Okay, so this is the first chapter in a poem-series called 'Winter Blue and Spring Green,' and I'm quite proud to say that it's the first poem I've written in a while! Maka said she'd write a poem together with Chrona, right? Well, this is them, writing...uh, a lot of poems. Where Chrona's winter blue meets Maka's spring green, and what happened to Chrona when he (or she!) met Maka.

"Hey Maka,"

Maka looked up from the book she was reading to see Chrona standing there, a somewhat nervous look on his face. "Remember how you said we could write a poem together?"

She smiled. "Yeah, sure," She wasn't totally excited though - after reading Chrona's first work, she questioned on whether she'd want to have him write more. But then, he probably got better since then, but you shouldn't really underestimate Chrona Makenshi...he always surprised her.

"How about we get started on it now," she said.

The two of them brainstormed on what they'd write about together. It wasn't easy, and when a bad case of writer's block was keeping them from coming up with a collaboration, they concluded that it was best to start on separate works and then make a final poem together.

"But what should we write about?" Chrona asked his friend.



"Yeah, you seem to have a lot to you," Maka was mentally facepalming at her own words. What was that supposed to mean anyway? she thought. Well, she knew what it meant, but it came out sounding dumb.

"You really wanna write about a boring little wimp like him?" Ragnarok burst out of Chrona's back, right on cue. "That kid with the shark teeth was right! You guys are so lame, if you can't think of anything better than writing poetry!"

"Ragnarok," Chrona sighed. Maka decided to turn his own words against him by saying "Oh, Ragnarok! I think you could help Chrona out. After all, you've been his weapon partner for so long and, well, you'd know Chrona better than I would,"

"I never signed up for this!" Ragnarok scoffed. "I never asked to write poetry with you lamos!"

Maka grabbed a hardcover book, and aimed it so she'd miss her friend's head but still hit her black-blood target. Seeing the looming doorstopper ready to strike, he finally came around. "Rrgh! Fine! I'll help out with your poetry. I'm just not good at it, okay?"

"That's okay Ragnarok," Chrona said to his weapon partner. "I'll help you out,"

It took some effort to swallow his pride and not punch Chrona in the face for saying that, and actually thank him for offering to help, but Raggy managed to do it.

"Alright then!" said Maka cheerfully, "We'll get started...tomorrow. It's getting late..."

"Yeah," Chrona yawned.

"Well then, get to bed already!" Ragnarok grumbled.