaoru-chan?" Mrs. Matsubara opened the door.

Kaoru groaned as she woke up, slowly opening her eyes, "What mom…?" not realizing the time.

"It's 7 sweetie. You're going to be late for school." she chuckled as Kaoru jumped out of bed and got her clothes on hastily, making sure she had everything before running into the living room to eat her breakfast and grabbing her skateboard to race to school soon after.

"Damn that dream's still in my mind…" Kaoru wished she washed her face before going to school but she could just use the restrooms to wash her face.

Miyako yawned as she went to school. She didn't get a wink of sleep and her eyes were red due to the lack of sleep and that she was crying remembering Takaaki. "Taka-chan…Kaoru…"

"Miyako~" Momoko chirped happily as she went to her blonde friend, "Oha- what happened?"

"Oh Momoko…?" Miyako yawned again, "Ohayou (good morning). Don't worry just didn't sleep last night."

Momoko still looked at her worriedly, "Why didn't you take today off? Go to the nurse's office and sleep later ok?"

"I can't take two days off in a row otherwise people will think that something is up." Miyako smiled weakly, "Maybe later if I get too tired."

"Just take it easy ok Miyako?" Momoko looked back and saw Kaoru riding towards them then stopped, "Hey Kaoru."

"Oh hey." Kaoru waved and wiped her brow, "What's up?" she walked with them into the school, noticing that Miyako looked worse than she did, "Miyako didn't you sleep?"

Miyako shook her head, "I'm fine nothing to worry about." she yawned, "Just need to sleep a bit more later." Kaoru took off her jacket and covered Miyako with it gently, "Kaoru?" she instinctively covered herself with Kaoru's jacket, grateful for the warm jacket.

"Use that as a blanket." Kaoru walked with them.

"Matsubara-sama!" Kaoru's fangirls ran towards her, "Is it true? Did you really bang up that slut?"

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" Kaoru growled at them while blushing madly, "I didn't 'bang up' Miyako! And she's not a slut!"

"She yelled and blushed! It must be true!" they whispered amongst each other.

"Miyako-san!" fanboys ran towards Miyako, "It's not true is it? You didn't 'bang up' Matsubara right?"

"Eh?" Miyako backed away from them, "No I didn't." she blushed madly, trying to hide.

One fanboy ran towards her and grabbed her shoulder, "You're telling the truth right?" he held her shoulder a bit too tight since she started to tear up and wince at the pain.

"Y-You're hurting me…"

"Get your lame ass, dirty hands off her!" Kaoru pulled him off her and threw him into the ground, "Miyako's not that kind of girl that you think she is!" she stood in front of Momoko and Miyako, "If you really think that way then you have to get through me and my fist first!"

"I warned you all…" Momoko sighed as she put a hand on her shoulder to calm her down, "Kaoru they're idiots so don't worry too much about them alright?" she looked at Miyako, "Don't listen to them too Miyako. We all know that you're not like that."

Miyako smiled at her, "Thank you Momoko." Kaoru still looked pissed when she went into class with them, "Kaoru will you please calm down…?"

"I can't believe how idiotic they are…" she grunted as she took her seat, getting the stuff ready for the day, "They seriously need to get a brain and stop nagging us about every little thing. I mean sure we hang out a lot but that doesn't mean that it would lead to what they were thinking."

"I understand what you're thinking Kaoru but remember, we're popular in school. Of course they would think that." Miyako sighed, she didn't mind the popularity, but sometimes it would become too much for her to handle like that, "I wish that they would stop nagging us like that sometimes…"

Momoko looked at them sadly, wishing that she could help them but there was no way that they could unless… "Hey why don't you two tell them off or something? You know like you're dating someone so that they can stop?"

"Dating who?" Kaoru looked at her annoyed, "I'm not gonna date some random guy who I don't know."

"Me neither…" Miyako looked down sadly, remembering that she was waiting for Takaaki, but now she has no one.

