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'Demon/Devil talk'

Chapter 1

Man has always been a greedy animal.

His greed is like a bottomless pit, never ending; unable to be satiated.

This was the one main reason which led to man's downfall.

The world was created in a perfect equilibrium. 7 sins and the 7 virtues. All set to counterbalance each other. This ensured the peace and the continuity of the land.

Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility.

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Sloth, Envy and Wrath.

The paths were laid down for man. In the end, it was his decision to follow it.

Unfortunately, led by the darkness that resided within their hearts, many men follows the path of evil. While they did this, they neither did care about others, nor for the world.

So, in the end; this all led to the first sundering. In other words, the Judgment Day.

The entire frame of the world was ripped apart when the multiple nations resorted to their nuclear weapons against each other. The terror that it inspired was so immense, that simply decided it was better to kill oneself instead of suffering in the long war. It wasn't a genocide, it was an extermination. By the time mankind realized their mistake, it was too late.

Multiple landmasses had detached from their original position, and selected new positions to rest. The aftereffects of the nuclear radiation had major effects. While it killed almost all of the Earth's population, it DID have a good side.

Chakra was born.

"You know, we never decided on his name." A very much pregnant Kushina Uzumaki announced, as she looked up from her book.

"You are right on that regard, Kushi. After all, our son must have a wonderful name."

"Let ME pick the name. I don't trust your ideas!" She announced, pumping her fist in the air with extreme enthusiasm. Seeing his wife, Minato couldn't help but chuckle.

"All right, all right. Don't go all ballistic on me now. So what do you have in mind?"

"Hmmm…I don't know. Let me think."

"Take all the time you nee-"

"I got it! Let his name be…Naruto. "


"What? Say something."

Minato jumped back into reality. "Err, Kushina, don't you think that Naruto sounds a...err...bit…..umm…weird?"

Just when he had said it, he utterly regretted his mistake. Immediately, Kushina's figure, more importantly her face was taken up by a dark aura. A genjutsu of people dying and screaming for their lives began in the baground.

"Minato..." she began in a sickly sweet voice "Do you want to disagree with me?" The mere tone of her voice sent extremely cold shivers down her spine.

"N-no! Actually it's a very nice name! Yeah! Naruto is the best name ever!"

"Good. Then it's final!"

"Y-yes." Minato gave a sigh of relief. His wife was certainly scarier than him. At times he really thought about giving up the title of Hokage to her. He was sure that Iwa wouldn't even try to peek into Kohona then. The Red death of Kohona was a fearsome title, and everyone, including him, feared its wielder. Even if she was pregnant, she still used to pack a hefty punch.

A few months later...

The council was quiet. The Fourth had defeated and sealed the Kyuubi into his son. Just moments after his birth, the baby; Naruto as Kushina called him was made to shoulder a huge burden. That too when he was just born! No child had to subject to such a burden! Even though, he couldn't help but crack a smile at the child's name. It seemed that Kushina had loved Jiraya's only 'normal' novel.

But it seemed that the rest of the council did not share his views. Sarutobi sighed. He absolutely hated this. Why can't the Kyuubi just die? And the hell did it attack Kohona of all places? Minato had told him that the Kyuubi was under a genjutsu, which infuriated him further. There were many people who daydreamed of destroying Kohona, but to control a might tailed beast to do their dirty job was a downright dirty trick. Moreover, controlling a tailed beast like that would require high amounts of chakra and chakra control. The only people who were capable of doing it was the First and…..

Sarutobi's sight on Fugaku, who had a mixture of a smug grin and an infuriated expression. He knew that Fugaku always hated Minato for surpassing him. It was a well known rumor that Fugaku aimed to be the Hokage, but Minato bagged the spot. The fact that the Namikaze was an ancient and powerful clan didn't help either. Now that Minato was dead, and Kushina was in a coma, he had the perfect chance to end the Namikaze line. However, Sarutobi was still deep in thought over Minato's last wish. Only he, Jiraya, Tsunade, his old teammates, and the heads of the Uchiha and Hyuga clan heads were aware of Minato's and Kushina's wedding.

Sarutobi was brought back to the present by yelling and screaming from the civilian side of the council. He winced at their tone, as he really didn't expect the Haruno to be accepted into the council so soon. Her voice was extremely loud, and Sarutobi was confident that Danzo was half willing to turn it into a weapon.

