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Imogen drove past the abandoned park on her way to the bank. As she was passing, she noticed a black vehicle—an SUV. She slowed down as she passed, and noticed duck tape lying on and around an old, rusting, rocking horse. She shook her head, wondering what exactly happened. It seemed like someone got duck taped to the rocking horse, but she wasn't exactly sure.

"It doesn't matter, just keep going," she muttered, driving away towards the bank.

She had planned out exactly what she needed to do once she reached her destination, but she also knew that she had to stake out the bank for at least a few hours before she struck.

"Good planning equals good execution," she muttered as she turned another corner. She parked her car in an abandoned garage about two blocks away from the bank—she needed it hidden while she dealt with this, or the cops she was trying to bait would find it and ruin her escape.

As she got out of the car and checked her weapons, she ran through the plan in her head. All she wanted to do was make the cops shake in their cheap uniforms and bad guns; just to let them know that she was still around and they were going to pay. She didn't want to kill them, not really.

"I'm going to make you suffer. Every single one of you," she said determinedly, walking in an alley beside the bank. She approached a blank wall and looked up. Just like the blueprints had shown, there was a vent at the top of the wall, which would serve as her entrance into the bank. If the blueprints were up to date, she had a direct entrance into any single place in the bank that she chose.

As Imogen gripped the bricks and started to climb, she quickly went through her top 3 places to exit the vent. The women's bathroom was her first choice; it wouldn't be suspicious at all if she just walked out of there. The other two weren't nearly as good: a storage closet and then the men's bathroom. Imogen just hoped and prayed that she would be able to get through the vents through the right way and come out in the women's bathroom. That would give her time to start some chaos before the cops would turn up. If she was suspicious right off the bat; her entire plan would crumble and she would land in jail or end up dead.

"Do or die time," she said as she wrenched off the cover to the vent and crawled inside.

A few hours later…

Imogen had spent the last few hours crawling around the vents, just surveying the layout. Despite the fact that she got a hold of the blueprints for this bank, she still needed to examine the security. That wasn't included in the blueprints and it was an essential part of her mission. Finally, she made her way over to the vent that would open up into the last stall in the women' bathroom. She quietly unscrewed it and maneuvered her body down, taking the vent with her and sliding it back into place. The chances of anyone checking the vent were slim, but she had to be as safe as she possibly could.

She felt for her knives up her sleeves and the gun behind her back. Steeling herself, she made her way out of the bathroom and into the open. It was time to cause her chaos.

Walking out into the main lobby of the bank, she lifted her gun out of its hiding place and pointed it at a teller.

"Open the safe. Now," she said.

The bank teller looked quite nervous and just stood up and walked towards the safe. Imogen looked away for a moment, and up at the security cameras. She turned her gun and shot the two near her, not disabling them but just shaking them and calling attention to what was happening. The other people in the lobby were just civilians, and like they do, were cowering on the floor. What no one else in the bank noticed was that someone on the street saw the situation inside the bank, and got on the phone to make a call.

A few minutes later, and the teller was filling up bags for Imogen as she waited with her gun pointed towards them.

"Hurry up," she yelled. "Get a MOVE ON!"

She didn't really need the teller to hurry up, because she still wanted to be in the bank by the time the cops got there so she could taunt them as she left…but still, she had to sell the act and someone "robbing" a bank wouldn't be slow at it. They'd want to be in and out as fast as possible.

Just sell the act, Imogen thought to herself. Sell the act and everything will be fine.

As soon as the teller handed Imogen the bags, the front doors of the bank burst open to reveal a bunch of cops. They were dressed exactly like the ones who were in the hospital the day that Imogen left her father.

"Well, well, well…" one of them said, laughing slightly. "You couldn't hide form us forever. You made a mistake, and now it's time to pay for everything that you have done."

Imogen turned away from the teller, who ran and hide behind a desk.

"I don't think I will be, that's where you and I differ. Today was a warning—I'm back. I'm causing some chaos out here and there's nothing that you can do to stop me," she said, pointing her gun at the cops. Her hand shook slightly, she didn't to kill them. She wasn't a killer, no matter what anyone might say. Nevertheless she had to make an impact on them today…

Imogen fired her gun to spaces near the cops, and then ran back towards the women's bathroom, and to her escape. The cops were running after her, but once she managed to climb up into the vents; they stopped, realizing that their efforts this time were fruitless. They would get her next time, they decided. Little Imogen might be all grown up, but she couldn't evade them forever.

Meanwhile, at Division…

Percy was in a bad mood. Operation Black Arrow had been botched, by none other than Nikita. He only hoped that his agents would be able to track her down and eliminate her as a threat. The damage that she could cause… Percy didn't want to think about it. He turned on the news to distract himself, and was surprised.

Someone…someone out there had pulled off a bank heist and narrowly avoided the cops. There was no word on the footage; all they said was that the person who caused it was a young woman. Curious as to whom this mysterious individual might be, Percy called Michael in.

"Get me footage from the bank that was robbed today. There's something of interest there. Keep it quiet; don't raise a fuss to anyone. I'm serious here; don't breath a word to anybody, not until we're sure what we are dealing with" he said.

"I'm on it…possible recruit?" Michael replied.

"Quite possibly," Percy said, staring back at the paused news report. "First thing we have to do is establish who exactly it was. They may be insignificant, nobody worth bringing in…"

Without saying another word, Michael turned and left Percy's office, leaving Percy staring at the news report; as if he expected the person to just appear out of nowhere. When Michael reached a computer he got to work in sifting through footage. Normally the tech stuff would be down to Birkhoff, but this was a possible new recruit; or at least someone to watch. That meant that it fell to him to find out exactly what the situation was.

It didn't take long to find the security footage of the bank, so Michael took a quick look at it before bringing it back to Percy. He was right; it was a young woman who had caused it. But she was small…and blonde.

"Not much of a threat...but whatever," he muttered to himself.

Imogen paced around her apartment yet again. She didn't think that she made enough of an impact on the cops.

"I need to make a bigger splash here," she muttered. "But what can I do?"

She sat down and tapped the end of a pencil on the counter while she thought…

"Remember Gracie…nothing gets people's attention like fire…"

Imogen smirked to herself. She just thought of the perfect thing to do to call as much attention to her as possible. First things first, she had to pick her target. It was time to bring out the Phantom one more time; this had to be pulled of perfectly and that required a good location.

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