Chapter 1: A New Journey Begins

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-The Adventure Begins-

Mimi couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. It was sunny, breezy, beautiful, and of course, her birthday! Granted it was a bit odd that it was so nice, seeing how it was December, but Mimi didn't see any reason to complain. It was perfect and beautiful, just for her birthday-she figured to herself. All the original Digidestined gathered at Mimi's to have a party. Mimi only wanted her personal and closest friends to be with her today.

"All right Mimi, now make a wish!" Her mother happily exclaimed.

Mimi, naturally, complied, and quickly blew out all fourteen candles. Her friends applauded, all wishing her a happy birthday, as her dad took pictures of the eight kids around the table.

"Time to cut it!" Mimi shouted with enthusiasm, and held the knife rather clumsily.

It was too clumsy for Joe's comfort; he yanked it from the brunettes hands. Joe simply handed the knife to Mimi's mother before he turned and glared at the girl.

"You should be more careful, Mimi. What if you got hurt? Knives are not toys."

Mimi's mother simply giggled, watching the worry-wart teen nag at her daughter. The birthday girl made a fake pout face before she smiled, sticking her tongue out at Joe.

"Good ol' Joe, always making certain everybody is safe, and covered with helmets and elbow pads." Tai joked.

"Hey, I'm just making certain she's careful, I'd hate for her to lose an eye or a finger on her birthday!" Joe retorted defensively.

"Relax Joe, I was just kidding!" Tai said with a huge toothy grin; and smacked Joe on the back, accidentally sending the poor oldest member of the gang—face first—into Mimi's birthday cake.


Tai scratched the back of his head, a sweatdrop forming in that crazy hair of his.

"Honestly Tai." Sora sighed as she smacked her palm to her forehead.

"Sorry Joe…" Tai tried to hold back a laugh.

Izzy and Matt tried to help clean up the mess; Matt also was trying very hard not to laugh at poor Joe covered in icing and cake. Joe managed to get the frosting thankfully off his face and out of his hair.

"Sorry about your birthday cake Mimi." Joe began to wipe the frosting off his glasses, which had 'Hap' and 'hday' on them.

"Don't worry about it Joe, it's not your fault anyways, it was an accident. Besides, Tai's the one to blame." Mimi winked.

"Hey!" Tai shouted from one corner of the room, as he threw away all the frosting-covered napkins, "I heard that Mimi!"

She just stuck her tongue out at Tai, before she erupted into another giggle-fit. Everybody else joined in the laughter, and ate what they now dubbed, "Joe Cake", as they joked, and started talking about the good old days. It was, what one would consider, a perfect day.

However the laughter was cut short, they all heard the sound of thunder cracking in the air.

"A storm?" T.K. looked out the window.

"But it was sunny just a minute ago." Kari followed after Tai to go check out with T.K. the strange weather.

Pretty soon all eight of them were crowded around the window, trying to see what had been going on outside. Indeed, the weather got bad pretty fast. It was thunder, lighting, and the rain had been pouring.

"How bizarre." Tai breathed.

"Well, come on kids, why don't we go open some of Mimi's presents." Mr. Tachikawa suggested, leading the kids away from the window and into the TV Room.

The unsettling atmosphere seemed to disappear for now as Mimi opened up all her presents. Mimi's dad was going to take the pictures, but it started off with Izzy giving Mimi the first present. He got her new upgrade software for their home computer, after the picture and a hug from Mimi…he went blabbering in the corner to Mr. Tachikawa about how to install it while Mrs. Tachikawa instead took the pictures. Mimi just shook her head giggling watching Izzy go on and on about this new software.

"That Izzy…he just doesn't know when to quit." Matt laughed.

"Yeah, I figured he was gonna get Mimi some computer installation gift—or software mumbo-jumbo, at least he didn't get her some silly computer game that she'd probably never touch. I guess Izzy realized this way her whole family will benefit from it." Tai chimed in.

"Okay, and these presents are from Tai and Kari!" Mrs. Tachikawa handed the two presents tied together, over to her daughter.

Mimi ripped off the wrapping paper from the top gift, the one from Kari. Inside was a white T-shirt with three pink stars in the center of it, her face lit up, "Thanks Kari!"

"You should thank my mom, she's the one who paid for it, I just picked it out." Kari laughed and gave the birthday girl a hug.