"The demon should be killed!"

"Finish what the Fourth started!"

"Kill him, before he kills us all!"

The shinobi clan leaders sat extremely quiet, contemplating the situation. Hiashi had his ever present stoic, emotionless look on. Tsume Inazuka was silently fuming at the sight of the infant. The Ino- Shika-Cho trio were deathly silent; an expression shared the Aburame clan head, Shibi Aburame. He shook his head; this was not the way it was supposed to happen.

Calling for the council's attention, Sarutobi began "As per the Fourth's dying wishes, he wanted the child to be seen as a hero, for the duty and burden they ar-"

"I WILL NEVER SEE HIM AS THE SAVIOR!" another civilian shouted out.

Sarutobi sighed.

"That was the Fourth's wishes. If you-"

"THE FOURTH WOULD HAVE NEVER EXPRESSED SUCH A WISH!" This time, it was the Haruno who shouted out.

"ENOUGH!" Sarutobi slammed his fists on the table."If anyone dares to interrupt my speech again. It shall be the last mistake they shall make. Is that clear?" He let out a wave of killing intent sweep over the crowd, to consildate his order.

"Very well then. It seems that most of you are not willing to abide by his wishes; it comes to me to see that it is enforced upon you all. Anybody. I repeat, anybody, as of now, even mentions the connection of the child to the Kyuubi, they shall be punished. By Death."

Roars of disapproval met his ears immediately. Someone from the civilian side had the audacity to break his law immediately as he had announced it. With a snap of his fingers, that man's head was rolling on the floor, removed by one of the ANBU who stood behind the now headless body. Instantly, the crowd sobered up.

At that time, Fugaku spoke up."I don't think that I approve of your decision, Hokage-sama. The punishment seems too harsh for the populace. Surely it is the children that must be-"

"Don't you dare finish that statement, Fugaku. First of all, you send a minimal task force to the protection of the village, and then you disobey me further?"

"Not at all, Hokage-sama."His tone was anything but apologetic." We were merely delayed due to an earlier incident at our compound."

"Pray tell me, what was this incident? Wait wait wait. Don't tell me. Let me tell you something. As the Fourth was fighting the Kyuubi, he said that it was under a genjutsu. A powerful one at that too. Now, I am wondering, who could be able to fool such a might beast by just genjutsu? There are not many people who are so easily able to cast and control people by that. However…I have heard that the sharigan is perfectly capable of such a feat. What do you say for that, Fugaku?"

The entire council had gone silent. Fugaku had gone completely red, and had become the center of attention; and Naruto was completely forgotten.

"Are you saying that The Uchiha- a loyal clan to Kohona, led the demon to attack our village?"

"I am not saying that. However, it is a possibility. The Uchiha clan shall submit to questioning from tomorrow, without any delays. After all, we can't have anyone turning traitor, can we?"

After a pregnant pause, which was punctuated by the quiet fuming of Fugaku, he finally answered. "No Hokage-sama. I will see to it that your wishes are carried out."

Shibi Aburame spoke up"If I may, Hokage-sama?" After getting a nod, he continued."What is to be done of the child? We cannot just let him out in the open, for I'm afraid that our enemies might try and capture him, for their own purposes; once they have heard of this event. "

Sarutobi sighed again. He really wished that Minato was alive or Kushina was awake to help him sort out this mess.

"It seems that they shall have to handed over to the orphanage. I cannot allow anyone to adopt them, for there are more pressing matters at hand."

Within a few minutes that session of the village council came to an end.

6 years later...

The orphanage had unnaturally a large number of children. This was mostly due to the attack of the Kyuubi, which left many as orphans. Since it was lunch, many children piled into the mess hall, waiting for their daily meal. Well, almost all.

Naruto Uzumaki was sitting in his dusty and extremely draughty attic. The roof had several holes, which the head lady had conveniently forgotten to repair. The room was completely bare, except for an extremely thin rug and a few toys which were left by an old man who used to visit him occasionally. A minute cup of water was placed on the floor, his 'lunch' for the day. He always used to wonder why everybody used to hate him. As far as he knew, he hadn't even harmed anybody. It used to be completely contrary to the fact that all the adults used to call him a demon or a murderer. Even the children of his age group used to ignore him, for reasons unknown. That did not even used to end there. He was made to lock up the attic each and every time someone used to visit the orphanage. The actual meal that he used to get was once a week and it used to consist of half boiled rice and somewhat rotten vegetables. The taste used to be disgusting, but hey at least he used to get some nutrition from that.