"Dating each other wouldn't really be too good for you two…Who should you two date?" Momoko thought about it as Kaoru ignored her and looked at the notes, not really understanding it.

"Miyako do you understand these notes?" Kaoru looked at her for help while Momoko was lost in her own little world.

Miyako went towards her and looked at the notes, "Oh these?" she flipped through the notes, getting a bit confused, "This is different from what Momoko gave me yesterday." Kaoru sighed and rested her hand on her forehead.

"Typical Momoko…What was it about then?" she looked at Miyako.

"Uhm…" Miyako thought about it, "Jin, gi, rei, chi, chuu, shin, kou, tei."

"Oh those? I think I know about it then." Kaoru stretched, "I think I got it now so go rest up Miyako." noticing Miyako's yawn she got up, "Why didn't you sleep last night?"

"I remembered Taka-chan…" Miyako looked away sadly, "I can't get him out of my mind lately..." Kaoru looked away and held her scar burned arm gently. "Kaoru I know what you're thinking so stop it. Don't make me repeat myself."

"Alright… now go get to sleep before you collapse." Kaoru leaned back in her chair.

"Oh yeah." Momoko suddenly looked at Kaoru, "Hey Kaoru about that letter…" she waited until Kaoru gave her full attention, "Wasn't it weird that you and Miyako had the same letter that said to meet as the same time and place?"

"That…?" Kaoru looked away, "Forget about it now…I don't care about it…"

Miyako's eyes widened a bit before walking back to her desk to get her stuff, "I'm going to sleep in the nurse's office then…Getting tired so please get the notes for me Momoko." some tears fell out of her eyes as she walked away fast, disappearing around the corner.

"Kaoru I think Miyako was crying." Momoko scolded her, "Was it you? Did you send that letter to her?"

"Sorry can't talk right now… I'm busy…" Kaoru got up and left Momoko alone in the room to wonder.

"I was right…they sent the letter to each other…but they never realized it. Why idiotic friends I have…" Momoko laughed at herself as she sat down at her desk, "Let's see…how can I make them forgive each other…?"

Miyako went into the nurse's office, asking for something to help her sleep since she didn't sleep the night before. The nurse hesitated but gave her a small dose of sedative, soon after that, Miyako was sound asleep.

"Miya-" Kaoru went in but found her asleep.

"I just put her to sleep. She should be up in about an hour or so." the nurse didn't look up at her and continued to type on her computer.

Sighing, Kaoru went to Miyako and found that she was still wearing her jacket. She smiled lightly and covered her gently with the blanket, "Sleep well Miyako…I'll do anything to see you smile again so please…get enough rest to forget about Takaaki…" After awhile she left after making sure that Miyako would be safe and walked to the practice grounds to talk with her coach unknowingly that Miyako was sleep talking.

"Kaoru…I love you…"

"Miyako…?" Momoko came in just in time to hear what Miyako said, gasping. 'She just admitted that she loved Kaoru. Poor girl…they were misunderstandings and missed each other on the date how sad. Now Kaoru is mad at herself more. These two must really like each other…' she sighed, "Great, my two best friends are idiots that doesn't know how they feel. This is like a bad love story."

"If you're done talking to yourself, can you please go back to your class so your friend can sleep?"

"Oh yeah." Momoko left the room and went to find Kaoru. "Where did that dumb jerk go?" she looked around and thought she might go to the practice field for soccer and saw her there practicing with her teammates. "Hey Kaoru!"

Kaoru looked back and groaned walking over to her, "What now Momoko."

"I wasn't done talking with you." Momoko crossed her arms, "I still wanted to talk to you about that letter." Kaoru looked away so Momoko grabbed her shirt and made her look at her, "Would you listen and believe that letter came from Miyako?"

"You're lying…" Kaoru looked at her, in shock, "There's no way Miyako would write that…" Kaoru thought about what the letter said and noticed that Miyako was closer to her than Momoko was, but she still couldn't believe it, "Miyako… wrote the letter…?"