"This is adorable; I'm going to wear it tomorrow!"

Mimi moved to the gift from Tai—ripped the paper off and opened the box, it was also a very cute shirt. A baby blue T-shirt with the word 'Princess' written across it in glittery-pink lettering, and a glittery-pink crown over the 'P'.

"Wow Tai, didn't know you had such good tastes." Mimi giggled as she noticed Tai's cheeks turning red.

"Hey, I'll have you know Kari picked that out! I just paid for it, that's all!" Tai grumbled, trying to hide his face from embarrassment.

"So Kari, I have to thank you for both of these great shirts?" Mimi smiled at the younger girl.

"No", Kari shook her head, giggled then teasingly stated, "Tai picked that one out by himself, I was so proud of him."

"Kari!" Tai interjected, horrified.

"Oh, so someone can get Mimi a perfectly acceptable gift, but he gets me hairpins while insulting my hair for one of my birthday's?" Sora teased.

"Not you too Sora? I already said sorry about that! And I didn't pick that stupid shirt out! I just paid for it! I already said it was Kari who picked it out!"

Poor Tai was getting picked on by everybody, and Joe half-wondered if karma decided to pay Tai back for having the four-eyed teen pushed into the cake.

"Chill out Tai, I'm just teasing you." Sora tried to hold in her laughter, Tai's face was red all over.

"Alright now kids, settle down—Kari, Tai…get over with Mimi so I can get a picture! And hold up the gifts you got her!" Mrs. Tachikawa urged with enthusiasm.

"Do I have to?" Tai groaned as he up the Princess shirt.

"Oh come on Princess, what are you so embarrassed about?" Matt deadpanned.

"Shut up Matt!" Tai hissed.

After she took the picture, Mimi then opened up Sora's gift, it was two red scarfs and star-shaped hairpins. After a shared hug and a picture between the two girls, Mimi opened up Joe's gift. It was a new rain coat with a matching hat and pair of rain boats. Mimi gave Joe her seal of approval, finding it very fashionable. The coat was a lime green, while the boots and the hat were a golden-yellow.

"How did you know it was going to be raining Joe?" Mimi teased.

"Hey you know my motto, you can never be too careful. Besides, you never seem to bundle up when it rains. So now you have no excuse." Joe crossed his arms.

Mimi thanked him and gave him a hug before they take a picture with his present. She then opened the presents from Matt and T.K…Matt gave her a new CD, one of Mimi's favorite Pop stars; and T.K. had gotten her a new pink cowgirl hat, since she left hers in the Digital World. She gave both of the two blond boys a tight hug and then it was their turn for a picture. But just after the flash of the camera went off, the lights went out.

"Drat, and we were almost done installing the disk." Izzy frowned from the corner of the room.

"Izzy I think that's the least of our concerns." Tai uttered dryly.

"No worries kids, I can have this fixed in a-" And almost as if on cue, the lights flickered back on. "Well how about that?" Mimi's dad laughed.

"Oh my, the weather is looking pretty bad out there." Mrs. Tachikawa said.

The phone rang; Mr. Tachikawa strolled into the kitchen to answer it, after about a minute or two, the man came back in, worry very obvious on his face.

"Tai, Kari…that was your mother, apparently the roads have been flooded; she asked if it was okay for the two of you to stay for the night, both of your parents don't want you going out with the roads so dangerous." He frowned.

"Flooded?" Joe's glasses drooped to the edge of his nose, worry plastered all over his face.

"Oh okay, thanks Mr. Tachikawa, you sure its okay?" Tai asked.

"Nonsense there is no way we're gonna let Mimi's friends leave with the storm flooding the roads like that." Mimi's mother chirped in response.

"Mr. Tachikawa—sir—can I call my dad? He's at work, and I want to see if he's alright." Matt asked.

"Sure thing son, in fact it'd probably be best if you all call your parents and ask them what they think is best. Let them know, we're fine to have you all stay here." Mimi's father stated.

"Thank you sir—T.K., you better call mom too." Matt went into the kitchen, T.K., Sora, Joe, followed immediately after.

"Very strange occurrence, sunny one minute…then flooding the next." Izzy tapped his chin as he pondered the strange events while following the others into the kitchen.

