A letter from a son to his mother on Mother's Day.

May 13, 2007

To My Dearest Mother,

I don't know how I would have survived the last year if it hadn't been for you. I also know that I never thanked you enough for all your support. In our darkest hours as a family, you were such a source of comfort, even when your own heart was pained.

The truth is, though, that for decades you have selflessly dedicated yourself to me and this family. I've always appreciated your love, which is so pure. We always speak of your love as your gift, and Mom, it truly is.

I know for all the love you have bestowed on my wife and your granddaughter, it did not come without some difficulty for you. Loving Bella was never a question for you. Your acceptance of her was immediate. The moment you found out that I had feelings for her, she was already part of this family in your heart, and that meant so much to me. You cherished our daughter without reservation as well. I love watching you with Renesmee and am grateful for the example that you set for her. I only hope that she becomes the strong, loving, and remarkable woman that you and her mother are.

I digress, though. I wrote of difficulty. I see in your mind that the pain of regret weighs heavy on your soul at times. The realization that if circumstances had been slightly different you could have bore Carlisle's child the same way my Bella has bore mine haunts you. Having been the only witness to your entire life in this existence other than your husband, I swear to you that Carlisle has no regrets. He wouldn't change one moment with you. Please, mother, don't regret what cannot be, when there is so much that you have.

You are the mother of six. No, you did not birth us, but you are our mother none the less. You love us unconditionally. You give us guidance. You are a leader, and you and Carlisle have set the example for us all - not only for how to love, but how to live.

You have never once tried to take the place of our human mothers, in fact you do your utmost to remind us of our roots, and ensure that we honor our parents. We are grateful for your consideration, but it doesn't change the fact that we all adore you. You are our mother. You are my mother. And although I have two other women in my life now, it doesn't change the fact that I still need your shoulder and your ear, and you will always have mine.

I know you haven't wanted to burden me in conversation as of late, and that Jasper and Emmett have been a sounding board for you. I'm happy that they have brought you comfort, but never for a moment think that I don't have time for you. I know you believe that my time should be focused on my new family, but there are more than enough hours in the day for me to divide my time.

I love you, Mom. The night Carlisle brought you home I was frightened for you, but when Carlisle said he knew your face I knew something special was happening. I knew you were special, but I could not even begin to imagine what you would come to mean to me.

You are my mom. You are the mom we all need, and we all love. You are the best grandmother that any little girl could ever be blessed with. I thank you on this day when we honor mothers, but I strive to honor you every day through my actions as a man, a husband, and now a father. I hope that I make you proud. I know I learned from the best.

When you need me, if you need me, I will always be here for you.

I love you always and forever.

Happy Mother's Day.

Your faithful and loving son,


Thank you MelissaMargaret for your beta work. Happy Mother's Day to all my readers who are moms. To all my readers, make sure to celebrate mothers everday. XOXO