"Believe what you want then." Momoko sighed and walked away after releasing her, "Just hurry up and open your eyes before I punch it out of you."

"I'd like to see you try." Kaoru looked at her, "Besides what I do is my own business. Not yours. Not Miyako's." Kaoru turned away to walk back to practice with her teammates.

Momoko turned 180 degrees and stared at Kaoru, "You said it." she ran up to Kaoru again and Momoko slapped her face as she turned around, "We're your friends! Your problems are ours Kaoru! I know when something is up between you and Miyako but I'm sick and tired of you blaming yourself every time Miyako cries!" she slapped her again and Kaoru just took the hits, causing her teammates to watch her in shock.

"What do you want me to do?" Kaoru grabbed Momoko's hand which was 3 inches away from slapping her, "What am I supposed to do…?"

"I think you know what you're supposed to do." Momoko released herself from Kaoru's grip and left to go back to the classroom, leaving Kaoru standing there.

"I don't…" Kaoru looked down.

"Matsubara you can have today off." said one of her teammates, causing her to look up, "You've practiced harder than anyone of us, we've forced you into being our team captain, and we've ruined your friendship with Momoko-chan and Miyako-chan."

"She's right. Just go."

Kaoru gave them a small contented smile, "Thanks…" she ran towards the nurse's office and saw that Miyako was still asleep and the nurse was about to leave, "Uhm…"

"You can stay here. I have business elsewhere at the moment and will be back in about an hour or so." she fixed her glasses as she left the room.

"Ok..?" Kaoru looked at her confused then proceeded to sit next to Miyako, holding her hand gently, "Miyako…"

"Kaoru I wrote the letter to you." Miyako blushed, looking at Kaoru.

"So? I don't care." Kaoru looked at her coldly as Miyako gasped, "It was just a stupid letter." now Miyako began to tear up and cry.

"Ka-Kaoru…" Miyako didn't want to believe her ears.

"Don't ever come near me again." Kaoru slowly turned away, walking away from Miyako.

"Kaoru!" Miyako ran after her but as she ran, she was getting farther and farther away from her destination. Tripping, she fell face first into the ground and cried. First she lost Takaaki, her first love, now she lost Kaoru, one she loved just as much as Takaaki, "Kaoru…I…loved you…" she cried to herself. Everything around her went dark and she couldn't see anything. She didn't care. She just wanted to be alone and die alone.

"Kaoru…I… loved you…" tears fell from Miyako's eyes as she slept.

"Miyako…?" Kaoru held her hand gently, watching her, "You're going to be alright…" she caressed her face gently, wanting to help her, "What can I do to help you…?"

Miyako slowly stirred awake, slowly, "Ka-Kaoru…?" she blushed and moved back a bit, almost falling off the bed. Kaoru grabbed her arm and pulled her close so she doesn't fall.

"Careful there." they blushed madly at the closeness. "Miyako…?" she didn't look at Kaoru since she was too embarrassed.

"S-Shouldn't you be in class?"

"Miyako I think you know why I want to talk to you right now…" Miyako finally looked at Kaoru, still blushing, "I'm sorry Miyako…" Kaoru looked away, Miyako looked at her confused.


"I'm sorry…for the letter…" Kaoru looked at her, sadness in her eyes, "If I had known that you were there, I would've looked for you and we would've been on the date…" Miyako's eyes went from confusion to shock.

"You mean…"

"I wrote the letter…and Momoko told me that you wrote the letter to me." Kaoru looked at her, "Miyako… I…"

Miyako cried as she lunged at her, hugging her tightly, "Kaoru!" Kaoru held her gently, trying to soothe out her tears, "I like you Kaoru…"

"Sorry but…I can't…" Kaoru held her gently, rubbing her back and the back of her head, waiting for her to stop crying. Almost a minute passed and Miyako nuzzled against Kaoru's neck, her blonde curls tickled her cheek.