Moreover, he was disallowed from even touching the orphanage's books or toys. The lady always used to kick him in return, saying things like 'A demon like you don't deserve such things!' Every time he used to step outside the orphanage, the people used to chase him as if he was the winning lottery ticket. And once they used to catch him, the after effects used to much severe. He hardly used to remember the multiple times he was admitted into the hospital for his injuries. However to his surprise, his wounds always used to heal rather quickly, for some or the other reason. Moreover, once he was in the hospital, he used to feel a certain…pull towards a certain direction. He used to ignore it, but it always used to nag him in the end.

But that was not his biggest problem. From the last few months, due to his malnutrition, he had started to hear certain whispers inside his head which all were extremely disturbing. Once he even had gone into a maddened rage due to them. He had told the old man about that the next time he visited, and then he was forced to sit for a 'mental therapy' lesson with some blond ninja. Their lesson was firmly ingrained into his mind.

'Try to reign in your negative emotions.'

Since then, he had initiated some mental exercises, and controlled his emotions. Initially, it was a disaster, but he learnt how to improve in time.

Just then, the door slammed open, and the lady who was the head of the orphanage came charging in, her face completely red with anger. Without any preamble, she rushed in and grabbed him by his hair. Naruto felt incredibly annoyed when he found that her nails were digging into his scalp.

"Alright you demon! I've put up with you for 6 years! Now, I'm sure that you will be able to take care of yourself out there. GET OUT OF HERE!"

Naruto tried to resist, but she just backhanded him. Anger started to flood his system, yet he tried his best to remain calm. A deathly whisper started in his mind.

'It's all right, hate her all you like….'

By that time, she was dragging Naruto by his hair, not even caring in the least if she tore his blond hair off.

'She deserves to die…'

Naruto made a feeble attempt to free himself, but his 6 year old body wasn't able to match an adult's strength.

'They all deserve to die…'

Just then she kneed him viciously in his stomach. She wanted to throw him out without causing a scene. But that was the last straw. Just when she resumed pulling the boy again, Naruto broke off her hold with an earsplitting roar. With incredible speed, he knocked her off her feet, causing her to land heavily on the hard granite flooring. The lady was shell shocked; she had never felt such killing intent before. However, Naruto did not stop there. With the strength which was unreal for a 6 year old, he caught her arm, and kicked perfectly and expertly at the joint. The effect was instantaneous. Her arm was in two separate pieces, a fact which was punctuated by her painful scream. She froze again when she heard him chuckling evilly.

'You seemed to enjoy messing with my hair and head. Now let me return the favor….'

Naruto caught hold of her hair, tightly. With that job done, he banged her face against the cold stone flooring with an incredible force. The initial impact was hard enough to break her nose. However, he didn't stop there. Grinning sadistically through his red slitted eyes, he repeated the action multiple times, until he was sure that her skull had developed multiple cracks. Her face was completely bloody, and a few tiles on the floor shared the same substance.

After that, Naruto jumped out of the window and rushed to the place that he knew he would be safe. The tall tower.

2 years later...

A lot had happened over the last 2 years. Ever since that incident, Naruto had doubled his mental training. The most important thing was that he had an apartment of his own, along with a monthly allowance. The old man, no the Hokage or gramps, as he used to call him also taught them something known as Henge. That ability was used by him to the maximum extent, ensuring that he would get goods at normal prices. The shopkeepers used to overcharge him, that too for outdated products. Under the henge things were much easier, and Naruto used to find himself buying stuff for almost 5 times lesser the price that the ones they used to charge him. In his free time, he used to scour the village library for books. He developed an intense interest in chemistry and physics. A few scrolls about the various arts of shinobis caught his attention, and since then he had started to train. Naruto found out that he had immense chakra reserves, for some reason; On the other hand, Naruto's control over it was suffering.

Escaping villagers and the occasional ninjas had made his body incredibly agile and strong. He was now an adept free runner, capable of jumping for one roof to another without hurting himself.

However, all that changed one day.

He was rushing home, for it was the 10th of October, and it was getting dark. He had to get home because he knew that he would regret it if he wasn't. However, in his hurry he had forgotten all about henge and was jumping around in his normal appearance. But, his luck took a bad turn as they rounded a corner and bumped into a celebrating mob of flak jacket wearing ninjas.