"Yeah, I'll say it's strange alright." Tai crinkled his brow, and gazed out the window with a feeling of suspicion in his bones.

"Sorry it had to storm and flood on your birthday Mimi." Kari tried to at least emit some kind of aura of comfort in her frown.

"That's alright. At least nothing bad happened, and we're all safe here. And I had lots of fun!" Mimi beamed and hugged the preteen.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. And the "Joe Cake" tasted good too." Kari laughed, Mimi joined in, but Tai interrupted their giggles by as he tapped Mimi on the shoulder.

"What is it Tai?"

"Mimi, you don't think something is happening in the Digital World, do you?" Tai asked.

"Actually I hadn't even thought about that, but now that you mention it, weather does seem to always act up here when something goes wrong." Mimi's eyebrows began to furrow in concern.

"Oh no, I hope the digimon are alright." Kari hugged her arms, obviously Gatomon was on her mind and the other digimon they made friends with in the Digital World.

"Me too." Mimi replied, who likewise had concerns about Palmon on her mind.

"I'm sure our digimon are fine, when Izzy gets back in here we'll ask him about it and see if there is a way to check up on it." Tai gave his little sister a pat on the back.

"But Tai, even if the Digital World is in trouble, what can we do? The gateway is closed." Mimi placed all her presents in a neat pile, in an effort to take her mind off things.

Tai wasn't sure how to answer that.

He wasn't sure himself…

The other kids all contacted their parents; they all felt it was best if for the night at least, the kids all stayed at the Tachikawa residence. And Mimi's mother made one big dinner for all the kids. The thunder-storm finally passed, but the rain didn't let up. The kids all ate their meals in the TV room as they watched a movie. Tai couldn't bring himself to focus on the movie though. He grabbed the remote and clicked the volume down.

"Whats up Tai?" Matt asked and looked up at Tai, who was sitting on the couch, sandwiched between Kari and Sora.

"It's this weather, it's sunny one minute, then stormy the next. I mean the weatherman never said anything about storms all week, just partly cloudy and maybe some chilly wind...heck the fact that it was so nice and sunny, like spring weather's pretty weird."

"This is very strange; I mean the last time I remember the weather acting up like this was…oh." Joe finally realized what Tai was getting at.

"Yeah, right before we all ended up in the Digital World." Mimi jumped up, almost knocking over the popcorn in Joe's hands.

"Mimi, be careful." Joe made certain there was no spill.

"Sorry Joe…" Mimi sat back down.

"I'll never forget that, it even snowed during the summer while we were at camp." Sora pointed out to get the group back on the subject.

"You think the Digital World might be in some sort of trouble again?" T.K. asked.

"I don't know, I just have this weird feeling it has something to do with the Digital World." Tai rested his chin on his right hand and gazed out the window, the rain continued to come down pretty hard.

"Well, why don't we finish the movie, get some rest, and discuss this in the morning. If the weather does change anymore out of the ordinary than it already has, then we can asses that something indeed is wrong in the Digital World." Izzy suggested.

They all nodded, and brought their attention back to their summer blockbuster movie. After about another hour and a half had passed, they decided to turn in for the night, but not before wishing each other good night. Sora and Kari had left with Mimi to go sleep in her room, while the boys all slept there in the TV room. They all yawned, slowly began to drift off into sleep.

Tai forced his eyes open. He looked at the scenery around him and his lips twisted into a grin that only continued to grow wider and wider. He was back in the Digital World. And Agumon was there immediately to greet him. The dinosaur ran up to him as fast as he could, and glomped the boy instantly.


"Tai, you're here! I missed you!"

"I missed you too Agumon! How has it been?"

But suddenly, Agumon looked…sad, worried?


"Not good actually…you should go back home."

"Huh? Why Agumon?"

It grew silent; Tai was getting worried at a quiet Agumon.

"Agumon? Whats going on?" Tai pushed.

"Tai it's not safe in the Digital World, you have to get away before they take you and everyone's powers away, they might even try to delete you guys!" Agumon warned as his body began to fade from Tai's arms.

"Agumon! Come back!"

"I was never really here Tai, this is just a dream. But hurry Tai, wake up, he's coming!" Agumon warned before fading completely.


Tai didn't have time to react or process his digimon that faded away, because almost right after that happened, he heard an evil laughter fill the air. It made the hair on his arms and neck stand straight up as a chill crawled up his spine. The landscape began to fade of color and life. The sky grew black.

