The fourth time he sleeps with Neal, it's only a handful of days later, and he thinks that maybe the universe is trying to tell him something because when he looks up from where he's taking a late, late lunch at a hot dog stand, he sees Kyle staring at him. He finishes the rest of his dog in two bites and crosses the street, barely resisting the urge to kiss the man hello. Instead he settles for a grin and shake of his head when Kyle asks him if he's busy, and follows the man to one of the nicer hotels in the area.

It's the kind of place he might have taken Elizabeth once, before they'd settled into their agreement for having a happy companionable marriage with no strings attached. He couldn't have afforded it unless it was for a special occasion though and bites down the urge to ask questions when the doorman greets Kyle by name and doesn't blink an eye when Peter follows him. He's the one who started this 'no questions and no answers' thing between them, and goes with the flow, even when he realizes they're headed to the penthouse.

It's spacious and extravagant, and has more square footage than the last three places he's lived, including the house he and Elizabeth now own. He tries not to be impressed when the other man doesn't bat an eye at all the luxury but instead turns and stares at him. His expression is hopeful and expectant, like he's waiting for Peter to make the first move despite having invited him into his own space, if only temporarily.

It's an invitation that he can't resist and he moves in, a tight coiling knot of pleasure burning in his belly. It's a complete blur from the first kiss to the sofa; where Kyle is pawing helplessly at the pillows and Peter is touching him with the focused deliberation of a man who likes to take care of his partner. The way Kyle moves is enough to tell Peter that he hasn't been with a man, at least not recently or, more likely, ever, and he won't soon forget the look of bliss-ed out surprise that spread across that beautiful face when he brushed against Kyle's prostate for the first time. It had been wonder and awe, pure ecstasy, and he'd had to squeeze himself just so he wouldn't come from that look alone.

He's only gotten two fingers in, scissoring and stretching, massaging that little bundle of nerves that makes Kyle squirm, before it's too much and Kyle is shouting hoarsely, limbs shaking as he comes all over the upholstery. It takes him a while to recover and Peter gives him that, stroking a hand down his back in slow soothing circles, before he slips to the floor, naked and loose limbed, and sucks Peter's dick. His fingers wiggle beneath Peter's thighs and pushes, just a little, until Peter understands what he wants, fingers threading through silky hair, holding Kyle's head steady as he starts to thrust.

He's gentle at first, unsure of just how far he can go, but Kyle is urging him faster and deeper and soon he's lifting his hips in earnest, guiding Kyle's bobbing head until he spills down his throat with a hoarse shout. He loosens his hold on the man's hair, combs his fingers through it, almost but not quite shivering at the way warm breath ghosts across his thighs. The 'you're good at that' slips past his lips before he can think about it, and he enjoys the blush that steals across Kyle's pale cheeks, like he's embarrassed about the praise even as he's eating it up. It makes him look young again but Peter isn't as disconcerted as he was last time and smiles when the man pushes him onto the clean part of the sofa, crawls into his lap, and presses a bruising kiss to his lips before settling against him, happily sated.

They stay like that for awhile, warm and satisfied, cocooned by plush cushions and each other's limbs, before finally Kyle pulls back, stares into Peter's eyes, and asks him, shyly, if he can stay. Peter wants to say 'yes', the lure of having a few more hours like this so tempting he can taste it, but he's not a man to shirk his responsibilities. He needs to get back to work, put in a few more hours on one of the smaller cases his team is handling while they wait for the lab to finish processing Caffrey's latest heist and get started on the mountain of paperwork that comes with being an agent who's good at his job.

He could stay, could call-in and claim a sudden bout of food poisoning, but he doesn't want to set that precedence yet. Not with Kyle, who he feels like he's known forever, but who he honestly knows nothing about save that he seems to want Peter as much as Peter wants him. He can't do that to them.

Leaning forward, he presses a kiss against the tip of Kyle's nose, watching as eyelids flutter close before pressing kisses against those, too. He won't stay, not this time, but next timeā€¦