"Thank you Kaoru…"

"Anytime Miyako." Kaoru slowly pulled away from Miyako, looking at her kindly. They looked at each other then slowly pulled in close. Their lips met and they were in a passionate kiss, tongues fighting each other for dominance. Realizing what they did, they stopped and looked at each other, blushing madly.

"But you said…" Miyako touched her lips with her finger tips.

"I changed my mind." Kaoru looked at her, dazed.

Miyako moved until she was a few inches away from Kaoru, "Uhm...c-can we do it again?"

Kaoru blushed, "S-Sure…" Kaoru moved until she was sitting next to her, "I love you Miyako…" they kissed again.

"I love you too Kaoru."


"Go Kaoru!" Miyako yelled, waving her arm in the air with Momoko, cheering on her raven-haired girlfriend.

Kaoru grinned as her girlfriend cheered her on. She ran faster and stole the ball from the opposing team and ran for their goal, their goalie was running towards her, trying to steal the ball from her. Kaoru quickly and easily dodged him and kicked the ball into the goal. The goalie however didn't give up, he kicked up to attempt to kick the ball off course but he barely missed and kicked Kaoru's leg instead.

"Kaoru!" Miyako gasped as the crowd stared in shock.

"You jerk!" Momoko yelled at him for hurting her best friend and Miyako's girlfriend, "Kaoru you can do it! Do it for Miyako!"

Kaoru winced in pain and twisted to kick the ball into the goal. The referee blew the whistle to signal the end of the game. Kaoru's team had won 4-3 at the nationals.

"Yossha (alright)!" Kaoru raised her arms into the air, glad that they won. Her teammates all went to her and slapped her back in joy. Miyako jumped down from the stands with Momoko's help and ran towards her.

"Kaoru~" Miyako ran and jumped into Kaoru's arms, "You won!" Kaoru held her gently and glad that her girlfriend was there for her.

"Thanks for cheering me on." Kaoru smiled and grinned at Momoko.

"Yeah yeah wipe that grin off your face." laughed Momoko and Miyako, "Are you going to quit or go to the internationals?" Miyako looked at Kaoru, she wants what's best for her but she wants to be near her no matter what.

"Nah I'm done with soccer, I wanna become a pro wrestler so I need to train for that soon." Kaoru held onto Miyako, knowing what she was thinking. They've been going out for about half a year now and almost everyone knew it since it was so obvious even though they tried to hide it. Once the fanboys and fangirls found out about their relationship, they went crazy about it and they couldn't believe their eyes and ears.

"Just be safe when you train alright Kaoru? I don't want a bruised and scarred girlfriend~" Miyako teased her and their noses rubbed against each other.

Kaoru groaned, "But you know that I'm most likely going to have bruises and cuts during the fights." Kaoru looked at Miyako hopefully, "I'll stay away from you if I get into a really bad fight then. How's that?" Miyako looked sad and held onto her tighter, "Unless you want to be near me when I'm hurt and vulnerable."

"Alright~ I like that idea better since that way I can take care of you."

Momoko looked at them, "You know what many people will think something's weird if you say things that way?" she laughed a bit as Miyako blushed and Kaoru looked nonchalant, "Oh my god… you two didn't…"

"We didn't." Kaoru rolled her eyes, "Anyways let's go home now. I'm tired." she walked as Miyako held her hand and walked with her, swinging their arms.

"Yeah yeah love birds." Momoko walked after them, "Glad that you found out about the letter?"

"I guess… still didn't like how it came out though." Kaoru sighed.

Miyako giggled, "I did though since you took care of me and told me how you felt." Miyako rested her head on Kaoru's shoulder as she held her arm and walked with her, "I'm glad that it worked out right Kaoru~?"

"Alright you win." Kaoru smiled, holding her close, "I still kept the letter."

"Me too~"

"Maybe I should write you two a letter next time." Momoko laughed as she ran away.

"You better not!" Miyako and Kaoru ran after her.

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