"Whats going on? Who's out there?" Tai whipped his head around in every direction, and glared at the growing malevolent cackle.

"Digidestined of Courage, you won't be needing this anymore!" It sneered.

Tai turned around, behind him appeared a Black shadow figure, not human shaped, but it clearly wasn't a digimon either. Tai wasn't sure what it was. It almost looked like a black phantom with red eyes and dark but transparent wings. It's ghost-like arm phased through Tai's chest, he howled in pain, it felt as it his heart was being ripped out. He saw the creature pull out what looked like the Crest of Courage from his body. Tai's eyes grew wide with shock, but before he could even react, the dark creature crushed the crest before his eyes.

"You monster! What did you do?" Tai gripped his chest in pain as he snarled at the shadow creature.

"Sorry but we can't have you or your friends interfering." It just laughed at Tai.

"We? Just what do you mean shadow freak?" Tai questioned.

The creature laughed, as it also grabbed something out of Tai's pocket, to Tai's horror, it was his digivice.

"Hey! Give that back!" Tai felt a dread of panic rush through him.

"Sorry boy, but we can't have this nuisance around either." The shadow crushed it, and dropped the pieces to the barren ground of this nightmare.


Tai wrapped his fingers around the broken pieces of his digivice in horror, the shadow continued to cackle.

"I'm getting sick of that laugh!" Tai went to go punch the thing but his hand just breezed past straight through the creature, "What?"

"Sorry but I'm afraid I'm untouchable," the creature cackled one more time, but then added darkly, "Good night foolish boy, have pleasant dreams."

Tai felt something pierce through his chest, he dared to peer down and witnessed to his horror that the creature stabbed him in the heart.


Tai felt himself violently awoken, as his eyes shot open once more. Thankfully, this time it wasn't trapped in some nightmare. He panted for breath while glancing down, and then let's out a sigh of relief to know that he's still in one piece.

"I'm alive." He whispered, but then thought to himself, "That all seemed so real. A dream?"

Tai looked around and noticed all his friends were awake, sweating and panting just as hard as he had been.

"Guys? You okay?"

"Just had a nightmare is all." Matt tried to calm himself down.

"I…I had a nightmare too." T.K. had trouble catching his breath.

"Me too." Joe rubbed his temples before he placed his glasses back on.

"I also experienced a rather frightening dream." Izzy said uncomfortably, as he pulled the blanket off himself and sat upright.

"You all had a nightmares too? What were they about?" Tai asked.

"Well I was in the Digital World, and Tentomon appeared, telling me I should leave and it's not safe-" Izzy started.

"Same here—cept it was Patamon." T.K. cut in.

"Gomamon warned me the same thing." Joe glanced over at T.K. and Izzy, surprised.

"Yeah Gabumon too." Matt sat up.

"Wait a minute, after this happened, did your digimon fade away after telling you this?" Tai asked.

All the boys looked up, it was evident in their faces, the shock, that something definitely was not right here.

"Yeah, Gabumon did, and then some shadowthing—showed up." Matt glared at his fists that rested in his lap.

"And…he took my crest away…right from inside me," T.K. interjected, as he pointed to his chest, "-and destroyed it."

"Yeah, and that shadowy figure destroyed my digivice after that." Joe spoke up.

"And then…he killed me." Tai swallowed the lump in his throat.

"So we all had the same dream?" Izzy wondered out loud as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, "Something tells me the girls had the same dream too."

"That settles it; something definitely is going on in the Digital World." Tai growled.

A tense silence settled in the room for a short time, but it was chased out in an instant when the group heard T.K. shuffling through his bag, and let out a heavy gasp.

"Everybody look, my digivice!" T.K. held up his digivice, it had cracks all over it, "It wasn't like this before, it was fine before I went to bed!"

The others all pulled out their digivices immediately, faces drained of color, that theirs' too…are broken. The dark room went quiet once again; neither of the boys could bring themselves to speak. The air was so tense they could practically taste it. Joe swallowed hard, it was briefly the only sound that could be heard in the room. Tai's muttered just loud enough to be heard by the others and it had broken the intense silence, but not the tense feeling in the room.

"What…what does this mean?" Tai clenched his fist over the broken device.

-To Be Continued-

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