He tried his best to run away from them, but there were almost 15 of them and he was only 1. Most of them were highly experienced, and threw their kunais and shurikens with lethal accuracy. Naruto knew that henge would not work on them since they were ninjas and were not willing to give it a try. Finally with minor cuts on his body, he was trapped, for in front of him after 10 minutes of running was a dead end.

Slowly yet steadily he turned around to face his would be attackers.

Even before he could blink, one was already on top of him, thrusting a vicious punch in his stomach. He failed to react in time for the follow up attack and was thrown back by a kick to his face. He felt his from teeth breaking, and a familiar copper like taste filling his mouth. Spitting out the red liquid, he struggled to stand. The instant he stood up, his shoulder was met with a disastrous axe kick, which instantly dislocated his shoulder. Finally the attacker finished with a double punch to the chest and stomach, while adding a double kick for extra injury. The final attack had left him completely broken, along with multiple broken bones, broken ribs and a puncture lung. The light went out from his ice blue eyes and he fell to the ground, dead to the outside world.

"Heh. A Demon? Too easy to kill."

'The power to hurt. The power to maim. The power to kill…That is the power I bestow upon you. Go and bring forth chaos!'

Just when the group of arrogant chunnins was going to leave the alley, an exceedingly brutal killer instinct slammed down upon them. Most were forced to their knees, while few struggled to remain standing. The turned around, only to open their eyes in shock to see that the boy had risen up again, completely ignoring his tremendous injuries. His chakra was a mixture of dark red and dark blue at that moment and was radiating off him in waves. His eyes had completely changed color. For the white had remained the same but the icy blue iris was replaced by a swirling mass of a dark blue- almost violet color. The center of the iris was occupied by a blood red color. Then they heard the last batch of words that they were ever going to hear.

"Null Void!"

Initially they felt as if the air was mildly sucked from the area around them, but however the suction grew stronger within seconds. Moments later, the entire air around them was getting sucked away in an upward direction while the air pressure around them dropped instantly due to the lack of air. Just when they started feeling the effects of suffocation, the suction continued, until their skin, followed by their blood vessels ripped out of their body, piece by piece. When they opened their mouths to scream, only silence met them. Thanks to the vacuum created, their bodies imploded, and then exploded, painting the alley red with blood and organs.

As the last ninja died, Naruto fell to the ground, unconscious. Just before he hit the floor, he saw someone with a weasel mask jump down in front of him.

Well, this is the first chapter of my first Naruto Fic.

Well, first of all, Naruto does not gain any of the present bloodlines, its a new one. Here he shall control elements, much like how Gaara controls sand. But he is not limited to a single one, but all 5 of them. I am still thinking about sub elements, but mostly it wont go over there. However, he wont start with all of them together! Its not a god like naruto fic here. Just a super strong one. So, a 8 year old naruto cannot defeat kakashi. Please keep that in mind. He shall take time to unlock each of the elements.

The control of the elements was given to him by Kyuubi. And the Kyuubi is male and mean, forget about Naruto having an extra super hot female as his mate or something.

Here, Naruto will use less jutsus, as he simply needs to will something from an element to happen and that happens. However he shall learn chakra based attacks like rasengan.

His eye color shall change in accordance with the element he is using. So ...

Dark blue- Wind

Red- Fire

Electric blue- Lightning

Brown- Earth

Extremly light color- Water.

If he's combining the elements, please combine the above colors. And the center of the iris shall go red if he draws upon the Kyuubi's power.

The Harem is still undecided. Please keep that in mind that I will not accept older women.

The girls already decided are :- Hinata, Temari, Tenten.

Just send in your suggestions. ( Please dont send fem haku or fem garra as a suggestion. Please) No sakura. ( Kill her! :P XD )

And yes, in case you are wondering, Kushina is still alive.( incest, anybody? XD)

The rest shall be revealed later.

Null void ( C-B rank ) Creates a pocket of vacumn on a victim. The air is sucked out of it, initailly weak enough to make the victim suffer from aspyhixation and suffocation. Then the suction gets strong enough to rip the body parts off the victim, meanwhile approaching vacumn. When complete vacumn is obtained, the victim first implodes then explodes. Once you are caught in this, you cannot escape.