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Fanfiction has no love yet for that awesome Asgardian. So I started this because I connect with Darcy so much and I want Fandral to get with someone.

Okay here is a bit of a teaser chapter to see if anyone wants to read it. if I get good response there will be more and better.

This might easily be one the freakiest thing I have ever seen. I thought to myself as my coffee mug slid out of my hands at the same time Jane and Erik dropped theirs.

Thor, or whoever he was, was a strange guy and I was only just starting to get used to it when in walks his four friends looking straight from some fantasy convention talking about warriors and hugging the self-proclaimed god of thunder as if he was their brother.

Getting over the initial shock of their appearance, I began looking them over assigning them names in my head. Red hair, round around the middle, boisterous with a curly beard- Gimli; Asian, intense warrior dude with freaky hair- Jet Li Wannabe; almost painfully pretty warrior princess- Xena and then finally the pretty blonde guy with some obvious arm muscles who reminded me of Carrey Elwes when he was younger- Westley.

Jet Li-wannabe, okay he scared me. Gimli looked like someone you wanted to keep away from alcohol, Xena was one of those tough chicks who looked like she never had a hair out of place, Westley however, was interesting. Thor blabbed on with them about "you shouldn't be here" and so on but I was just checking out Westley's butt. Damn, he was attractive. I mean Thor, of course was too, but I mean he was so obviously Jane's. he kinda made Jane go gaga and forget rational reasoning which I had been attempting to do the entire time I knew her. But Westley, unless perfect Xena had already claimed him, I might have a shot with him. Stepping over the fragments of my mug, I made my way over the renaissance warriors and their seeming leader.

"Hiya, Thor, buddy. Mind introducing us to the rest of the group?" I suggested, placing a hand on Thor's well-defined arm.

"Of course." He replied in his booming voice with a wide smile, "these are my closest friends, the formidable Lady Sif and the Warriors Three: Hogun the Grim, Volstagg the Valiant and Fandral the Dashing."

Okay, those names were foreign and confusing, I'd be sticking with Jet Li Wannabe, Gimli, Xena, and Westley. But the Dashing, that was certainly an appropriate title.

"Darcy." I said by way of introduction sticking out my hand to the gorgeous Fandral.

He stared at my hand with adorable confusion.

"In this realm, it is customary to shake hands upon introduction," Thor explained.

Pretty boy took my hand a little hesitantly, and did a bit of an awkward shake.

"Pleased to meet ya," I said, giving my classic beaming smile.

"The pleasure is mine if you are one of the one who has aided our leader Thor in his hour of need," Westley replied charmingly, bringing up my hand to kiss it.

If this was how attractive men treated women where ever they were from, then that could not be a bad place in my book. I giggled nervously, "oh no, no problem."

I chose to keep the 'I tasered your friend because he was acting like a crazy person' story to myself.

"Yes, we thank you all." Sif said to the three of us.

"We were happy to do it." Jane said, courteously. I repressed a snort at her stretching the truth but saw no need to give the warriors a reason to dislike us seeing how armed they were.

"It brings me great joy to see you, but why have you come?" Thor asked, a big smile still on his face as his eyebrows knit together.

"It's Loki." Jet Li Wannabe responded, seriously, "He has assumed the throne and threatens the safety of Asgard, we need you to return."

"I cannot." Thor responded, clearly angsting out as most of what they said went right over my head, "Father is dead because of me."

"Odin is still alive." Gimli informed him.

Thor's head shot up, "He lives?"

"Yes, he is in early sleep, but Loki is using this time to cause chaos and instability. We need you, Asgard needs you." Sif insisted, "but we must hurry, he may already be aware that we disregarded orders in coming here."

At this point I had been staring out the window and in seeing a huge funnel cloud appear out in the desert, I spoke up timidly, "Uh…guys, I think someone definitely has."

I had no idea, who Loki was or what was coming but seeing that shape out in the clear sky gave me the worst feeling of fear and dread.

Oh shit.

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Okay, not entirely accurate but I have only seen the movie once. Plus, for my story, and what I wanna do with it, I am taking artistic liberties. I may correct it after I have seen the movie five more times.

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