Second Part:

Spring Green, Part One;

Why we shouldn't be

How can we be so close and yet,
A difference as big as night and day,
No one would think the two of us,
Would ever work out this way.
No one would think a pair like us two,
Would work so well and see,
Eye to eye the way we do,
You know that shouldn't be.
And truth be told, we don't get along,
Really, what day do we not start fighting?
Between my 'tude and your bitchy mood,
Where we're damn-near scratching and biting,
And yet, when it comes for us to act,
We make a pretty good team,
Because I'd take the hit before seeing you hurt,
And you'd do the same for me,
But some days I just don't get you at all,
And I really don't think you get me,
We're a dysfunctional bunch for sure,
But that's how we're meant to be.

You and I couldn't be any more different,
Our lives were like night and day,
And from the day that we first met,
I knew I'd never be the same.
The way you stared me down with that look,
Your green eyes pierced right through me,
But after you looked inside my soul,
I found someone who really knew me,
You're so unafraid when you go about,
And I've always been haunted by fear,
Your smile was the greatest thing,
That brought me down to tears,
To think that you would like me,
After what you've seen from me,
Just makes me think to myself sometimes,
Why we shouldn't be

Maka read the poem to herself, while Crona shuffled his feet nervously, eyes on the ground. When she was done, she was almost in tears.

"Aw, Crona...the first part? Is...did you write that?"

"Actually Maka, that first part was from Soul,"

Maka was surprised to hear that. Soul? As in, my weapon partner? Who said that poetry was stupid...he actually wrote a poem?


Later that day, she met him down the hall, or rather, bumped into him and caused both to drop their things.

"Hey! Really Maka? Could you look where you're going next time?"

"Gimme a break, Soul! You're the one who was looking the other way!"

"Oh shut up!" he quickly snatched his things along with Maka, when he picked up a piece of paper that looked like it belonged to him. Except, it had...poetry...that looked really familiar...

"Hey! That's mine!" Maka snatched it out of his hand.

"Whatever, I just thought..." Soul took a moment to realize that it probably was his poem. "Um...what was that, anyway?"

"It was poetry..." Maka trailed off, remembering what Crona had told her. That Soul was the one who wrote the first part of that poem...

"Uh, Soul?" Maka said.


"You wrote that first half of this, right?" she held up the poem.

"Uh...wait, who told -" Soul was about to ask, but he figured the answer was pretty obvious to him.

"Hey! Soul! Where are you going?" Maka called after him, but he'd already taken off down the hall at top speed.

"You actually showed her that thing?"

"Um, well yeah. I uh -"

"You didn't tell me she was actually gonna read that!"

"I thought you knew," Crona blushed, looking down at his feet. "I'm sorry,"

"Soul," Maka came running over, thinking that her partner was about to beat the crap out of Chrona. "Don't take it out on Chrona because -"

"I wasn't," he said. "It's just that..." he trailed off for a moment. "well, just don't tell anyone I wrote that thing, okay? It's just not cool,"

"Whatever, but I really don't see what's so wrong with it," Maka said. "It was really nice Soul. I liked it,"

" did?"


He blushed a bit at that. "Well Chrona helped with most of it," Soul pointed over to him.

Maka giggled a bit. "It's alright. You still got it across, right?"

Soul pouted for a moment, but then smiled. "Yeah. You and I, we make a great team,"

Well, there it is. Heh, I just had to write one with Soul in it! He walked in on Chrona in mid-poem and ended up helping out with it, and then...well, Maka read it. Hope you enjoyed, please review! ^_^