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Summary: Winter was never much fun in the windy city. Not in Ray Kowalski's oppinion. He thought Hawaii was the place to be during winter. And, this year, he was going to treat himself to some time off. At least that's what he thinks? Will he get his well deserved vacation or will trouble follow?


Ray gazed at downtown Chicago through the tinted windows of Meg Thatcher's black Catalac. Turnbull, Meg, and Fraser we're taking Ray to the airport where he was to take a five day vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. Then, The Cadilac drove over a curb and back on to the road again.
"Turnbull, I want to make it to the airport alive!" Ray hissed at the mountie.

"Sorry, Ray." Turnbull responded recorrecting the vehicle back on to the road.

"You know, Ray" Fraser started. "I never knew you had such an interest in the tropics. What do you plan to do in Hawaii?"

"Uh, I haven't actually thought about that yet. I might just sit at the beach all day. Ya know, catch some waves and stuff."

"I went to Hawaii once. I had a wonderful time!" Meg added.

"What d'ya do?" Ray asked trying to collect some ideas.

"Well, I actually met someone there. We went out every night I was there."

"You...you..." Fraser began as he cleared his throat "You met someone? There?"

"Yes. We had a delightful time." Somehow this worried Fraser. Even thought this was long beofre they had ever met. The next thing Meg said worried him even more.

"I should drop him a letter sometime." Meg said smiling and looking around. Fraser gulped and turned white as a ghost.

"Ya ok, Frase?" Ray asked his partner.

"Yes fine" His voice craked a little. "Couldn't be better!" Dief, sitting in the back between Fraser and Ray, whined knowing that his master as lying.

"I know its only five day but, I'm kinda, gonna miss you guys." Ray said feeling unnaturally sappy. Dief whined again looking at Ray.

"Hey, I'll miss you too, buddy." He patted Dief on the head.

"We have arrived at the airport." Turnbull said dashing out of the vehicle trying to open all the doors.

"Thank you kndly, Turnbull." Fraser said "Well Ray, I guess We will pick you up here in precicely five days, three hours, and tweenty two minutes."

"Uh, yeah I guess so, Fraser." Ray said, not really sure what Fraser had just said.

"Goodbye, Ray. And have a nice time." Meg addresed Ray shaking his hand.

"Yeah, I will, Thanks." Ray said. Turnbull saluted. "Uh, yeah, at ease Turnbull."

Ray walked away thinking to himself, "I can't believe the crazy bunch of friends I just left." He grinned and dissapeared into the building.

A clumsy older man picked up his luggage and loaded it onto the plane. "Whoops!" He yelled droping two of the suitcases. "Sorry!"

"Thats ok. I got it." Ray said bending down to pick up one of the bags. He bumped heads with someone else trying to help him.

"Oh, I'm sorry." He said before even looking up.

"Oh no, please, I'm sorry." The girl said that bumped into him. She handed him the bag. "Um, Are you a stewardess? You're dressed like one."

"Yeah, I 've been working here about as long as I can remember!" "Ha, I know what you mean." Ray added slightly awkwardly.

"Um, I...I... what fight are you on?"

"Uh, to Honolulu, flight 409."

"Aw, great thats the flight I work on! I'll take your bags there now."

"Ok, thanks."

"Nice meeting you..?" She hinted for a name.

"Uh Ray K...Kowalski. I mean Veechio. I...I was thinkin' of someone else. You can call me Ray" He laughed at himself and managed to raise his hand up to shake hers.

"Oh, Hi. I'm Lynnette Macglider. You can call me Lynn. Thats what everyone else calls me!"

She left. He sat down. Ray thought to himself alot before the flight. Mostly about Lynn. Could he have feelings for her already? Love at first sight happens sometimes.

"Flight 409 now loading." A man called over the speaker.

Ray jumped up and boarded the flight. He quickly found his seat and sat down. Lynn walked over with a cup of coffee for him.

"Hi again, stranger. I brought you a cup of coffee." She sat on the arm of his chair for a minute.

"Hey, thanks. How long is this flight anyway?"

"Um, weather permitting, about eight hours." She sighed a little.

"So, Where are you from? Chicago, or were you just passing through?"

"Yeah, Chicago."

"What do you do for a livin'?" She stood back up and leaned on his chair.

"Uh, I'm a cop. Detective actually. Chicago PD."

"Thats cool! I always wanted to be a cop. Catching robbers and stuff. But my folks didn't want me in that kind of danger everday."

"Yeah, You're pretty much describing my life. I became a cop anyway." He gazed into his cup of coffee and looked up at her.

Another stewardess walked over and whispered something to Lynn.

"Ok, I got to go. Pilot wants some coffee before we take off. I'll talk to you again later."

"Sounds good." Lynn picked up a coffee pot and walked into the pilots chambers. "Here ya go."

She walked in and saw the pilot and co-pilot looking at a map. They quickly dropped a piece of paper when she walked in.

"Don't you ever knock!" One of them said.

"Sorry." She replied. She left as soon as she could. These we're new pilots. She had a strange feeling about the trip. Lynn picked up the paper they dropped before she left.

"Hey, Lynn?" Ray asked her as she walked past him. "Can I get some more coffee?"

"Sure, Sweetheart!" Lynn grabbed his cup and ran to the kitchen. She poured his cup of coffee and set it down to read the piece of paper.

"Oh my word!" She dropped the paper on the ground. And almost screamed. She kept whimpering until Ray turned around to see if she was ok.

Lynn walked out and sat down next to Ray." Hey, you ok?" He asked as he put an arm around her.

"No, and neither are you."

Ray turned a little pale and looked at her with deep eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean read this paper."

He couldn't believe it The pilots were going to crash the plane!

"What are we going to do?"

"Where did you get this, Lynn?"

"I saw one of the pilots drop it."

Lynn almost started to cry. Ray sighed and put a hand through her hair.

Just thenthe plane jolted and sent passangers flying around.

"Ray!" Lynn screamend. The plane was going straight down.

"Hold on, Lynn." He held her and they sat on the floor.


Will the pilot really crash their plane? I was Sort of going for MacGyver with the name Lynn MacGlyder :D Thats all for now. I will work on more tomorrow. Please review if you want me to continue.