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In the moments after Thor left in the bifrost, Fandral came to my side and we kind of just stared at each other. I'm not sure what he was thinking but over and over my mind echoed 'he's here, he's here, he's here' as if to enforce what my eyes could still scarcely believe.

Despite being over-the-moon happy that Robin Hood was still here, the moment was a little bittersweet.

Jane was worried out of her mind. She took to pacing and staring up at the clouds. Seeing her look so anxious almost made me feel guilty at having my fairy tale ending right next to me.

From what I could tell of Thor, he was a proud guy, very sure of himself but he seemed very nervous about going back, about facing his brother, and I have to admit, that worried me slightly.

After about twenty minutes the clouds began to thunder, not quite in the way they had before the bifrost opened but still in a way that could not be natural. Flashes of color unnatural for lightning sparked in the large, formidable clouds as they seemed to grow angrier.

"What does that mean? Is it opening up again?" Jane asked Fandral feverishly, desperate for answers.

"I don't know, I don't think so." He replied anxiously studying the clouds intently, "Sometimes if the bifrost is left open for too long to one world, it affects the clouds above the portals on other worlds."

"God! I hate this!" Jane yelled in an out of character outburst, kicking at a rock near her feet. She started pacing again around the mark.

"Should one of us attempt to console her?" Fandral asked in a really sweet gesture.

"Nah, leave her be." Erik answered in his Swedish or something similar accent, "She just needs to clear her head."

Erik walked back to the van and came back with a couple bottles of water, I could tell he needed something useful to do and keeping us hydrated was the most he could some up with.

We kept vigil at the site for hours. When three hours had passed and we hadn't eaten since before any of this started, Erik went back and got some power bars and beef jerky from the glove department. Fandral looked at the processed food warily but ate it realizing he needed the sustenance as well.

Several hours later, when my stomach was angry at me for not getting seconds at breakfast, the clouds were close to completing the dispersal they had started half an hour ago. Now I didn't know how long wrestling with your brother to reclaim the throne and protect your kingdom should take but I had the sinking feeling that Thor should have been back by now. My feet were aching from standing so long but I didn't leave the entire time to go sit down in the van because to do so would be disrespectful to Jane and somehow construe that I didn't think Thor would come back. So I stood beside Fandral, holding hands for long periods of time, leaning against him at other intervals, not speaking so much as to not penetrate to tense atmosphere that had descended since Thor had left via rainbow.

Just as the sun was starting to set the last of the huge storm clouds that had grown so massive that morning were completely gone. Jane teared up as she looked at the horribly clear sky, whispering, "They're gone."

It was painful to see her so torn up, so Fandral, Erik and I turned by unspoken consent to walk back to the van, leaving Jane alone with her thoughts to absorb it all.

"So what does this mean, are you staying?" I asked tentatively, his hand in mine as we walked back to the van.

"I'm not sure." He replied, eyes on the uneven terrain we traipsed.

We walked a few more paces before Westley stopped and because we were holding hands, I stopped too and looked at him.

"The gateway may have been sealed, there may be no way back. No one completely understands the complexities of the bifrost. If something has happened to it I may remain on this planet for a very long time." He explained. This concentrated look in his eye, as if he was trying to desperately to make me understand and continued, "However much I may care for you, I do not wish to be a burden. I don't fully understand your culture or many of the things of which you speak. If it is your desire, I shall take my leave of you and find another place from which I can defend your planet."

I stared at him for a minute, disbelief spreading its way across my face, when I finally found my voice I said insistently, "Ah, hell no. You are crazy! Of course I don't want you to do any of that! I don't care if you're from another realm, hell, I think that's endearing; you are not leaving. You are going to stay with me, you understand?"

A beautiful, relieved smile lit up his features as he replied simply, "As you wish."

I swooned like a loon at him unknowingly quoting my favorite line from the Princess Bride, and said very quickly and breathlessly, "Oh that is so hot."

And then I closed the distance between us for another incredibly passionate kiss.

After a minute of this, Erik, who wasn't too far away, cleared his throat in a reproachful way, I broke the kiss resentfully and turned to give him one of my patented, 'do ya mind?' glares when I saw him motioning with his head to Jane, who was slowly turning around in defeat to head to the van with us.

Oh whoops, I thought, getting Erik's message to be more respectful in front of the chick whose boyfriend may never be able to come back.

"Let's cool it with the kisses for a minute," I suggested quietly to Fandral as we resumed our walk to the van.

And seeing as how it had worked so well for him the last time he said it, he repeated playfully, "As you wish."

I had to fight every impulse in my body to not clobber him right then and there, and said forcefully with a pursed mouth, "Stop that. I mean it."

He twinkled his pretty blue eyes at me but seemed to understand.

The sounds of our eight feet crunching on the sand filled the air as we continued our trek to the vehicle.

When we were closer, Fandral said to me almost tentatively, "So what do we do now?"

"Well, we'll get back into town and eat food. And you'll stay with me tonight." I informed him of the farthest my thought process had gone.

He accepted but asked, with a small amount of nervousness in his voice, "And then what?"

I felt so horrible for him in that moment. I realized exactly how much he had said goodbye to. His friends and probably his family were all back on Asgard which seemed to be closed to him now and all he had on this strange planet was me.

But I didn't let my realization color my voice and remained upbeat and optimistic for him, "I guess we'll have to wait and see."

We had made it to the van at this point and as Fandral opened the door for me he shot me this look that had me feeling like melting again, replying in that soft voice of his, "I guess we shall."

And let me tell you, I really couldn't wait.

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